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  1. Happy Tuesday Nerms! I'm suddenly and unexpectedly finding myself with a bunch of shrimplets so I did some late night research and kind of impulse purchased (as we do) BacterAE for them. My understanding is that it's not necessarily for beginners, which I very much am. 🤦 So, my amazing advanced aquarists, give me a crash course in the stuff. Dos, don'ts, dosing amount, frequency, best way to administer, feeding schedule combined with other foods ... It's a year old 5 gallon very heavily planted tank with nine Neos, a few bladder and ramshorn snails and what seems like quite a few shrimplets. For the adults, current feeding schedule is a very small amount of a mix of Dennerle Shrimp King Color and Hikari Algae Wafers every two to three days. Hikari Shrimp Cuisine is also on the way. Also thinking of getting Shrimp King Complete but don't know if that's overkill?
  2. Happy Tuesday! I have a very heavily planted 5g and just got nine Neos a few weeks ago. I ended up with three berried females. 😳 How many shrimp can I safely have in the tank before it gets overloaded? Parameters: Ammonia & Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 10 Ph: 7.6 Kh: 3 drops (I forget what the value is that correlates with this) Gh: 12 drops Thank you Nerms!
  3. Everyone has been there - get something new and you want to rush everything. I made a somewhat expensive mistake thinking my "peaceful" betta would tolerate a shrimp cleanup crew and added 10 "adults" I ordered online (nearest LFS is about 70 miles away). While he coexists happily with a group of chili rasboras, these set him into Terminator mode 😕 I was able to save half into what is now a shrimp-only nano tank. I had not tested water parameters in about a week as everything looked great- happy snails, happy plants, a bit of algae. When I started losing my rescues one by one, I did check... and found my ph was .8 higher than the other tank sitting 2 feet away. Only difference was 1/4 cup of crushed coral under the aqua soil. Despite all this, I have a single shrimp - the largest of the order, but still well under 1" - that is quite proud of his tank and his "pest" snail friends. A new order is about to arrive that has been raised in identical parameters to this tank - 7.6ph, 200gh, 80kh, 0ppm ammonia and nitrite, 30ish ppm nitrate. Temp 74 degrees. I've got my drip acclimation ready to roll, laser thermometer to check temps match. For the veterans out there, any other advice? Really want these guys to thrive!
  4. Hi Nerms! I've been patiently waiting an entire year to get some neos for my 5g. Ironically, I decided to pull the trigger and forgot to order a drip acclimation kit. 🤦 Any prayer that I can successfully acclimate them without one? My parameters: Ph: 7.6 Ammonia, Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 5 Gh: 12 Kh: 4 Temp: 78 Tank parameters coming from: Ph: 7.4 Ammonia, Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 20 Gh: 9 Kh: 5 Temp: 74
  5. Need some feedback here - I have been told that I can keep Orange eye blue tiger caridina shrimp in neo parameters? Is this best for them? many thanks! tedrock
  6. Got a order for LRB of some neocaridina. They were pretty active for the first 2-3 days and now they are ALL in hiding. Lucas tds is about 300~ but I have soft PNW water with virtually no GH so I raise it to 400-500 with equilibrium. do shrimp go into hiding to molt after going into new water?
  7. My husband purchased this little nano tank because I though it was so neat...It's from ZenAqua and I just love it. My plan is to have shrimp in it. I have the wood soaking and will aquascape it (of course). Here are my questions: 1) already have a filter so good to go there 2) my house is kept at 68 degrees' .. do I need a heater? its a little over 3 Gallons 3) HELP me decide what kind of shrimp to get?? Orange Pumpkin, Cherry, Blue dream???? gah.. HELP! 4) Plant recommendations? 5) Substrate? I have some gravel left, but should I use sand?? I have hard water (GH 18) KH 5 (I have crushed coral in all the tanks) PH steady 7.2-7.3 See picture below. Its still empty for now.. till I get all the plants ordered.
  8. I added 8 orange cherry shrimp 🦐 to my tank on Monday early afternoon, by the evening I could only find 3 of them, next day I could only find 3 again but later counted 5, today I seem down to 2 as far as I can tell (I've checked like a hundred times). Should I be worried? I'm sure they are good at hiding but it's only a 20 gallon tank, it's moderately well planted but nothing I have is particularly dense and I can't figure out where they could be hiding. No bodies or anything either, I've even checked inside my filter and can't see any dead or alive, though unfortunately my filter is a horrible big bulky internal filter that you can't see into the pump housing compartment (so only looked where the sponge/media and heater are). Are they just really shy and adept at hiding or have they got sucked into the pump or something? If that happened would they be killed and their bodies be spat out of the pump/filter?
  9. So I have decided to upgrade my betta Mr Darcy's tank (plus his tank mates, neo shrimp, mystery snail & nerite), from a 5gal to a 10 rimless (with clear lid). I need some advice before the change over ... My tap water runs at a Ph of 8.0 and Mr Darcy and the snails seem to have done fine, though the plants and the neos I think don't like that ph. So, for the new tank, I've decided to go with the Fluval Stratum, capped with a pea gravel, for a substrate. I read that the Fluval Stratum lowers ph quite a bit, like possibly into the 6's, which might be good for the neos. One of my questions is ... will the Ph lower gradually or fairly quick? I am trying to plan this out. Can I stick the fish/etc in right after scaping? (I have established sponge filters running almost a year in current tank). Or do I need to let the tank sit for a bit without critters then drip acclimate them? I've never used this substrate so I am just a little anxious, as I don't want to harm the critters or the plants. Thanks for your patience in reading this and any advice! ~Jennifer pic of current 5gal for tax
  10. I'm new to neocaridina, so I don't know if I have a problem. The tank's been steady at 72, but the heater didn't shut itself off last night (we're all surprised, I know 🙄), and the temp wooshed from 72 to 80 in 15 hours. The shrimp are young. Many females have been saddled for weeks, but I haven't seen any berried. I removed the heater, and took the lid off to let it cool. Is there anything else I should do? They appear to be acting fine, but I've heard this can cause a "premature molt." Is that a problem?
  11. I never seen any neo's get this big? The gravel is Fluval stratum for size comparison?
  12. When I breed killifish, I typically put one or two neocaridinas into the egg hatching jug to eat infertile eggs and fungus. It really works great. Of course there’s tons of Java moss, a primed sponge filter, and eventually powdered fish food too. Later, when I add the Killis to my colony tank, I pour in the neocaridinas too. They disappear, and I rarely see them after that. But this morning I was pleased to spot two black neos that I rarely saw before. Love this! It’s like getting new fish... except you find them already in your tank!
  13. I have neocaridina shrimps (blue dream in one tank, orange sakura in another). I have noticed few deaths lately where a white line appears where usually the shell breaks to allows a shrimp to molt so I think I may have a calcium problem? I tested my kh/gh with Cory’s test strips and I get 0 kh and 300 gh. The API drops says about 3kh and 11gh. My tanks are planted, cycled, ph of 7.6, temp between 75 and 78, 0/0/20. Weekly WC and syphoning of the gravel. The blue dream are species only, the orange are with clown killifish. I use cuttlebone but I heard Cory say he doesn’t like using it in one of the livestream. So I was wondering what are the other options? I know some pet stores have some block in shape of a turtle.. are these good? Or any other options?
  14. Sigh... Today I got home and found one of my amanos having a little snack. I thought "where did you get that" it was one of my RCS. I feed well, perhaps even over feed. Is that "normal"? Did I make a mistake mixing amanos and RCS? I started with 20 RCS and the most I can count regularly is 6-7. They can hide so I expect I have maybe double that. But definitely less than 19. My brief research says RCS are supposed to outbreed the predation...But I haven't seen any that look like males since I added them to the tank. And none are berried as far as I can tell. My amanos are giants. The big females are well over 2" Do I need to get some more RCS to hopefully get a male or is there something else I can do to prevent predation?
  15. Greetings! just wondering if these color changes on my shrimp are normal. My substrate is light so I know they sometimes turns paler. But today I noticed her head/chest are more of a brownish color. 5 gallons, planted, temps about 75-77, ph 7.6, 0/0/10. No chlorine, kh 0, hardness close to 300 (On the co op strips) She is one of my old shrimp. Just added 10 more on friday and she is gravid for the first time.
  16. i have been in the hobby for about 3 years. get super geeky over anything fish whether fresh or saltwater, and have always wanted more tanks. however, i am stuck with a crappy fluval chi five gallon aquarium. lately have been getting very discouraged with the aquarium hobby, but i am looking to get myself excited again, have read and listened and watched so many things about breeding fish and shrimp, and always thought that looked so fun to do. so, what suggestions do you have?
  17. I want to change up my cherry shrimp tank a little bit. Same substrate and filtration and plants but I want to switch out my hardscape (keep rock pile but switch out spider wood for bigger driftwood pieces). I haven't gotten them to breed yet, and it's been about 3ish months since having them (about 5 shrimp in a 10 gallon). I know they like things to stay the same to feel comfortable. Am I shooting myself in the foot to switch things up a bit or should I just go for it? I really want to see a ton of shrimp in there because it's so boring having to look hard and maybe seeing a shrimp or two in there (not to mention the fact that my husband keeps asking why they aren't breeding yet). In there I have a sponge filter, gravel substrate, 1/2 and 1/2 distilled water and my well water (was extremely hard so I made it more reasonable this way hardness wise), spider wood, guppy grass, dwarf lilies, a nice rock pile where they can (and do) hide, Java fern, Java moss, and a few anubias. I feed them a teeny tiny bit of bacter AE every other day, and occasionally a teeny bit of quality flake. Water parameters are ph 8.4ish, 5-10 nitrate (0 amm, 0 nitrite), 25ppm GH, 300ppm kH. I only do about a 10% water change once a month to try to keep things stable. I am open to other tips if you see something I seem to be missing.
  18. Hi all, I've been thinking about some ideas for fish I could add to my 20 gallon tall planted tank. It has been running for almost a year, and has been pretty stable even with some poor maintenance over the winter. I currently only have 3 white cloud mountain minnows, as some died. However, since these three have been stable for a while now with no signs of sickness, I will soon be getting more to have the group be at least 6 or maybe even 9. Since I will be going to the fish store, I can't help but think of other species I could add as well. I've never kept cherry shrimp, and was wondering how easy they are for beginners? I have pH on the high end but relatively low gH, and I don't want to mess with water chemistry. I want to know if it's worth just getting a few and seeing if they do alright? Any advice from more seasoned experts? My last thought would be to get a bristlenose pleco - I know that a 20 tall is definitely on the very small end for them, but don't know what people think is acceptable. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  19. What does everyone like to feed their neo shrimp when starting a colony before fish are in?
  20. I sent an order off to Aqua Huna on Tuesday (using the link on the Coop page so they get some payback) and the fish arrived today. Not bad. I ordered six albino cory catfish, six panda cory catfish, and ten cherry shrimp. Everyone was alive when they got here. One albino cory cat was barely alive, but seems to be improving. He's now sitting upright and moving occasionally. He was curled up and apparently dead on his side in the bag, but is looking better now. Kind of interesting in that you see no gill movement for several minutes then about ten seconds of rapid breathing, then back to nothing for a minute or two. Everyone went into a breeder box after being acclimated so I can feed them more intensively and keep an eye on them for a few weeks. As anticipated, all are quite small, but that's not a big issue for me. The photos on Aqua Huna show the fish relative to the size of a penny, so I knew what to expect. Small fish tend to disappear in a bigger planted tank though, so by keeping them in the breeder box for a bit I can better monitor them and fatten them up. They aren't competing with the horde outside for food in the box and they're not crowded. The breeder boxes circulate water from the tank through the boxes so the fish are essentially in the big tank, just outside it in the breeder box. Each breeder box is attached to the tank the fish will eventually go into. The albino corys are on the thirty high, the panda corys are on the twenty high, and the shrimp are on the ten gallon tank. The cherry shrimp were interesting. They were very pale with essentially no color until they hit their breeder box that has a clump of java moss with lots of algae on it. The box also has a lot of algae growing on the walls of the box. It was like someone hit a light switch. Within ten seconds of being put in that box they were colored up and feeding. They've also got a piece of cholla wood in with them for more shelter. These are my first shrimp and they're pretty impressive little critters. They're very active. Eleven of the twelve cory cats are doing great. The twelfth guy is improving. Going from apparently dead to not dead is an improvement. The ten shrimp all look great. I was surprised the shrimp came in a breather bag and wasn't sure about floating the breather bag to temperature acclimate so I ended up hanging it half in the water and half out. The bags were all 74 degrees when they got here and my tanks are about 76 so there wasn't a huge difference anyway. I followed the Aqua Huna acclimation instructions (though I really wanted to plop and drop the albino cory who wasn't looking good.) So far anyway, I'm very happy. I'm still half expecting to lose the one albino cory, but corys are tough little fish, so we'll see. One good thing about getting fish small is there's little to no impact on the bioload. Each breeder box of fish has maybe the same bioload as one of my swordtails.
  21. I’ve had a thriving Neo tank for about a year, and in this last week suddenly there have been at least one or two deaths every day. Most have shown signs of white ring disease which I know means that the GH is too low for them to properly molt. My water tests confirmed that, which is confusing why it’d be so low suddenly. My question is how quickly can I safely raise GH in a 29g tank?
  22. I had no idea that neocaridina shrimp could breed so small! I got my shrimp as juveniles at less than 1/2 an inch, and now I've already got one berried. (to be fair though- she only has around 2-4 eggs, and they look like they barely fit lmao). I zoom out for scale!
  23. Soon to have red cherry shrimp in the next couple weeks🦐🤘🏼
  24. Sharing some fun combos I've found so far in my new shrimp breeding. I mistakenly used an outdated neo family tree and put Blue Dreams and Blue Velvets together. Whoops. They've thrown some fun ones though. Many are like the middle image - solid or translucent reddish brown. But I have one blackish/brown with a light brown stripe down its back - left/first image. And I have one that I'm calling a bloody rili. It seems to have highly dense bloody mary (but almost purple) coloring as a rili. I hope to get you better pictures at some point. 🙂
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