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About Me

  1. This is my first attempt at a SW tank. I am adding all sorts of life forms from Puget Sound, Washington State. The humble beginnings: Currently aiming for a stable 55F environment and waiting for the dust to settle. Had a molting from one of the amphipods. Well, I thought mystery snails were the only ones with more of a penchant for relocation, until I just saw the clam decided to try a new spot in the tank (and out of view, of course). I know he is there because I can see him from the top, but the little stinker has made it impossible for me to get a side view. I guess they all want to redecorate at some point. The snails and amphipods have pretty much decimated the green tuft seaweed. Littorina scutulata and several amphipods and copepods. Algae: Sarcodiotheca gaudichaudii, Cladophora columbiana, Prionitis lanceolata, Fucus gardneri, Alaria marginata. The tank today: I am also documenting this in YT so I can remember what things looked like once a transition has taken place. Please bear in mind that I do have a goofy sense of humour, so some of the videos are kind of wacky.
  2. Hey everyone, just got back into the fish tank hobby after a few years, I used to have a 37gal saltwater tank that my father helped me run when I was about 12 and now I'm getting back into the hobby by myself. I'm an avid fisherman so I usually can collect wild samples for my tank and after just moving down to Florida I have access to so many new and cool species. Right now I've a 20 gallon long tank and a 10 gallon tank in my kitchen. Just wanted to share my tank and see everyone's opinions, this is the first tank I've actually put plants and wood in a fish tank and I think it turned out quite well.
  3. I currently have two threads for both of my aquariums, but I've been thinking that its time to merge the two threads together My current tanks are my Community tank (40 Gallons): Home to: Angelfish, Cardinal Tetras x5, Bristlenose Pleco, Upside down Catfish x2, Zebra Danios x6. Its Planted with: Anubias Nanna, Crypt Wendetii Red, Red Twist Sword, Hygrophiliia Siamensis 53B, My second tank is my Betta Tank (5 Gallons): Its home to: Hugo the Betta, 5 Neon Tetras, and a new addition (more on that below!) Its planted with: Hygrophillia Compact, Hygrophillia Siamensis, Two Species of Anubias, Buce, Red Melon Sword, Little Side Note: Hugo had gone through some Finrot Treatments, his fins are still growing back. I'm also working on a new tank to go below the community tank, hoping to get some supplies for it and to get it up and running! Today I went driving and drove past a petstore, so naturally I had to stop. I picked up a Nirite Snail for the Betta Tank. I want names for this little guy so comment some suggestions! Also just a quick questions. Does this look like a baby nirite? It seems unlikely due to the fact that they only breed in brackish, but what elese could it be? It moves and has the antennas like a snail too. I picked up the snail to add it in so I'm not sure how it could have come into the tank. Unless it came in in one of my plants, but the last time I added a plant was maybe three weeks, and I'm only noticing it now. So maybe we'll need two names, thats exciting! The baby will probably end up in a different tank soon, 5 gallons is probably too small for two snails.
  4. How have you been enjoying nature recently? Whether it’s the nature you keep and maintain in your home, or somewhere you explored, if it has brought you joy feel free to share! I have mostly been working outside the store since returning to work. The other day I got to enjoy a few moments of this visiting dragonfly between customers.
  5. This site has an amazing amount of data, I'm going to need a major cleanup crew to sift through it all. Many moons ago I started with a 55g long, that was a bomb as I had no money nor understanding of anything! 10 years later I went at it again with a 30g. I was fairly successful it lasted two years. Looking back I owe my success I think to the live rock which was plentiful in the day... but I moved around back then and the tank suffered and lay in my wake... Now I'm back, hopefully with much more patience, armed with the internet and a few years accumulated knowledge. I kept that 30g tank and have had it up and running for 2 years with discus (bunch of bullies!) candy cane tetras, neon tetras and cherry shrimp - planted of course. I came across a 150g on facebook and thought, why not... So i'm here for the full critique. In the past I built my own 5g bucket sump with diy hang-on overflow for that 30g - that was a lot of fun ;(... I did get it working, but now I'm going to have a go with an internal overflow, and/or maybe sit-on-top diy using gutter or something... I don't plan on more than a handful of critters so I don't feel like I "need" a sump. I just need to polish the water and keep it moving. Coral... I don't know, we'll see, that means par par par NO live rock these days??? anyone know where I might pick up 10lbs or so in Seattle? I am only as far as building the stand... Here's a short vid of it: https://youtu.be/kCYVSYZbLdg
  6. I’ve decided to keep a journal of breeding German Blue Rams this summer. Simply put, here is why: Just took this snap of our young male GBR. It’s not hard to argue that this is one of the most beautiful small freshwater fish. In addition, they have an intelligent personality. People are quite divided on how easy / hard they are to keep. When we first wanted to buy some, one LFS owner swore he’d never order them again. “They die, and require an advanced level of care. If I order them, you pick them up the day they arrive from our shipper here, and I can offer no returns or refunds whatsoever if they die on you.” We were newbies to the hobby — my oldest boy and I — so we left there discouraged. We stopped in at another LFS, just to see if there were any interesting fish. While there, we asked the other owner about keeping Rams. “They’re great!” he said, “I’ve got a bunch right there,” pointing to a 20 gal. tank. We bought a pair, and the rest is history. We’ve bred hundreds of them now — nothing on the scale of Dean, or other breeding specialists — but we’re confident in a certain approach. In this journal, my hope is to share everything in great detail, offer answers to questions (though hopefully others with even better answers will chime in) and above all to _learn new things_. At the end, I hope to wrap up the journal with a tank full of beautiful breeding age Rams that I’ve bred and raised from scratch, all documented here on the Forum. First off, I bought a female. She’s probably _not_ a pure color strain. It seems like she’s probably got Electric blue Ram color genetics in her heritage. This would bother a serious breeder, but it doesn’t get under my skin. She’s not a “hybrid,” just a slightly mixed color morph. I bought her a month ago or so at the Ram-friendly LFS mentioned above. She’s been hanging out in our Discus tank for awhile. Temperature is up around 84° F. That’s a key: Rams like temperatures above 80°. More recently, I bought a young male German Blue Ram (photographed above). I set him up in a 20 gal. long with a school of tiny Glowlight Pygmy Barbs as tank mates. Rams can be bred alone, 1:1 — some breeders stress this. But if they’re not stressed, they’ll breed in a community tank as well. There seemed to be a hint of Ich. I hit his tank hard with Ich-X, water changed, boosted temp... and it seems good. Tonight, I’ve added the female. First suspending her in a specimen container. It was so neat to see him turn up the interest. Once I added her, the romance really began in earnest. I’ve left the light on to see what happens. Here’s how their first “date-night” started off: Just a couple minor notes: (1) the rattling sound in several videos above is just an old impeller in a HOB. It’s an unnecessary piece. I’ve left it for flow. (2) But don’t Rams prefer _less flow_ you may ask? Yes. But I don’t care. If they’re interested, they’ll find a place to spawn. (3) If they spawn, I’m going to try to pull the eggs and hatch in an isolated space. If I can get fry over the 2-week threshold, I plan to break the internet by moving this breeding pair out to a mini pond, and trying to get them to breed and raise a batch of fry outside on the back porch over the summer. Stay tuned!
  7. Caramel would like to show off for you nice folks. He is an eight month old. I’m average size female with average size hands. Thumb is for size reference. Mystery snails fed an appropriate diet in ideal snaily environment can reach 3 inches...... feed your snails 🙂
  8. This is my new friend, Casper. He's a rare leucistic coloration of Amphilophus Sagittae, an absolute beast of a Central American cichlid, apparently native to Nicaragua. He's currently about 12 inches long and is solo in a 125 gallon in my garage, mostly because he will straight murder anything you put in there with him, be it plant or animal. He's even been known to bite those who are bold enough to try to clean his tank. As for how I came to acquire this absolute unit of a fish: I was out of the hobby for about ten years until getting back into it during quarantine. I work from home anyway, but the extra time at home meant needing to find something to do and I can only remodel my house so much. In the span of 6 months, I went from a single 10 gallon tank to over 500 gallons of water in my house. I've previously kept mostly tetras and livebearers throughout the years, but big fish were never really on my radar. I had a 75 gallon tank in my garage that I was waiting to move inside after the painting in my living room was done. I liked the size of the 75 gallon, but I had also really loved the idea of a big 125 and had built a custom stand that would accommodate one if I decided to go that route, thinking it would be hard to convince my wife to get a tank that big, especially since a previous 75 gallon had leaked all over our floor...all while I was 400 miles away and I had to Facetime her way through draining the tank and moving the fish. I routinely cruise through OfferUp and Craigslist looking for used tanks that look promising. (I don't know what it is about used tanks, but all the used tanks I've gotten don't have algae issues. I don't know what it is.) At one point, I happened across a posting of someone who was being forced to get rid of all their tanks and fish for reasons they didn't really say. There were three 125 gallon tanks filled with various cichlids and other fish I wasn't super familiar with. I bookmarked it, just to kind of keep an eye on it, but not really thinking it was a possibility. I moved my 75 into the house, full aquascaped and put community fish in. The tank itself looked great (if I do say some myself), but a 4 foot tank looks awkward on a 6 foot stand. I needed a 125. I casually mentioned it to my wife and she was surprisingly on board. I think she's secretly just as into it as me, but she knows if she shows more than a reluctant curiosity, that we'll end up with even more thanks. Plus, she had just adopted two dogs from the Humane Society, so she owes me one. I revisited the original posting and saw that prices had dropped on the tank setups and all the fish were now free. Things were obviously getting desperate. I don't know the exact situation, but if you know what rents have been doing in the Pacific Northwest lately, you can probably guess. I wanted to help out if I could and we started messaging back and forth. I could see that he really had a love for his fish, especially Casper, and I had original inquired about taking all three tanks and all the livestock in the process. I researched all the fish that he had and didn't feel confident in my ability to care for that many (soon to be) large fish. In the time that I was researching, he ended up selling one of the tanks, which made my job a little easier. I offered to buy the two remaining tanks and foster Casper until the owner could be in a situation where he could take him back. I know it was tough for him to give up Casper, but I'll do my best to give him a good home in the meantime. I think he was a little cranky about being moved at first, but has since settled in nicely and I feel like he's been much more interactive in the last few days. He didn't seem to want to eat much for the first few days, but yesterday, I went to feeding him around his normal mid-day feeding time and he was much more agreeable to eating. That's OK. I'm not a morning person either... I turned Casper's original tank into a planted community tank and combined all the sand with the sand from the other tank I bought so Casper has plenty of landscaping material to work with. He's dug himself a nice little pit in the back that he hangs out in when he wants to hide. Other than that, he's been exploring around and making himself at home. He hasn't bitten me yet, but I'm definitely very aware of where he is whenever I have my hands in the tank. He did very deliberately spit a whole mouthful of sand at me yesterday, though. I'm going to say that means "You seem cool. Let's be friends.". You can see him spitting some more sand in the video below. I've never really thought about having such a big fish like this, but he's been really cool so far. Despite being a murderous little death machine, he's got quite the personality and will definitely interact with me, either chasing my finger around or coming to check out anything I'm doing when I'm working in the garage. I'm already a big fan of him and my family likes him too. My kids like "playing" with him, having him chase their finger across the tank and my wife has nicknamed him "Frank the Tank". The new dogs, who are super jumpy, even seem to like him. He's on a built-bench in the garage now, but with how active he is and how fun he is to watch, I might have to see about making him some space inside. I've always found the bubbling of a sponge filter very soothing, but the gentle waterfall of the couple AquaClear 110's is quite pleasant, too. I'm thinking there might be something to these bigger fish... I don't have a time table for when the original owner can take him back, but right now I'm in no hurry. He's since set up a GoFundMe to help him buy a car to live out of until he can figure out a more permanent living situation. If you'd like to help a fellow fishkeeper get back on his feet, check it out here: https://gofund.me/9ac57a1a Or don't. That's not why I'm here. I just wanted to show off what I thought was a really cool new friend.
  9. Starting out with some plecos. Just a bunch in a 55 gallon with some platties. A short video. Other plecos in the house are super reds and some king tigers (very shy).
  10. Looked over at my office tank today... and the male Flagfish was ... pretty brutally doing nature’s thing with the female. It’s normally exciting, but this was uncomfortable to witness. 🤦‍♂️ Anyway, I just noticed him guarding the spot... And upon close inspection, I can see all these eggs... Now I’m trying to decide what to do. Should I pull them?
  11. jammin' out to too many electric blue acaras . . .
  12. Came in to work… Notropis chrosomus all fired up. Oh please, oh please! I hope I can gather some fertile eggs…
  13. Here is a short video I made about the C.A.R.E forum. It's not all encompassing but is a good guiding principle for this forum.
  14. Well, I think it’s time I started a general thread where I can post updates about all my tanks. If you like low maintenance planted community tanks, fish breeding projects, watching a novice set up outdoor ponds, and the occasional cat/chicken, then I think you’ll find something you enjoy here. 😊 Here’s the status right now: This is my main tank. It’s a 55 gallon with a power head and three cheap submersible lights. I’ve had it running around 15 months. Substrate is soil with a gravel cap, which I do not recommend. 😆 Fish: My honey gourami mating pair, Mom Fish and Dad Fish Two yo-yo loaches Two otos Two super red bristlenose plecos A school of 9 tetras (one neon and the rest cardinals) called the School of Dr. Neidecker after my mom who bought them for me Three amano shrimp Oh and a few snails that the yo-yos haven’t eaten yet. This is my 10 gallon grow-out tank. It’s usually for the baby honeys, but right now it’s quarantining a new honey! I’m hoping this is a female so she can be Dad Fish’s next mate. It seems like Mom Fish is slowing down. Adding the new honey to the community tank will be iiiiiinteresting. 😁 And these are the new outdoor ponds! I just filled them up a few days ago. I’m excited to experiment with them! I’ve never done outdoor ponds before.
  15. For fun, because I am genuinely curious and maybe to inspire @Cory, what's your dream aquarium product that doesn’t exist? One that just occurred to me is a quick test strip for Ammonia. The one thing I do worry most about is an Ammonia spike due to an irregularity (dead fish etc) that I might not notice right away. My issue is my aquariums have to be negligent resistant because I have three young kids and pre-virus traveled for work a lot. So regular water changes can be spotty. I've tried those in tank circle ones but they always expire before doing anything (which is good I guess) and I am never going back to test tube drop testing. I burnt out on that years ago. Let's hear about your non-existent dream product! (desktop aquarium added for post thumbnail)
  16. Placeholder post for now. Will add more info later. Hi my name is Daedalus I'm breeding Copper Alien Bettas. I'm a new breeder with only 3 spawns. I breed Thai style so if you're uncomfortable with that style please proceed with caution. I write with terrible grammar and sentence structure. If you're uncomfortable with that proceed with extreme caution. Feb 2nd: Received copper pair. Begin conditioning. Feeding scuds, moina and BugBites Feb 6th: Prep spawning tank. 4.5gal tote filled to 3gal. Added loquat leaves, duckweed and pothos cuttings. Added rooibos tea for tannins. Taped a circular spawning cave to the wall. 50w heater Feb 18th: Release pair to tank. Feb 20th: Spawn. It took two days, the male had problems learning to do the wrap but he finally got it. Only one nip on the female and one on male. Very non violent, easy pairing Feb 23rd: Hatch. Can't see how many but looks to be a decent sized spawn. Feb 24: Added green water and infusoria culture to tank. Roughly half a cup. This is to cover for early hatchers/early free swimmers. Feb 25th: First feed BBS TBD March 10th: Partial water change. Remove male TBD
  17. So me and my dad @Jbeezydad were thinking about maybe setting up a pond that goes all year around. We wanted to do some Ricefish. I heard they can go in very cold temps but not alot lower than 50F. In the winter were we live it can get pretty cold. Any suggestions for all year around fish or is there not any all year around fish. Thanks!
  18. I don't think I quite have a post like this, but thought I'd share it. I'm in the middle of redoing my fishroom/office (Officially named the Offish). Here's a few terrible attempts at panorama pics.. The rack my plan is 4 20g on top, 3 20g in middle and 1 10g, and 4 10g on the bottom. Heres my Youtube of it:
  19. Here's my breeding setup for my rainbow shiner 10gallon Sponge filter with a directional flow Temp at 70 Ph 7.3 ish This setup will only work if "she" is ready. It may take more than 1 try. I wouldn't leave them in their for more than 2 day, since the male can rub her side open. Separate the male and female. I start by pumping up my female with quality food/dry food for a few days to weeks. When she is fat with eggs, I'll place her with the male in a plant basket with a few good size rocks that night. Spongefilter flow will be pointed into the basket. They should spawn in the morning and be done soon after. I'll remove the parents and collect the eggs. I treat the eggs just like how you'll do for rainbow eggs. The whole idea is to have a setup where the parent have no chance of touching the eggs. In the wild theyll be swimming upstream and when they spawn the egg is blow downstream immediately. In a home aquarium most hobbies will breed them in large group so the fish that aren't breeding is eating the eggs.
  20. Hello! New here… first time starting a 10 gal shrimp tank (not stocked yet) and I noticed a tiny spider-like critter on one of my plants. I pulled him out and tried to take photos. I’m just very curious as to what it can be as I bleach dipped and alum soaked my plants so I have no idea how he got in there. I also took a video I hope that’s allowed to link it here. Any help identifying the little guy would be much appreciated. Thank you
  21. I got back into the hobby last year during quarantine and I am sure you all know how it starts...one tank...two tanks...twenty-five tanks. Over the last year I have been using my crawl space under the house with a basic setup (i.e. the cinderblock and 2x4 method) but in the next month or so, we will be moving into a home that we bought and I wanted to share my plans to build and expand the fish room. I will dedicate 325 sq. ft. to the new room and I hope to be adding multiple racks, auto-water change system, heating the entire room, etc. I have had a lot of success selling on line over the past year and have learned a lot, but I still desire to learn more. I would also love to share this in order to see any input or suggestions you guys may have. The rough dimensions are 29'x11'.
  22. Hey C.A.R.E. Forum friends! Posting this, first of all, to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone here for being part of this forum! So many great posts and conversations so far from everyone and we're so happy to have you all here. Secondly, we will be regularly rewarding thoughtful posters and contributors with a care package (hence the name, get it?) of fun and useful stuff from Aquarium Co-Op. The first care package was sent to the following forum members as they were top contributors thus far in the forum: @Daniel @Bill Smith @MickS77 Congratulations to each of you! Other members, if you haven't yet checked out their content, please do!! In the future, we will be choosing winners based on other metrics as well, not simply number of posts - thoughtful and informative posts which will benefit the greater 🐟 community to name an example of what I'll be looking out for. Can't wait to see more great topics and conversations in the coming weeks. Feel free to reach out to me any time. - Lizzie
  23. Thought you guys might enjoy a short live molt video I filmed 🙂
  24. I liked the idea of having a space to just babble about my tanks. I do have an Instagram, but I always felt like I need to post glamour shots to that, and not more mundane things. So here it is, a place to talk about how duck weed is taking over my house (seriously I find it on our doorknobs). I guess I'll start off by introducing my favorite fish, and therefore my favorite tank. Pooka is a synodontis eupterus who has an incredibly sweet temperament. She's hand tame, and often follows my hand around while I work on the tank. She's currently in a 40 breeder, and I MAY put her in the 75 eventually, but honestly I'm worried to put her in with my bichirs; Dragon (who I will introduce in another post), once took a bite out of a catfish like it was an apple. She seems to have enough room for now, and really isn't that active - her swimming style is doing calm moseys around the tank between long upside down naps. I once drew her as a Pookamon Pokemon.
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