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  1. If you choose not to gravel vac, I’ve got your back.
  2. Aesthetically, I love using symmetrical Nano sponge filters in the back corners of tanks that size. With some nice plants, they just disappear into the background.
  3. In my marine days, I ended up with accidental colonies of arthropods, copepods, or perhaps shrimp, breeding in my canister filters. They were all-white from no light, and I’m sure that I didn’t appreciate them as I would today.
  4. Mark your calendars, Nerms! The move must be going well if our host is scheduled in advance!
  5. I tried to take my friend’s dog for a walk today, but we didn’t get very far. I just rescued a bumblebee. I love them!
  6. I try to run my tanks so that that each ecosystem is stable and compatible. I prefer to let biology do the work.
  7. Welcome! I hope that you keep your existing tank going, if you choose to go bigger.
  8. Shrimp love an algae wall. Hair algae can look gorgeous on wood, like a 1980’s hair band.
  9. Sunday Brunch: My Village: The Orb, Little Fluffy Clouds:
  10. Are ceramic rings or spheres part of your filter media? They can leave some dusty debris.
  11. @Isaac M, I love seeing the updates. It is fun having some other folks on the forum running organic soil tanks!
  12. Emotionally, this was what made me feel good about owning it: Knock on wood; I hope it never goes off!
  13. @CalmedByFish, while my Apex purchase was intentional, my LDM purchase wasn’t. I paid for a used rimless 12 gallon, but it broke in shipping, so I took an LDM and a Lunar Simulation Module, rather than a refund. Maybe I will do some testing for the forum.
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