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  1. Crazy how coop is sitting at 999k subs right now! Congrats guys!
  2. Fertilizer and lots of time. This is some I have in a 20 tall and it took over a year to get over the half way mark. Granted it only had 3-4 leaves and was a bout 3 inches tall when I got it lol. As far as what types grow tall I’m not sure. I believe this is Wendtii Red.
  3. Actually yes, the very end of it and about a week afterwards is when this new growth started coming in.
  4. I haven’t thought of that possibility. That would be super cool.
  5. It is actually attached to some wood. It has grown vertically almost out of a 20 tall! I have never seen this type of growth before
  6. This Anubias is approaching 2 years or so and has been growing pretty consistently on one end for a while now. Recently I noticed some new, tiny leaves growing on the old growth under some pretty mature leaves. Is this normal? Is it getting ready to branch off in different directions? 🤷
  7. Mine initially looked leggy, but once it started filling in, it looked very similar to this picture @JoeQ shared, and since posting this thread, it has grown out significantly and is undeniably Christmas Moss.
  8. This will probably get different reactions. I have left it out all day before and fed it to my fish when I got back. Everyone did fine and are still living.
  9. Reading up on it it doesn’t appear to be uncommon for them to be kept in a community tank. You could always give it a try and keep an eye on them for a few days. 😊
  10. I haven’t kept them with other fish, but in my experience they are pretty aggressive toward each other. They don’t seem to be nippy, but I watch the larger females constantly harass and chase the males and other smaller females around. Others may not have a problem and it could just be my batch 🤷‍♂️ Are yours that way toward each other?
  11. Here is my list and in no particular order. These are plants I have been wanting to try for sometime, but haven’t haven’t pulled the trigger. 1. Tiger Lotus Bulb 2. Pennywort (Floating) like what LRB has going on! 3. Pearl Weed 4. Java Fern Windelov 5. Cryptocoryne Tropica
  12. No, I just sat it near the drift wood and it eventually grabbed on.
  13. I was having this issue with my Anubias and Java ferns. I ended up adding more potassium and haven’t had a problem since.
  14. Same here! So yeah that is my wow moment lol.
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