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  1. The Pond How it all began, the Reflections and the Journey By ArmyVet
  2. I setup some tubs this year, so I would have an outdoor way to visit my folks and share my hobby. I set these up just like my organic soil Walstad aquariums. This is a boring video of the process:
  3. I have a client that has not maintained his pool in 2 to 3 years there is zero chemicals in it it’s raining it’s all rain water he wants to put some small fish in the well eat some of the algae is there something that would go in there is on the inexpensive side because I’m not a total believer in this. He expressed that he was going to put pond snails in which he meant are the big apple snails that you through concrete in Florida so I’m trying to help them out without destroying his pool in case he wants to change his mind
  4. We moved into a rental house that has an established pond with goldfish. Maybe 8-10 but I’m not sure bc there is so much algae in the water I can’t really see. I think there’s a filter but I need to get it up and running. I prefer not to dump a bunch of chemicals in the pond to fix it. I know it’s not extra food bc the house sat vacant for a month and the previous tenants said the fish lived off the bugs and such with no feeding. I do know our water is REALLY hard. (We live in Belgium so I don’t have the same options as if we were in the states.) I want to start by getting the filter running and adding more plants to help with water quality. Don’t have a test kit yet to give any water parameters. The pond is an odd oblong shape. Half of it is waist deep and the other half is knee deep. It’s probably 10 feet long and 5 feet wide…ish. (Picture with reference to my kiddos) My only fish experience is with a 15 gal tank my daughter had! Any helpful suggestions are welcome! (What type of plants, what else I can do to clear up the water, etc)
  5. So I have some dirt in my pond from when I first made it. Will that be okay when I get the fish.
  6. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping raccoons out of the backyard goldfish barrel? You can see they've bent down the wire fencing that I keep around the barrel. Fortunately by the time they bend it down the fish go to the bottom or they can't reach, but they're tearing up the lilies, and I'm afraid it's only a matter of time until they get to the fish. I'm just assuming it's raccoons. That seems the most likely to me.
  7. I did a search and this hasn’t been talked about a lot here. As summer approaches and outdoor tubs are all the rage I’m hoping we can get a little in-depth. From what I’ve found in the limited information on the internet the main concern here is zinc leaching into the water. Ive also read it has a lot to do with water hardness and PH as well. A lower ph with softer water will cause the zinc to breakdown as it protects the tub from rust. 2 main options seem to be a pond liner or using an epoxy to seal the tank. I wanted to set this up and monitor for a couple of weeks before adding guppies. I honestly don’t want to use epoxy because of the expense and work involved but a pond liner might pose its own problems as well with trapping moisture between the liner and tub. Some say it will also cook the fish come hot summer months. I don’t think this is as much of a concern as so many think but we’ll see? Anybody know for sure galvanized gets hotter than the black plastic ones? Here’s my set up so far. I probably only need this to last 2-3 years at most before I do something more permanent.
  8. Haven't had much time for projects the last couple weeks because we welcomed my second daughter into the world on the 19th, but I found time yesterday when everyone else was napping to set up my mini pond! It's just a small one to get my feet wet, and if all goes well I'll start a large one next year. It's roughly 25 gallons. The shelf I made from a milk crate if supporting a fabric planter with sweet flag in it. The fiber pot to the right is a pond lily. I also added a few stems each of cabomba and rotala to see how they do and crypt undulata red both in the open area in front and the shaded area under the shelf to see how that does. After I took the pictures I added some dwarf water lettuce and Frogbit. 1 I want to add more aquarium plants to see what does well(preferably heavy root feeders), but that's what I had on hand. If the crypts do well I'll add some pink flamingo I'm growing and I have another fabric planter if I decide I want another bog plant. I have a medium sponge filter and nano air pump coming from the coop for filtration and it should fit under the shelf. For stocking it will be mutt guppies and ramshorn snails. I added 5 snails from my shrimp tank when I set it up, and the guppies are in my QT tank until the temps outside are warm enough (I'm thinking once the lows are in the high 50s for at least a week). I'm starting with 6 females and 4 males. The substrate is a new mixture I'm testing out. It's 2 parts organic soil to one part safetsorb with a little crushed coral added in. It's capped with 2 parts safetsorb to 1 part crushed coral. I feel like safetsorb mixed into the soil gives a better mix for planting in and I hope the safetsorb can absorb the excess nutrients that's common in the begining of dirted tank setup and store it for plants to use later. The crushed coral is added to help buffer the water. My hopes for this pond is just to make some guppies and hopefully fund a larger pond next year. If I'm able to propagate plants in it as well that's just a bonus. Any thoughts on the setup or plants that would do well in it?
  9. Like a handful of eager starters with pond season in the US, we suffered from the cold snap a couple weeks back. Lost a number of adult guppies. Only young seem to have managed through in 2 out of 3 mini ponds. I am curious what input the forum would offer on breeding German Blue Rams over the summer? Our ponds do get pretty warm - 70s-90s. Guppies make it through the temp cycle, but it’s warm for them. With the soft rain water, and lots of micro life, the Rams idea has begun to percolate. I know Apistogrammas are reasonably common to do in ponds. What about Rams?
  10. @Cory So, I had another thread going with pond questions and chlorine, I'd like to condense it and add more info. I asked during the live stream on 5-2, and Cory mentioned the aerator on the indoor faucets (which made total sense)(also, ty very much) But I feel like he wasn't getting the whole picture, hence this long post. I recently set up a 125 gallon preformed pond. Each time I refill it the chlorine is out of control. I have dosed with Prime at each refill. Using my coop test strips, the outdoor water tests at 3.0 ppm chlorine, Prime says 5ml/50g, the first time I used 4 whole capfuls (16ml), even after 2 hours, water tested out at 3.0. Waited a few days, did another test, STILL 3.0, another water change and added 40 ml Prime, tested before and after the water change, still 3.0. Today after 2 weeks of not adding new water from the hose, I tested the water and it's down to 0.8 ppm. My city does not use chloromines to treat the water, so I've been super stumped as to why this stupid chlorine isn't going away. Should I be using a water conditioner meant for ponds? I do have a filter/fountain running all the time, so there is aeration happening. I use a python to water change/refill my aquariums in the house and the pond outside, so my indoor faucets have the aerator removed for they python. Which is also why I don't understand why so much chlorine outside vs inside? I test my tap about once a month, and my tanks weekly, the inside taps barely reach 0.8 chlorine, but the outside ones are always stupid high. And there are no water filters in the house, and I checked under the house, all the pipes are stemming from the main street source.
  11. The best spot in my garden for a mini pond is not really practical for running mains power. If I run a sponge filter off a USB pump powered by a little solar panel will that be enough to keep the water in check? It will probably have power for 12 to 14 hours a day. I'll be adding plenty of plant filtration if that makes a difference?
  12. Does anyone dye their backyard goldfish pond? If so, what do you use?
  13. I feel so bad. I got guppy babies for free with a purchase of some cherry shrimp the other day (there were so many in the tank they couldn't separate them from the shrimp). I was planning on starting my first outdoor pond, and I thought, hey, I could throw these guys in there instead of keeping them with the shrimp (because I'm trying like heck to get my shrimp to feel comfy enough to make some babies here eventually). But I live in Ohio. And of course it's freezing cold this weekend at the end of freakin May, (rainy in the 40s and 50s--it WAS in the high 80s!!) and those poor guppies are out there and may have died already due to how cold the water temps are. I just feel really bad. 😕
  14. Hello! So we are setting up a pond, and we are going to have goldfish in it. The water temperature will be about 55-65*F. What kind of plants do you think can tolerate these temperatures, and the goldfish won’t destroy?
  15. Hey everyone! I am trying to think of a plant I could grow underwater that will grow fast enough to not just be covered by algae and mulm. I was thinking creeping jenny, can that grow underwater 100%? The pond is full sun and hard water. Any ideas. Thx!
  16. Hello everyone, I plan on getting a 100 gallon pond from Tractor Supply for my red eared slider to put outside. Any filter recommendations? I’ve never done an outside pond, so I am totally unsure about what to get. I would normally do a sponge filter, but given that it’s a red eared slider... they get chompy.
  17. My whiteclouds overwintered in the Pacific NW. Just look at that green water! I've been putting my plant cuttings from my tanks in here for about the last month (not shown here because I was doing a water change and cleaning). I put some stuff from the bottom in a jar for a little experiment for my granddaughter. It has some salvinia floating on top. I'm excited to see how it goes this year. I really wasn't expecting much since it's such a small amount of water. How fun for the grand kids to learn.
  18. Sombat

    Pond bubbles

    I have an outdoor mini pond with a few comet goldfish. Lucky bamboo and Ribbon plants. I keep the water filter running around the clock but the lighting on only a few hours. Been noticing bubbles on the surface. Do goldfish make bubble nests like bettas?
  19. Hi Everyone! Quick question: I would like to set up a small free standing pond (20-30g) for guppies. I plan on placing it on my deck which gets direct sunlight from early afternoon until sunset. (I'm located in the Washington, DC Metro area.) My concern is that this amount of sunlight will heat the pond to uninhabitable temperatures. If the temp of the water gets into the the high 80s, will it become detrimental to the guppies or since the water will slowly be warmed by the sun, they could adjust? Curious if anyone has any thoughts on this. Thanks!
  20. Hey everyone! I have recently posted a "ponds for sale" poster in my town, and I have now gotten a few people who are interested. Actually just today someone stopped by my house and say my ponds, and said "your hired". I am really excited, because honestly I would pay money to build ponds so... yeah. 🙂 I am now wondering what is some advice that may be useful, like customer service, common issues, newbies common misinformed ideas. Just anything that may come in common, I know I sounds pretty vague, so what I mean is anything that I should I know. Like Cory gave some advice to fish store employees saying "everybody thinks there tank is huge even if it is only a 20 gallon." You know what I mean if you say that video. Thx!!!
  21. I am in the process of building an outdoor pond and am not sure what to stock it with. I live in Indiana and do not have a place to bring the fish in over the winter, so they would need to be cold water tolerate. I have a 145 gallon pond. I've seen before where people will build a DIY "greenhouse" to go over top of thr pond to help warm it during the winter. So, does anyone have stocking ideas or have a similar situation?
  22. Was looking for feedback on which plants to put in my summer tubs.i have plans for 3 - 20 gallons and 1 - 40 gallon ponds/tubs. I was going to pick up a 4 pack of water Lilly rhizomes, water sprite, hornwort, moss (mix of Christmas and Java), bacopa, and floating some water lettuce. We are in USDA zone 6. Won’t be ready usually for fish until May or June was just hoping to get them going cycling and be ready when nighttime temps hit the mark.
  23. *New to fish keeping so... sorry if I forget anything important* I guess a bit of preamble, I have a 29 gallon aquarium, inside, where at the moment I have five 1-1.5 inch comets. Yes, this is currently my only tank. My plan was to give the ones in there back to the pet store when I actually decided what to do (and find the fish I want) with my indoor tank. My problem is I kinda fell in love with them and now I wanna keep them too(MTS already hitting me). Sooooo.... I have an idea for a 35 gallon pond in my back yard year around. I’d like to keep it simple and use a medium sponge filter for both agitation and filtration. I’m not sure if I should use a substrate or not but if I do it’ll be some gravel from my other tank. I’ve also already put some extra bio rings in my filter so when I do set it up I already have some good cultures on there as well. I’d like to keep duck weed in both my indoor tank and in this pond. That way, (as I don’t plan on having anything indoors that’ll eat it) as the goldfish outside eat it all, I can transfer some from my indoor tank to the pond as it propagates. I do have food in case the duckweed dies or can’t keep up with the fish. My climate is fairly mild here in central California with winters only having a few nights per year below 32*F and no snow. The summers frequently go into triple digits for weeks at a time. I am concerned about it getting too hot as I know goldfish like cooler water. The place I’m thinking of gets afternoon sun as well. I’m hoping the duckweed will help with water temperature as well. Id like some advise on this. About any of it really. Is this an ok set up for them? Is there something more I should do? Maybe you see an obvious problem that I just don’t see. Like I said, new fish keeper here, so I don’t even know what questions to ask. Maybe you’ve done something similar and I’d love to learn from someone else’s experience. I’ve tried to educate myself the best I can but there’s no way I found ALL the info. I guess I’m nervous as I want my fish to be happy. Thank you
  24. Title says it all. I've wanted to keep White Clouds so I thought it would work great. Catch is, it would most likely have to stay outside year round. The pond container itself also has to "look good" for the fiance. Might have to do a whiskey barrel. Wondering how possible this would be, and what size I should aim for. Any tips, opinions, or suggestions would be great.
  25. Im currently setting up my first mini pond to house My leopard danio fry when they outgrow the tank their current tank. My goals are to run filtration solely off of solar power and to use the pond as a sort of low tech aquaponic system also to grow some peppers, herbs and veggies. To start i’ve sourced a 3/4 wine barrel. I believe it holds between 55-60 gallons Ive added a couple of old bookers bourbon boxes for planters also and have drilled holes in the bottom so that they drain back into the pond. I also added the pvc spigot set up at the back which will aid in water changes as well as draining in case the pond starts to overfill during heavy rain. The spigot should also allow me to use the pond water to easily water other nearby planters.
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