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  1. I am currently reading a book on the history of the hobby in America (the first 100 years). It was fascinating to me that they had paludariums in the 1850's and the first plant used was vallisneria. Saltwater tanks were filled with sea water brought back from the ocean. Since there was no access to sea water they would pour the water back and forth daily with the window open for aeration. I am really interested to see what you do. What is old is new again.
  2. I have a 55, 29, 16, 10, 9, two 6 gallons and a 5 gallon.
  3. Martial arts, I use to teach it as well. Photography is a passion of mine especially black and white.
  4. Maybe a Australoheros facetus, the chameleon cichlid?
  5. Our miniature schnauzer Kali. She turned 13 in July. Such a sweetheart ❤️
  6. This is very helpful, thanks for the link 🙏
  7. Thank you for the input, will check some things out.
  8. Any ideas on where to purchase a lowboy online? Also, I have no LFS and Petco/PetSmart near me don’t carry larger tanks I.e. 125 and up. Is there a good online seller that won’t break the bank?
  9. They usually live 3-5 yrs. It seems at least in my experience that the 3 spot are more aggressive. The dwarf got lodged between a rock. I did get a glass top and new lights about that time. Thank you for the input.
  10. Now that I think about it I went from a hood lights to a glass top with new lights around the same time.
  11. Thank you everyone for your wonderful input. I had another male gourami early on, got them at the same time. As they grew older the female harassed the male then later they fought severely. I had to get rid of the male. She picked on the dwarf relentlessly and I found it dead wedged between a rock. I have had lots of gourami's over my lifetime and it seems that some just end up with more aggressive personalities.
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