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  1. I’ll try to keep it simple this time. Day by Day photo journal to figure this out. Any help or comments much appreciated.
  2. I finally bred my Bronze Cories (yes I know boring old "normal" cories), some are partly white while others are clear. I put them in a Specimen container so they wouldn't be eaten. Should I hook up a air pump and let the eggs be bubbled? Is the white fertilized and the clear unfirt? Fill me in on how to raise them and everything! I am super excited. My Kh is 80, Gh 60 and pH is 7.0.
  3. So I’m a huge fan of cpd’s, if you couldn’t tell by my name?!?! Lol. Anyways I had bought a group of 6 cpd’s months ago and I had to grow them out. Unfortunately 3 died so I had 2 females and 1 male but I didn’t know untill they grew a little more. So they were just about sexing out and I decided to buy 6 more to build my colony and add some extra blood into my colony to strengthen the colony for when they were old enough to breed. My 3 from the first order had grow and now just sexed out and is raring to go and breed. Luckily I was blessed with 2 females and 1 male. The other ones are still a month maybe two out from sexing out and breeding. Anyways so I have them all in a 10 gallon with a couple panda corys to grow out and albino bn plecos. Everyone leaves each other alone. So the 1st 3 cpd’s started doing the dance a couple days ago in the Java moss and deli cup. I noticed the younger ones go in and out of the moss at times too quickly... so that has me a little scared because idk if since this is my cpd’s first time trying to spawn if these first couple of days are “dry” runs? Or are the little guys eating the eggs? With as much as the females and male dance in the cup I’d expect to find at least one egg but the couple times I’ve checked I haven’t found not 1 egg? I know the panda corys are leaving them alone (surprisingly) and so are the plecos. So I’m curious and would love to hear what you guys would think is happening? Or any advice on how I should go about this?!?! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and have an amazing day! p.s. don’t judge my tank lol, it’s not a show tank it’s a breeding tank. I’ve had more success with “dirty” tanks and breeding!
  4. my angelfish started acting funny and i looked on youtube and found out that i something called a slate well I put a tile and blocked the other angelfish from getting them all that was Sunday.. then yesterday the pair started eating the eggs so I pulled them and put them in Metholyne Blue cuz youtube said so... well now what do I do... do I leave them in that blue stuff until they hatch... please HELP...
  5. So I have a batch of Ram eggs. The parents remain with the eggs in a secluded 20g. Question; I can see several eggs that don't look fertile. How on earth do I remove the unfertilized eggs without disturbing the parenthood now taking place? Those things are tiny! She laid them on a small piece of slate. It's mostly the male guarding the eggs, but they do seem to take turns.
  6. I'm still having a hard time getting them to lay in the mop(I've given up) and I don't yet see anything in my water lettuce but I found a group of 5-6 eggs in my mop today (was just checking it over before I threw it in the garbage) and I found that 2 of them were fertile and the others were gross looking. I separated out the two good ones in a petri dish and moved them to my empty fry tub that I hide under my desk. If these two guys make it they'll be the most watched and pampered rice fish fry ever since they'll be my first babies. Anyway, I thought I'd share a photo of the eggs, with some thread stuck to them from the mop. It's hard to see from this angle, but face on you can both eye spots really well. From a random paper with photos I found I'm guessing these guys are about half way done before hatching.
  7. My rams laid eggs last night. I pulled them and they are now in a little specimen container with some methylene blue and an air stone. They are hanging inside the aquarium so they stay the same temp as where they were laid. They usually eat the eggs so this is the first spawn I have pulled. I don’t know what I am doing. Thank you!
  8. I left for vacation for a week (I don’t normally do this, and then these were in the corner of my tank, being watched mainly by my angelfish. Could they be eggs? They are very fuzzy though... and now they’ve fallen off the wall. What do I do?
  9. I noticed about 10 days ago my biggest shrimp was berried. she disappeared for the last 2-3 days and I found her again today but with only 4ish eggs left. She's been with 4 other females until the 27th of feb when I added 12 more shrimp, presumably some male. It seems unlikely the eggs hatched given the time line. Does anyone have an idea what happened. my temp is 24C-25C depending on the thermometer, nitrate 5 (up to 15 max when i dose ferts) gh 6-7 kh4. here's the best photo i could get of her
  10. I have a comet and a black moor in a 10G tank. I don’t even know which is male or female. But I can see both have become very aggressive. They laid eggs. Look at the pictures. I am not even sure if they are fertilized. Is this even possible? Please suggest what to do. Should I move the two to a separate tank? My tank is full of eggs.
  11. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone had an issues with Amano shrimp Eating Eggs? I Have an apisto trio and not sure if I should remove the amano shrimp. i do have quite a bit of algae so im not sure if they will ever be too hungry but hopefully you guys will have more experience. Thanks in Advance!!
  12. This is something I've never seen before. The female platy has eggs outside of its body. Will the problem resolve itself?
  13. I haven't seen any in the LFS but I am always drawn to them online. Would love to hear from people that kept them. My 33 gal is still cycling and I haven't decided on stock yet so doing some research 🙂
  14. Yesterday morning I noticed my bronze and my albino's, ahem* behavior. The day before I did a water change... so eggs! Dad: Ponyo, albino | Mom: Sosuke, Bronze Background: I have had the bronze momma, Sosuke, for over a year now. She is my veteran Cory. Parents don't have favorites, but her and I go way back. So, needless to say, I love her. The albino is a more recent addition to the community tank. In the past Sosuke has laid many clutches, but none have been fertilized, guppies get them before I can, novice attempts and / or that darn fungus kept them from hatching. This time the albino and bronze have been doing the famous T and eggs were laid immediately after so I know these are valid eggs. To save them from my hungry guppies, I decided to move them to a hatch / grow out tank. This was my first time saving majority of them and using methylene blue, so I am hopeful. I ordered an egg tumbler, but needed to move the eggs sooner than it's arrival. *Should I move them to the egg tumbler or leave them be in the "hatch tank"? I plan on 50% water changes daily til hatched then 2-3x/week for the hatched fry. What are your experiences with Cory breeding?
  15. So I have a dilemma. I have Electric Blue Acara eggs that showed up unexpectedly in my 40 breeder. The parents have been diligently guarding them, and they appear viable. They are about 3 days old, so I expect them to hatch soon, and the parents have been digging little hollows to put the fry in in preparation. Their only tankmates are a cloud of mutt guppies who are curious but not gutsy enough to challenge an acara. They have been SUUCH good parents. I bought a Ziss EZ Breeder box because I would really like to grow out the fry, and I did not expect them to be this successful. I assume that if I left the fry with the parents they would raise them for 2 weeks and then possibly eat them and spawn again. So I think I should pull the rock, but I kinda want to see if they will raise them? Ahhh, decisions decisions. The fry will be easier to target feed in the box, and I would get more to adulthood maybe. But if they can raise them to the brine shrimp eating stage I would be able to catch the fry in a few weeks before the parents spawn again...And it would be easier maybe? Thoughts? Suggestions?
  16. I woke up today to a big surprise my blue rams spawned for the first time. I've never kept rams before but I wanted to try my hand a breeding them. When I bought them they were smaller than I thought they would be and I thought it would be a few months before they were ready to spawn guess I was wrong. I have a vinegar eel culture ready to go once they start eating. I know rams usually eat eggs the first few spawns so im wondering if I should pull the eggs or leave them in with the parents?
  17. Are these things on the glass of my tank eggs? And are they CPD eggs? Fish in the tank are CPDs, guppies, neo shrimp, and kuhli loaches.
  18. I woke up this morning and looked into my quarantine tank and one of my medaka had two eggs stuck to her butt. Does this only happen when they're fertilized and will hatch? Should I do something? Will they eat their fry? I gave them a mop when I got them since I heard they liked plants to swim around in and I didn't have anything real ready.
  19. Have had my kribs for a few months now, in a 40G with some neon tetras, Khuli Loachs and hillstream locahes. The Kribs are definately in the mood, turning pink and dancing around each other. They also have a few caves etc that the female will sit in every now and then. But.....no fry. I have seen eggs, but pretty sure that they are not viable and have been dumped just outside the cave. Any thoughts? worried that the male is inferitle. He does not seem to go into the cave with the female, but does do all the dancing, shaking and what not!
  20. Hi all. I was lucky to catch these eggs hatching...
  21. My albino corydora laid eggs all over my 75 gallon tank and on the plants 3 days ago. Today I woke up and they look bloated. Is that fungus? I was not going to remove them initially and just let nature take its course so I did not get a breeder box. My tank is a 75 gallon heavily planted tank. I have Khuli loaches, hillstream loaches, Amanno/cherry shrimps, 2 African dwarf frogs, and of course albino cordyoras. If it is fungus, I assume I should remove the eggs which, might make it difficult to find all of them since they are all over the plants also. Thanks for any help!
  22. So my blue crayfish overnight laid eggs. I woke up and saw some eggs on the gravel floor and also some still attached to her she wasn't like this yesterday and I assume because they are not attached they are not fertile right? I read they are suppose to stay under her until they molt two times but this just happened overnight and they are already released.
  23. Hey everyone, My hillstream loaches just did some breeding for the first time, and I put a mesh cage over the eggs to keep the fish out, I did not see that snails were traped in at the time. I have ramshorn and pond snails, will they eat the fish eggs? Thanks!
  24. My male mystery snail and my female rabbit snail definitely mated and I wondered if that's okay? I know I can't do anything about it of course, but should I do anything, like move the male, or lower the tank water, and/or raise water temperature? They enjoy hanging out on the heater.
  25. Hi, all from the forum, Needing some advice as my Bolivian Ram laid eggs on the base of the tanks driftwood less than 20 minutes ago, It's the first time seeing the eggs so I'm not sure if they have been moving the eggs around the tank within the last couple of days or what - I didn't even notice any signs she (Queen Elizabeth) was pregnant 🤨 My question is as this will be my first time taking care of the fry, will my Bristlenose Catfish eat the eggs? Or will the Rams eat them? Will I need to remove them somewhere safe? I currently do not have any spare tanks until I purchase another one tomorrow......im freaking out 🥴
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