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  1. They are no guarantees that it will cure them some bacterial infections can be difficult to treat it might take two courses of treatment if maracyn2 does not work than I would treat with kanaplex
  2. The active ingredient of maracyn2 is minocyline effect treatment I wouldn't bother with bottle bacterial I have used it in the past haven't noticed any significant benefits
  3. Kanaplex can effect your cycle I have used maracyn2 and had no problems with it affecting my beneficial bacterial
  4. What I would do is a 50% water and treat the main tank with antibacterial treatment if it is columnaris that is a gram negative bacterial infection so I would treat with kanaplex or maracyn2
  5. Ammonia is probably main cause of you fin issue I would also treat with maracyn or maracyn2 to cover against any possible bacterial infection going on
  6. I would do a preventive treatment of maracyn to cover against secondary bacterial infections
  7. It could be epistylis recommend treatment is kanaplex am not 100% that what's going on if we're ich would have expected to have killed you fish by with it going on 3 months@Mmiller2001has more experience with epistylis maybe he can chip in
  8. Pair of Bolivian would be great in a 30 gallon
  9. The black mark usely sign of injury and it's starting to heal what are your water parameters
  10. It looks like the start of black brush algae to me looking at the pictures
  11. What you want to do is add a small amount at a time and test you pH and keep adding small amounts till you get to the pH you want if you do it gradually it won't affect you fish
  12. You can spot treat with seachem flourish excel to help get rid of black brush algae just be careful not to over dose
  13. Endlers just get males if you don't want to be over run
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