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  1. I completely understand the concern expressed by @Cory, so I'll keep this brief. I didn't watch the video, so I don't know if they mentioned this or not, but the one that gets me is the filter companies recommending replacing filter media and/or cartridges often instead of just rinsing them.
  2. They aren't shoaling fish, like tetras, rasboras, corydoras, etc, but I believe they are social. I don't know if there is a hard and fast number, but I'm curious about what other replies you get.
  3. I agree with the answers above, though I don't think a water change is ever a bad thing. I do have one question. It looks like your pH test is showing 7.6, which is as high as that test will read. Have you run the high pH test to see if you get something different?
  4. I'm with @Andy's Fish Den. I could be wrong, but I believe many people are overly cautious. Unless there's some specific thing you're concerned about I'd just rinse it outside with a hose and drop it in your tank. I've picked up dry bois d'arc and pecan limbs in the pasture when I was checking cattle, rinsed them with a hose, and dropped them in a tank with no issues. The bois d'arc sinks in about two days, the pecan takes longer, but I just let it float until it sinks on its own.
  5. I like 360 Aquatic and Fish Gallery (Houston and Woodlands locations). I've been to That Aquarium Place a few times, and it's okay too.
  6. Howdy Neighbor, I'm fairly close to Houston also; about 45 minutes away, between Navasota and Hempstead, and I get down to Houston once a month or so to check out a fish store or two. Which direction are you?
  7. They are rili shrimp. Prices can definitely vary between geographic areas, but I don't think I've ever seen neos in a store for more than $6.00. I got an order of them from Aqua Huna a few months ago that were very nice shrimp. They were 8 for $25.00. https://aquahuna.com/collections/freshwater-shrimps/products/red-rili-shrimp
  8. Do you have an extra tank so you could put the dark ones, that you don't like as well, in a tank by themselves? You shouldn't have any trouble selling them if there's a store near you that buys from individuals.
  9. I was also culling the really dark ones from my blue tank, but when I mentioned it to the guy inspecting shrimp I'd brought in to sell at the local store he looked at me funny. It seems "too dark" in blue shrimp isn't a thing, at least not in his opinion or in that store.
  10. I have some hair algae in my 40 gallon tank, and the amano shrimp are whittling it down.
  11. Honey gouramis like to be in groups, so while one would probably be okay alone it's not ideal. With that in mind, I'd suggest getting 3-5 honey gouramis, a school of Corydoras pygmaeus, and stop there for a while. If you watch this tank for a while and decide it needs more, and you have room, you could add another school of very small fish (or even better, add more honey gouramis and Corydoras pygmaeus).
  12. I was surprised to see this also. I have some in my 65 gallon tank and have never seen any issues with them. I had about a dozen for a year or so, and then got 5 a couple months ago from someone who needed to rehome them. The 5 new ones were considerably smaller than my originals, but they fit right in with no issues.
  13. I don't know why you were told otherwise at the store, but if you add cycled media to a new tank you can add fish immediately. The tank is "instantly cycled", at least up to a point (that point is dependent on the amount of bacteria in the media and the bio-load).
  14. Instead of resting the new tank on the bars of the stand, and then supporting the bars, I'd recommend just building a wood frame with plywood on top that would rest directly on the floor, then set the tank on it. Paint it black and it will blend in with the stand.
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