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  1. @TrishOmg you're too kind, thank you! 💜 He is still with me and he's honestly doing better than he's ever been! He's almost 2 years old now and I learned his original coloration is called 'butterfly' in the betta world. But, his white color faded away entirely after he got that bad case of fin rot. Now he's this gorgeous bright blue turquoise all over with a little patch of orange on his head! hah! no idea where that came from. Hope your tanks are doing great too!!
  2. @Irene Yes! We just had this conversation. More people are getting hyped about CO2 lol. @Daave I run 5 lb cylinders on 10 gallon tanks. Paintball cylinders for smaller nano tanks. If you're just getting into CO2, I wouldn't start off with a paintball cylinder. It can get tricky with different regulators and adapters and you're more prone to leaks, have to refill more etc etc. For a 10 gallon, I've gotten a 5 lb cylinder to last 6+ months easy before the tank even got low. There are lots of different types of regulators out there, it's hard to know what you want until you start playing with them lol. Amazon has a lot to choose from. CO2Art has been in the game for awhile and makes reliable products. I tend to lean towards CO2Art - their dual stage reg with solenoid and bubble counter is my favorite. However, I did replace the inside plastic ring with a rubber one to prevent leaking. And I generally recommend having some thread tape handy because it can help you stop leaks too. It's super important to remember that adding CO2 to an already established tank will affect your water parameters as the dissolved carbonic acid lowers the pH of your water. Depending on how high your pH is now, it could be a significant change if you start pumping lots of CO2 in suddenly. I always recommend a longer term, gradual change so that livestock can get used to their new water conditions. 🙂
  3. @H.K.Luterman Your dog is so cute! Enjoy your goodies!! I'm not responsible for any new tank setups 😉 LOL
  4. Hello everyone! It's me again, so you probably know what that means by now lol. 😛 And if not, well I am here to give away some well-deserved goodies to three wonderful forum members who have been actively posting content and just generally making the forum fun place to hang out! Three Care packages will be sent out total and they'll be going to: @Aubrey @Kirsten @H.K.Luterman !! Congrats !! Shout out to these members for being active on here, posting fascinating journals and photos and helping others out wherever they're able. Thank you, friends! And THANK YOU to EVERYONE for participating and being a part of our community! Anyone can win a care package - So, I will see you all next time on this thread 🙂 Have a great evening ~
  5. @Betsy @JamesB @Maggie Yay!! Loving the unboxings, well done. Glad everyone is enjoying their goodies 🙂 Thanks for keeping us updated and let us know if you stick your stickers anywhere fun!
  6. Friends... it's time to give away more Care Packages! Can you believe it's already been a month since the last round?! Shout out to the winners last time and thank you guys for sharing the unboxings with us. As per usual, three lucky Nerms will once again be receiving a fun Co-Op care package with all types of goodies for being a positive contributing member of this Care forum. These folks have actively been creating topics and posts, sharing journals, photos and more during their time here. A huge thank you for inspiring others and making this community feel like home: @Maggie @James Black @Betsy Time to celebrate 🥳 And finally, the last shout out goes to... EVERYONE. For being part of this forum and making it possible. Thank you forum members!! Have a wonderful evening everyone. Till next time -
  7. That looks like red flame sword to me 🙂 I gotta agree with Brian, I don't think it would hurt to have root tabs on hand. My guess is the sword is fairly happy now anyways since you've added a bunch of osmocote. In theory, you probably wouldn't need root tabs for some time. If it's growing new leaves, I'd just leave it alone and see what it does. It appears pretty healthy. If growth slows or stops, then try adding root tabs. Only thing I noticed was you buried the plant fairly deep. Normally I'd recommend planting above the crown (base of plant, where roots meet stems). Especially in sand substrate which can become more compact over time as the tank matures. Just something to consider if you notice the plant suffering at all.
  8. I'm not completely sure if i'm looking at the same thing - are you referring to the long spiral shaped thing? I've seen those occasionally on the Jungle val that the Co-Op sells. I think it's a flower stem from when the plants were growing out at the farm. It's normal for them to die off and come back as the plant grows. I hope that's what you're looking at anyway lol 😛 Jungle val propagates by sending out baby val plants via a thin stem along the substrate line. So if it's doing that in your tank, you're in good shape, just let it do it's thing and provide plenty of light and fertilizer. Even if you just have healthy roots, a plant can bounce back in time.
  9. @Slash I wouldn't overthink it - my guess is that your crypt melted due to the drastic change in water hardness and buffering capacity (KH). If I were in your shoes, I'd go with crushed coral to bring that up as it lasts way longer than a wonder shell. Therefore getting more bang for your buck. The one key with crypts is absolutely no change in parameters, or you will likely get melt. Long term, best way to keep them thriving is not to change anything. Next. Phosphate pads will not hurt your plants - I mean, I wouldn't run them forever in the tank, because it's usually not necessary. And because yes, it's true that plants need a small amount of phosphate as nutrients. But this is a very small amount we're talking. Maybe just give one pad (you can cut it down to size) a try over the course of a few weeks or so to see if that makes a dent in the hair algae. If not, it's something else. Excess nutrients, light, too much iron there are a number of causes for hair algae. You'll have to trial and error: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/pages/algae-identification-guide-1 Third question - Pea puffers looove plant cover. I'd go with some java fern, anubias of different varieties, maybe some water sprite. If you're content on the sand substrate, I would add root tabs if you want to plant into the sand. But the plants I have just listed don't even need to be. If you go to our website, you can filter plants by low light to see all your options 🙂 https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/live-plants/light-requirements_low-light-plants
  10. I don't think the USB nano is strong enough sorry to say. I'd go with something more powerful like an Aquatop pump.
  11. Mermaid weed is a super unique and cool looking plant, I would have picked it up too! I've had it grow just fine with medium-high light and fertilizer in a non-Co2 tank. It stayed a greenish-yellow color. I've also grown it with Co2 and high light and that's how I found to get much more reds out of the plant. It can be finnicky for some, but I find plenty of nutrients and light do the trick. It's also really interesting to grow it under water and above water because the two forms are so different. I wish you all the luck!
  12. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all are having a great week. To make it even better, let's give away some Care Packages!! 🎉 As many of you already know, the Care packages are sent to a few members for contributing positive and thoughtful topics, photos, journals and posts throughout their time here on the forum. That being said, we wouldn't even have a forum without ALL the wonderful folks on here. So, shout out to each and every forum member for being part of this great community and for making The Care forum a fun and enjoyable place. Thank you! As for this Care package - recipients are... @ADMWNDSR83 @Alesha @Fish Folk Thank you, friends, for being such a positive and welcoming presence around here. And for sharing your photos, journals and experiences for everyone to benefit from. Your contributions are greatly appreciated! Hope to see you all around and feel free to send me a pm if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! Cheers ~
  13. I only tried dsm once and that happened to me too. I just went ahead and flooded it... The mold still stayed stuck to the wood after the tank was filled. Then a couple weeks later snails took over the tank and just ate all the mold anyways. lol it was weird. But, I hear some people have luck with spraying the mold with hydrogen peroxide. Or just leaving the plastic wrap off entirely to let the tank breathe. Haven't personally tried those but they seem reasonable.
  14. You're totally right, it's because they grow so slowly. I've found the easiest long term solution to keeping Anubias leaves algae free is either lots of snails like nerite snails or keeping it under shade from other plants or decor and out of direct light. Maybe otos would eat it depending on what type of algae it is.
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