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  1. Hello guys n gals. I am planning on putting my variatus platies outside for the first time this summer. I am a heavy listener of the aquarium coop podcast and a video watcher and I remember @Cory talking about how cold these guys can go about a hundred times but I can't for the life of me remember how cold that was. I live in Iceland so this cold tolerance information is of great importance to me. Is there anyone who remembers or knows this information? Thank you.
  2. Hi everyone! Wanted to start off saying Thank You to this Forum and everyone who contributes - I have learned SO MUCH in the last few months from all the wonderful humans who share their knowledge about the aquarium hobby! Currently, I have an large army of very happy Red Wag Platys (Platies?), 12 Neon Tetras, 6 adorable Melanistius Corydoras (SO CUTE), a baby Bristlenose Pleco and 3 Golden White Cloud Mountain Minnows who are still in quarantine (they looked so lonely by themselves at the pet store, I couldn't leave them there!). ANYWAY - This is my first summer having an outdoor pond, and I am VERY excited! 😍 My fiancé and I bought our new house last year, and over this past winter I casually mentioned that I wanted to try summer tubs this summer...well, now I have a 200 gallon semi-inground pond that will have a small waterfall and a pump/filter. 😮 (images attached of the pond the day he dug it into the ground, and a picture from this past Sunday with the beginnings of the surrounding rocks). See what happens when you leave (some) men unsupervised?! So, cue excitement - and mild concern for the sheer size of this thing!😳 We live on Long Island, NY (Zone 7a for plants), so any fish will be coming indoors for the winter. Originally, I was just going to put a handful of my existing Red Wags and a bunch of plants in my intended smaller outdoor tub, but seeing as though I now have 200 gallons at my disposal and as a beginner with outdoor tubs/ponds, what other fish can I put in there? Looking for species I can put in the pond WITH the Red Wags, as I already have those and ideally would like some color variety other than the red/black of the Platys. THANK YOU!😄🐟
  3. Hi everyone! After a bit of a hiatus I'm back! Here in Washington, Summer Tubbing season is finally upon us! And I'm extremely excited for this year! I've only been tubbing for 2 years. 2020 was mainly Medaka, and 2021 was Medaka, Least Killifish, and Albino Cories. This year I'm looking to be even more diverse. Unfortunately I don't have any setup right now, but most of the materials are on the way so I should be able to set them up at the beginning of next month! So far I'm working with 1x 35 g / 2x 20 g / 1x 12 g . I plan to possibly get a 110 later in the season, and then another 2x 20s as well. My current plan is again mainly Medaka since I have some good sources for the more "high end" varieties this year (I tried to import from Japan last year but the seller wasn't very good so rip my money and fish) but these sellers are super reliable and well reviewed so I think im in good hands. Other options I'm looking at are Blue Fin Killis since an LFS got a bunch in, and Variatus Platies since Cory, Bob, Robert, and I think Joel and Jimmy mentioned they do really well outside so I'm trying some other varieties of those. Also a colony of Pygmy Sunfish in the 12. Shrimp are also another option I want, mainly Cherry Shrimp. I have a bunch of plants, baskets, etc on the way so this should be a fun season!
  4. I setup some tubs this year, so I would have an outdoor way to visit my folks and share my hobby. I set these up just like my organic soil Walstad aquariums. This is a boring video of the process:
  5. Well, I think it’s time I started a general thread where I can post updates about all my tanks. If you like low maintenance planted community tanks, fish breeding projects, watching a novice set up outdoor ponds, and the occasional cat/chicken, then I think you’ll find something you enjoy here. 😊 Here’s the status right now: This is my main tank. It’s a 55 gallon with a power head and three cheap submersible lights. I’ve had it running around 15 months. Substrate is soil with a gravel cap, which I do not recommend. 😆 Fish: My honey gourami mating pair, Mom Fish and Dad Fish Two yo-yo loaches Two otos Two super red bristlenose plecos A school of 9 tetras (one neon and the rest cardinals) called the School of Dr. Neidecker after my mom who bought them for me Three amano shrimp Oh and a few snails that the yo-yos haven’t eaten yet. This is my 10 gallon grow-out tank. It’s usually for the baby honeys, but right now it’s quarantining a new honey! I’m hoping this is a female so she can be Dad Fish’s next mate. It seems like Mom Fish is slowing down. Adding the new honey to the community tank will be iiiiiinteresting. 😁 And these are the new outdoor ponds! I just filled them up a few days ago. I’m excited to experiment with them! I’ve never done outdoor ponds before.
  6. @Aquarium Co-op I am setting up a pond 125 Gal for 4 goldfish, I also have Neon Swordtails, 4". Can I add them or what would go with the gold?
  7. Hey all! Hope your all safe, well and having fishy mad fun! I wanted to get all your advice from anyone with a bit of experience on pseudomugils I was looking to start breeding some luminatus. Anyone have any tips and tricks? What about outdoor pond and colony breeding? Tips for pond size, care, plants? If it helps I'm in Australia NSW and it's just starting to hit our summer tubbing season and I want to get my real first tubs going and would love it to be Australian and New Guinea fish! And while your at it name your favourite rainbow/pseudomugil fish! Or Aussie native! Cheers and thank you my fellow Nerms!
  8. I wanted to share with you a picture of my pond after it gets cleaned only twice a year. There are 7 goldfish that were meant as food but moved here because I felt bad. This pond has been running for a little over a year as a quarantine project. I removed 8ft tall black berry bushes by hand , dug the hole by hand, and recycled some bricks from an old fire pit that was under ground filled with broken glass for some reason, and I found the tub outside and put it to use, total cost= free! This is a wonderful project and I recommend everyone makes one. It is completely self sufficient, I dont feed on a regular/ ever, the goldfish as they eat bugs that fall in and they graze on algae all day. The water brings so much life, during the last heat wave, birds would take a swim and a drink. Honey bees regularly visit the flowers. Plus, the mosquito population dwindles because of the fish going to town on the larvae.
  9. Debating on doing a 150 gal tub next spring. i live in kansas. 90 to 105 summer 50 to 20 average winter. i want to keep it going all the time. what fish will take this temp swing? Keep in mind; it will be out of direct sunlight. and i have no problem putting more air or a small heater to keep it from freezing. in short i want this to be an aquarium but outside....all the time. can it be done and what fish to get. what should i keep an eye on?
  10. Set up my first simple outdoor mini pond a couple months ago. I had some fry in my tank that I believe are a mix of a male endler I accidentally got with my plants from the LFS and some asst female guppies. I can't see in the water very good cause of all the vegetation, but during feeding I got this picture. I thought they looked amazing and wanted to share. Can't wait to scoop some out at the end of the season to get a better look at them.
  11. I read @Taco Playz thread about overwintering fish in outdoor ponds a couple nights ago. I had enough fish and garden stuff laying around to do a budget patio style pond in my backyard. Since it is late in the year I just threw some amazon frog bit and salvinia in from one of my aquariums, I'll worry about making it beautiful next spring with some flowering plants. Now to my question, is there a difference in hardiness between regular white cloud minnows and gold white cloud minnows? I would like to stock my pond with gold white clouds, but if they are less hardy than the regular variety I'll pass on them. I appreciate any advice or opinions.
  12. In the early spring, I put a small group of juvenile Ameca splendens out in a small tub outside in the shade. I didn't expect them to do so well considering the temperatures get up to 106 in the summer time, but they have grown and thrived in this setting. Floating frogbit, duckweed, guppy grass help shade it even more and provide grazing options for them. This tub is rarely fed, or tampered with, providing only top offs. This group is active and looks fantastic. I'm very happy with the outcome and will be trying other goodeid species next year.
  13. Hi all, I’m looking into starting a pond for a year round fish pond it can get into single digits where I live. I am thinking I will want a pump for water flow and aeration in the winter when ice may cover. Is there anything I should know about this that may be an issue? I was also curious how necessary a heater will be to keep the fish alive/ reduce the amount of ice that may form. I am planning on stocking white clouds, rainbow shiners, or rice fish as of right now.
  14. Hello all, I was curious to ask if anyone has put hypertufa into their aquariums. During the lock down I got super bored and decided to make some stuff with hypertufa. Long story short, I made these hollow spheres of varying sizes. I thought they'd be good for fish stuff. I know from plain concrete that it has to cure, and It has. I've had it out in a 55 gal drum since last June. I eventually tossed some guppies in there to see if the water was fine. The guppies have been doing great and having lots of babies. So, anyone ever use this stuff in their tanks?
  15. ....this one has me converted! That water lettuce is 🔥! 😂👍 Are there any cool ponds in public places where you live?? Location: Dilworth Tasting Room in Charlotte, NC
  16. So a few nights ago something got into my pond it tore up my sweet flag and my lily pads and some floaters but didn't seem to get any fish. I cleaned up and decided I should make a cover my next day off. The next morning the same thing happened so I improvised a cover for until Friday when I can make a better one. Last night I forgot to put it back on after I fed the fish and this morning I awoke to absolute destruction. My sweet flag was torn out of the pot again. My lily was chewed up all the way to the bulb. Most of my floaters are gone and so are all my stems and crypts. I found 2 crypt undulata red and one stem of rotala. I probably had at least a dozen undulata and one flamingo. Several dozen stems of rotala, half a dozen alternanthera rosanervig and a ton of Christmas moss. 5 of my original females are gone as well as my dumbo mosaic male. Luckily I've got at least a dozen young adults left that I think are just reaching breeding age and a few dozen juveniles and fry so while the fish losses are upsetting my colony should be fine. The plant losses are even more upsetting though. The rosanervig I only had in the pond because I started with one stem and was using the pond to propagate it. I don't even understand what animal would go after plants at the bottom of over a foot and a half of green water. Tomorrow's my day off so I'm gonna pick up some twinwall polycarbonate and I guess shop for some plants.
  17. I am fairly new to the hobby and was thinking about doing a 50-100 gallon "pond" on my back patio. It gets hot during the summer here 100°f + for almost 2 months. winters are usually mid 30's at night. Any tips for fish that can handle the heat in the summer?
  18. Hey! Question 1 I can't have a fish room inside, as we're renting and don't have permission for anything but nano tanks. I'm planning on getting a tub to breed something like madaka ricefish in. I've been reading The Tub Pond Handbook by Ted Coletti - he doesn't really recommend airstones or sponge filters, but I think I'd feel better with that. I don't have any outside plugs, and would have to run an extension cord in order to have an airpump, is air worth it to jury-rig something? Someone posted how they macgyvered a solar panel to a USB pump, but the more I ponder on that I'm not sure I can do it since I'm planning on my tubs getting only morning sun. Question 2 I'm really interested in breeding plecos - I think they're a super fun fish, but I don't know if they can breed in tubs outside. All the videos I've seen are inside tanks, so I'm not sure conditions outside are for this species. Recommendations? Any general recommendations for breeding fish in tubs is appreciated. I've re-watched a lot of videos by Ryo Watanabe and anytime Cory and Dean mention tubs in their videos. I live in Utah, we're getting record drought and beating heat records already, so if there are tips to stay water-wise, I'd appreciate it.
  19. Anybody breeding guppies outdoors year round? I get that it's not possible in some areas, but there must be places outside of south Florida that are possible. I've been keeping guppies in my outdoor pond for about 2 years. It's not heated, and it gets down into the 40's at the coldest here (inland empire southern california). They seems to be doing fine. I also have a 55 gal drum full of water that I soak hypertufa in. It's in the blazing sun and they seems to be doing great. It's full of green water and never seems to have mosquito larvae. These particular guppies have been there since April. Hoping to see if they make it through the winter. They are all from the same group (a batch of wild type looking guppies that were bought originally as feeders).
  20. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping raccoons out of the backyard goldfish barrel? You can see they've bent down the wire fencing that I keep around the barrel. Fortunately by the time they bend it down the fish go to the bottom or they can't reach, but they're tearing up the lilies, and I'm afraid it's only a matter of time until they get to the fish. I'm just assuming it's raccoons. That seems the most likely to me.
  21. Just got my patio built and pond set up. Very excited to move up from a bucket! Currently filled with a school of white clouds and all the pond and ramshorn snails I could pull out of the bucket. Hoping for some orange rice fish in the near future, and I'm starting to plan the rest of the plants for along the back. I don't want to break this down over winter so everything needs to be Seattle winter hardy. Have a good suggestion and where I could get it? Also, any thoughts on the eggs on my salvinia? Don't look like snail eggs to me.
  22. Hi everyone. I've got a preformed 1000lt pond that is being built into a raised bed. It's fine to have it fully above ground, but i wanted to know if it would be a good idea to put something under it, like some kind of insulation or cushioning? Also should there be insulation put around the sides of the pond as well? Thank you.
  23. Anyone else have outdoor tub temps lurking in low 50s this morning? This is not good for business... 🥶 I’m starting to think that heaters set for mid 70s in outdoor tubs are really helpful in these crazy temperature swings. Weather forecast has temps swinging between 44°-75° today.... not good for the gupsters outside...
  24. First go at Pond setups. Added a 300, (2) 100's and ill have 3 more 50s all setup. Decided to try putting up a greenhouse type setup (cheapy) So far its doing well with my platinum medakas and guppies. Going to start adding some species in the 300 Any suggestions?
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