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  1. I still get a good laugh out of that one.🙂
  2. Once the discus pair up, they might happier if there was only 1 pair in the 75 gallon.
  3. Often female Corydoras will carry eggs around clutched between their ventral fins. So no, this is not unusual.
  4. In term of monitoring and alerting I use and very like the Neptune Apex system. But most people wouldn't consider this 'affordable'. I think it is easily worth it, but that is a judgement call.
  5. On pH, try the 'High Range' test next time and see if matches the low range test you just ran.
  6. Just part of Aquarium Co-Op's ongoing testing to see if you are paying attention.
  7. I need to go again. There is a lot of new stuff since I went last. Thanks for the photos.
  8. I have always liked this explanation: https://users.cs.duke.edu/~narten/faq/cycling.html There is debate surrounding how just harmful nitrates are. I am in the camp that they have to get pretty high before I get worried, but not everyone agrees.
  9. I think I am now beginning to understand why Cory has had to work so hard on product placement:
  10. The X factor with discus is that discus can be very political amongst themselves. There will always be a pecking order. Right now I have a pair of discus that are confining 8 other discus to 1/2 of the aquarium. The pair has established a territory in the middle of the tank and are guarding eggs. None of the other discus are allowed to cross to the other side. I am not sure happy is a word that would apply to these discus right now even though the aquarium is 500 gallons.
  11. The shrimp could be hiding in mulm.🙂 If the mulm is unattractive, it is easy to siphon out. But given your concerns about water changes etc...I am not sure. Mulm isn't bad, but isn't that wonderful either. The best thing for me is it has been a good place to shelter baby fish, baby shrimp and infusoria. If it bothers you, nags at you, you should get rid of some it and see how that feels.
  12. As for blackworms, I just buy them every other week or so for about $40 a pound. It is expensive, but I would rather have the blackworms than the $40. White worms are like water sprite or Vallisneria. They can take off, or sit there and do nothing. I kept mine in potting soil in Tupperware containers that I kept in a mini-frige and fed them bread with brewers yeast and yogurt. I think they actually ate bacteria that grew on the bread, etc. Eventually the culture crashes so you have to keep making new cultures. My time is worth something and it is easier just to buy blackworms. I would like to hear more about @Dkshadowwolf culture methods for grindal worms. The fact that they can tolerate higher temperatures is very appealing to me.
  13. White worms submerge just fine and they are a most excellent food. But as @Dkshadowwolf notes above, their culture can be hit or miss.
  14. @anewbie I know your intent was to be helpful, but links to competitors are prohibited by the guidelines:
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