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  1. Almost done shuffling well I am done with that but it’s all the little stuff that needs finished. Coverings the bottoms of the stands is priority #1! It’s probably just me not being able to stand looking down there and not seeing tanks, but it looks so unfinished and cluttered. I just want to hide it and try to forget about it. Ive went from 14 to 6 tanks. I now have 125, 75, 60, 2-55, and a 29G. And if your like my wife you’ll say Brian you got rid of all the little tanks. Just like I told her “yes” A 3, 2-10, 4-20, and a 60G. Wanted to get rid of the other 60G I can’t stand these tanks just to tall for a 12” deep tank. I guess extra height is good in some ways but blaaa. To do anything but feed have to get on a stool and I would get my armpit wet if I put my fingers on the bottom glass. And who wants wet armpits? I think I’m gonna donate all the tanks I’m gonna get rid of. There have been some kind and generous people helping me get through the situation I’m in right now (present company included) and I think it would be a way I could start to pay it forward. I’ve had 1 picked up and another coming to get their set up this weekend. I’m giving whole sets aquarium, heater, filter, air pump, background, substrate, thermometer, decorations (if they want what I’ll part with), net, and maybe some fish (again if they want what I’ll part with)
  2. Looking good 😊 would imagine they will have a blast zipping around in there. So much to explore for them.
  3. @Torrey thank you, I will probably end up going with something like this. For now it’s too cheap not too. And it will do exactly what I need. The bamboo is a good cheap idea will be plenty strong and I’ve been looking at some and it’s cheap. 😀
  4. It looks like you have HOB at each end, do they have activated carbon in them? I think I remember hearing it will greatly reduce tannins.
  5. Welcome to the forum, your blackwater tank looks great. Darkwater is my new obsession as well. I have a 125G I’m in process of tanning. I’m liking the lowboy what’s your plans with it?
  6. This is very true grandkids would always be trying to get behind the curtain and the chalkboard paint is a really good idea as well
  7. What about repashy on driftwood I think it would be good for atleast a couple of days then they have the wood. Repashy can even be added to the water column in its power form so fry can eat it that way.
  8. Yes I have used the morning wood variety and just got grub pie. All my plecos, catfish, snails, and shrimp love the morning wood. I hope I have same success with my community fish when I try the grub pie.
  9. Glad to hear everything is going good, it’s nice to go flat for a while sometimes on this roller coaster ride we call fish keeping. That HB purple is a stunner those fins are huge and the contrast between the black and purple is really amazing. I’m gonna be trying to culture live foods as well. What kind of worms are those? They might be to big for my main reason for live foods (rummynose and cardinal tetra breeding) but I could feed them to my cichlids. It’s great your kids show interest in the hobby, none of mine hardly even look at the fish. But I think I’ve got 3 of my grandkids hooked. 😃
  10. Shuffling almost completed, have some clean up left to do. 2-20G and 1-10G need substrate removed and glass final clean. And 1-10G needs final glass clean. It’s crazy how much equipment, decorations, and substrate add up when you break down multiple tanks. And of course the fish, snails(yes every tank), shrimp(most every tank), and plants. Also need to figure out what to do with bottom of tank stands. Door panels (expensive) some cheap black curtains? Problem with that is if inset like shower rod type I lose storage space, if outside like )6window rod they stick out .And of course cheap looking? Maybe not with good quality curtains and rods but then I get back into that expensive range. I’m still wanting to do a live edge shelf on the front of each stand so maybe the window style curtains are best option. Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money.
  11. CL maybe FB too, you cant list as for sale but say small rehomeing fee.
  12. @Odd Duckso is the crown of the val or swords at the sand layer then the polished rocks (pebbles)? or is it soil, sand, pebbles, plant crown, then polished rocks?
  13. I’m sorry I said different, I have never tested it and was just speaking on what I thought to be true. I hate giving bad info and should of been more specific about not having tested it.
  14. Welcome to the forum, and that is a very beautiful betta and your plants look good and healthy too.
  15. Welcome to the forum, and that is certainly not the talk of someone who will stop at 2 tanks. “Loving it all” “ rabbit hole” “ bringing nature into my home” “ excited to see where this takes me” lol 2 tanks yea right 🤣🤣🤣 Very nice looking tank mate and you’ve got rummynose tetra gotta love that!
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