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  1. I hope you (and your fish) like the blackworms. Mosquito larva and blackworms are the my fishes favorites.
  2. I got the the Best of Show female betta at auction at the 2001 International Betta Congress Yearly Convention for $200. Cheers erupted in the room when the hammer went down.
  3. I think Seriously Fish has a very comprehensive database. I use it frequently.
  4. I had company that advised Hospitals on new regulations. No where near as satisfying as beekeeping. The old job paid better, but with Beekeeping I cannot wait to get up in the morning and go to work.
  5. I have been totally absorbed in my honey bee business this fall. When things slow down a little, I will update with some pictures.
  6. @Hobbit the forum is better place because you are here.
  7. Anything is possible so even the one in the original post could still sprout a leaf and make a valiant come back. But a healthy banana plant should have green bananas and at least a few leaves.
  8. Even your aquarium plants are subject to predation from cats. My cats will pull them out of the aquarium.
  9. I think @Lowells Fish Lab has got it right, looks like seed shrimp to me too.
  10. @GameCzar Yeah that's is mostly it. Politics is a little hard to define, but I know it when I see it. Once, there was an oddly political argument about moss balls (pre Zebra Mussels) that turned ugly, with some name calling. Posts were edited and someone got banned before the thread was locked. There once was a nasty discussion of earthquake zoning codes resulting in cross words and hurt feelings. People have very strong feelings about filtration methods, so it doesn't take much to push a discussion over the edge,and much less when you throw a little politics into it. The primary guideline is to be kind and helpful. If everyone follows that, there aren't too many problems.
  11. Cool temperatures and sparse feeding will definitely suppress breeding. The fish will be happy enough, but not so happy as to breed much.
  12. @Lizzie Block had a good post on this:
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