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  1. I have never kept a journal so I am not sure if I am going to enjoy doing this or not. I am that… I want to try things at least once type person. I spend a lot of time reading all the fantastic journals on here. Two weeks ago my bearded dragon BOOP’s suddenly passed from a stomach tumor he was diagnosed with last year. Boop’s spent nearly every minute of the day with me including the fish room. He had a shelf in front of each tank he liked to watch his fish and chase shrimp. He was probably a better plant guru than me 🤣 (you have no idea how hard it was finding info on which aquarium plants are dragon toxic) He always tried to eat them when we worked on them. For the two weeks it took me to process the worst of my grief reading everyone’s journals and posts kept me sane and filled the time I normally spent with my dragon. Thank you everyone for sharing your journey. I have had fish since around 7. All whatever I could catch with mom’s kitchen strainer in the creek when I was younger (her rule was no snakes all else I can have) and keep alive using creek water and bugs. This is how I learned anything in nature that fits in something else’s mouth is food. I also developed a weird fascination with all the nifty critters and hitchhikers that end up in aquariums. I’m the weird old lady that even finds value and cool snooping entertainment in hydra. I have been hooked ever since. went through job demands of travel so way more up and down with tanks than I want to think about I watched every video and livestream (although never in live time) the coop had. I wanted more. So I joined the forum. It’s really great as I have no one to talk fish to. Hubby only likes my giant mystery snail but loves that fish make me happy since I rarely leave the house (it’s my garden of eden why would I venture into societies current chaos) I’m new to the internet in the past few years since I retired. I used email but mostly fax before I retired but that’s it outside of works dedicated computer programs. I have never done any other social media so I feel awkward and was and I guess still am a bit intimidated most of the time trying to convey things to others in a way that seems friendly and helpful as typing seems so blunt and impersonal. I try and use a lot of the cute face cartoons. I hate offending others so I hope the cartoon faces convey niceness. Most of my fish keeping knowledge (if you want to call it that and not just ok this worked for me and this distinctly did not) comes strictly from Observations of my tanks over my life, trial error heartbreak National Geographic magazines learning about fish not aquariums and other assorted magazines in the mail. Finding the internet fish keeping prescribed guidelines baffled me and I still wonder if some of the people doing the articles ever actually kept the fish they were writing the article on. Seems fish are supposedly super delicate??? 🤣 I never knew that I always loved fish because they were so amazingly resilient. Silly me. That’s why I got hooked on Cory’s videos he seems to go with what he has seen with his own eyes and learned instead of what the internet spews and is willing to try things just to see what happens. (He also finds benefit in hitchhiking micro fauna and snails 😁) So enough about who I am…just an eccentric old lady who loves fish ….here we go…. My multi tank syndrome has taken a drastic turn since my health declined 6 years ago. Getting old stinks but is also the greatest. I cannot physically take care of large tanks anymore so now it is how many fish and different things can I keep in each tank and healthy. My current tanks that I have up and not in storage are standard 29 gal, 20long, 2 x 10g 8.75 gallon shrimp tank I got on sale and hate but guppies and snails have too many babies and it’s handy for a dozen or more things, 5G QT 2.5G QT i do not ever actually plant plants i float them tie them to something or suction cup them on the wall. Even root feeders do great that way for me. I don’t use fertilizers or chemicals I am afraid of them. I tried easy green half dose in 2 tanks and panicked after 6 hours and did late evening water changes so I could sleep. I admire the fabulous aquascapers I’m not one of them I love plants they keep my fish happy and healthy and grow well for me i stuff every tank to the gills because our water is miserable even in tanks years old with so many plants I can barely see my fish brown diatoms live on. I tried recently using jugged spring water from the store for wc and it all went away … came right back when I used hose water 🤷‍♀️ over the years I’ve come to appreciate the benefits of it though 🤪 the fish and assorted critters like it YUMMY 😋 29 g stock 11 panda corydora, 6f/1m guppy(the wolf pack and Little Boy, Nemo the nerite snail, 3 female magenta mystery snails (the wonder twins and microdot) bladder snails and some stray shrimp that migrated on a coop large sponge filter. I stopped there because my 2 longfin lemon blue eye bristlenose plecos are trying a second time he has not left the cave in 3 days other than to get a quick nibble of the green bean I put outside his door. I’m hoping it’s a fruitful spawn and may need to rehome the pandas and set up another 20 long for them? This is a newer tank set up with established filters gravel plants from other tanks and such so we are waiting for the micro fauna to establish. I think the Pandas and guppies are eating most of it so I may not get much. 20 long is my pleco pair (sweet pea and baby girl) 4 huge male mystery snails 2 magenta (the baby boys) 2 chestnut (chestnut and bandit) 10 celestial pearl danio(only one has a name she is huge and eats everything Meg as in megalodon) more neocaridina shrimp of every color than I can count. Some bladder snails (someone keeps eating them I do believe 😕) many random assorted micro fauna and a gorgeous little colony of tiny green hydra in one corner that never seems to travel or grow bigger even though I feed cpd bbs. I may actually like this journal thing. I’ll detail the rest another day and add more pictures. my pointer/typing finger is cramping at this point 🤣
  2. I accidentally made panda cory babies! I also accidentally grew them up, too. I had my four panda corys in my quarantine tank while treating them for their barbels rotting. When that was done I moved them and a week or so later I put two new guppies into quarantine. Those guppies stayed in there at least a month. Then a few days after moving them, I saw two little cory babies! They’d been living this whole time in that tank somehow! They were so tiny, but I started feeding them and now I’ve added them to the main tank. They’re following the adults around now 😍
  3. I call to order the first meeting of the new Panda Cory Appreciation Society. You don’t have to own corys to be part of the group, they don’t necessarily have to be Pandas, and this is just for fun so always look on the bright side of life like our dear Pandas do! Pandas are the gateway fish! Here’s my wife an avowed hater of aquariums creating videos for TikTok behind my back!
  4. Noticed batch of eggs on my Java fern suspect they are from my panda corydora. 20 G other suspects are neon tetra, ottocynclis, Rams horn, mystery snails. Tank is 75•F any chance they hatch?
  5. Right now I have a 20 gallon long tank with a single betta. I plan on making it into a community tank, but am still not too sure what tank mates I should get for my betta. Tank details : I have relatively low kh, high gh (150 - 300 ppm, usually about 200), ph of around 6.8 - 7.0, and the tanks at 78° with a sponge filter and fluval stratum. I was researching panda corys but am worried about my high gh and my non - sand substrate. Which tank mates should I try that will work with my water parameters and betta fish? Also which plants should I have for said tank mates?
  6. So I have a new-ish 20 gallon long, fully cycled, and this is what I have in there: 10 Harlequin Rasboras 3 twin bar Platies 6 Panda Corydoras 1 Dwarf Gourami I also have a lot plants for such a new tank, I’ve got a about 5 Java ferns, some Anubias, and jungle Val. All the fish enjoy swimming through the vegetation. Tank also has an Aquarium Co-op medium sponge filter and a Tidal 35 HOB for some extra water clarity. My concern is my dwarf Gourami. I bought it fully knowing the risks associated with their aggression. So far mine has been pretty calm BUT has “snapped” at a couple fish. If he roams the bottom and a panda Cory gets a little too excited he’ll snap at it. Same with the platies. He doesn’t chase anything except for the harlequins on an infrequent basis. I think it’s because the harlequins could be a bit hyperactive at times. My water parameters are near perfect, but I would like to raise the hardness just a bit for the platies. is he just the “boss of the tank”? He seems to inhabit the two top left corners of the tank, which is really cute because he likes to rest on and under the plant leaves. He doesn’t pick on the other fish during feedings, and mostly sticks to floating pellets. He’s actually starting to become a sort of “wet pet” for me. He likes to come up to the front of tank when I get close. I would really love to keep him. any thoughts?
  7. hi i am going to change my pepper cory for some pandas what size do they get because my lfs and internet keep saying lies they told me my paleatus where going to be small and they are not so how big do panda corys get and how much can i keep in a 10 gallon tank {the minimun please i have some population already dy but i do weekley water change and have a good filter 🙂
  8. Last week, it appeared that one of my cory catfish developed swim bladder disease. He died within 2 days of showing symptoms. That was 4 days ago, and today I noticed another cory acting the exact same way. I’ve had these corys for nearly a year. Does anyone know what is happening? I do weekly water changes and my water parameters seem fine (ammonia and nitrites 0). I’m getting the water tested at a fish store tomorrow just in case something is wrong with my test kit. My tank is heavily planted and heated. Although I have been concerned that my tank might be getting too cold at night. I’m really upset about this and I don’t know what to do. Any advice is appreciated.
  9. Had to post this cute pic of my three panda corys. These three are currently in a 10 gal shared with three young BN plecos, one oto and one betta. Would adding 2 more panda corys be pushing it, bio-load wise? I’m doing weekly water changes regularly. I feed them frozen blood worms weekly plus sinking wafers every few days. The dish was what was left from the plecos’ algae wafers. I love watching the pandas patrol the tank like a little troop ☺️
  10. Hey Everyone, This is my first post and of course its cause somethings wrong. I've had these pandas for over 6 months and they used to be in a larger tank with Tiger barbs and a large pleco and a really angry adult Chinese algae eater. I pulled them out and put them in a 20H Sorority. They have been doing great and were happy and playing. Most of them still are but this one seems to be off by himself and I saw his back and I'm worried. They lost there barbuls when they were in the other tank and they havent grown back yet. Water Parameters: pH 6.8 Nitrates 50 Hardness 300 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 0 Water Temperature 77 TDS 460 (not that it matters) Does anyone have any idea what I'm looking at?
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