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One Year of the CARE Forum

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The forum opened to members on July 14, 2021.

But before a week before that, Cory and small crew were testing and building content. I am pretty sure this was the first post, and of course it was Memes!


You can tell this was a really early post, because you could give still Cory reactions So that one above from Kevin Green is half of all of Cory's reactions.


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On the first day of the forum @Bill Smith set the standard for a good post:

Next was an actual experiment:

A themed (Star Wars) decor project:

The nicest brine shrimp hatchery project ever!

And that was just the first week of the forum. With content like this, no wonder the forum's popularity started to boom.

As July kicked and summer heated up Bill started one the best documented summer tubbing project so far:

The thing I respect about Bill's projects are how honest they are. When something doesn't work, he show's it warts and all. When you read his posts you really come away knowing what works and what doesn't, all from actual experience documented in real time.

But instead of resting on his laurels, Bill still had an ace up his sleeve. Coming up next, the fabulous Pex-Pillar!

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On 7/13/2021 at 10:18 AM, Daniel said:

At first the forum was pretty basic, no topic photos, no themes, very plain!


And there was even no disease forum. That didn't come until the 3rd day and this was the first post:

Where would @Colu* be now if we didn't have the "Disease" forum? 🙂

Haha, I’ve been lucky to have healthy fish, but I have @Colu’s advice bookmarked just in case!

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And then there were the CARE packages. Since there had never been CARE packages (or even talk of one) when I got one in that first month, July 2020, I thought something had gone wrong with my order and contacted Candi to complain. Boy was I embarrassed to find I was complaining about receiving a gift from the Co-Op.

But I wasn't the only one:


CARE package recipients during the first year of the forum:

July 2020 - @Daniel, @Bill Smith, @MickS77

September 2020- @Streetwise, @RovingGinger, @StephenP2003

October  2020 - @Brandy, @yannachka, @DaveSamsell

November 2020 - @ange, @Jessica., @TheDukeAnumber1

January 2021 - @ADMWNDSR83, @Alesha, @Fish Folk

February 2021 - @Maggie, @James Black, @Betsy

March 2021 - @Aubrey, @Kirsten, @H.K.Luterman

July 2021 - @Colu, @Patrick_G, @quirkylemon103




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On 7/14/2021 at 6:26 PM, Bill Smith said:

Thanks to @Daniel for the kind words, wish I had more time these days to post more!

I'll second that, @Bill Smith!  I was so thrilled to get a promotion at work six months ago, but it has certainly taken over quite a bit of my time.  On the flip side, I do spend more time admiring my office guppy and neocaridina tank!!

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