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  1. Wanted to see how much i could fit so can order enough media ?
  2. Yeah do add a couple assasin they will keep it in check without killing them all you can do 2
  3. Does it just raise just the calcium ? Or what else ?
  4. True but how do you QT snails never seen it done
  5. I agree but the Assasin snails would do it at a slower rate. Seems just trying to control the population and yo-yo loaches would wipe it out fast. That’s my opinion think Assasin snails would eat them at a slower pace
  6. Assasin snails would be ur best bet cause loaches would clean out ur tank
  7. So do you qt snails ? Can they get your fish sick ? If so how do you prevent them bringing anything in ur tank ?
  8. Ive ordered from them before they have good shipping practice
  9. Anyone order any from aquahuna have ordered fish from them before but want to see how these are from them ?
  10. Best programming Idea for a 40 breeder ? With pogostemos and hornwort with some Amazon swords
  11. So 4 a 40 gallon thats stays around 6.5 to 6.7 you think adding 3 table spoons to start and give it a few days ?
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