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  1. outside they are about 12.5"x12.5"x24", so they remind me of miniature 40 breeders.
  2. Yeah, sculliosis, as @Colusays is the correct term for a "bad back" that I was referring to. Guppy spines commonly degrade with age, probably due to the need for a bit more calcium and excess finnage they have been bred for. Generally you see it in older females but some individuals look like a hockey stick they are so bent. It makes them slower at swimming but they don't seem to have a reduced quality of life.
  3. He has a big tail and a slender caudal support. In short, he's genetically predisposed to a bad back. He's fine, but if you are breeding for sale or show he should not be part of your program. This is just a common defect in guppies, kinda like how a pug dog or an English bulldog can be prone to breathing and sinus trouble due to the shape of their face. He'll be a great, happy pet. If your water is very soft and low in calcium you might want to add coral or wondershell for guppies, also.
  4. So, I'm doing a lot of other things, because so much is weather dependant in Seattle... But I have not forgotten! I bought a linear piston pump and I will take pics of my slow build out. Also, I scored an incredible deal on brand new tanks and two used ones... This will bring me to 6x40g, 2x 29g 1x 20h, 5 x 15g, and 7x10g. Oh, and the as yet empty 125g in the living room. Picked these up last night at midnight.
  5. awww....The first 2 clutches, upon closer inspection, looked about half hatched already, but the 3rd is fresh, and stayed out of the water. It is floating on a paper towel nest as directed!!
  6. Yeah, these were some pretty magenta snails and I definitely want more. The tank is full of GBR, loaches and an angel fish, so I strongly doubt any would survive. I'll brood them in a container and see how it goes.
  7. Guys! I have been a terrible fish mom. They get fed, the water gets changed as infrequently as possible. I've been in a holding pattern, dealing with work, life, and the new house. I finally did a big water change, and suddenly 2 giant clutches of mystery snail eggs dropped into the tank! I had given up on these guys, as they never seemed to do anything and one died in the move. I fished out the clutches immediately, and discovered a third up under the rim. I dropped the water level a little, put the 2 knocked off clutches in a floating container with a paper towel, and have not decided whether I should do the same with this one that is still attached? That one is pink the other two are gray and white? Advice from snail gurus sought! Thanks! (Pics in the morning, it is late here)
  8. I have fed vinegar eels for the first day or so, then straight to baby brine.
  9. I can easily tell you everything wrong with my hated 2010 prius. I miss my sweet little screaming red 2005 manual Celica every dang day.
  10. they have little backwards facing barbs. on their gill covers/pectoral fins I think. they need to go forward, then back, and they probably are not going to figure it out. To be honest, a net is cheap. cut it gently with very small scissors, a thread at a time until they can get out.
  11. I'm pretty partial to the corner matten too. Especially since I'm a fan of a coarse sand substrate.
  12. It's 125 gallons. And yeah, pretty sure it is an old all glass. Very nice, lots of hard water stains to scrape off, but then I'll have to do a fill and leak test. It was holding water for a turtle and goldfish until a week ago, but judging by the hard water stains it was not completely full. The fake wood trim might need to be masked and painted black. But the tank seems to be rock solid.
  13. So I warned you all that this might be slow. All 10 tanks were successfully moved. I lost a few juvenile acaras, and about half the rummy nose tetras. The shrimp, snails, guppies, neons, Bettas, puffers, Rams, and various large fish came thru just fine tho. The plants less so, in the heat, in an open bed pickup, tho they are beginning to recover. These two are in my living room on the floor. The basement needs plumbing and a ceiling... I can't get tote ponds down there so I'm going to go with a row of 100g stock tanks eventually. Unfortunately the first one is already occupied by some squatters... But! I did score the best Craigslist freebie yesterday! That's going to go in the living room soon! The question is... Do I go with a UGF, sponges/corner matten, or just circulation, plants, and MTS? I'm leaning hard toward a @Daniel inspired simple box o' water plan. Much like a super sized 1930's aquarium.
  14. Lousy pic but he's doing great. The kids have named him Disco. The yellow parts have an iridescent blue overlay that flashes on and off.
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