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  1. Do white clouds eat mosquito larvae? Also will they play nice with rice fish? My tub has got larvae faster than Iexpected.
  2. Well, I think it’s time I started a general thread where I can post updates about all my tanks. If you like low maintenance planted community tanks, fish breeding projects, watching a novice set up outdoor ponds, and the occasional cat/chicken, then I think you’ll find something you enjoy here. 😊 Here’s the status right now: This is my main tank. It’s a 55 gallon with a power head and three cheap submersible lights. I’ve had it running around 15 months. Substrate is soil with a gravel cap, which I do not recommend. 😆 Fish: My honey gourami mating pair, Mom Fish and Dad Fish Two yo-yo loaches Two otos Two super red bristlenose plecos A school of 9 tetras (one neon and the rest cardinals) called the School of Dr. Neidecker after my mom who bought them for me Three amano shrimp Oh and a few snails that the yo-yos haven’t eaten yet. This is my 10 gallon grow-out tank. It’s usually for the baby honeys, but right now it’s quarantining a new honey! I’m hoping this is a female so she can be Dad Fish’s next mate. It seems like Mom Fish is slowing down. Adding the new honey to the community tank will be iiiiiinteresting. 😁 And these are the new outdoor ponds! I just filled them up a few days ago. I’m excited to experiment with them! I’ve never done outdoor ponds before.
  3. I'm already having a lot of fun setting up my first container pond! Inspired by Cory's videos on summer tubbing, Ryo Watanabe's ricefish mini-ponds, all the aquatic plants I've discovered growing in my neighborhood's ditches, and my local nature preserve's containers for exhibiting rice plants, I've had a year long obsession with setting something up on the deck this spring. I thought I'd start a journal on here to track my progress and provide fodder for discussion and learning 🙂 Materials: -35 gallon Beckett pond liner -Aquascape Container Water Garden Filter for Patio Ponds and Small Aquatic Gardens -0.5 cu. ft. Bagged Pea Gravel Pebbles for pond bottom -4 square pond planter baskets filled with 4 inch deep safe-t-sorb -Osmocote plus fertilizer balls for gravel fertilization -easy green liquid fertilizer for water column fertilization -fluval cycle biological starter supplement I initially set the pond up on march 13th 2021, adding the gravel, filter, dechlorinated tap water and a few buckets of aquarium tank water from the day's water change. On March 23, I rinsed a bag of safe-t-sorb and filled up the planting baskets. I soaked these overnight in a tub filled with 3X dechlorinated water and later added about a 10X dose of easy green. I wanted to make sure any absorbed chlorine was fully neutralized and also charge up the substrate with beneficial nutrients. The following day I placed 2 of these pots on the floor of the pond, and 2 on the 'shelves' of the pond. The upper pots get bog/transitional plants, and the submerged pots I am adding stem plants that will hopefully end up growing up out of the pond as emersed plants. Plants used for upper pots: -Hyptis lorentziana -Persicaria glabra -Brazilian pennywort Plants used for submerged pots: -locally foraged Ludwigia palustris -Ludwigia brevipes -Ludwigia glandulosa -Ludwigia ovalis green -Bacopa carolinia 'colorata' Plants used for pond floor: -Vallisneria Tiger (foraged in Florida) -Vallisneria Red (foraged in Florida) -Dwarf sagittaria -Chain sword -banana plant And....Floating plants: -water lettuce -red root floaters Day 1 Day 11 post-planting Day 12 switched upper pot locations
  4. I setup some tubs this year, so I would have an outdoor way to visit my folks and share my hobby. I set these up just like my organic soil Walstad aquariums. This is a boring video of the process:
  5. So, I’m making my first patio pond! Can’t tell you how excited I am. My VERY handy husband built me a box to put a 40 gallon breeder on the porch. Its got a window in it so I can see what is going on inside, once it gets rolling. Will post photos as it gets put together!! What are you all doing this warmer season outside?
  6. I lurk the forum and have no questions, but a live stream pops up and my question engines activate, and my how things have changed from the days when as a non-member I could get one and sometimes two questions answered in a stream. Thankfully there is a forum now and I can bring questions to you guys! 1) What solar powered floating water fountains would you recommend for a summer tub located away from power? 2) I want to run a 100g brine shrimp pond this year but I don't know what I would do with the saltwater upon take down. I don't want to dump that into my septic tank and I have land but I the places where I wouldn't mind to "salt the earth" isn't anywhere near where I want to keep the brine tub? Is there an alternative was to dispose of it? 3) Lastly, does anyone have experience with mosquito fish or tubbing with other US Natives. I want to play with some natives in tubs this year and want to stick to fish off this list, IDNR Aproved Aquatic Species . I'll either go collecting or try aquabid if collection fails. I love redbelly dace and creek chubs but those are more suited for stream life. I am leaning towards mosquito fish for their toughness, live bearing, there anti mosquito nature. and they check the "approved box", but I would like other suggestions.
  7. Heyo, I have my planter aquarium I’ll be bringing outdoors once the overnight temperatures rise above 10’c. My question pertains to the heaters capacity to keep the aquarium warm without failure. Is there some kind of formula somebody could help me out with here? I have about 25gallons of aquarium with a nightly low this week of 10’c, and my Eheim 100w heater to boot. I plan on adding an additional heater for safety when I take it out front, but in the meantime, I cannot be testing for something like this with guppies being tropical (cannot go below 72’fh). But’d like to actually *know* if a solo heater could seal the deal. Can you guys help verify this for me?
  8. I just started a mini pond. I have two 17 gallon HDX tough bins from Home Depot in my kitchen. I got two to hopefully prevent bowing. I’m in Seattle so it’s been in the high 50s - mid-30s and rainy. I currently have cull neo shrimp, hitchhiker snails (ramshorn, bladder), and six medaka from the Co-op. I didn’t wanna shock them by putting them outside. I keep my house pretty cool but I leave the lid on overnight (just on top, not snapped on) to keep the heat in and prevent evaporation. I’m picking up some acrylic soon to use that instead of the lid. That way I can keep warmth in but let light through. I’ll keep a little crack of open space though to ensure some air flow. My plan is to bring the pond out on my porch when the air temp reaches at least 70 degrees high and 55 degrees low. I know the water volume isn’t that much but I’m hoping that the acrylic will help keep the heat from the sunshine in. Then from that point on, I’m hoping I can permanently leave the pond outside. It’s a Southern facing porch so lots of sunshine. I know medaka can survive pretty cold temps but I’m wondering if using a cold frame (like for gardening) on my porch would be helpful in the fall/winter. I have a raised porch (10 steps up if that matters) so it wouldn’t benefit from thermal heat from the ground. But I’m wondering if it would make a difference by helping to hold warmth from the sunshine and additional protection from the frost and occasional snow. The water in my tub is only 10 inches deep; the length is 27” and width is 18” so I’m not sure if that’s enough to prevent the ice from getting down to the fish. I saw that Ryo Watanabe recently posted a video showing one of his medaka ponds with an ice layer and it doesn’t look very deep but the fish were still moving. But I’m not sure how much below freezing the air temp was.
  9. Afternoon all! Has anyone managed to keep a frog population in a stock tank pond? I'm in Washington, so would only be looking at tree frogs. I'm hoping to keep my pond going year round and only small, cold water fish. Thanks!
  10. So, I've got a 100 gallon Rubbermaid tub, power for a heater, and a sponge filter ready to go for some summer tubbing this year. It's going to be my first true tubbing season, and I'm trying to figure out what to put in to breed and make more of. Now, I'm not opposed to the traditional options like white clouds and rice fish and the like...but I have a real passion for corydoras. I've got a 75 gallon display tank sitting empty, and I'd love to do a sizeable school of paleatus corydoras in there. So I came up with a crazy idea: what if I attempt breeding them in a pond over the summer and then bring them in in the autumn? I've bred paleatus before, and it takes a lot of time to get them from egg to juvenile, so I don't think I'll be getting many viable spawns. I'm also assuming I'll have to find some paleatus close to breeding age, which may be troublesome. I know Paleatus are colder tolerant, but not as resistant as a white cloud, so I'd throw in a heater set to 68 or so. And since I'm throwing a heater in, I think I can extend the season into May on the front end and into September or even October on the back end. Am I crazy for wanting to try this out? Or should I stick to the traditional fish for summer tubbing?
  11. Thoughts on putting a few apisto fry (about 1/4 inch now) outside in my in ground outdoor pond? I put guppies out too and they did well last year. Floating plants cover about 80%, I live in northern kentucky so summers starting in late may/ early June are about 75-85 day/60-70 at night. July and August up those numbers by 10, September a lot like June just drier. the pond is in ground, shade most of the day. in sun only for later afternoon early evening for a few hours. During the hottest of July last year the highest the top of the water was 80-82. It’s about 5ft by 3 ft with a depth on the deep end of about 24” (so likely a few degrees cooler down there) and the shallow side is about 8-10”. For gallons my guess is like 90-110??? Anyone have any experience or suggestions/think it will work? I want to experiment with throwing 5-6 unsexed fry to see what happens
  12. Hi folks, I want to try a mini pond but here in the UK it doesn't get that warm. I have bronze, albino and black corydoras, otocinclus, Cpd and ember tetra. Are any of those likely to breed at cooler temps and if so what's the minimum night time temperature I should be hoping for Any advice greatly appreciated Gareth
  13. My pond was clear before adding my lilies. I have them capped with pool filter sand in solid buckets. I'm assuming this is from the sand or dirt and will settle out eventually. Any other causes I should look into?
  14. Howdy fellow Nerms, I am looking for some new ideas for stock for summer tubs. So let’s turn to the forum to see what gets recommended. I don’t want to limit suggestions but please keep in mind I live in the northeast and my window really runs from June to October so I am limited. Yet this discussion isn’t just for me please allow it to run the gamut for all readers sake. many thanks, Tedrock
  15. Is there any reason that you couldn't set up a pond the same way you would set up a community tank? Im in Portland, so probably another month before I would set it up, and would run a sponge and a heater. I would transition into an aquarium in the fall once it cools down, and it would stay there long term. Im thinking Violet Cory's, Rummynose, Emerald Eye Ras, and some Apisto's
  16. My rice fish have spent their time indoors unheated at 68 during the winter when I got them and now its 75 indoors and going to be close to 80 today in the seattle suburbs. I want to get them in the tub pond but that water is still 53F. Is there a good way to get them acclimated? or is the temp difference too much? I could use boiling water to bring the pond up to say 60-65. Tonight will bottom out at 50 and then it'll be cloudy and 50-60 in a week, but we've got 5ish days of sun coming up.
  17. My 100gal summer tub turned into a year-round tub for my white clouds. It's been going for almost a year now. For those of you who have kept ponds year round for long periods of time, is it necessary to gavel vac and perform water changes periodically, or should I just continue to let nature take its course and top off due to evaporation? Is Old Tub Syndrome an issue to be concerned about?
  18. (That's the constellation, not the automaker!) After reading @Sliceofnature's barrel/mini pond build and becoming extra jealous of his 3/4 wine barrel, I went online to see what I could come up with where I could maybe maximize my money and spend a bunch of hours on new fish projects to play with! With the wife and kids out of town for a week-and-a-half starting next week, Dad needs an all-consuming project! I apologize in advance to those folks with slow connections, but this build log is going to get into gory detail and have far too many pictures! 😐 By the way, I welcome any and all suggestions, ideas, warnings, etc.: WHAT WOULD YOU KEEP IN SIX 15-GALLON NANO PONDS? Thank you! Off we go! PLANTER SELECTION After MANY HOURS of searching and searching, I came upon these low-cost 22" planters on the Costco Web site: https://www.costco.com/.product.1253881.html (non-affiliate link) They're $25 each, sold in 2-packs. I started with a single 2-pack. When they arrived, I first wanted to see how they looked in the space I had in mind. I have a walkway in my back yard along my bedroom wall that I thought would be perfect for maybe six of these planters. It faces the northwest, and gets 2-3 hours of low, direct sunlight each afternoon, right before the sun drops behind a six-foot fence. Which means I get to see them in bright sunlight when I come home from work. I live in the San Diego area, so I don't expect any temperature extremes except for a little heat a couple days a year. I placed the first two planters to see how it would look: Oh yeah, I'm sold. Imagining a row of six such tubs right there! But first, I have some serious planning to do around wiring, weatherproofing, and equipment. I placed some cables and cords and boxes behind them and walked around, trying to see how hard it would be to hide things behind them and how visible everything will be: Yep, I can make this work. ASSESSING MY OPTIONS The first thing I did with the first pair of planters was take some measurements and do some testing. The planter measures 22" in diameter across the top, 12-1/2" in diameter across the bottom, and is 14-1/2" tall. Rather than trust to my math, I filled it with water and determined the capacity to be a little over 15 gallons to the rim. Since I won't be filling to the top of the rim, I'm assuming these will hold about 13 gallons for my purposes. The material is about 5/16" thick and the plastic is admittedly a little flimsy, but at this price I wouldn't expect otherwise. Certainly sturdy enough for this project. I also tested adhesives: can I mount anything to the outer surface? After trying different tapes, I think gaffer's tape works not too poorly. Duct tape was too weak and clear packing tape was a non-starter. But hot glue adheres to this planter so well that I couldn't get it off! Great, now I know how I can stick things to it! That is actually a HUGE plus. SOME PLANNING & PREPPING In San Diego, the weather never reaches freezing, and the coldest winter periods usually last only hours and rarely drop below 45 degrees. I want to be able to run a heater in each planter, so that I can actually keep virtually any tropical fish/critter I want. Between that, a USB nano pump, and a light, I'm looking at somewhere around 4-5 cords/tubes for each planter. And it all needs a low-cost makeshift "electrical box" of some kind for each one. Each planter has a removable plug in the bottom: Even though my test of filling it with water didn't result in any leaks, I decided not to take any chances; I siliconed the plug just to be sure! So that's as far as I've gotten for one day. Next post, I'll share what I've been learning about how I want to handle equipment and electrical stuff. Also going to hot rod a Jehmco box filter for minimal mess and maintenance (I hope)! Thanks for reading! Bill
  19. So I setup my first pond here in the UK, around 500L and have built the wooden surround today, and pleased with the outcome! water temps here are around 8°C at the moment but likely to drop over the next week as we're due another cold snap here in the lake district UK. Would you say it is okay to feed goldfish weatgerm at this temperature or dont bother feeding yet? if so what temperature would you say the water should be to start feeding weatgerm. I'm adding shubunkin and comet goldfish as I've seeded the filters thanks! aaron
  20. I want it set up and outdoor tub but I don’t have anywhere for the fish to go during the winter so what is the coldest that fish could live outside in the tub I have is 150 I could also use heaters but I don’t know how much they can handle also what type of fish
  21. im thinking of making a goldfish pond out of one, would it matter if I don't buy a food grade one? thanks.
  22. This will be my first year doing a couple of tubs. I'm wondering if I should place them against the house or fence so they get a little bit of shade during the day or should I put them on the porch where they get no direct light. Should I start setting them up about a month before I plan to add fish or what is the typical timing on getting them going?
  23. Wife grabbed some planters from Costco for summer tubing. Was thinking of sealing the plug with silicon and painting them with plastidip vs buying pond liner and lining them with that. I was going to run an air pump and sponges on the 2 next to each other and leave the other as a non-filtered one. stocking is variatus platys, white clouds, and Endlers and guppies. I was also going to grab a pack of 17 gallon muck buckets to play around with as well. im in Bend OR so it’ll be awhile. Planning to check them in the morning and evening to watch where the lights coming in and shade from the surrounding trees.
  24. Hello all! I'm moving up from a laundry tub to a full 6ft stock tank. Looking for suggestions on plants and fish that could stay out year round if possible. I managed to keep at least one white cloud over winter and plenty of hornwort. I'm thinking more clouds and some medaka but would love other ideas. I'm also impatiently waiting for pond plants to come to the nurseries. Any thoughts on hardy plants? Thanks much!
  25. Are you ready for the outdoor tubbing season? If so what fish do you plan on getting? This year will hopefully be my first year with an outdoor tub. I had never heard of it until I subscribed to cory (July 2020) and it hasn't been till very recently that I have thought about doing an outdoor tub. I am SUPER excited. Because I live Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada) where it gets super cold in the winters (-50C, -58F, its the second coldest major city in the world) I will be setting mine up from April-Early September. In the summer months it get to an average 20ishC (73F) but can easily get to 30C (86F). So because of the weather I need colder water fish such as goldfish, whitecloud minnows, cherry shrimp, rainbow shiners, etc. I plant to do whitecloud minnows but I haven't decided if I want regulars or golden whiteclouds. Its going to be a challenge to get floating plants for the pond because most are ilgeal where I live. Stuff like Water Lettuce isn't necesarilly ilegal its just hard to find. Where as stuff like duckweed, red root floaters, amazon frogbit, etc. are ilegal. I plan to do some hornwort, water sprite, dwarf aquarium lilly and if I can find some water lettuce. Perhaps some java moss too.
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