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  1. That is awesome. Well done! Here is a project that might be fun for you to check out: http://sampsonboat.co.uk https://sampsonboat.co.uk/about/ He has posted over 100 videos documenting every step of the process. I haven't been keeping up, but I will skim the updates when I see them on Sailing Anarchy.
  2. Cheers @Patrick_G! Here are some photos I took of Mashnee, after her restoration. She is a Herreshoff-built Buzzards Bay 30 from 1902. My dad wrote a couple of articles about the restoration project at Darling Boatworks in my hometown: https://lcyc.info/files/Binnacle 2008-08-24.pdf The owners documented the restoration with a video slideshow. This beauty was on Lake Champlain for many years before being donated to MIT Sailing.
  3. I could use more snails in one tank. I love them, but so does my Yo-yo loach!
  4. The 4K Logitech webcam can take excellent photos and videos, including right next to the glass. It might be a dry solution for filming and streaming your aquariums. If you remove the monitor mount, you will reveal a tripod mount. The software provides focal control, and you can use the focused feed live. For forum journals, it can be a fun tool to film shrimp or fish. It needs a modern computer setup, but not any capture hardware.
  5. I’ve never joined a fish club, but they might have fees for web hosting, or some other ongoing expenses.
  6. Excellent journal! Please add it to your signature and ask us if you need help with that!
  7. He needs to tell her that he liked her photo on the CARE Forum, and invite her to the next feeding.
  8. The greener the algae, the more I like it!
  9. @Daniel has convinced many of us to stop worrying about interesting little hitchhiking organisms in our tanks.
  10. Here are a few things to watch instead: ACO’s rarest fish: Tazawa Tanks Tour: @Bob is the special guest on this stream: Cheers
  11. Keep an eye on this thread every week. It is also a place to ask potential questions for upcoming streams, and chat about the most recent stream.
  12. This sounds cool! My early recommendation is to not let the algae connect with anything like Java moss, or it will turn into an experiment about green Velcro!
  13. The stir-and-filter is my lazy version of a gravel vac. After my mistake with the auto-feeder, I thought it would be a prudent action.
  14. @Beardedbillygoat1975, I am a hardcore symmetry Nerm when it comes to technology. It helps me relax, and looks nice in photos. This means that when I use sponge filters, I will either place one in the center, or use a pair, with one in each back corner. This was the only HoB that fit my aesthetic requirements, and it is also an excellent filter design. I really like the pair I have, and will be ordering another pair soon.
  15. This is from the Community page, so make sure your notifications are working this week. Enjoy your Sunday!
  16. @Eddie Dingle, I didn’t realize it was that new. Just make sure that it gets cycled before adding fish. Have fun!
  17. I manually removed excess hair algae, and poked the substrate. I expect a bit of a mess for a few days.
  18. @eatyourpeas, I thought that your post was about to show cleaning filter tubes in loops outside.
  19. That definitely looks fish-ready, but I would wait just a little bit longer for it to be messy enough for shrimp.
  20. Wow, I think that my Betta might be the Sylvie to your Loki. Cheers, Mobius
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