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  1. Hi folks. I recently acquired two honey gourami and while one is doing excellent, the other one seems to be having an issue that I can’t identify. She had a dorsal fin deformity when I got her and one gill seemed a little irritated, but it wasn’t concerning at the time. Behavior and appetite seem normal and she doesn’t appear to be getting picked on by anyone in the tank. However, her scales have been looking rough and I can’t pinpoint what’s going on. It has slowly progressed since I got her a couple of weeks ago. I tried treating with Prazi Pro early on and gave her a salt bath a couple nights ago, but haven’t seen any improvements. Tried my best to get decent photos of her, but she always hides when she spots my phone. 😩 Any advice is welcome. Parameters below: pH - 6.4 Nitrates - 0 Hardness - 25 Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 40 Water Temperature - 80F
  2. Now that I have a macro lens for my phone, I want to document the development of my honey gouramis from birth to their trip to the local fish store. To start, here’s Dad Fish, Parent of the Year, and Mom Fish, who’s very camera shy. These babies hatched yesterday. Unfortunately I forgot I wanted to do this and didn’t get pictures of the eggs. At this point I believe they’re about 36 hours old. They’re only very occasionally starting their little motors to swim for a short spurt. Mostly they’re just hanging. Lastly here’s Dad Fish trying to intimidate me. Instead he just looks derpy. (Don’t tell him I said that though!)
  3. Hey I'm pretty new to the aquarium hobby and I recently added 2 honey gourami to a 20 gallon long tank 2 days ago but they aren't interested in the flake food I have(tetracolor tropical flakes). I have seen them eat a few bloodworms but not too much. I was wonder what sort of other food brands are good for them or if they just need to get settled into the tank to be more comfortable eating? I've tried google but it wasn't really helpful and all the reviews for products were always mixed, was wondering if veteran honey gourami owners have any recommended food brands and some tips for newly added gouramis. Thank you guys in advanced!
  4. How long do you all find it takes to go from freshly hatched Honey Gourami fry to a sellable size? After a few tries I finally got a batch of fry onto their second week and they're really taking off now!
  5. Should I put one male and three females in the breeding tank or just a pair? Also I’m a bit confused on the infusoria thing. I have green water in my guppy tub. Do I just squirt some into the fry tank? How do I know if the micro critters are in the water?
  6. So last night, I found my male golden honey cozying up to my female sunset honey gourami and attempting to win her over. He built a nice, lovely bubble nest and everything! ... But of course she's having none of it so far, and all the ladies are currently clustered under the floating plants on the left side of the tank, resting, while he is in his breeding jacket all alone under the bubble nest. Will he ever impress a lady enough to win them over to his side of the tank? Stay tuned.
  7. Greetings! I currently have a 20 gallons planted community tank slightly overstocked : 1 honey gourami, 10 chili rasboras, 7ish corydoras (I sometimes see fry), maybe 5 otocinclus (haven’t seen them in a while, I have been away for 2 weeks). Few weeks ago I changed my filter and the behavior of my fishes changed. I don’t know if it’s the bubbles that the filter produced that enabled reproductive behavior in my honey gourami (bubble nest) and I never saw him actively harass my chili rasboras, but for weeks they stayed in a corner of the tank, swimming in place. It was also where the honey gourami would hang out and I rarely saw them swim away when he was coming. They don’t care about him/are not scared to come out and eat. Now, things seem to be back to normal, with my chili swimming pretty much all over the tank. I know honey gourami are social fish so I wanted to get him a girlfriend but I am afraid it will trigger aggression if they get into breeding mode and my chili rasboras will be back in a corner… What do you think? I don’t have much of a back up plan if things don’t work out with the femake - only place I could move her is a 10 gallons that has 7 green neon tetras.
  8. I've read honey gourami often do best in groups of at least 4. If this is the case, would I be better off with 2 males and 2 females, or 1 male and 3 females? Should they be added all at once, or should I start with a pair and then add later. And would 4 be reasonable in a planted 25 gallon with ample filtration, with 8-10 pygmy cory and 2 mystery snails? They would be the last fish added after first the snails, then the corydoras.
  9. I noticed these white spots on my gourami this morning. When I got home from work he looks to be bloated and having a hard time swimming. Does anybody have any idea what it could be. TIA
  10. These are the first gouramis I've had so not sure if this is normal but as you can see in the picture my one honey gourami is darkening below it's eye and on its fin beneath it's belly the other honey gourami I have is doing the same thing just not as much as this one is this normal? I read they may darken during mating is this what's happening, is that true? Sorry for the picture quality they were being very shy.
  11. Hi! I have 2 male Honey Gouramis in an 11 gallon planted tank with hides. The dominant male is a bit of a jerk and chases the other guy quite a bit. He hasn't nipped him, but I've seen him actually pin the other dude down and be very aggressive. Over the last couple of days, I noticed the non-dominant gourami has developed stress lines. I'm thinking of moving the less-dominant gourami to a 9 gallon Fluval Flex that currently only has a few endlers in it. Do you think the Honey's are ok as singles or would that stress them out even more?
  12. Hi all! @Hobbit, I've got a male honey gourami in nesting mode. So we picked up a small clump of red root floaters just for him. I don't have anything else floating in my tank. He has pretty much destored the floaters - I think! I hate to "accuse" him when I don't know for sure. 😬😉 He has moved, poked, prodded, chased and darted through the little clump until they are shredded. The red roots have turned dark, the leaves are separating & dropping to the bottom of the tank where the shrimp & snails have created on them. What floaters do you recommend for him & does this behavior sound normal? Alesha
  13. I brought home two honey gourami from the store yesterday and set them up in my quarantine tank. Plenty of hidey-holes, temp is 78 degrees Fahrenheit, added catappa leaves, treating with PraziPro first. Water parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates 5. One of them, my smaller honey, is perfectly inquisitive and happy, and it's also eating just fine. The other... Oof, I'm not sure. When it comes out and swims up, it seems okay. It's not breathing heavy. It kind of floated and swam at the surface underneath the catappa leaves for awhile. But it's also not eating and it's bottom-sitting for a portion of the day. By bottom-sitting, I mean lying on the substrate and looking half-dead until I disturb it. It will allow itself to lie against the substrate--maybe not fully sideways but curled against it. The colors are silvery on them both, but strangely enough, the one behaving this way is both the larger fish and the slightly brighter yellow fish. Both have a fading darker stripe down their middles. It's just that the recluse is lethargic. Everything I have searched for online regarding this behavior is telling me there might not be a good end for this little fish, which is a huge bummer. I'm not sure if there's anything I can treat because there's no visible symptoms aside from just lazy swimming and lying against the bottom. I do feel like this fish is probably not all that well, and I'm concerned it's beyond the normal shyness of a honey gourami. Thoughts? Should I be concerned about my more active buddy?
  14. So I have two honey gouramis, both of which I thought were female. Now I'm no longer sure. OR, at least, I'm absolutely sure the younger golden-type gourami is a female, but I'm no longer certain about my older wild-type. Does anyone know if two female gouramis will do the aggression/courtship/dominance dance beside one another, or is this only a phenomenon between two males or a courting pair? Because they did that just now, and I saw the aqua-tinted strip on the wild-type female's (?) lower fin darken. Is my wild type actually a male, not showing breeding colors because my female is too young??? Or are they still two females, lol?!
  15. I have 2 Honey Gourami's quarantining with my red wag platy fry currently I have treated them with the med trio in a 10g tank. So far they haven't been eating very much food I've tried Xtreme krill flake, bug bites spirulina and tropical flakes, rapashy Soilent green, frozen and freeze dried blood worms and frozen brine shrimp they may take bites but will usually spit the food out they seem to like the ez fry food but that's about it. Any foods I should try? Any go to bulletproof no way they won't eat this foods?
  16. At what age about can you reliably sex a honey gourami? Is this still too young to tell?
  17. Two honey gouramis!! I have no idea what the sexes are unfortunately ...
  18. My poor Honey Gourami has been pacing almost non-stop since I brought him home 3 weeks ago. Yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore and decided to get him a friend. SUCESS!!! The boys have been together nearly 24 hrs and the pacing stopped the minute I placed the bag in the tank. The aquarium is peaceful and it's a lot of fun watching them together. Phew! Now I think I need to get friend for my daughter's single boy.... 😬
  19. I brought a male Honey Gourami home 3 weeks ago and he seems to be having trouble settling down. Originally, I put him in a 9 gallon Fluval Flex with no tank mates. He seemed happy and curious the first day or so, and then started pacing the front of the tank almost non-stop. Probably 80% of the time he is pacing. After 3 weeks of watching him pace, I moved him last night to a 15 gallon flex where he has a small shoal of exclamation rasboras, 3 otocinclus and a Nerite as tank mates. He seemed excited about the new home until around noon today, when he started pacing again and hasn't stopped. The tank is established with good parameters and is planted with a heater. He is eating and seems healthy. I was under the impression that these guys could live without a friend. In fact my daughter has a single dude in her 10 gallon tank who seems quite happy with just his Corie friends. But I'm wondering if my guy needs a goirami friend to settle him down? Getting a bigger tank is not an option for me, so basically my options are 1) Get a friend for him 3) Put him back in the Flex 9 2) Rehome him Thanks for any advice!
  20. Finding all sorts of mixed information online on the topic. So, those of you who now have, or have had, both, are they safe together? Yay or nay? Do they work in certain types of setups and not others?
  21. This one isn’t as yellow as my other two, but still looks like a male possibly.
  22. Hi, I'm new to the hobby and am thinking of starting my first breeding project! I have a 160l (about 42 gal) community tank and lately one of my honey gourami have been building a bubble nest and I have seen the male "embracing" one of the females. I therefore went out and bought a 30l (about 8 gal) tank to set up as a breeding tank. I don’t want to leave it empty after, and was wondering if I set this up as a shrimp tank, could I use it as a breeding tank later on with the shrimp still in it? Could not find any good information on this online and am therefore hoping someone here have any experience with this. Any advice is much appreciated!
  23. Hi all, Yesterday I posted about my two gouramis not really enjoying one another's company. I will be removing the aggressor as soon as my second tank has fully cycled. In the meantime, I am keeping an eye on them. While I was watching, I noticed the fish that was getting chased cornered the chaser and they were in this position for a solid 10 seconds. No movement, just pressed up against each other. They did that two or three times. I don't know that much about fish behavior so every weird thing like this is an opportunity to learn. But my goodness what are they doing here?
  24. I have a 20 gallons, planted. it’s currently stocked with a honey gourami and 7 false julii corydoras. I will be getting a female honey gourami and probably 5 otocinclus because algeas drive me nuts - I don’t have much but my snails are ignoring my anubias 😖 can I still get a small school of 6-8 fishes or will I be too overstocked? I do 30% WC per week and have s HOB filter as well as a sponge filter. I am looking for something a bit out of the ordinary but still not too hard to find.
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