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  1. You'll have plenty of good food options available in Edmonds after visiting ACO. Ristorante Machiavelli recently opened up after shutting down their Capitol Hill spot, and I really like it (check their hours, though). The waterfront in Edmonds is nice to hang out at, and the downtown area is pretty walk-able. You could also go as a walk-on onto the ferry there and enjoy the Kingston area. Closer to Seattle is the zoo, Discovery Park, the Arboretum and Japanese Garden, the Museum of Flight, might be able to catch a Mariners game, and this doesn't even touch the Eastside which there is also a lot to do (East of Lake Washington). If you like playing board games you could go to Mox Boarding House (Ballard or Bellevue), you can have a bite and drinks while playing one of their available games. There's the Pacific Science Center, which also has a big IMAX theater. If you support non-commercial radio then KEXP's Gathering Space might be worth a visit. Loretta's Northwesterner has some great tavern-style burgers. There's really a lot more to suggest, also might depend on your weather-appetite. Bring layered clothing, and a rain jacket (shell type is best that you can stow away easily).
  2. I reported this channel/user, but wanted to drop a note here @Cory since I don't know how else to let you know. They're now spamming comments on your channel videos.
  3. I try to vary it up as much as possible, but I think it's a bit funny to feed them the Easy Fry Food and watch them skim the surface and aggressively inhale it.
  4. I'm a local - and was trying to use Google Maps to find aquarium stores. Their algorithm was effectively only showing me Petcos... what a joke. Why in the world does a low-rated chain store appear whilst a 4.9 star rated store with thousands more reviews not show up? I ended up finding them by zooming in on particular areas around the Greater Seattle Area and re-searching. Found it tagged finally... but no name appears on the map for the pin! Come on Google. I think I was searching through the list view when I finally found it. I was gobsmacked that this little fish store has 4000+ reviews and wasn't appearing, and the nearby Petco with 1000 reviews and a poorer rating does. Live and die by the internet and SEO, I suppose.
  5. The peppered corys are also looking nice, even with my amateur photography skills.
  6. I find that the Easy Flow is nice and quiet, and if you don't want the directional flow you can just take that part off (I've got it set up that way in a couple tanks), but with the directional piece it's even quieter.
  7. First question I ask myself is if I even need a heater. Setting aside whatever fish you may have or want, what does the tank sit at temp wise without a heater? Is it near the ground, and can you get it up higher to increase temp? Can you heat the room instead? As far as failure rates go, wattage has an impact but so does the frequency it turns on/off in order to maintain temp.
  8. I've been really loving having pothos growing out of many of my tanks; it's a bit crazy how fast they grow. My only issue is maintaining the roots. I notice they love to grow towards, and into, my sponge filters (I'm not using HOBs). I've trimmed the roots in the past, but I don't really like the look, and I'd rather let them grow out in the back of the tank. Has anyone had any success training the roots or keeping them away from the sponge filter? I was thinking of using some hardscape to attempt to keep them at bay, but I also don't necessarily want to cover them, the rooted look of the tank is nice IMO.
  9. How much and what are you feeding the tank with? Typically when hydra breaks out on my stuff it's when I do too much baby brine shrimp or powdered food. I usually stop feeding that right away and let it all die off. This might also help deal with the snail issue if there's less food available.
  10. The reasoning I remember was that they are constantly under pressure to produce higher wattage heaters already, so even merely keeping a 50 watt around will just invite more questions and issues they don't want to have to deal with.
  11. Personally, I'd rather ACO stick to their ethos and be effectively uncompromising on it. That means making hard decisions about which products to offer. They can't make everyone happy with every decision, but the fact they are setting what is effectively a guiding principle and sticking to it is important in the long term for the company and brand.
  12. I'm not sure if the Julii is a type of Cory with venom, but this sounds strangely familiar to what @Irene experienced. That, or they were already sick from the store.
  13. I was a bit amazed at just how red those cherry shrimp were. The photos don't do it justice! Super clean tanks, too. Someone is definitely earning their keep there.
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