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  1. @Chad, I would consider Java Fern to be light-shy. Consider shading it with hardscape, floating plants, or sun-thirsty plants.
  2. @lmhicks101, this should provide some interesting reading: I really enjoyed classes on light and sound when I was in college. I also spent a lot of time with programming and creative apps for graphics, art, color, sound, music, and synthesis.
  3. I like jamming epiphytes into the nooks and crannies of wood! I love Anubias.
  4. One note about RGB: I am willing to bet that each color LED in a Fluval light is actually an RGB LED trio, tuned to a specific output. I posted in another thread about color models that addresses how we actually produce and perceive colors.
  5. I love my Fluval lights. I can get the color balance and schedule that I want, and I don’t use any at full power in any of my tanks. They use Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi.
  6. Thanks to this thread, I realized that I have been misidentifying my bladder snails. I went back and corrected a number of older posts. I love bladder snails!
  7. Atlanta Braves v LA Dodgers on now. I’m neutral on this one. Any fans of either team here?
  8. I fell in love with tide pools on Rexhame Beach in Marshfield, Massachusetts. I was amazed at how much life was in each pool next to the rocks. You could follow the tide and find all sorts of cool stuff!
  9. I will not link it, but I feel Iike SNL Mayor of Dunkin right now.
  10. I have a different level of patience for watching each sport. Post-season baseball with audio and friends who care is sweet.
  11. I love growing out plants, or keeping wet house plants! You can enjoy them with minimal stress.
  12. We had one of your stars in Burlington! https://vermontlakemonsters.wordpress.com/2016/07/25/memories-of-ken-griffey-jr-s-summer-in-vermont/
  13. I love bladder snails. They are productive members of my aquariums, and they always seem to be in balance with the plants and fish.
  14. Is the rhizome buried at all, or is it all above the gravel?
  15. I jam Anubias into crevices of wood to hold it. The plants will often send roots down.
  16. Here is the list of all your threads, after I merged another dozen plus: https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/profile/4361-stephen-zawacki/content/?type=forums_topic Save that link so you can come back to it if necessary.
  17. @Stephen Zawacki, I have merged your two lighting threads from just this week. Please stop making duplicate threads. This is your last warning.
  18. Thank you, @Beardedbillygoat1975. My tanks are pretty simple and very low-effort. I do have nice local water. That pico tank is one of a few that I run without fish. Anyone could do the same. If you love plants like I do, it is just as sweet.
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