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  1. I assume the air stone is in the back. Which side do you have it on? Pump or intake?
  2. Good Evening, We are setting up a Fluval Flex 15 for our young daughter. Colorful gravel, neon decorations, etc. We have other planted tanks, so have fertilizer available. With the Flex’s light, are there any red plants that would do well in this tank? thanks
  3. Simple wish here - I want a sponge filter with a tall base so I can affix it to the bottom of the tank. I don't tend to change placement of the sponge or substrate, so it would be great to affix it to the bottom of the tank for level and ease of maintenance. Just pull the sponge off the base, clean, and reinstall. No more fiddling to get the sponge level or disturbing the substrate when cleaning.
  4. Joel (Corvus Oscan) has a few good sump videos too.
  5. Good ACO video from @Ireneon the topic.
  6. That looks like a Hygger to me. I have one on our quarantank. Good heater, just takes up a lot of room.
  7. Not super ideal, but when I am changing water with shrimp babies, I use a gravel vacuum with coarse filter in it. I find that I can stop some shrimplets getting through, and can get up water and waste.
  8. Two doses of Paracleanse and some solo feeding seems to have helped. Any concern for the white near the head?
  9. Weird coincidence, but I’ve actually been to this store. Super well taken care of tanks. Got some red wag platys from them.
  10. Lifespan is a little short (3-5 years), but I would want to try a school of Emerald Dwarf Rasboras.
  11. +1 for talking to a LFS Probably obvious, would you want to rearrange to make less hiding areas?
  12. We've got a single Bumblebee Platy with a sunken belly and is generally looking sickly. I need help figuring out the problem, pictures below. Here's the tank details: Tank Size: 56 gallons pH: 7 Nitrates: ~40 Hardness: 150+ ppm Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: 0 KH/Buffer: ~40 ppm (need to add more crushed coral) Water Temperature: 75 degrees The little fellow seems to be eating and the rest of tank is fat and happy. We're feeding a combo of Xtreme Krill flakes and Nano bites, Hikari frozen Brine, and Tubiflex worms. It's a well stocked tank with Salt and Pepper, Green Lantern, and Blue Wag Platys, as well as Serpae Tetras, and a few mutt guppies. The thin fish did get nipped a while ago, before we got the Tetra aggression under control. There's many plants in there including swords, water sprite, and Japan. What do people think? Worms? I am moving him to our Quarantank so he can get some solo attention.
  13. +1 for @Irene’s video. Very helpful. We are trying to plant our 56 gallon to the point we do the bare minimum water changes. Love getting my hands wet, but water changes are no fun.
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