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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Lizzie Block Lizzie Block 02/01/2023 It's been like 2 years. Can i be unbanned. squish squish squish
Alec Alec 01/07/2023 Thank you! Great communication! The fish and snails were packaged very well and the shipping was quick. I highly recommend. Root Root
FishPlanet FishPlanet 12/26/2022 Thank you for the Ramshorn snails. Nice assortment, fast shipping, and have already multiplied! 🐌🐌🐌 Root Root
Streetwise Streetwise 12/03/2022 Testing feedback redfish redfish
tolstoy21 tolstoy21 11/29/2022 The fish were packed very well and safely. The fish all arrived alive and healthy. Alec Alec
nabokovfan87 nabokovfan87 10/23/2022 9 panda cories! Well packaged and double bagged. All pre quarantined and very healthy. Will definitely be buying swordtails back in the future! 😊 Minanora Minanora
JettsPapa JettsPapa 10/21/2022 Well packaged, very healthy and beautiful shrimp! All were alive and well, thank you! jwcarlson jwcarlson
Guppysnail Guppysnail 10/17/2022 Fast shipper and quick to answer messages. I received the snail clutch packed very well. They have yet to hatch, but they seem to be doing great! Alec Alec
Minanora Minanora 10/11/2022 Beautiful fish, amazing packaging, wonderful customer service!!! nabokovfan87 nabokovfan87
Guppysnail Guppysnail 10/04/2022 I received over 30 Magenta Mystery Snails and they were packed unlike what I expected. Layered in damp towels, not submersed, and cushioned against impacts. 100% OK. No DOAs and none have perished now after weeks in their new home. Beautiful colors and lines. So exotic! I’ve never had fish/snails this exotic and certainly I’ve never come even close to an experience this good with shipping fishes. THANK YOU. dasaltemelosguy dasaltemelosguy
Guppysnail Guppysnail 10/04/2022 I received 6, Longfin Lemon Blue Eye Bristlenose Plecos, about 1” or smaller. The packaging was the best I’ve seen, triple bagged, thick, Styrofoam eggshell, ice packs (it was Summer) and an outer box. It arrived here in the hot Mojave Desert (100*+) only 2* higher. I knew the source; I dropped them directly into the display tank. All 6 are healthy and growing. Extremely high-quality breeding with masterful competence and care being employed. dasaltemelosguy dasaltemelosguy
Guppysnail Guppysnail 09/12/2022 the 3 magenta mystery snails arrrived happy and healthy. after a few minutes of getting them acclimated to my water they were out and about looking for morsels to eat. packaging is always top notch when you get anything from her. TeeJay TeeJay
Guppysnail Guppysnail 09/12/2022 my new lemon long fin pleco arrived overnight and very healthy. packaging was outstanding. within 10 mins of being in the tank he started eating. she takes amazing care of all of her fish and snails. TeeJay TeeJay
Guppysnail Guppysnail 09/12/2022 got 10 beautiful magenta mystery snails from Guppysnail the colors are beautiful a mixture of purples and white She gave me a wonderful selection of different sizes she packed them very well in a plastic container in a mail box with styrofoam and packing materials around it so it would not move around in the shipping they got here safely and are doing well Guppysnail raises her animals with lots of love ❤️ you can tell by the look of her animals appearance and by the food she uses Bev C Bev C
Goosedub Goosedub 08/12/2022 Goosedub was looking for a super red bristle nose pleco female, and offered lots of different fish as a trade for her. I’d never shipped a fish before, so Goosedub gave me advice and sent me my fish first so I could save the box and use it to ship the pleco. Super helpful and kind and generous! Thanks for the new fish! :) Hobbit Hobbit
Streetwise Streetwise 08/12/2022 Streetwise was looking for a new home for his loach. Through the whole process he was super communicative and responsive. He loves his fish and I feel privileged that he trusted me with it—and that he trusted my sister to transport it between us! Hobbit Hobbit
Cinnebuns Cinnebuns 08/11/2022 Great transaction, with quick payment and excellent communication. JettsPapa JettsPapa
JettsPapa JettsPapa 08/04/2022 I just received my shrimp today. They arrived packaged very well and with care. The shrimp are healthy, beautiful and active. Ty! Cinnebuns Cinnebuns
Cinnebuns Cinnebuns 07/30/2022 Received seven Blue Dragon Female Guppies from @Cinnebuns today. All shipped well, and acclimated to my tank water easily. Good packing and very efficient shipping. Would definitely buy again. Fish Folk Fish Folk
Root Root 07/19/2022 Thank you for buying the snails! Hope all goes well! :) FishPlanet FishPlanet
Fish Folk Fish Folk 07/16/2022 Absolutely stunning, healthy fish. Excellent packaging, everyone arrived at a controlled temperature and in good shape. Grateful for the fish and the awesome care tip sheets. ccc24 ccc24
Fish Folk Fish Folk 06/28/2022 Fantastic shipping to Pacific Northwest. Very healthy fish. KBOzzie59 KBOzzie59
Fish Folk Fish Folk 06/21/2022 Fish Folk sent me a big bag of killifish eggs along with wonderful hatching instructions and a brand new Ziss air stone. He's generous and helpful and highly recommended. Pete Pete
TeeJay TeeJay 06/21/2022 Thank you for buying the snails! Hope all goes well. :) FishPlanet FishPlanet
Fish Folk Fish Folk 06/15/2022 I bought some electric blue acara such an amazing fish and these were top quality in my opinion. They were delivered in excellent shape. Care instructions were included and the packaging was excellent. Atitagain Atitagain
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