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About Me

  1. Hi! if you haven't read it, go read my introduction. This journal will attempt to continue where I left off there. I'm currently running four aquariums, all freshwater planted. These photos were all taken today on my Galaxy S7 ( my wife's iphone shots look so much better! ). First up is my living room 75 gallon. Substrate is Safe-T-Sorb. The aquascape in here was pretty much "drop in some cholla and let's see what happens when it sinks." I kind of like the haphazard nature of it. As the java ferns grow, I'll add some more to the back wall. Still dealing with an excess of organics in the water from the recent riparium conversion, which is a second reason the plants are mostly in the foreground. I recently added a heater as we noticed that we were only getting female guppy babies and internet research indicated that at 72 degrees that is the likely result. We're now running at 79 degrees, so hoping we'll see some cool mutts soon! I just saw one 1/2" fry that has an all black tail, so maybe a male?! The glass lids were a project from this past weekend. I salvaged a window on craigslist and disassembled it, then cut the glass for the lids. I should get quite a few lids for future tanks as it was double pane. The rock wall background was a DIY project in 2014. It is 2 inch foam painted with tinted drylock. At the time, I figured it would last a couple years maybe, and I didn't spend a ton of time on it. Well here it is 7 years later and its still in perfect condition! I'd really love for the cory cats to spawn in this tank. I'll probably try to breed them intentionally at some point, but I don't know if I am ready for fry that small yet. There are some snails in here, including a couple bladder snails and some fairly large malaysian trumpet snails in the 1 inch range.
  2. Howdy Nerms! I am just wondering. I have several Bristlenose plecos sitting on eggs. What is the best practice? Should I leave them with the male or pull them to hatch them in an egg tumbler? I am very successful using the ziss egg tumbler with pleco eggs in the past. Many thanks, Ted K
  3. Starting out with some plecos. Just a bunch in a 55 gallon with some platties. A short video. Other plecos in the house are super reds and some king tigers (very shy).
  4. Hello! I'm having the hardest time trying to find out what kind of longfin bristlenose pleco this is. Any help is much appreciated! Also if you have any tips on identifying fish please leave them below! Thanks! -Scott L.
  5. Hello all, I’ve noticed these yellowish spots on 2 of my 5 bristlenose plecos. 1 has a spot on its tail, 2nd is on the side of the others head. Any idea what they could be? Thanks! 0 ammonia and nitrite, 20 nitrate, 7.5 ph, 260 ppm, 150 gh, 100 kh. 80F
  6. I bought some plecos (two groups from two different shipments) at my favorite LFS and they were sold as "New Ranger" Plecos (Pterygoplichthys sp.). Supposedly they stay under 6". First off, they are gorgeous fish and I love watching them, but I am wary about them being undescribed. It is possible they end up being P. weberi (Ranger Pleco) or worse P. punctatus (Imperial Ranger Pleco). The New Ranger, Ranger and Imperial Ranger juveniles look very similar so it could be easy to mixed them up, especially when they are wild caught. They've definitely varied in growth rate, but I believe that could be because a few had internal parasites inhibiting their absorption of nutrients. They all just finished a round of Paracleanse so hopefully the smaller babies will catch up. Also, the first group of 4 I got are smaller than the second set of 6 that I got from a different shipment, Does anyone have any insight on these plecos? I did see one Co-Op unboxing where these we part of the shipment and I've heard of them showing up on stock lists recently. My hope is that I was given correct information by my LFS who has been around for 30 years, but I'm afraid I will have 10 monsters on my hands in a year or two!
  7. Bought this from my LFS but both were the same price so I picked one I like. Is it a Leopard Frog Pleco or a King Tiger pleco?
  8. Hello all, I am seeking some advice on what I might have going on in my 40 gallon breeder. Stocked are 6 baby bristlenose plecos, a trio of guppies, and a lot of shrimp. My male guppy started clamping his dorsal and tail fin, but neither of the females were. Upon a closer look into the tank I noticed one of my plecos has a piece of its tail missing plus a dot on the dorsal fin. So far I’ve pulled the guppy out and put him in a QT tank. Any suggestions are appreciated pH-7.2 Nitrates-10 Hardness-250ish Nitrite-0 Ammonia-0 KH/Buffer-80 Water Temperature-80
  9. Hello everyone , i bought this gold nugget pleco online about a month ago he is wild caught and about 3 inch's long, He has now been in my 55 gallon for a few weeks and has been doing well until this morning he was pale and covered in white patches and not moving very much ,he is still breathing . ALL water parameters are good and i just did a water change, added an extra air stone and increased the temperature from 78 to 80. I also put some different veg near him as im not sure if hes eating i have been feeding him algae and carnivore wafers and recently got rapshie soilent green. Any advice would be appreciated Thank you
  10. hi! i recently got a gold nugget pleco, and i wanted to feed it a natural(ish) diet to keep the pleco well fed. currently he/ she is eating hikari pleco wafers but any idea how i can culture periplankton for food, or any recipes for diy gel food? thanks!
  11. Would love to add one of these beauties, Can they thrive in cooler temperatures 74-75 degrees?
  12. Hey! Question 1 I can't have a fish room inside, as we're renting and don't have permission for anything but nano tanks. I'm planning on getting a tub to breed something like madaka ricefish in. I've been reading The Tub Pond Handbook by Ted Coletti - he doesn't really recommend airstones or sponge filters, but I think I'd feel better with that. I don't have any outside plugs, and would have to run an extension cord in order to have an airpump, is air worth it to jury-rig something? Someone posted how they macgyvered a solar panel to a USB pump, but the more I ponder on that I'm not sure I can do it since I'm planning on my tubs getting only morning sun. Question 2 I'm really interested in breeding plecos - I think they're a super fun fish, but I don't know if they can breed in tubs outside. All the videos I've seen are inside tanks, so I'm not sure conditions outside are for this species. Recommendations? Any general recommendations for breeding fish in tubs is appreciated. I've re-watched a lot of videos by Ryo Watanabe and anytime Cory and Dean mention tubs in their videos. I live in Utah, we're getting record drought and beating heat records already, so if there are tips to stay water-wise, I'd appreciate it.
  13. As has happened before my Super Red Bristlenose plecos have kicked the eggs out of their cave, so the kicked out eggs have been moved to an external breeder box to finish maturing. I've got about fifty eggs in this batch and papa pleco is already guarding a new clutch of eggs in the cave, so I guess he decided these were mature enough to survive on their own outside the cave. The eggs are pretty far along as you can see the backbone and fairly well developed babies in the eggs. They're probably a day or two from hatching. They've got six caves in the tank but really like one more than the rest and always seem to breed in that one. I'm guessing another male dispossessed the male that was in there and tossed his eggs out and then brought in his lady friend to lay fresh eggs. Not a big deal. The eggs are in good shape and should hatch in the external breeder box and I'll raise them there until they're big enough to rejoin the group. These guys are so easy to breed and so prolific that I truly wonder why their prices are so high. Out of the fiftyish eggs, I should get 30+ plecos, maybe more. This is probably the fifth breeding of this colony since April. Most of the time I just leave the babies in the tank and the swordtails pick off most of the young fry as I don't need a gazillion of them, but these will get raised externally. I've got 30+ of the Super Red Bristlenose plecos in my 50 gallon tank and two or three in most of my other tanks. Local pet shops sell them for $30-$40 each which is kind of crazy given how prolific and easy to raise they are. The parents are from catfishtown on eBay. I got them August 2019 and they started breeding in April 2020. I'd like to get a breeding colony in each of my tanks. They're a pretty neat little fish.
  14. I will cut to the chase. How do you deal with all the waste a pleco produces? When I was treating my tank for ich, I actually sort of enjoyed it because the daily water changes meant I could gravel val and clean up the poop for the day. There is lots of poop. Maybe I am putting the blame on the plecos when it's a combination of everyone in the tank (but the poop all looks like it came from the pleco who leaves droppings in all his favorite places to hang out). But goodness gracious me, there is so much poop. My 29 gallon tank with more fish doesn't look this poopy between my weekly water changes. This 75 looks very poopy and I last gravel vaccd on Wednesday. If there a trick to dealing with it? Or am I just going to have to let go and deal with it?
  15. can regular bristlenose plecos breed with albino bristlenose plecos? thanks!
  16. Title asks it all. Is this ich on my fish? Pictures are from today and Tuesday. I am devastated. I obviously can't take back my pleco if I have ich-y fish so that puts a wrench in things. I think I spotted a couple of white dots on the pleco too. Can I treat my entire 75 gallon tank? I just have two acaras, two ropefish, and the one pleco.
  17. I think I have made a poor decision. This past Saturday I went to a store three hours from where I live to buy 2 rope fish. While there I expressed that I wanted to get some other fish to go in the tank, especially an algae eater. The guy at the store recommended a pleco for me. I told him what size my tank was (75g) and he showed me this very handsome sailfin marbled pleco. He told me it would get to be 8-10" so I said sure. This guy knows what he's talking about. I decided I would buy repashy for him after reading corys article about plecos and how they really won't thrive on algae and algae wafers alone but made the solid point to find out what specifically my type of pleco eats. I never found out because the first thing I saw on the first page I looked at was "max length 1 foot 6 inches". Excuse me what? I checked other pages. 18 inches? These guys get almost double the length I was told and they need probably 100, 125 gallon tank. What! I don't think my house (husband) can handle another even larger tank to support that size. Do I return this fish? I don't want this guy to be miserable and stressed because he isn't in a large enough enclosure. If I *do* return him, how do I transport him comfortably for a three hour ride back to the store? Thanks everyone
  18. Hi Need some help. I have about 30 pleco fry (a week since I removed from their dad and cave) in a Ziss EZ Breeder Box BL-3 (purchased from COOP). Love it. Unfortunately EZ Breeder is not in tank I want to use to raise fry. I tried to transfer them with a net but they are attached to walls on breeder and won't cooperate. Any ideas? I watched a video on YouTube that suggested using a turkey baster (also purchased from COOP and useful for cleanup). Afraid I'd hurt fry using baster. Frustrated. Vince
  19. I went by my LFS for my normal trip for restocking water treatments, frozen-foods, and other supplies and this beauty caught my eye.
  20. We went a little overboard at the LFS yesterday (I'm hoping to post pictures soon). We got two albino bristlenose plecos among other new friends. I already have soilent green, Wondering which repashy food with the pleco on the cover I should get. lol. (Ideally, it would be something that would be good for the plecos and that I ciould feed to habrosus corydoras.) We will also be providing drift wood and cholla wood for the plecos.
  21. What are the effects of carpeting an aquarium on corydoras, bristlenose plecos and kuhli loaches?
  22. Major ammonia issue. A week ago, Wednesday, a kid I was babysitting overnight tossed about 1/4 cup of baby brine shrimp (which may of been dead as I was planning on tossing them) into 2 of my tanks. I found out Thursday when it spiked presumably from die off. 1 tank has 7 juvenile Lemon BNs & 5 Ember tetras The 2nd tank has 2 juvenile L333 2.5", 5 young phantom tetra, 2 German rams and 3 rescued oto. Since then both tanks got a 50% wc initially and have been doing 20-30% almost daily plus Prime daily. I've also added Pristine or Fritz bacteria on wc . I'm not seeing much of a difference yet. Ammonia still around 2-4 in both tanks.. I've removed rocks vacuuming under them, tap rinsed my sponges & intake on the HOBs. Added a 2nd sponge into the Bn tank too. Sunday, I noticed ich spots on 2 bn and an ember. I've focused on the ich issue in that tank entirely and continued daily wc. Luckily the other tank is ich free and also has had daily 25% changes. Other levels nitrite 0, nitrate 5, Ph 6.6 I'm mentally exhausted on what else to do. (On the bright side ich is clearing up.)
  23. I moved my common pleco to a larger tank four weeks ago. He was alone before for a long time. He occasionally did some fast turning in the past but not a lot of flopping around. Now he's smacking the lid of the tank many times a day. He never did this before. The other tank had a black hood, this has a glass flat lid. Our water is very soft (I will address that shortly) but the other numbers are good. He sticks to the glass sometimes, as usual, but also does that leap face-first straight up. He used to come to the surface when I dropped in some flakes, but no longer does this. He sometimes grabbed his algae wafers and carried them around eating them, but does not do this now. I add a pinch of flake in the morning and give him his wafer at night. His companions now are three mollies. Is this normal? Was his generally placid behavior in the past NOT normal? I've had this guy for maybe eight years. I'm concerned. Also on edge bc his leaping is startling me.
  24. Hello, just looking for a little insight on a rather unusual question. Everyday during my afternoon feeding I check my l333 , supers reds and l494 caves for eggs. Well today while doing the checks. I shined my light in on a 494 cave and wouldn't you know it I just interrupted a trapping. Needless to say I think I spoiled the whole event because I checked back later and the female was out of the cave and male was still in it without any eggs. Now to my questions A. Will they attempt again in the next 24/48 hours or is it completely random? B. I was under the impression they always spawned at night, granted I keep that tank fairly dim. But other tank lights and such make the fish visible. I’m curious because I’ve never caught any of my plecos in the act and now I’m going to be far more carful with lighting them up.
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