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  1. I recently merged 2x 29g tanks into one 75g and just before I transferred my breeding pair of BN plecos, I noticed the male was SUPER bloated in his belly. The pics are before and after, but I don’t have a great one of him inflated. I tried giving him a shelled pea (a common remedy for constipation) but he’s not interested thus far. I’ve read dozens of blog and forum posts about salt being helpful but also dangerous for scale-less species. Many suggest halving the dose but few say what a safe dose is. If I was going to treat him in a 5 gallon hospital tank, how much salt, how often, and how long? Thanks.
  2. hello... I am a beginner fish owner, and I have no idea what I am doing!! This pleco was going to get thrown in the trash so instead I kept it, and the plan was to give it to petco or somewhere they would take it and have proper care for it. But because covid that isn’t the case. So now this pleco has a bubble infected thing on his belly and I have no idea what to do!!! And has brown spots in its mouth and I don’t know if that’s normal... If you can please help me figure out how to get rid of it and make my pleco better, it would be so appreciated!
  3. As has happened before my Super Red Bristlenose plecos have kicked the eggs out of their cave, so the kicked out eggs have been moved to an external breeder box to finish maturing. I've got about fifty eggs in this batch and papa pleco is already guarding a new clutch of eggs in the cave, so I guess he decided these were mature enough to survive on their own outside the cave. The eggs are pretty far along as you can see the backbone and fairly well developed babies in the eggs. They're probably a day or two from hatching. They've got six caves in the tank but really like one more than the rest and always seem to breed in that one. I'm guessing another male dispossessed the male that was in there and tossed his eggs out and then brought in his lady friend to lay fresh eggs. Not a big deal. The eggs are in good shape and should hatch in the external breeder box and I'll raise them there until they're big enough to rejoin the group. These guys are so easy to breed and so prolific that I truly wonder why their prices are so high. Out of the fiftyish eggs, I should get 30+ plecos, maybe more. This is probably the fifth breeding of this colony since April. Most of the time I just leave the babies in the tank and the swordtails pick off most of the young fry as I don't need a gazillion of them, but these will get raised externally. I've got 30+ of the Super Red Bristlenose plecos in my 50 gallon tank and two or three in most of my other tanks. Local pet shops sell them for $30-$40 each which is kind of crazy given how prolific and easy to raise they are. The parents are from catfishtown on eBay. I got them August 2019 and they started breeding in April 2020. I'd like to get a breeding colony in each of my tanks. They're a pretty neat little fish.
  4. I found a local breeder at the Tropical fish swap meet today in the Quadcities and I landed the L33and I nabbed an L139 Columbian
  5. hey all! been super busy with work and haven’t had much of a chance to get on here the last couple months. i have some bristlenose plecos in my goldfish tank that breed pretty regularly. the eggs/fry never survive cause of all the other catfish and goldies. my super red male has been fanning the last week or so and when i just checked, there were wigglers that somehow survived at a decent size. im worried they may be too big to siphon out with a standard baster but removing the cave isnt really an option since it is buried video dad keeps blocking the cave so i cant get a good photo. id appreciate any advice! the babies are large enough to show color, id say 1/8-1/6 of an inch in range it’s hard to gauge from the small glimpses i get.
  6. I had 7 plecos about 2 inches long. 4 in one tank and 3 in an adjacent tank both with guppies. I have been feeding them algae wafers and cholla wood. This morning I went to feed and 6 of them were dead, floating on he surface with their stomachs looking like they were eaten away. Wha could have happened? The guppies are all fine and the remaining pleco appears fine! What do I do?
  7. We had no idea last February that our two Bristlenose were male and female. We've had around 20 babies survive, ranging in age from 5-6 months to 8 weeks old now, housed in our 75G community tank. Our LFS said they'd take some of the older ones in exchange for store credit. I tried to net them but they are soooo fast!! What is the best way to catch them?
  8. parker p


    have some normal coler bristle nose pleco wild morph was woundering if i was to breed them how much could i expect rufly at sellable size
  9. Does anyone know the ideal and acceptable range of water parameters for breeding L397s? Hardness, PH, temp. I'm curious if I've got mid to high 7s PH and hard water if it's worth trying. Thanks, Matt
  10. Hi all and happy holidays! My plecos have spawned and I’m guessing it was on Dec 20th, as I found a few eggs kicked out of a cave my pleco is now guarding. I scooped up the discarded eggs and put them in a breeder box. The hatched on the 24th. However there’s no sign of the baby plecos in the coconut cave. The coconut has a hole at the top so I assumed a few daring babies would have escaped. The male is still guarding the cave, since December 20th. Question: should I let him do his thing or should I intervene and open up the coconut cave and see what’s going on? This is their first spawn and I’m worried the male is fanning a bunch of nonfertile eggs. Also since he is on daddy duty he hasn’t eaten since the 20th, and I know he’s gotta be hungry. Thanks in advance for advice.
  11. best food for wood eating pleco that is not wood is there anything else that i can use to shake up the diet
  12. bought a little less then an inch bristle nose and she has defently doubled in size in the past month and she has defently bulked up
  13. will pleco eat a red flame sword i do know that pleco atleast some of them like to eat other types of sword plants like the amazon sword for example
  14. Wanted to share my experience using Expel-P to treat for Camallanus. This is only my experience and it is very limited to this one time use with very few fish exposed to the product, but I thought some people might be interested to know the outcome. I recently bought an adult male long-fin BN Pleco from a large on-line retailer. He arrived ok, but with fin-rot and a lot of ammonia in the shipping bag. I quarantined in a tub (quarantine tank temporarily in use to grow out a group of Angelfish) with a cycled filter and heater. I used ParaCleanse & Maracyn during quarantine. Pleco did well in quarantine. I moved him to my 90 gallon planted low-tech aquascape containing 3 Corydoras, 1 half-dollar sized Angelfish and a small handful of pond snails. Two hours after I turned him loose in the tank I stopped to look at him on the glass. That's when I saw something red protruding from his vent. I picked up my reading glasses and identified what appeared to me to be Camallanus. I ordered Excel-P and kept confirming the presence of the parasite in the vent over the few days it took for the de-wormer to arrive. I left him in the tank and treated the entire 90 gallons. I followed the instructions on the box for the 1 dose and the parasite was gone from the Pleco's vent when I observed him on the glass the next day after treatment and I performed the water change per instructions. Other tank mates were normal and active. Unfortunately, all the pond snails lived (drats). I don't keep shrimp. Instructions say to treat an additional time a week later. I did not do this because I wanted to see if they will show up again. I'm 2 weeks out from treatment and I've not observed any Camallanus so far on the Pleco or the Angelfish (I can't see the vents on the Corydoras to say one way or the other), but all fish and snails continue to appear well.
  15. Hi guys I bought this pleco at a Petsmart 6 months ago when it was barely an inch long. I figured that I would be able to ID it by now as it grew but I am kinda at a loss. Anybody have an idea what kind of pleco I have? Its hard for me to get any better pictures not showing his belly, hopefully these are good enough.
  16. Can someone identify this fish for me? Thanks!
  17. After quarantine I added pleco in main tank for Christmas. Along with 6 more corys.
  18. will wood eating plecos have a visual effect on wood(bite marks or just areas you can tell they were eating a)?
  19. Hello! Can anyone tell me if I should be concerned about this white spot above my plecos eye? Behavior hasn’t changed, eats very well. I just noticed the spot today.
  20. I have not had luck with bristlenose plecos. I'm looking for another breed that stays under 6 inches that is hardy. What type best fits these traits?
  21. Hi everyone, am just setting up a mega flex I got for my birthday over a year ago. Haven't had an aquarium for 18 years so a bit out of touch. Just going to put together a community setup and wondered if I can house 4 or 5 dwarf chain loach with a bristlenose ? Thanks from New Zealand
  22. I knows it’s early but if any of you pros out there want to weigh in I’m all ears. It’s just under 3”. Looking to rehome the fish and would like to be as descriptive as possible. Thanks!
  23. Hello, I bought this Pleco off Petco a few months ago, I have since forgotten what species it is. Can someone tell me what species you think it is. I do recall its max size was less then 7 - 8 inches. I thought it was called a butterfly Pleco or Salfin Pleco but the images look similar to me . Thank you.
  24. Is there a secret to feeding Xtreme Sinking Wafers? I have had no luck getting my Bristlenose plecos to eat these. I have the parents and over a hundred growouts in a tank together, and the Xtreme Sinking Wafers are the last food eaten in the tank. The plecos love French cut green beans, zucchini, Hikari Algae Wafers, and any leftovers from the other fish. I am going to move on to another sinking food or go back to Hikari if I cannot get the plecos to eat these more readily.
  25. So here’s the situation. My new albino bristlenose pleco arrives tomorrow (yaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!) but I’m already running thee separate tanks so I’ve used up all my heaters. ☹️ I have a 2.5 gallon bowl that I’ve set up with a seeded sponge filter and gravel+plants from my other tanks. The problem is the only way I have to heat it is to use the incandescent bulb I got for my brine shrimp hatchery. Of course if I’m using the bulb to heat the water, I’m going to need to leave the light on 24/7. That seems like it would be stressful for the poor guy, even though he does have a cave. The house is set at 71 and I bet I could convince the hubby to nudge it up to 72 for a week. The bowl is sitting on the floor of our kitchen under the barstool area, not near any windows or external walls. So what would you all suggest? The constant heat and constant light, or just letting the bowl be at room temperature? I also have a red bulb that gets really hot (it’s for raising chicks). Would the red light be less stressful than white light? Thanks in advance!
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