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  1. I don't think they are plantlets. My java ferns created a lot of little babies underneath the leaves. They look just like the adult plants almost immediately and create roots almost as quickly as leaves. Once the have some leaves and roots I pull them off the mother plant and let them float around and grow. All that is to say, I don't know what you have there, but I don’t think they are baby plants.
  2. I just received an order of guppies. I floated the for 30 min and one of them is really struggling. Breathing hard and has little ability to right itself or swim. I added an airstone and a couple tbls of aquarium salt to the approx 5 gallon quarantine tub I have set up with a heater set to 75F and a sponge filter. No meds yet. Does anyone have recommendations? No ammonia or nitrites in the water. About 25 ppm nitrates. Never mind. He died. 🥺
  3. I did what you recommended as soon as I got home that day. I did a 50% water change, added 3 tbs aquarium salt and an extra air stone. They seem ok. I had some red root floaters I couldn't keep from being sucked under, so they were dying off. I took them out because I thought they were affecting my water. When I tested it appeared I had a tinge of Nitrites (not quite 1 ppm) in the water. Also my red racer nerites were not active, so it was worrying me. Since I took them out last week I've registered zero nitrites and 25 ppm nitrates. My nerites are much more active now, so I think it was a good call. All that is to say, thanks.
  4. I have some pogostemon stel. oct, a red tiger lily, Java ferns, another frilly fern dwarf sag, red root floaters that are melting away as we speak, and I just dropped a new cutting of my philodendron brazil in to grow from the top. It doesn't have any roots yet though. I'm going to add more long plants in back.
  5. Hi Fish Friends- I have a 20 gallon high, and so far I have 6 pandas, 6 Amano shrimp, and 5 red racer nerites + a good number of bladder snails. I'd like to add a Honey Gourami and some schooling fish. Do you think my tank is large enough to handle this? Thanks for your advice. Natalie
  6. I wanted to get back to you with an update. I tried to get a better picture, but he must be doing fine because I can't pick him out from my others now. Bit relieved, here.
  7. PH 7.6 Nitrates 25 PPM No nitrite Temp 75 I was just admiring my cute little corydoras while they snacked on some frozen blood worms and noticed a spot behind this guy's eye. Could be just a pattern, but wanted to get another perspective. Thanks!
  8. Thanks, I had an infestation before I even had fish, to be honest. I guess I'll just keep trying to scoop them out. I bought a tool for it. I left a repashy cube down for my panda corydoras once, but it just ended up being snail food. I'm not doing that again. 😆 Edit* I think my algae was feeding them. That's under control now, so maybe they will die back.
  9. Welcome, Kenny! I'm new to the fish keeping hobby, and I'll be looking forward to hearing all about your fish adventures- especially that coffee table. Please share pictures when you get it up and going. Happy Sunday! Natalie
  10. I have so many bladder snails in my fish tank. It reminds me of a tick infestation. I read somewhere on the internet that Honey Gouramis will snack on small snails. Can anyone offer their insight or experience with this? I don't expect them to fix the issue, but it would be nice to have some help from the inside. Thanks!
  11. I just ordered some red root floaters from Dustin's Fish Tanks. My problem with his solution is how it will affect the rest of my plants. Does anyone have experience with this plant have advice on this?
  12. @nabokovfan87 I'm definitely going to find that thread!
  13. Maybe I've lost my mind, but I could swear I've seen my new panda corydoras blinking. Do they blink? They are still pretty small and my eyesight isn't the best either. When I unboxed these little guys my heart sang. They are so darn cute.
  14. @nabokovfan87 Will corydoras eat the worms too?
  15. Detritus worm? Here's my little white worms. Can someone verify it's not plenaria? I'm seeing a lot of little white specks swimming around now. Thank you all for your assistance!
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