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  1. Figured it was time to throw together a post of some projects going on in my fish room. Right now I've got more tanks than projects as I thinned out some of my previous projects right before COVID as I had plans and then... Well the pandemic hit, wasn't able to go out and get new species, shipping was all over the place and unreliable for live stuff, and things kinda just maintained from there. Now things are able to be shipped and my LFS's are getting things in I've cleaned up the open tanks and am planning on some remodeling of the room to save on power and consolidate; specifically an air loop. As for what I'm currently keeping and breeding/working on breeding here is a list: - Neocardina Sp. Red Sakuras Orange Sakuras Blue Diamonds Green Jade (waiting on them to arrive actually) - Snails Yellow Rabbit Snails (Tylomelania sp.) Black Rabbit Snails (Tylomelania sp.) Pagoda Snails (B. Pagodula) - Panda Garras (G. Flavatra) Some previous projects included: - Moth Catfish (H. Jerdoni) - Peacock Gudgeons (T. Ocellicauda) - Farlowellas (F. Acus) - Ancistrus Sp. Super Reds Blue Eyed Calicos - Medusa Plecos - L034 (A. Ranunculus) - Clown Plecos - L103 (P. Maccus) Figure a thread is useless without current pictures. Here are a few of the shrimp and snails tanks and one of the three 40's that have been cleaned up and waiting for new projects. Sorry in advance for potato phone pictures.
  2. I’ve been keeping fish off and on nearly 30 years (hence the name Atitagain) never had more than 2 tanks until now. Now that I’ve done some actual research and learned some important facts about aquariums, like what the nitrogen cycle is and that I need to do more maintenance than topping off the water when it gets low. I finally figured out why I couldn’t keep fish alive except Oscars that always seemed to get to big for the 29 and 55G tanks I would keep them in. After about a five year gap between tanks my wife bought me a 60G tank for Christmas in 2019. I had been watching a lot of YouTube videos about fish keeping for around 3 months before x-mas and she thought it would be a good idea to hook me up.Little did she know what it would start. African cichlids was what I always was interested in and after mixing mbuna and peacocks I soon talked her into another tank. Another 60G to flank each side of ourTV. Got interested in breeding ACs and it was almost like a tidal wave: 4-20G, 2-10G, 2-55G, a 75G then someone gave me a 29G. I was so hooked, had tanks all over the house and wanted more. Finally got a Linear Piston Air Pump and took over the living room. We moved to a new house about 3 months ago and I got a fish room 😃and a 125G. Never thought I’d be able to accomplish anything close to this. The joy and amazement I feel is overwhelming sometimes. This hobby has brought so much peace to my life.
  3. We have been working on our new fish room for the past several months and thought we would share a little of the build with everyone. I'll update this thread as we go along and include individual tanks and the other walls as well. Rack System: 1-5/8" Pre-Galvanized Unistrut, 1/2" Hardware and 1/2" Plywood for the aquariums to sit on. Air: Central air system that loops through out each row of aquariums and throughout the room. Filtration: HMF Lighting: Fluval 3.0 Top Row Aquariums: (10) 10G & (1) 20L . Middle Row: (5) 20H & (2) 40B. Bottom Row: (2) 120G & (1) 60 Cube. Electrical: Each row is protected by (1) GFCI, has multiple quad outlets above the aquariums and is in PVC conduit & bell boxes. Substrate: Black Diamond Blasting Sand except for the snail breeding aquariums, they have crushed coral. All bottoms and sides of the aquariums are painted black. All aquariums but the dedicated snail breeding aquariums have plants. Several years ago when our kids started moving out we had begun a different fish room. We had it going for about a year and Michelle's mom moved in with us so out it went but the below photos are what it looked like. It was no where near the size of what we are building now. A couple of more kids moved out and fast forward to last year and we started out with a rack and a hand full of 10G aquariums. Well that didn't last long and we went full on into building a fish room. Below is the bottom row rack portion being built for the aquariums to sit on. We had planned on doing 30XH but we couldn't get them so we opted for 60G cubed in the middle of the 120G. Here is my wife painting the 1/2" plywood that all of the aquariums sit on. The following photos are of the progress made (when I remembered to take photos.) Our grandson had to make sure that Pawpaw's measurements were correct :). Here we are putting in the air valves, we installed (2) valves for each 10G & 20H. The 20L and 40B got (4) valves each. We are planning on a fry system on this short wall above the return vent. We are planning to run double air pumps and we have each wall & air pump to where a valve can shut off the air flow so that we can keep air going while working on different sections / pumps. We are finally installing aquariums! We had the bottom row aquariums delivered today and a 180G for the center piece on the other wall. If you have any questions please ask and we will do our best to answer them and we will keep updating this thread as we go.
  4. Hey everyone, first post here and very excited to get started. I’m contemplating what rack system I will use for my upcoming fish room. For context, I will be moving soon into a small apartment (not sure which floor yet) and want to dedicate a wall to my future aquariums. I’m wanting a display rack with room for a couple of 29’s on top with a mix of 20L’s and smaller tanks under. Lastly, I have no desire for dozens of tanks, probably 10 max. Here is what I’m looking for in a pre built rack: * Top priority is, obviously, a rack that can support the weight of multiple tanks. Max aquarium size I’d keep on it is 29’s (so about 300lb per tank max?) * For dimensions, either 30” x 18” or, ideally, 60” x 18”. It’d be nice to have room side by side and get a cohesive look rather than a bunch of separate individual racks. * The option to split the rack into 2 shorter racks is appealing. I’m pretty short so for ease I’d like to keep it to just 3 tanks high If possible. I’d love to hear what everyone thinks is a good rack option! Space will be limited so I need something that fits my needs just right 😃. Right now I’m looking at a lot of Muscle Racks and will link my favorites below. 36”x18”x72” - worried about weight capacity https://www.menards.com/main/storage-organization/garage-outdoor-organizers/freestanding-shelving-units/muscle-rack-trade-60w-x-72h-x-18d-5-shelf-metal-freestanding-shelving-unit/ur-60b/p-1444429587361.htm 36”x24”x72” - too deep but fits weight https://www.lowes.com/pd/edsal-Muscle-Rack-24-in-D-x-60-in-W-x-78-in-H-5-Tier-Steel-Freestanding-Shelving-Unit/1000556511
  5. I guess it will officially be considered a fishroom after this is installed. I can't add anymore tanks until I upgraded to a central air system. This should do nicely for a while.
  6. I am getting ready to start my fishroom build in the house we moved into about a year ago. In all honesty it is for now really going to be a rack and it is in the laundry room but I am putting in a lot of the infrastructure and have plans on how it will expand in the future. to start off I have shot a video on a custom overflow solution that was designed and suggested to my by @Dean’s Fishroom. It's an exciting option that will make servicing my 10 gallons super easy. I'll be following this post in the thread with photos of the current space, drafted plans of the rack and systems and then progress on the build.
  7. Feeding BBS every night to the fishroom was starting to get laborious using a pipette. The first thing I did to cut time was to stopping rinsing BBS after hatching and I've seen no difference in my tanks, never going back to rinsing haha. I wanted something that was one handed operation and didn't drip on the floor. I could use a small pitcher but I wanted more control and be able to feed quicker than pouring. I settled on trying these no-drip, bottom dispensing, squeeze bottles. I think these are what Subway uses for their dressing as well. I've been using them for a couple weeks now. I'm pretty happy with the performance. I fill the bottle directly from my Ziss Hatchery. I can open a lid with one hand, squeeze a good shot of BBS with the bottle and move right to the next tank. Cleaning is easy, I simply fill it with tap water, give it a good shake, squeeze some clean water through the tip and dump out the rest.
  8. This is gonna be my spot to sort of update my buildout. I’m moving into my first ever apartment at the beginning of August and will be setting everything back up. I have 2 bristlenose plecos, 3 pea puffers, and a few tummy nose tetras at my parents house for now that they will be shipping me once I’ve got the tanks setup. In storage rn I have a 20long, a 10 gallon, and a 5 gallon. I’m thinking of putting everyone I have right now in the 20long and getting an alien betta for the 5 or using it to quarantine a few new puffs for the 20. The 10 gallon I could also use to quarantine the new puffs but I want it eventually to become a mantis shrimp tank (saltwater). Any advice on shipping fish or what you would do would be great. I have limits on how many tanks I can have setup so whatever I do will be limited to that.
  9. So...I went and did a thing...Ta-Da!! No I didn't build it. Silly. I did buy it! And it came with this...Ta-Da!! Fishroom-in-training!!! Obviously, this is not going to be as grand as Cory's Urban Fish Farm, but I have a few tricks planned that I think will be special and interesting. Also I expect this to be an unfortunately LOOONG, SLOOW process, so hopefully I do not lose everyone by dropping this here and then dissappearing for long stretches. Very, very to be continued...
  10. Got a new 55g last night! Currently having my trusty HOB filter clean out all the crud. After that, just gonna use a sponge filter. I will be moving my stock in the 20g long below into the 55g when it's ready. I'm gonna test the TopFin stock lights to see if it will grow Water Wisteria and some other easier plants though I don't have high hopes. Stocking will be 6 Neon Swordtails 1 Gold Gourami 8 Tiger Barbs Possibly 1 Golden Wonder Killifish And likely more down the road! The substrate and plants will also be moved as well though most plants will likely spread to other tanks, not the new 55g. The main focus for this 55g is for my Crinum Calamistratum and I highly doubt these lights will do well for it. I plan on getting Finnex Stingray when I can and because of that, the Crinum will stay in a tank with proper lighting until then, not risking my favorite! I'll be putting Black Sand in the 20g long and going for a neocardinia shrimp colony, specifically blue coloration. I have now beaten my record for a maximum of 5 tanks 10 years ago, 6 tanks now!
  11. I have just moved and now that storage isn't an issue I have been granted permission to do a fish room in the basement storage room. To do that, I'm requesting some thoughts from the nerm experts on a few things I'm struggling with. First up is shelving. I was originally going to buy a heavy duty storage rack but I now think I can use some existing built in wooden shelves that are already down here. Here is a pic. I believe I will need to reenforce it in the middle and on the ends. Does anyone see issues with it working though assuming I reenforce well? I will put a row of 20's on top and 10s on the bottom. Next is water. I've got plumbing as seen in pic but no utility sink, which I need. Question for you fish plumbers. Can you run a utility sink that is only handling fish water into a floor drain or does it need to get tied into to sewer plumbing? My final issue is heating. Luckily I like a lot of cool water fish but I see no way to heat the room given its size (1k sq ft) and enclosing the fish portion isn't an option yet (maybe down the road). I've got two vents that are open but even with that, it doesn't stay warm enough to keep my tanks above the mid 60s. Don't know about summer temps yet. Is there any way to heat multiple tanks more efficiently than individual heaters as needed? For water I will be doing a python system assuming I get the sink figured out. Eventually I will do a dechlorinated filter system maybe with RO with overflows into a sump bucket that I can tie my sewer system or take outside to a holding tub for watering the garden. Would love any thoughts on how best to handle things and thoughts on my issues. Thanks all.
  12. What a fantastic forum. I reached out about electrical and became aware of so many things I hadn’t considered. Thanks guys! Planning phase of my small fish room somewhere in the neighborhood of 6x8 to 8x8. Heating will be done by a single 1500 watt radiant oil heater and room will be insulated to the teeth. My question is about ventilation and humidity. if every tank has a TIGHT fitted polycarbonate lid will I still experience evap/humidity? Is it ok to cover a tank completely or does that disrupt gas exchange? secondly, will I have to exhaust and ventilate the room or can I depend on a dehumidifier to manage moisture? It’s a partitioned room in my detach shop, so whatever “escapes” won’t be too much of a concern. do I need a fan or would a simple side vent suffice? Will venting ruin my attempt to keep a stable temp? this is a lot to unravel. I appreciate any feedback or considerations!
  13. Newbie here just build my first fish room.This forum is awesome hope to learn a lot of knowledge from this forum
  14. Evening everyone. I'd like to introduce you to my "fish room". Why the quotes? Well.... So far I have a total of 31 tanks ranging from 5 to 150 gallons.They are located in the back side of my basement living room. What this "room" does not have is water, or a drain, or walls dividing it from the rest of the living room, which means internal heaters. All that being said, I'm pumped that I finally have the layout organized, the heavy tanks moved, and some free space in my garage again! I will detail each tank as part of this slow tour but more than happy to answer any questions you have along the way. These pictures will give you an idea of the scope of my MTS! 20 longs on top, 40 breeders middle, 33L and 10 gallon on the bottom. My acrylic 150 gallon (60" x 24" x 24") still working on scape but the rainbow shiners and hillstream Loaches are enjoying it. 50 lowboy top, 75 middle and 33L bottom with some other smaller tanks where they could fit. 50 Low bow on top. Currently two 40 breeders but prepped for a 5' 150 gallon tank when I can find one.
  15. I need some insulation advice for my 8x8 fish room I’m framing into my garage. when it comes to insulating the walls will it matter if the insulation is faced or not? Additionally I understand heat rises so the emphasis should be on managing the insulation in the ceiling but should I over shoot the recommendation for my area on the R value on the walls or would I be wasting my money? For the ceiling I have the same question, faced or not? Would I be making a mistake in finishing the room with foam board rather than drywall to effectively increase my r value. 1/2 inch foam board has 4 times the r value and is much easier to work with. I understand this Isn’t code but I’m trying to have as much forethought before I start building. if i was to finish the room with foam board would that stop my room from allowing moisture to escape? I plan on having a tight lid with only a hole drilled for each aquarium and running a dehumidifier. I don’t want to rot my room . any feedback would be great, please help me with my ignorance. Thanks!
  16. I don't think I quite have a post like this, but thought I'd share it. I'm in the middle of redoing my fishroom/office (Officially named the Offish). Here's a few terrible attempts at panorama pics.. The rack my plan is 4 20g on top, 3 20g in middle and 1 10g, and 4 10g on the bottom. Heres my Youtube of it:
  17. Hi all, I'll be moving in the coming months, and one of the things I plan on doing is finally setting up my first proper fish room/nook. Yay! For now, I have my 6 tanks just all sporadically placed around my house, and it's rather cumbersome dealing with maintenance all over and hauling my water bucket up and down stairs. I'm wanting to ask you all what should I be most considering in this first fish room? Of course, I won't be going all out and modeling it after Cory's current one, but I also would like to make sure to put some effort into making maintenance more convenient. What are your suggestions for must haves or things to implement when setting it up? Certainly, I'm thinking I'll setup an air system. What about an auto-water change system—would that be overboard for a first-timer's smallish fish room? It'll be a mix of just personal tanks, as well as breeding tanks for my local fish stores. I'll also be adding a few more tanks beyond the 6 I have now, but I suppose I don't want to go too far right off the bat, and put in more than I can handle. I haven't yet decided on what I want to do for racks, but I'm guessing I'll likely end up buying storage racks over building my own. Anything I'm clearly missing or didn't mention? Thanks for your input!
  18. Spent most of today making updates to my office/fish room and wanted to share it with people who might appreciate. lets start with the completely new rack (or rather, cleaned off of junk and repurposed.) Every tank on this rack is new! I was aiming for a Yin/Yang thing with the layout of the top display shelves, where as the bottom are pure utility tanks for my guppy breeding program, and a hospital tank I keep empty till needed. (I keep several extra cycled sponge filters around, just in case) The 5 gal has a pour spout for easy water changes (thank Dean!) and the 3 gal plastic containers are light enough I can pick them up for water changes. Now to the top tanks individually. The two smaller 2.5 gal are for neo's (I love and breed them. A local shop is opening and asked me to breed a steady supply of my Blue Diamonds for him, so I got the 2.5's to separate particularly high quality shrimp for closer monitored breeding, and I REALLY like the look of them together like this) (Please pardon the NTS in the white tank, just got done planting so there are a lot of fine sand particles still floating around.) Then on the top right we have our new 10g Pea Puffer tank! Some of you may remember the saga of my ailing pea puffer that brought me here in the first place! We got them re-homed to a new 10g (only planned on 1 originally, long story you can find in the "disease" section. Was my first post) We also added what we HOPE is a 2nd female today, but only time will tell because this one is TINY. IF it turns out to be a boy he can take the 5 gal on my desk and we will re-shuffle around tanks and look to adopt another female. Finally we have my "Mutt" guppy tank. I have 2 guppy breeding programs up and running, and this is where the COOL looking mutant male from both projects go. I may be trying to make my own line soon with the green guppies from this tank. Like a "Santa-Clause" but green and maybe with black swirls. TBH though, I have another empty 10 waiting in the wings, I think I may it with black sand, move the Mutt tank to my wife's desk in the living room, and use that space to breed pygmy Cory. We will see what my wife wants to do with that 10 though. (The one fake plant is because I can't currently afford real plants to fill that space, and I still wanted to give the little guys cover... I hate them and will be getting probably something like pogo ASAP.) So, that's it for the new rack. Now for my desk! Here I have the 5.5 Rimless that was my first, a rinky dink tiny .75 gal thing that they advertised as a "beta habitat" which I have repurposed as a GREAT black worm farm, as well as a good snail gut loading chamber. The worms and snails don't bother each other, and I feed them both spirulina, which is GREAT for fish, but but most fish wont eat it. Also happens to be great for the worms and snails as well. Lastly I have a little 1.5 gal I got for free (also probably meant to be a beta torture device) that I use for a tiny shrimp breeding project (Some of my blue diamonds throw off PAINTED FIRE RED offspring. The under shell is still SUPER dark blue, but the over shell has patches of "painted" fire red... I want to see what comes of breeding them together for a few gen.) Everything has a sponge filter, even the worm farm. The 1.5 gal also has some kind of xs mechanical filter I've never seen before, so extra filt for those shrimp I guess? Close up on my 5.5, currently my most recent grow out set of baby gupps. Lastly, the 2nd to bottom shelf of the shelf my computer tower, fish room fridge, and little storage cabinmate I use for fish supplies goes. Also what I now know is called "deck pond" but I called "micro pond" when I was thinking up the idea while standing in the gardening section at Costco.. Each tank individually, this is my MAIN neo breeding tank. It also has some Pygmy Cory who are just chillin here till I get the new 10 setup and shuffle the guppy's out to the main room, and a loan female rainbow fish who is waiting for her new friends to come in the mail.... (seriously un-named online fish retailer... I ordered Tuesday of last week, and you cant blame the weather I have been checking every day and picked "next day" shipping at checkout and payed more than the fish to get it.............) who will go to my 5.5 as a species only tank once they get here. The baby guppies are just there because I wanted to watch them instead of an empty tank) Next over to the right is the main guppy breeding colony. I'm trying for "Santa Claus" and I'm getting closer every gen. I also use this to collect my cull shrimp before I send them off. Need to bag some up soon, getting to be WAY too many of them now. This next ten is just kind of an "over flow" tank at the moment. I have maybe the worlds friendliest betta in there who GENUINELY seems to like to hang out with other fish. Found this out by accident when I had to float a bag in his tank for a bit while dealing with other stuff and he didn't flare at them at all, I sometime swims with the guppy's we have in there (male breeding stock for my next gen in the pond, ill explain when we get there) oh, also this is kind of the main bladder snail farm of the puffers now as well. Jet (the Betta) does occasionally eat a small one, but I dont begrudge him a few and I think they are good for him. He used to live alone in the 5.5, he seems to have more energy and be happier in the 10 with other fish, the main guppy colony next door in visual range. He flairs at the males in the OTHER tank occasionally, so I may have to consider moving HIM back to the 5.5 and putting the rainbow fish alone in the 10. Time will tell. And last my "deck pond", which I am using for my main Koi Guppy breeding program. I may have said this before, but I don't like what are generally called "Koi Guppy" because, to me, they don't look anything like the koi I like. I like the Calico spotted ones the best, So, I am 3 Generations deep in this project, and ALREADY I have orange spots on white bodies!!! Next I will try for black and spots as well, then to stabilize the colors and the spots and let the patterns to WILD!!! I'm breeding them to be viewed from above like koi, so this format works out best I think. Not sure why, but we seem to be hung up at gen 3. I haven't lost any fish, and everything SEEMs fine, but I haven't got any new babies in about 2 months now. Well, i guess that's it now... My office has been transformed into a REAL fish room and I'm tickled pink about it. It's been slowly been gaining this "Ghetto Gallery" feel about it, and it's one hell of a place to drink coffee in the morning or work on my "mindfulness meditation" Thanks for joining me on this little photo tour. Ill probably try to update it from time to time like a photo journal I suppose. Would love to hear what anybody else thinks or has to say about it.
  19. My partner and I are a freshwater aquarium obsessed COUPLE. Yeah, you read that right. We both love keeping fish, which means in our household it’s double the hobby, double the tanks, and double the opinions on water changes. Over the past year we have outgrown our downtown apartment and have purchased a new home. Which means an epic fish apartment move and a new 842 sq ft basement dedicated to this amazing hobby. We have a closing date range of mid-Sept to October, so naturally all we care about is getting our current tanks moved and building out the new fish space. I am hoping to share this journey with you all by providing updates as they happen. We are true Nerms that are balancing full time jobs and other responsibilities, but always find our hands in a fish tank (or a few fishtanks) at the end of the day. -NeoNerd
  20. Hello fellow fish enthusiasts and journalists! Over the next several months I'll be purchasing a home with a large basement room that will house my entire fishkeeping hobby. A contractor will be adding water access and a drain to the space in May/June and I'll be making a lot of decisions about shelving, number and size of tanks, an air flow system, lighting, and most importantly a big water quality issue (which may require setting up a RO/DI system. I'm hoping to get feedback and ideas along the way, as well as critiques and answering any questions about why in the heck I made the choices I made. I imagine there will be many orders made to Aquarium Co-Op before all is said and done so you'll see familiar products in as I get under way. Starting in the next few days I'll post pictures of the space, a little background about how my dad used it before, and share some of my ideas. Come and join the Fishdude on this exciting (and expensive) journey!
  21. My detached shop has a 15 amp breaker from my panel off to it. I’m hammering out details for a small fish room. plan on running a 1500 watt oil heater, not sure on the actual consumption or how high I will need to run in a small room that’s 8x8 or smaller. Any idea what peak would be? additionally a linear piston air pump that’s about 45 watts and maybe 200 watts in total of cheap led fixtures. With the occasional submersible pump for water changes. will I need more watts? Can I just run a 20 off my breaker and run another line? What about a extension cord underground to supplement maybe just the lights and pump then put the heater or dehumidifier on the 15. ive even considered running a solar panel or two or even a solar tube or two for lighting. This is something of a budget build.
  22. Hi all been a member for 10 months never posted this is my first post I'm from Glasgow Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 just started getting my fish into my new fish room bare in mind it's my garage lol made all the tank by myself as work for a glass company so glass wasn't a issue. what do you guys think 👍
  23. Having the day off... this was suggested by a couple Forum members - @Patrick_G and @ARMYVET - so I’m sharing just for fun here. This is a one-take, non-prepared mini fishroom tour. I spend just over a minute per tank on average. My Rainbow Shiner tank is at work, so it’s not here. Nothing very professional or profound. Just a NERM and some tanks...
  24. Got my fish room air system running. It is definitely overpowered until I get more tanks going (in progress). I'm having trouble with the air bleeding it is super loud. I know as I get more tanks it will help be less of an issue. What have yall done to quiet the air bleed part? I got an air compressor muffler thing off Amazon, so nothing special. But the air is kind of high pitched sound. Another thing I have a hard time getting the right pressure balance for the aquarium co-op sponges but my normal sponges work marvelous.
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