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  1. When I sell White Clouds to my local store, I sell them at the 1-1/2" size, bigger than what they normally get from a wholesaler. They can purchase White Clouds for as cheap as $.75 each from their normal vendors, so I'd be surprised if you can sell them to a store for $2 per fish. Perhaps your market is different enough...
  2. I purchased two Lemon Blue Eye bristlenose from Petco this weekend. One was stuck to the glass and looked fat and happy. The other appeared to be hiding in a piece of décor. When we went to catch it, it was clear that the fish was actually stuck in the décor. The store worker pushed the fish backwards out of the hole, caught it and I took it home. That same fish now has a dark patch on its side in the same area where it would have been stuck. Do fish bruise? It certainly looks like a bruise.
  3. One month update! Fry are growing out nicely on baby brine and Co-Op Easy Fry food. Got my Ziss hatchery up and running which is making sure I've got plenty of food for these guys. I'm excited too. Another female (or two) will be headed this way hopefully soon. My hope is with 2 females and having the adults in a 40 breeder, it may spread the aggression and make it so we don't have another murders spree.
  4. For anyone interested in what I assume @Cory is having to work with, here's a simplified version of the tool that runs in the background of any e-commerce transaction you encounter that's trying to collect taxes. Put in your home address and you'll likely see 3 or more tax jurisdictions (usually city, county and state plus any special jurisdictions) that it thinks you fall into. Each of these has to be updated all the time. It's a nightmare. https://www.avalara.com/taxrates/en/calculator.html Avalara is a HUGE vendor to technology companies trying to keep tax rates up-to-date and they make a TON of money off everyone despite their data only being semi-accurate.
  5. Welp. Moved momma out of the fry box and the male started harassing her Saturday afternoon. Thought it'd be okay and she'd go back to her hiding spots but he really tore her up so I moved her back into the fry box so she could rest Saturday night. Found her dead Sunday morning. ☠️ So I re-arranged fish and the male is now in a 40 breeder by himself. Fry are now out of the box and swimming in the 10 gallon all by themselves and eating baby brine. Outside of the hobby, the past several weeks have been tough. Losing the female is just one more hard lesson to compound things. I'm pretty disappointed in myself, but hopeful a good group of fry survive and I end up with another good female.
  6. Check out rubber horse stall mats. Your local Tractor Supply or other farm and ranch store should sell them.
  7. Pulled momma and the cave and put them in a Ziss breeder box in their tank. Now comes the waiting game to see what happens.
  8. My female apisto just started guarding her cave. Should I try and pull eggs and put them in a fry box now, or wait until the babies hatch? The male apisto won a World's Worst Dad Trophy after going on a murder spree and eating all the babies last time she had a spawn, so I'd like to pull the babies and keep them safe.
  9. You'll find this is helpful. I'm following these steps with my Apistos. Looks like my female may be guarding eggs at this moment! @tolstoy21
  10. Can you not see the Member's Only videos using this link to the Member's Only Video Playlist? If not, cancel your membership and then re-subscribe using the instructions on the Club Page and a non-iOS device. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/membership
  11. White Clouds are another good option. Mine survived Oklahoma's icy winter in a 100 gal tub pond. I threw a heater in the tank just to keep it from totally freezing. No issues.
  12. I second the suggestion to let a glass shop trim it down for you. They should have no trouble fitting it to your tank's dimensions. I've had my local Home Depot make tank lids before. Just measure out the inside dimensions and tell them what you want and they'll cut a piece of glass to fit. I think my 10 gallon's lid was $8 including the cost of a Command hook for a handle.
  13. Cool deal. Please post some photos as you get it up and running. Sounds like it'll be awesome.
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