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  1. That’s awesome! Great job; that tank is huge. What type of fish are you thinking of?
  2. Rodger that; I agree with you; I was thinking of placing a couple in my 10gal to lessen the bio load.
  3. With that much volume of water change what about the bactera? It expensive to keep adding api conditioner and quick start + stress zone. That’s why I was doing wveryday a couple of small water changes…. thoughts…. I know this will be fine by the weekend at least it should based on the tanks length of time running and 0 nitrates…. It was my mistake to put so many fish in at once! DUH 🙄
  4. I tell you what though… I’m never using stratum again unless I have a shimp tank or Dutch aquarium! LOL 😂 never had this problem with seachem fourite clay in the past. oh I used RODI water to fill oringally; for the 10% water changes I’m using tap. (PH at 7.6 TAP). Never tested nitrites but in tank nitrites are zero. And nitrates 10. I should have paid attention in chemistry class. 😂
  5. Yes I’m running Co2, I have several plants. Stratum as a substrate so my phone never really gets above 7, last I checked it was 6.5. I’m starting to do 10% water changes daily. 50% way to much especially with lots of plants. Here’s my tank.
  6. Ah, my aunt & uncle lived on Long Island wren I was growing up. How’s it now?
  7. I’m in Troy, 20 mins north of Detroit. I’m looking for around club SE Michigan. Thanks for the answers though; if you hear anything for the Detroit area let me know please 🙂
  8. I’ve been adding additional bacteria daily; as to not upset the eco-system with a huge water change for a week; tomorrow is my big water change! Hope it works out. BTW: it was so difficult to cycle with stratum, don’t think I’ll use that again for a big tank. (Due to the :6.0-6.5ph)
  9. Yes I put 26 fish in at in once; I was running two filters 700gph; but that still wasn’t enough so I added a sponge and another HOB. After all that 1ppm ammonia; and I do feed every other day…. 😕.
  10. Yes, I have seen nitrate about 3-4 weeks ago. When they went to zero that’s when I bought my fish.
  11. Hello everyone, I need help; I’m stumped 🤔. I keep getting an ammonia reading with zero nitrates and minimal nitrates. I am losing a fish every other day! This really is sad, concerning and out right stinks (no pun)! I have 55 gallon with Fluval stratum, many plants been running the tank since Jan 9. Added fish Firstvweek Feb; my uodate post is around here somewhere with that exact info. no matter what I do can’t get ammonia to zero. NOW I know there is a dead fish in there one of my Columbian tetras, prob 2; and I can’t find them anywhere. But it should keep the ammonia up like that…. help? -Louis (My Fish)
  12. It’s a all in one reaction tank. You make the solution yourself. 400g citric acid + 400g of baking soda (both food grade available on Amazon) + 600ml of filtered water I used RODI reverse osmosis DI, you can use distilled water for purity also. So far mine has lasted a week with 1-2 bibles a sec. I think my solenoid is faulty though it worked great for the first couple days on the timer then it’s still allows a trickle of CO2 through after the solenoid shuts off I don’t know if that’s residual pressure or a bad solenoid so what I have done it’s just operate it manually now. I suppose I have to order a new solenoid through Amazon their website where I got the machine. I recommend a CO2 checker that you attach to the interior wall of your tank with a suction cup to monitor so your CO2 levels do not go high at night time.
  13. My Columbian tetras just won’t go to sleep…lol - they are so happy schooling and swimming back and forth. I tested the water and zero nitrites; so I know their happy 😊 mine of my guppies won’t leave the top; he ate when I brought them home but he’s still at top; hope he’s okay 💜 I’ll check in the morning. All the other ones were swimming around Investigating Calmed down. Is that the night light is on
  14. I would say yes, as long as they have food… algae algae algae! normally ponds don’t have algae because of the chemicals added.
  15. What did I do today? I cleaned up around the house and in the evening I bought FISHiES 😁 10 Colombian tetras 5 Cory pandas 1 otto 7 guppies ( I think, can’t find them all I turned off the lights)
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