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  1. I find a straight edge and a sharp box cutter work well to cut these. I’d be wary about using a table saw unless you have a finer toothed blade installed. I find larger toothed rip saw blades can shatter plastic material rather than cut is cleanly and safely. But this is just my experience cutting other things. The poly panels might be fine to cut with any blade, but I’d be careful. Or run a quick, small test first with goggles on. Also @Bill Smith the clear packing tape hinge works awesomely and is so easy. Just tried it and it was super simple, mostly invisible and all around a great hack. Thanks for that suggestion. EDIT: Just watched Cory’s video and he also does recommend a fine toothed blade!
  2. Yeah that's what I've kind of been imagining every time Im struggling to slide a whole lid back on and am like "Ugh. Need hinges."
  3. Yeah, I'd love to spend the time making semi-nice hinges for these because that's another complaint of mine about using these: picking the entire lid up. One of these days ill spend some time figuring out how to make a decent hinge for these. Im sure its not super difficult.
  4. I haven’t noticed any issues at all with light through these. But I don’t grown any difficult plants. My java moss and java fern do great under them with moderate intensity lights suspended about 6 to 8 inches above the lids. I believe these panels are used in greenhouse applications, correct?
  5. I like the Sicce Ultra Zero utility pump for this purpose. It empties a bucket right down to the very bottom. They also hook up to a python out of the box, if you need to do that.
  6. I use those and and really like them. I kind of believe the material is great at heat retention, but have no real data to back that up other than observation and speculation. They only drawback to them is if you accidentally dip them into the tank the voids can fill with water and, if you're not paying attention, this spills on your floor. Other than that they work well and are easy to cut to size with a box cutter.
  7. There are lots of resources available as far as a google search away for the range of parameters acceptable for cherry shrimp. I also agree with TDS being meaningless except in one scenario — you’re starting with RO water and remineralizing with a specific product. In this case a TDS reading can help you understand how much you’ve put in a specific volume of water. But after doing that once or twice, you’ll probably never measure TDS again.
  8. I would imagine crushed coral would not dissolve faster, but it might have more total surface area to dissolve from. I use TopFin crushed coral in media bags in some of my filters and typically the ph gets to 7.2 - 7.4. But chunks should work as well. People use Texas Holey rock in tanks specifically for this purpose. Do you know what is acidifying you water down to 6.0 from your 7.0 tap water after a water change? Presumably this could be somewhat suppressing the effect of the buffers added by the coral. Do you inject CO2 or anything like that ? What is the KH reading in your tank? And your tap water?
  9. I haven’t done a ‘salt dip’, but I have had apistos cacs in a hospital tank with salt at the rate 1 TBSP per 2 gallons of water without issue.
  10. I’ve used the trio in a heavily planted tank with out issue at all. Seachem Sulfaplex on the other hand melted the heck out of some of my plants (not that you asked about that 🙂).
  11. @Kirsten Thanks for the advice on Etsy. I'm going to continue to look about and see and test all the different options available that appeal to me. When COVID is over, there's always the local swap meets, etc. And trust me, I don't take the CL stuff personally. Nor will I let myself be overly inconvenienced. My main concern was "what if I'm doing something wrong technically" and I'm inadvertently getting stuck in spam filters or being blocked because I do jump from device to device a lot and route traffic through geographic regions cause of work, etc. I was more worried that I might be dropping sales because of some glitch I didn't know about and that I could be the one leaving others hanging. But yeah, Cl can be a bizarre place. I tried to get rid of some scrap metal this summer, offering it up for free on CL, and the replies I got on that were absolutely bizarre -- like someone saying they could tell by the photo in the ad that I had nice soil in my yard and could they please come over and dig some up!
  12. I just chalk it all up to a learning experience. I just have to work on turning people's interest into action. Or just figuring out the numbers, meaning 20 flakey people = 1 real sale. Then, over time, I'll have an idea of what the sale real rate looks like vs inquiry rate. My hope over the long run is to have a good mix of LFS trade-ins, some sales from various sources, etc. Just enough to support the effort, as it's an enjoyable distraction from the day job and playing with fish is fun.
  13. No luck yet, but haven't had the listing up there very long. I'm just trying out different avenues to see how I can move fish. I've dropped some off for store credit already and may continue to do so, depending on what the local LFS's need or if the fish did well with them. It's cold where I am and shipments i've been getting via the PO are super delayed, so I have no plans on trying shipping anytime soon. All in all, I'm just spending my time exploring what's successful for me and how much effort vs reward goes into the various ways to sell or trade. I'm only looking to make back what I put into this at this point, and also not be left with fish I don't know what t do with. So I guess this is all the 'exploratory' phase of things. In all honestly, I could have probably put a little more effort into the aquabid ad. That being said, I'm finding decent success with selling Crystal Red Shrimp locally, as most people express liking to be able to find them locally and not have to deal with shipping. No LFS's I've seen around here carry CRS, so I guess I'm filling a niche.
  14. When you find that answer, let me know as well! I'd like to say, maybe both?
  15. I use a single Husky rack. And while it's study as heck and can hold an elephant, I don't love it because -- 1) The shelves are hard to level, even if the whole rack is level, given the nature of how they slot together and bang into place, and the flexibility of the underlying metal shelf grates (even when I use plywood on top of that). 2) Every time I accidentally clank something against the metal (this happens more than I want to admit), it sends all the more skittish fish into hiding, and this trains them to be skittish when i approach, even for feedings, which is annoying because they'll let the food get to the bottom of the tank where some of them are less likely to feed. I still use the Husky rack because It has running tanks on it. But I've since gotten into the practice of making racks from 2x4's, and this has been more successful in terms of customization to my specs, and noise dampening. Can't comment on the Gladiators as I haven't used one, but I don't think I'll use another industrial racks in the future and will retire my existing Husky when I have the time and energy to relocate some tanks. All in all, I don't mean to discourage the use of industrial racks. They do work, and a lot of people use them successfully. I just don't prefer them. But this is based on my singular experience with a single manufacturer's rack.
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