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  1. Not necessarily. Corydoras pygmaeus spend more time higher in the water column than other cory species, are small enough you could have a decent sized group in a 10 gallon tank, and are readily available.
  2. My experience with keeping them is limited, but I've seen several reports that say the ones sold commercially are pretty much all wild caught, and some will learn to eat fish food and some won't. It's also my understanding that they eat biofilm, and not really algae, which is why most experienced keepers recommend only putting them in mature tanks. I wish I could be more helpful, but I wish you luck anyway.
  3. I don't cook much, but while I'm sure the Granitestone is great, I'm going to stick with my decades old well seasoned cast iron skillets (I don't mind using a little oil . . . or bacon grease).
  4. Maybe pour the water with the shrimp through a piece of cloth, then put the cloth in the tank so they can swim away?
  5. It's not glass, because I drilled the holes with a regular bit. Acrylic maybe?
  6. It's not from someone else, but I drilled a bunch of holes in a measuring cup. I hang it on the side of the tank when adding water to disperse the flow so it doesn't disturb plants or substrate.
  7. I'm a big fan of them, especially the smaller ones. I have panda, trilineatus, and pygmaeus, and like all of them. The Corydoras pygmaeus are especially fun to watch, though they might be too small for your tank.
  8. Guppies and neocaridina shrimp would probably be okay with those conditions, but before you get too far along I'd suggest doing research on your market. There's no point in raising a bunch of stuff that you can't sell.
  9. I agree with the above comments. We should of course do our best to take good care of the fish and other animals we're responsible for, but we're all human and make mistakes. The only reason you should blame yourself would be if you continued making the same mistakes instead of learning from them.
  10. I just checked their website. It says they have 1 in stock, which seems odd. Maybe it's a mistake?
  11. It's a great plant, and will do very well if it likes your tank conditions. I have some in my 65 that completely hides the HOB intake tube, heater, and sponge filter, and frequently needs trimming because it reaches the surface.
  12. Thank you. Please consider this the first vote for Houston.
  13. Would these in-person events possibly be at different locations around the country so more people would have an opportunity to participate?
  14. If this is the plant you said was sold as water sprite but you think is water wisteria, you're right.
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