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  1. Since the inception of this forum, the Co-Op live streams have more fun and relaxing to watch, lurk, and chat. In 'the before time', I remember just hoping that Cory might see my question and answer it. Now I see lots of folks who I know from here, and I like trying to help people in the chat with questions that Cory has answered a million times, so we can hear him answer new questions, and discuss new topics. I also like watching Candi and the other moderators work. I'll see a troll post or a spam post, and start a countdown in my head: 5, 4, 3, deleted! Thank you!
  2. These were my window tanks when I first set them up. I very briefly tried Fluval Stratum before going back to my preferred organic soil.
  3. Let me try to follow up with a little more information. I think my schedules have helped with algae balance, but I was tweaking power levels at the same time that I was working on the timing. I did most of this when I had just one tank, so all the subsequent tanks have run the same same schedule from day zero, with power scaled up or down, and they have avoided algae issues that I had to work thru on my first tank. The one exception is the tank in my kitchen/dining room which gets way too much window light, even with blinds and drapes. Most of my tanks are in my bedroom, and during the months of working at home, it was really nice to be able to wake up with my tanks, and get to enjoy them at night. The nice side-effect is seeing more of my loaches and Otos during the siestas.
  4. What a lovely triptych, @Penny! Those are going to be a joy to watch, with all the wood and plants. Keep sharing! Thank you for the kind words. Cheers
  5. @Jessica. When this forum was created, I made an effort to create some FAQ threads that would be useful and avoid drama. I appreciate your reply. I have been running my dual siesta schedule for about a year. I have achieved stability. I don't think siestas or dual siestas provide amazing gains, but they don't have any down-sides.
  6. Dave @AquariumThoughts, I finally watched your new video. Thank you! I really appreciate you sharing the design. I plan to order a few of the final iteration.
  7. @Jessica., siestas do have a basis in nature, with moving cloud cover and changes in tree shading throughout the day. Diana Walstad writes about it in her book. Plants can ramp up photosynthesis faster than algae, so it can help in that area, but it is also something nice for the aquarist, in terms of enjoyment vs work schedule. We have a thread:
  8. I had grand plans when I bought my Apex, including CO2 control via pH, lights, pumps, etc. Then I got Fluval lights, and didn’t follow thru on a full CO2 system, after dabbling with it. Now it is monitoring an unheated 7.5 cube with a sponge filter, but I can see my light schedule in the Temp and pH. It also provides insurance with the leak detection kit, and Temp alarms. I may move it to my folks’ house for remote monitoring of the tubs. Like Daniel, I am a tech geek and enjoy trying new gear, and I enjoy the irony of using high-tech stuff to monitor a Walstad tank.
  9. I bought a Fluval Plant Nano for a fishfam friend, @AquariumThoughts, so he could come up with a mounting bracket for rimmed tanks, and he is documenting the whole process. I haven’t tried a prototype yet, but it looks cool so far.
  10. Neptune Apex and others can monitor Temperature, pH, ORP, etc. Seneye has Ammonia, as does the related Felix Smart. I believe @Daniel has ordered one, so I'm sure there will be a thread on it soon enough. We have a thread on Neptune Apex stuff:
  11. Very nice. I like the plant labels. This forum has helped me learn more plant names, seeing them written out so many times.
  12. While Cory may be the aquarium G.O.A.T., it would be inappropriate to send a goat the to the retail store. The warehouse would be much better equipped to receive it. I'll wait for the memes. 😉
  13. I just saw on a Apple tech news site that Wemo (Belkin) now has an outdoor smart plug with HomeKit, Alexa, and Google support, Then in the comments, someone noted that TP-Link has one too, but it doesn't have HomeKit support, just Alexa, and Google. It looks like there are a lot of other competitors too. These could be good for outdoor tubs and ponds.
  14. @Cory, I have three small Co-Op sponge filters prepared for those tubs! You have made me a believer! I do have a lot of the Nanos, to the point where I commissioned a 3D-printed mount for rimmed tanks.
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