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  1. I added some Fritz 360 just in case I did disturb the cycle to be safe and will do another water change tomorrow
  2. I was cleaning my 10 gallon where I have a small hap growing out with 4 dwarf chain loaches to put size on him so being doing water changes every two days and feeding more but first time I actually cleaned the substrate in that tank it’s been running for 2 to 3 months so had some left over in the tank floating around just installed a tidal 35 will it pick it up or am I better off removing more water if the fish won’t be ok will all that floating in the tank ?
  3. I want to keep them just noticed they where a lot of them but going to try and control them by not over feeding
  4. Happy 2021 thanks so they won’t cause too much waste in the tank ?
  5. How to control them or keep them controlled in a 125 african Cichlid tank just turned the light in my room and the tank is covered lol are they necessarily bad
  6. I dewormed him when I first got him he has plenty of snails to feast on in that tank tried giving him frozen brine shrimp but didn’t take it so was worried at first he wasn’t eating but seeing him now he is plump so guessing he is grubbing lol
  7. This is the tank he in there with 5 dwarf chain loaches and a L333 pleco
  8. So that’s how they keep the population out I’ve seen some baby ones so I am hoping he is eating them
  9. I got bladder snails in that tank already I just haven’t seen him eat any he seems like too tiny to eat them
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