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About Me

  1. Hey C.A.R.E. Forum friends! Posting this, first of all, to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone here for being part of this forum! So many great posts and conversations so far from everyone and we're so happy to have you all here. Secondly, we will be regularly rewarding thoughtful posters and contributors with a care package (hence the name, get it?) of fun and useful stuff from Aquarium Co-Op. The first care package was sent to the following forum members as they were top contributors thus far in the forum: @Daniel @Bill Smith @MickS77 Congratulations to each of you! Other members, if you haven't yet checked out their content, please do!! In the future, we will be choosing winners based on other metrics as well, not simply number of posts - thoughtful and informative posts which will benefit the greater 🐟 community to name an example of what I'll be looking out for. Can't wait to see more great topics and conversations in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out to me any time. - Lizzie
  2. Some days I can spend a lot of time on the Forum. I began to wonder how much time other people spend hanging out on this Forum?
  3. Here is a short video I made about the C.A.R.E forum. It's not all encompassing but is a good guiding principle for this forum.
  4. This is a post to highlight some of the key functions of the forum and how to use them. If you have any questions about anything, be sure to check here first before posting a topic about it as there will likely be an answer for you here. Feel free to send me a message anytime (top right corner, mail icon) if you would like to ask a questions specifically. I am up to date with my inbox. Otherwise, see below for some walk-throughs. You may ask questions on this post as well if it's something that will benefit the forum community. This will be updated, so please ask away if there is anything you are confused about - I'll get it posted here for everyone's reference!
  5. I saw something by a users profile picture, we have ranks now? can someone explain how they work? thanks
  6. Hello all, Is there a way to view all the possible badges that could be earned? Just curious. There is a list of ranks, but I can’t seem to find the badges. Not sure if it is because I use the forum solely from my phone. Thanks again
  7. Signatures can help provide context for posts. The right words can go a long way to helping others understand your perspective, and hobby focus. You can edit your signature in Account Settings/Signature, and create a nice minimal signature. https://forum.aquariumcoop.com/settings/signature/ Effective hobby signatures should be short, and not distracting. Please do not promote your brand, channel, site, store, etc. Try to avoid large images, long quotes, or memes. I personally prefer to just use text. Remember that many forum members check-in on their phones! If you link to your forum journal, please embed the link. Check the URL to make sure that you are linking to your journal, and not a specific comment in your journal. The vertical bar character ( | ), also known as the pipe, can be useful to separate items, such as journal links. It should be shift-backslash on most keyboards. Here are some signature examples: Young betta keeper, learning about plants in small tanks | Tank Journals Old-school hobbyist returning after time-off with a 120 gallon Angelfish community | Tank Journals Veteran hobbyist building 16-tank fish room for breeding | Fishroom Journals Chasing every color of Neocaridina | Shrimp Journals Keeper of this, that, and the other thing, with a focus on a specific technique | Tank Journals List of hobby things you value | Tank Journals All about ponds and outdoor life | Pond Journals Aspiring Nerm, ready to learn | Tank Journals Update: How to copy a link, usually from the first post for journals: How to edit on mobile:
  8. I just wanna take a minute and say how amazing this forum is. The information that is so easy to search for and access is a huge library of sorts. The platform is so easy to use even for an inexperienced operator like myself. The help offered by the mods and customer service is leaps and bounds above any other company I can recall that I’ve ever dealt with. The community is so welcoming and supportive it makes even me comfortable to ask what I think are silly questions. And finally I would like to sincerely thank all the members who take the time to give such thought out and informative responses, inspire me in ways that make me wanna learn and inspire others, and are concerned about problems not only in the hobby but above and beyond. Brian from Indiana
  9. In a recent discussion with @Brandy we both noticed that the 'Search' sometimes doesn't return a result. Brandy said: Maybe this there is room for improvement with the 'Search' feature, maybe not, but you never know until you ask. If there are other suggestions for making the forum more useful please reply to this thread with your suggestions.
  10. Up at the top of the page you can toggle light and dark mode by using "change mode"
  11. Congrats everyone! We passed 100,000 posts, as a community hitting the "Submit Post" button 100,000 times! 🥳
  12. So i started a journal in the "journals" subsection of the forum. For some reason i cannot view it any longer ( the post itself) I can view any other page just fine but not that one. Idk whats happening. Every time i click on it i get this LONG coded page. Am i dumb or is this a legit?
  13. I was recently browsing around the forum when I noticed the "guidelines" area, I didnt know this forum had any guidelines so I clicked and watched corys video and read the rules. Everything made sense exxcept for "we don't discuss politics..." What is the definition of politics on this forum? The literal definition is "the activities associated with the governance of a country or other area, especially the debate or conflict among individuals or parties having or hoping to achieve power.'' I ask this question to understand what is against the rules to post and not to start a revolt against the forum. I also want to ask this because recently I have been discussing historical topics. Now history could be considered very political historically speaking. If I was in a debate with another person on this forum over napoleon rise to power through a coup and spoke in historical favor of this would it be considered a political post? Or would it have to be about something newer like the history of communism and capitalism? Or something even newer such as american elected officials within the last decade? If there are any moderators that could explain it would be a big help. Thanks
  14. I recently (a few hours ago) started a thread with a poll of various age groups that use this forum. Well I just came back to look at the current results and it was gone. I refreshed my page still gone. Then Iooked on my profile to see what I had posted on , and all my posts from that thread are gone. Did something go south there? Was it against the rules of this forum? Maybe a software glitch? any thoughts greatly appreciated.
  15. My daughter made a bunch of life sized Minecraft figures and donated them to our Friend for her elementary school classroom. I think “Steve’s” advice is perfect for the forum.
  16. I usually follow the forum from my desktop, but tried to log on yesterday and again just now from my phone (Android, using Firefox). I fill in the information and tap the green "Sign In" bar, but nothing happens. Any ideas?
  17. Hello, I’m Ken, and I’m an aquarist. just reintroducing myself since it’s been a long while.
  18. I have experienced a number of glitches when posting in the past week. I'm not sure if the problem is with the forum or on my side: When hitting "Submit Topic" the screen says "submitting" minutes later it is still submitting. When hitting "Submit Topic" the screen blinks and again says "Submit Topic", but the posted response is not visible. I posted a response to Maximum fish per gallon yesterday and it posted 3 times. At the time I only saw one. Can I delete two of them?
  19. I was browsing the forum, saw the guidelines and two of the bullets said "We don't discuss other aquarium related companies both positively or negatively", "links to competitors are prohibited...". Now in my mind I interpret this as, don't talk about any other store besides ours here. But I could also see it as, you can talk about them as in regards to products and location but you can't talk them up or down. I get that the co-op isnt a big brand compared to chain stores, but also because of this, the co-op can't supply everybody's necessities and this guideline feels like it can deny somebody's opportunity to get a solution to their problem. I get that the co-op doesn't want to lose parts of the market, but in places where the co-op might not be able to help should be able to talk freely about their local stores. Don't get me wrong, I love the co-op, absolute favorite store. Can somebody explain this rule to me? Also which way or how to interpret it.
  20. I clicked on one of the green circles on the forum home page to see what would happen. Well it says "make forum as read" as a statement to when you click it, when I did the circle got lighter and since one circle being different bothered me, I clicked all of them lol. But now I want the green circles back. Nothing happens when I click on them again. Please help, thank you!
  21. Hello everyone! Just wondering if anyone else is a teen on this forum as well. If so, what do you have going on in your tanks currently? I hope that I am not the only person who is under 18 and learning a lot! Happy fishkeeping!
  22. As part of the upcoming C.A.R.E. Forum Anniversary on July 14, this thread is dedicated to articles written by our very own forum members! In order to include as many members as possible—from newbie writers to experienced wordsmiths—we will be accepting three types of Forum Member Article (FMA): Self-Posted Article (SPA): an article written and self-posted by a forum member. SPAs have not been reviewed by an editor. Reviewed Article (RA): an article written by a forum member that has been reviewed by an editor. RAs have been reviewed for basic grammar and style only. RAs are self-posted by the author. Sticky Article (SA): an article written by a forum member that has passed editorial review and final approval. SAs are showcase pieces that are reviewed for grammar, style, and quality. Following final approval, SAs are uploaded as a sticky post by the thread administrator. Our FMAs will be similar in layout and writing style to the Aquarium Co-Op blog, with perhaps the exception of Aquarium Science articles. Review a few blog posts to become familiar with this writing style and article layout. To achieve a consistent look across all articles, we ask that all authors use the following writing tools: FMA Writer Guidelines — instructions on how to write the content FMA Template — models the layout, photo credits, and citations To minimize clutter and keep FMAs easily searchable, please do not post comments, discussions, or questions to this FMA thread. All non-article posts will be removed. For comments or discussions, please start a new topic thread and link back to the article you would like to discuss. If you have a question, first check whether it is answered in the writer guidelines or article template. If your question is not answered in either of these resources, please send DM your question to @Anita. Article Categories: Tips & Tutorials—practical application based on firsthand experience Personal Narrative—funny story, life lesson, significant event, personal philosophy Care Guide—firsthand experience, backed with references Aquarium Science—interesting science, written for the layperson If you are not sure what category your article fits into, please DM @Anita Let’s Get This Party Started! And one last favor from your managing editor and primary contact, @Anita Our FMA team consists of volunteers, all of whom have generously offered to help share the workload. I ask you to be mindful of their time and remain respectful in all communications. Bear in mind that if eight authors wait until July 10th to submit their articles for review, we will end up disappointing a whole bunch of people. To help make your editor's job easier, please follow the writing guidelines and use the article template. Please DM @Anita with questions or concerns. Thank you! 😎
  23. This forum went public on Bastille Day, 2020. I think it has been an amazing home for planted tank enthusiasts during a very difficult time. We should do something special to celebrate this community on 2021.07.14.
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