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  1. That's a problem because i want a cory and kuhli tank
  2. So i recently found a YT channel called MDFishTanks I've seen some videos of him putting soil in some mesh bag and just place them under the gravel/sand Can i tried it too? And does it affects the plants too?
  3. So my parents want to buy a 80x40x50 tank, but what can i put there? The schooling fish are 10x rummynose tetras Just need a bottom dweller and centerpiece
  4. But i've seen people keeping Black skirts with neons without problem
  5. Hello everyone! I remember keeping fish in 30g tank at my grandma house, we have 8 black skirts there and i add 10 neon tetras, But when i started to introduce the neons the black skirts started to bite the head of the neons Is this behaviour normal? Because from what i read that Black skirts can be kept with smaller fish. Thanks for the respond
  6. What is it? Does that increase PH and Salinity?
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