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  1. oh ok. I think you should be fine as Cory has used a similar solar panel set up a few years ago and seemed to have success.
  2. I have 2 mini ponds out right now, this is my second year w/ mini ponds, and I only use a small sponge in each and it works great! Hope this helps.
  3. That molly looks really cool! I have seen that on guppies but never mollies. It would certainly be an undertaking to make a that trait into a strain tho.
  4. Hey free shipping at 29 bucks! Not to shabby!
  5. Those fish look great! As for breeding them/collecting eggs, that is way over my head lol.
  6. Well to be quite honest I am not doing anything for the plants except giving them eco complete lol
  7. This is coming from my Anubias golden coin. I am not sure if it is a flower or what. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  8. That aquarium looks great! I love the neons in there!
  9. I would suggest that you add the shrimp and snails first as @Will Billy said. After a few weeks I would add the guppies and then just treat the entire aquarium with the med trio as @Fish Folk suggested.
  10. I have always wanted to try to breed nerites because they breed in brackish! there is very little info out there.
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