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  1. I know it's not fish but it's my feed so I think it's ok to share. Really sad day in our home. Minnie our rabbit died. I am thankful for my aquariums. My fish, especially my bettas, they all really know when to make me smile.


    Minnie has the white stripe.


  2. I am glad I am not alone. Mine look the same. I will be following for answers as well!
  3. We have 2 Honey Gouramis in a different tank and they are the sweetest thing to watch. But I have a weakness for that powered blue.
  4. Thank you for your knowledge! It was my understanding that they are female. So if you see male bits please confirm. I was also thinking aggression. Although they were both bought together out of the same tank. We were told if this happen to bring the bully back. Things were a little bumpy at first but they are in a forty so they had space to sort things out. Since then they have been together for a couple of months together without to much fuss with one another. She seems to be a lot less stressed right now by herself. As soon as I can drive I be taking the other back to the store this one is very sweet and docile and swims with my betta and guppies just fine. I'll keep you posted...
  5. The first picture is her right side it looks good and normal. The second side is her left side and it looks really rough. Any thoughts would be helpful? Her home is a community 40 gallon hexagon tank. There are small tetras, moscow guppies, another powered blue gourami, a very docile betta and lots of Cory's. The tank parameters are the best they have been in a while. I am wondering if she is getting beat up by the other gourami who is a bit of a bully. Or is it something like Popeye. Might be time to take the bully back to the coop ☹. I have her my girl in a 2 gallon hospital tank. I am treating with API aquarium salt and almond leaves. Since the tank is uncycled I added fluval cycle in the hospital tank and some prime. Is there anything else I can do? I got a back injury this weekend and wasn't able to physically attend to my aquariums until today, when I found her like this. Normally I just go to the coop and the awesome employees help me through this stuff although I can't drive right now so here I am concerned and worried. My fish are so important to me. Now I have you guys to reach out to. Very grateful for that.
  6. We used it in our African dwarf frogs tank and we didn't have a problem. I am interested to hear what other people think.
  7. Thank you for asking I was wondering the same thing. I have albinos Corydoras myself and the size variation were very surprising to me. Now I understand them better.
  8. I found this very surprising surprise. 


    Somebody spawned on me!


  9. Corey, I truly am grateful to you. You given my family a way to connect as a family. Our journey is a little late to the party. But we are doing all we can to make to make up for lost time.
  10. Just wanted to give a new update Staro's he is getting healthier and prettier by the day. We are hoping to be able to move him to the tank we built for him but the parameters imploded on use about 2 weeks ago. I think we are getting the tank sorted out and hoped to put him in there anyday.
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