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  1. Im glad you asked this. I had a betta die from columnaris a month or so ago. The Coreys that were in with him are fine. One had started the saddleback, but I reduced the temp in the tank and it went away. I want to tear this tank down, but I’m afraid to put anything that’s in there in any other tank, including the coreys. I have several plants. Jungle val, anubias, Java moss balls, marimo moss balls, and a squiggly plant that I can’t remember the name of. Is it safe to move these?
  2. The measurement is 16” from bottom to top, but the water goes to 15”, and I have another 1” below that. So the actual water table is at 14”.
  3. Yesterday I picked up an African dwarf frog for my 20 gallon, but now I’m worried it’s too deep. It’s a marineland bio wheel LED aquarium kit. Dimensions are 14.5"L x 26"W x 18.5"H. I also have 2 sponge filters running in there. Overkill, yes. Too big? Too much movement? I have a couple of docile bettas that I could put him in with but right now he’s in with albino Cory’s and glolight tetras.
  4. Well I just did this inadvertently! I just stocked a 20 gallon with albino Cory’s and glolight tetras. I’m not a big fan of the glofish, but I like the idea of seeing them under blue light. The tank itself is ugly. I haven’t really put much as far as decorations in there and it’s a bare bottom (for now). That’s another story. BUT! I’m hoping to get some more natural decorations in there and more plants. This is a great idea. I can’t wait to see it!
  5. Marcy


    Thank you!! I don’t have a photo of one that I removed. I was too grossed out. Someone on another forum (the co-op page off FB) thought they looked like leeches. They sure behaved like leeches. If I find another I’ll take a photo of it. I have no gravel in my tank thankfully. So I’ll vacuum up what’s on the bottom. Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!
  6. Marcy


    thanks @Colu I will look for both of these today. I actually did remove three of them last night with a tweezers. But I’m worried about the rest of the tank. Like do I need to throw everything out? I don’t want eggs or pupae. And if I transfer my snails to another tank, can they take it with them? Or should I set up a separate tank for them? (I have an extra marine land 5 gallon) what a mess. I hate these things.
  7. Marcy


    Thank you. Can I get fenbendazole at a LFS? Or do I need to go to the vet?
  8. Marcy


    ALSO: I’ve been dosing prazipro. Two weeks in a row. Then again last Sunday and I’ll dose again this Sunday. I’m at my wits end. I can still see little worms wriggling around the bottom. Even with zero substrate.
  9. Marcy


    I’m still having this problem. I have two juveniles left, one with one of these things hanging off his tail. ph 8 0 ammonia 0 nitrates nitrites 0-25 don’t have anything to test hardness. temp now is 76. I got a new tank with a heater and it doesn’t have number on the dial and I had apparently turned it up all the way and it was up to 100°. Anyway, it’s at 76 currently, but ideal is 78-80 tank size is 20g no substrate i can figure out what these are. they’re not eating, this one swims on the bottom, the other that has no visible worms swims at the top. I had 5 of these on Sunday. I’m down to 2.
  10. Marcy


    Help! Whatever this is is killing off all of my life bearers! I noticed him dying off a couple days ago and I thought it might’ve been the assassin snail that’s in my tank but I don’t think it is. I’ve seen these in my substrate but I thought they were just Demetrious wormsI noticed him dying off a couple days ago and I thought it might’ve been the assassin snail that’s in my tank but I don’t think it is. I’ve seen these in my substrate but I thought they were just Demetrious worms or whatever they’re called. or whatever they’re called.
  11. Thank you!! I’m going to head over to the fish store today and see what they have. A friend of mine picked this up for me so I have no idea what happened between then and when it got to me. It wasn’t expensive, so if I have to trash it, it’s no big. I also have some hair grass that I have no idea what I’m going to do with.
  12. The spare tank I have is a marineland portrait. Won’t the water become stagnant?
  13. Good thing I just emptied out a 5 gallon huh? Filter? Sponge filter good enough?
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