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  1. Maybe lots of color morphs for females. My female came from a Florida breeder via fedex. Good reputation. So, I assume it’s female. For sure doesn’t look like the male. and you have a female somewhere. If you have eggs. Female should be smaller and sleeker than male Kinda looks like this
  2. My females are shiny olive green with a horizontal black bar from gills to tail. Mostly monochromatic. Not the bicolor
  3. I like the sera. But api should be fine. the other thing to think about. For most fish. Hard water is not an issue. Fish are very adaptable. But Some species can’t adapt well to it. Like discus. Apistogramma. And German rams. most places in the US have hard water. Yet we still raise fish just fine.
  4. They should do just fine. They’re rated as medium to hard water fish. The other thing I wanted to comment on, a real test for gh and kh would be better than a tds meter. TDS also reads myriad other things in the water and won’t give you an accurate reading for hardness. Better would be the liquid drops from Sera. This is also one of the areas the coop strips are insufficient. Gh or kh in hard water is not accurate from them.
  5. Most plants will do just fine in hard water, as will most fish Including banana plants
  6. I would think it's fine, but no idea, really. if it's running clear you should be good. I've seen fish take baths in the stuff. but a trace over long term should be okay. just watch behavior and if it seems off then water change
  7. Na, that’s the whole point of a water change. Possibility of a temperature shock? ??? On the methylene blue
  8. Most fish can go up to a week or more with no food. And have no ill effects. I do this for vacation. I tried using a sitter but ended up with messed up tanks. you may have an issue though. Since you’re doing fish in cycle, you may need to recheck parameters. Something may be off, especially since he’s off his normal behavior
  9. yeah, it could still be a sourcing issue. I'd say go look in Louisville. but the tolls are stupid high. Used to be they had good genetics, but they've been overbred for so many years, I'm not sure you can find good genetics. Maybe at dans fish. my daughter wants guppies, but we haven't been able to keep them yet. Okay, what she really wants is the platinum sailfin mollies, but i think i talked her down from that one. which was the equivalent of the, when you're 13 verdict that we came up with for the cell phone and axolotl. 🤣
  10. yeah, i tried so hard to do population control with my platys. even separated them into male and female tanks. but the females kept having fry. so now they're all back together in 1 tank. 20g tank. all ages all sizes. it's been stable for 2 years now. around 30. I don't even worry about it anymore. I let my platys live their platy lives in peace. well, I say peace. but there is a female betta in there. but out of the cup. she thinks she's a platy. schools with them and everything. not sure this would work on guppies. but you could let it go and find out
  11. yes, this. I wish more people would get that lesson. It gets even worse with peacocks and haps. where the males have all the color. then what do you do with the other 50% plus of what you breed. I mostly like what people have been saying. being experienced keepers. but, hoo boy, put that out on the interwebs.🤣
  12. cool. what city? I've been known to call The Reef in indy my lfs, and of course Aquarium world lafayette. one is an hour away. one is about 2 hours away. lfs is all relative
  13. I can’t keep them alive from petsmart/co. It’s the genetics that have gotten weak. I’m guessing that’s your issue if your cories are fine. If you can find a local supplier you might have more luck with them
  14. Na, you’re good. My concern was she was going to do it anyway. Was just offering some constructive advice on repair. She backed out of it. Which was the correct decision. I don’t believe I said go ahead and don’t worry about it. I believe I said, if you’re going to try, put it somewhere it’s not going to cause a lot of damage if it goes. And gave some advice on reinforcing the tank. I, personally couldn’t sleep with it in a sensitive spot. It would have been in the basement next to the drain.
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