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  1. Brandy

    Blue Ram

    one of 3 things will happen--the parents will remove the unfertile eggs themselves, or the parents will eat them all because they get stressed/have the munchies, or the eggs might cause fungus. If your flow is good they will likely not fungus, and the parents will help this by fanning the eggs. If you disturb them they may abandon or eat the eggs. If they are parenting and that is your goal, I would leave them alone. The only way to pick off the non fertile eggs is to pull them all and hand raise them, but at that point you can use a pipette to go in an suck up the egg you want to remove.
  2. I don't have any experience but it appears they have been introduced to southern florida and have become established in a few locations. I came across this remark on the web page while I was looking for a photo of these snails...It seems they may breed just like MTS, and I think would breed to the level of their food source. "Ecology: This snail lives in freshwater streams (Maciolek and Ford, 1987) and coastal brackish waters (Sri-aroon et al., 2004). Reproduction is parthenogenic (Thompson et al., 2009). Embryos develop into a shelled juvenile in a brood pouch fed by a yolk sac and a placenta-like epithelium (Glaubrecht, 2006). They have few young, but are well developed when they hatch (Glaubrecht, 2006). Remarks: Because of its mode of reproduction, a single specimen can start a population (Thompson et al., 2009)." (emphasis mine)
  3. It could. the temperature works though. The endlers might self regulate, or you could maybe add an apistogramma. I think any larger carnivorous fish will likely eat fry, the key is finding one that likes your temperature.
  4. what is your temperature range? a surprising number of fish will eat fry, including other livebearers. A couple of golden wonder killifish would do the job I suspect.
  5. omg. I want all the things. just all. I need to make space...this is killing me. I want those apisto fire reds.
  6. I haven't seen this in the US. My suspicion is that fish are living in a probiotic soup, and this is not necessarily useful, unless it is just extremely palatable for picky eaters.
  7. Depending on your light, baby tears would look really nice--not DWARF babytears. If you don't have much light pick a moss instead.
  8. I think the layout of the two islands looks best, but I really like the antler coral. I wonder if it can go somewhere slightly to the back of one of the islands so it is peeking out? or substitute it for one of the smaller rocks in the left island?
  9. I love this idea, and can't wait to see it develop!!
  10. I have heard the blue light on those moonlight settings cause no end of trouble in freshwater systems, where they promote algae. They are really designed for corals, I think. However, there are lights (such as fluval, I think?) that have programed settings for a "sunset" mode that shift thru reds and gradually dim. I think that would be an awesome way to drift off to sleep. My own bedroom tanks have fairly standard tank lights on a timer and have become my alarm clock. The sun comes up consistently in my room, even in rainy seattle winters!
  11. Just watch for injury or being so chased that they aren't eating.
  12. What @Colu said. Most parasites die rapidly without hosts, and need a fish host if they are a fish parasite. Two weeks is an arbitrary length of time based on the average and common parasite life cycles, but still a good rule of thumb. I would clean and vaccume the substrate during the few weeks you wait, and then you should be safe to reintroduce fish.
  13. Many of us run a nano pump on each filter--I have 5 of the little buggers in my bedroom. The pumps are silent, all you hear is bubbling, and with an airstone even that is minimal. https://www.aquariumcoop.com/collections/air-pumps/products/usb-nano-air-pump
  14. as a person who has low low pH, I appreciate this PSA. My tanks are heavily planted, and keeping nitrates in the tank is usually the issue, but this is a really good reminder for me not to get complacent on changing the water in the grow out tanks...speaking of which, I should go do that!
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