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  1. So...I went and did a thing...Ta-Da!! No I didn't build it. Silly. I did buy it! And it came with this...Ta-Da!! Fishroom-in-training!!! Obviously, this is not going to be as grand as Cory's Urban Fish Farm, but I have a few tricks planned that I think will be special and interesting. Also I expect this to be an unfortunately LOOONG, SLOOW process, so hopefully I do not lose everyone by dropping this here and then dissappearing for long stretches. Very, very to be continued...
  2. This is gonna be my spot to sort of update my buildout. I’m moving into my first ever apartment at the beginning of August and will be setting everything back up. I have 2 bristlenose plecos, 3 pea puffers, and a few tummy nose tetras at my parents house for now that they will be shipping me once I’ve got the tanks setup. In storage rn I have a 20long, a 10 gallon, and a 5 gallon. I’m thinking of putting everyone I have right now in the 20long and getting an alien betta for the 5 or using it to quarantine a few new puffs for the 20. The 10 gallon I could also use to quarantine the new puffs but I want it eventually to become a mantis shrimp tank (saltwater). Any advice on shipping fish or what you would do would be great. I have limits on how many tanks I can have setup so whatever I do will be limited to that.
  3. I didn't see anything against putting this one in here in the guidelines but if it is I do apologize; Its pretty much a COOP fishroom all the plants and planters, easy green, dry foods and the towel on the TV as an easter egg. I figured I would share my link with the fish family it was a really fun time up here on the mountain and you can see what my current set ups are. I had no idea anyone would want to visit my room and was humbled to be asked. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to best collect the floating African Butterfly Fish eggs once we get to breeding sizes in the colony? I have recently found a few articles that the Hairy puffers cave spawn and exhibit parental care normally so am less concerned about getting from egg to free swimming with them. v/r Matt
  4. I am getting ready to start my fishroom build in the house we moved into about a year ago. In all honesty it is for now really going to be a rack and it is in the laundry room but I am putting in a lot of the infrastructure and have plans on how it will expand in the future. to start off I have shot a video on a custom overflow solution that was designed and suggested to my by @Dean’s Fishroom. It's an exciting option that will make servicing my 10 gallons super easy. I'll be following this post in the thread with photos of the current space, drafted plans of the rack and systems and then progress on the build.
  5. Hi everyone, I thought I would share some photos of my fishroom that has been under construction for the last 14 months. Also thank you to aquarium coop and Cory and Dean for many inspirational ideas.
  6. Hello fellow fish enthusiasts and journalists! Over the next several months I'll be purchasing a home with a large basement room that will house my entire fishkeeping hobby. A contractor will be adding water access and a drain to the space in May/June and I'll be making a lot of decisions about shelving, number and size of tanks, an air flow system, lighting, and most importantly a big water quality issue (which may require setting up a RO/DI system. I'm hoping to get feedback and ideas along the way, as well as critiques and answering any questions about why in the heck I made the choices I made. I imagine there will be many orders made to Aquarium Co-Op before all is said and done so you'll see familiar products in as I get under way. Starting in the next few days I'll post pictures of the space, a little background about how my dad used it before, and share some of my ideas. Come and join the Fishdude on this exciting (and expensive) journey!
  7. Hi all, I'll be moving in the coming months, and one of the things I plan on doing is finally setting up my first proper fish room/nook. Yay! For now, I have my 6 tanks just all sporadically placed around my house, and it's rather cumbersome dealing with maintenance all over and hauling my water bucket up and down stairs. I'm wanting to ask you all what should I be most considering in this first fish room? Of course, I won't be going all out and modeling it after Cory's current one, but I also would like to make sure to put some effort into making maintenance more convenient. What are your suggestions for must haves or things to implement when setting it up? Certainly, I'm thinking I'll setup an air system. What about an auto-water change system—would that be overboard for a first-timer's smallish fish room? It'll be a mix of just personal tanks, as well as breeding tanks for my local fish stores. I'll also be adding a few more tanks beyond the 6 I have now, but I suppose I don't want to go too far right off the bat, and put in more than I can handle. I haven't yet decided on what I want to do for racks, but I'm guessing I'll likely end up buying storage racks over building my own. Anything I'm clearly missing or didn't mention? Thanks for your input!
  8. We have been working on our new fish room for the past several months and thought we would share a little of the build with everyone. I'll update this thread as we go along and include individual tanks and the other walls as well. Rack System: 1-5/8" Pre-Galvanized Unistrut, 1/2" Hardware and 1/2" Plywood for the aquariums to sit on. Air: Central air system that loops through out each row of aquariums and throughout the room. Filtration: HMF Lighting: Fluval 3.0 Top Row Aquariums: (10) 10G & (1) 20L . Middle Row: (5) 20H & (2) 40B. Bottom Row: (2) 120G & (1) 60 Cube. Electrical: Each row is protected by (1) GFCI, has multiple quad outlets above the aquariums and is in PVC conduit & bell boxes. Substrate: Black Diamond Blasting Sand except for the snail breeding aquariums, they have crushed coral. All bottoms and sides of the aquariums are painted black. All aquariums but the dedicated snail breeding aquariums have plants. Several years ago when our kids started moving out we had begun a different fish room. We had it going for about a year and Michelle's mom moved in with us so out it went but the below photos are what it looked like. It was no where near the size of what we are building now. A couple of more kids moved out and fast forward to last year and we started out with a rack and a hand full of 10G aquariums. Well that didn't last long and we went full on into building a fish room. Below is the bottom row rack portion being built for the aquariums to sit on. We had planned on doing 30XH but we couldn't get them so we opted for 60G cubed in the middle of the 120G. Here is my wife painting the 1/2" plywood that all of the aquariums sit on. The following photos are of the progress made (when I remembered to take photos.) Our grandson had to make sure that Pawpaw's measurements were correct :). Here we are putting in the air valves, we installed (2) valves for each 10G & 20H. The 20L and 40B got (4) valves each. We are planning on a fry system on this short wall above the return vent. We are planning to run double air pumps and we have each wall & air pump to where a valve can shut off the air flow so that we can keep air going while working on different sections / pumps. We are finally installing aquariums! We had the bottom row aquariums delivered today and a 180G for the center piece on the other wall. If you have any questions please ask and we will do our best to answer them and we will keep updating this thread as we go.
  9. I stumbled on this fella while searching for ideas on building a fish “gallery” ... holy cow this is incredible! Like an underground laboratory. The plumbing and cable management is a work of art, and applicable to fresh water.
  10. It has four walls now I can call it a fishroom right? What started earlier this year as a single rack of tanks, my nerm-side got the best of me. My desire to expand and add more tanks came from two things. That 40B is now a thriving Guppy colony and I'd like to try line breeding some of the color strains. The second thing was wanting to heat the room not, relying completely on individual heaters. Being in northern PA and the tanks being in the basement it can easily dip into the low the 60's (F) down there. I started in late September with the Dollar Per Gallon sale getting the tanks I wanted. Six 10s, two 20Hs, and two 5.5s. I like painting the bottoms black for a cleaner look. I prefer having bare bottom tanks for easier maintenance. I have also noticed less algae growth on the bottoms of the tanks that are painted black. I use Gloss Black Rust-oleum Enamel Paint. Next step was to enclose the area where the tanks are. They sit in a corner of my basement so I only have to make two walls. I like building simply and effectively to reach my goals. To enclose the tanks I made a framework using 1x2 furring strips and 1/2" styrofoam panels as insulation. After that I needed to move the 40B and the shelf it was on. I did that by draining it to about 3 inches of water. Lifting the shelf enough to get furniture sliders under each leg and sliding it out of the way. I used a Nano USB pump and airstone to keep the water moving for the day while I prepared the new rack. I also added some insulating panels to the wall to keep the heat in the room. Once I had the 3/4" plywood cut and painted for the bottom shelf I leveled the rack. I was then able to move the 40B to its new location. To move it, I drained another inch or so water from it and had someone help slide if off the old shelf onto the new one. It wasn't as sketchy as I was fearing, not as heavy either with a bag of eco-complete and little water. I refilled it immediately and didn't lose any fish in the process. Next since the major construction was done I added heavy vinyl curtains to act as doors. Then I placed the new tanks on the rack and got the heater running to get in dialed in. I will still run the individual heaters in the tanks until I'm confident the room will stay warm enough. I added the warning label for any visitors. I added thermometers around the room to monitor the temperature. I picked up a full 4x8 foot sheet of 1/8" thick glass from a local shop to begin making lids. I have the shop cut the sheet in half to fit it in the back of my truck. Once home I set up a work table in the garage on sawhorses, carefully slid the glass out and begin making the cuts I need. I like making the lid opening 5" wide and clipping the corners for the airline heater cord to enter. Lighting next, for that I use all 36" Finnex Stingray lights. Had a small issue mounting them under the shelf as there is metal supports in the way. I made some quick spacers out of scrap wood and used Kreg jig to make pocket screw holes for mounting them. It worked great and I could finally see easier having the lights installed. All the lights on both racks are controlled by a single Kasa wifi timer. Really the last thing left to do is layout and install the air system, connecting it to my first rack. The air system on the first rack is run off a Linear Piston Pump the same one sold by ACO. I use 3/4" pvc and #10-32 tapped plastic airline valves. I like those because they can be used for both air and water. I mocked up the loop on the front of the rack to get the measurements required. I'm using 3/4" barbs and vinyl tubing to connect this loop to the original one. Once laid out, I took everything apart to drill and tap the holes. Dean's tip of using a piece of tape to make a straight line is excellent for lining up your marks along the pipe. I like to use an automatic center punch as well to mark the holes and prevent the drill bit from wandering when starting the hole. Nice and in line. Both air loops now tied together. With the air in I was able to trim and install the mattenfilters in the new tanks. I found its really nice to cut the foam using hot foam cutting pen. While rearranging everything I did lose a lot of storage space. I was however to clean out some old junk and boxes and fit all the my supplies into bins under each rack. I did fit a small plastic shelf in between the racks for some additional storage. This morning I finally filled all the tanks and got them running. I already have some new fish in the rack, some Red & Blue Colombian Tetras. They came into my LFS and I set up one tank this week to house them. Without the mattenfilter cycled yet I added cycled sponge filter into the tank. I realize this a quick breakdown of how I expanded into a fishroom so please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to adding to this thread all future breeding projects and builds.
  11. Hello, Does anyone have experience with the industrial style racking for a fishroom? I will be building a fishroom this year. The room is in my outbuilding with sprayfoam insulation. I am building a smaller room inside the outbuilding for a man cave/fishroom. The room is a little over 16x16. Concrete floors with a couple of floor drains. Originally, I was going to fill that 16x16 room with wall to wall tanks! But I have come to my senses and I am going to limit myself to one wall with an auto water change system. My fish interest goes sky high during the spring and summer and falls to nonexistent once fall comes back around and my outdoor hobbies start up. So since I am sticking to one wall, the metal shelving seems to give the most flexibility and space. But I worry about the sturdiness. So far, the wall will contain: (2) 125g (6) 40 breeder (9) 20 gallon (or 15's if I can find them).
  12. We may tell our fish "I don't have favorites, I love you all the same" But lets be honest, you have a favorite. Lets see the favorit fish that you own. Mine is my koi angelfish. He was actually sold to me as a panda angel, but then later found out he was a koi angel. He was one of the first fish I got, and he quickly became my favorite. He's the one that got me LOVING angelfish.
  13. I got tired of clearing my standard sink drain strainer of plant leaves. This is the simple solution I came up with. Its a wire mesh desk organizer held above the sink bottom by a wooden stick. I dump my bucket of siphoned aquarium water into it, then knock the leaves it catches into the trash pail. Maybe this will help someone. 🙂
  14. I have just moved and now that storage isn't an issue I have been granted permission to do a fish room in the basement storage room. To do that, I'm requesting some thoughts from the nerm experts on a few things I'm struggling with. First up is shelving. I was originally going to buy a heavy duty storage rack but I now think I can use some existing built in wooden shelves that are already down here. Here is a pic. I believe I will need to reenforce it in the middle and on the ends. Does anyone see issues with it working though assuming I reenforce well? I will put a row of 20's on top and 10s on the bottom. Next is water. I've got plumbing as seen in pic but no utility sink, which I need. Question for you fish plumbers. Can you run a utility sink that is only handling fish water into a floor drain or does it need to get tied into to sewer plumbing? My final issue is heating. Luckily I like a lot of cool water fish but I see no way to heat the room given its size (1k sq ft) and enclosing the fish portion isn't an option yet (maybe down the road). I've got two vents that are open but even with that, it doesn't stay warm enough to keep my tanks above the mid 60s. Don't know about summer temps yet. Is there any way to heat multiple tanks more efficiently than individual heaters as needed? For water I will be doing a python system assuming I get the sink figured out. Eventually I will do a dechlorinated filter system maybe with RO with overflows into a sump bucket that I can tie my sewer system or take outside to a holding tub for watering the garden. Would love any thoughts on how best to handle things and thoughts on my issues. Thanks all.
  15. Hi everyone my name is Logan I’m 16 and I just started a YouTube channel and for Christmas my parents are letting me build a fish room and was just wondering if anyone had any tips to make the room better have a good day
  16. I'm excited to share the progress I'm making in expanding my fish room. At our old house I had a tank in almost every room, but I've downsized and am trying to keep the tanks I'm running on the smaller size so that I can house more species and am able to spend more time admiring them, rather than maintaining. The 29 houses a school of neons, a small group of sterbai corys (5), as well as some otos and amanos. My goals for this tank are to really have the plants take off and have a more jungle look. I'm happy enough with the stocking and certainly don't want to be overstocked so I don't plan to add any more fish, though if I did I would add more of the same species. On the desk I have a 5 g marineland betta tank with a few mismatch shrimp. On the shelf is a 5 g fluval edge which currently only houses blue dream neocaridina shrimp. I plan to add a trio of clown kilis as soon as I am able to source them. Next to the 5g is the 12 g edge, which I removed the top from and disregarded the base and back stand. It is currently empty and I am trying to decide what to house in it. Currently I'm toying with the idea of chilli rasboras, habrosus corys, and yellow rice shrimp. Alternatively, I've always wanted to keep CPDs but haven't thought through the rest of the stocking there. Finally, I have another 5 g edge that has a stand to the left of the sofa (out of frame). It is also empty, and I'm going to hold off on it for a while to really figure out what I want in there, lots of ideas, but just not settled on anything yet. I'm open to any and all feedback, especially constructive criticism! I'm hoping to continue keeping this space my little meditative haven.
  17. I know the rule is put your air pump above your tank, but I've never done that. It is below the electrical socket, however. Was doing a water exchange so turned everything off, including the air pump. I took a bit longer than usual (got interrupted) there was enough time for the water to slowly leak back down the air hose in the pump. Needless to say, I soon had a puddle of water leaking out of my air pump. BTW, an air pump isn't strong enough to push all that water back up the tube. Neither is a human blowing into the tube as hard a he can. Fortunately I had a backup air pump so I cleared the hose, hooked up the new one, and threw away the old one cause it finally croaked soon after. And, luckily, wifey wasn't home so she is none the wiser of the giant puddle of aquarium water I had on the floor! Seriously, though, lesson learned. Keep the air pump running since you're not draining the rank entirely. Or pinch off the hose or disconnect it. Ideally the pump should literally be above your tank so water can't somehow run down into it and possibly cause an electrical fire. Second dumbest was moving to a different apartment in my college days. Was carrying my 10 gallon down the stairs with fish still in it an turned into the stair rail and broke the side. Fortunately I tilted it quick enough to keep fish and enough water in the tank and dumped the whole thing in a cooler to keep them alive. Bought new aquarium the next day and moved all the gravel and remaining water to the new tank so I didn't have try and do a whole new cycle. And somehow the fish all survived despite all the stress. Worst water change ever!
  18. I have a 75g community tank and find that I am accounting for all 40 of my fish several times a day. I’m devastated whenever one goes missing (I think I crushed one of my corydoras yesterday moving my hard scape 😩 can’t find #6 anywhere). Please tell me that more experienced I am, the less I will be counting and obsessing over my fish!
  19. Hi, my landlord wants to paint my ceiling. I’m concerned that it might be dangerous for my fish. I can’t move the tanks out. Any thoughts?
  20. Hi everyone! Going to try out this journal thing. I currently have a Home Depot rack with 11 tanks on it. I drilled the tanks and ran a drain to a sump pump in another room, and I have a linear piston air pump powering them. I fill a 32g trash can with tap water and Prime for water changes. Here's what it looks like: The things I'd like to improve upon by building a fish room: I'm powering the entire rack (4 lights, 9 tank heaters, 1 AquaClear) with a single 15A non-GFCI outlet, and there isn't another outlet nearby. So I'm going to carefully plan outlet locations/breakers/GFCI/etc. In addition to the tank heaters, I have an electric oil heater warming the room to 75, but the room is pretty large, and includes a stairwell to the first floor. Ideally I'll be able to heat a smaller room to a consistent temp, and do away with most of the in-tank heaters. I'm going to plan an automatic water change system, so this is a good opportunity to incorporate that. I'd like to add a sink, so that I can do things like rinse test tubes or make brine shrimp without running up and down the steps. I have an idea to do 2 separate lighting circuits, so that I can have much lower brightness lights on for longer during the day without growing a lot of algae. I'd also like to make the room a lot brighter overall. More tanks! I'm already running out of room, so I'd like to plan for at least 40-50 tanks, but will likely start closer to 20-25. And probably wishful thinking, but I think I can keep the room more organized if I plan storage/etc better. This part of our basement is naturally split by a support column, I-beam, and soffit for HVAC ducts. These make the ceiling pretty low, but I think I can make it up with thin shelving and spreading out a bit more. Here are the dimensions I'm planning on: The bottom wall will be new, and that door will be the entry door. The right door goes to storage and our HVAC system. The top door is a thin room with our electrical panel, water heater, and oil tank. I'm hoping I can fit a ~75-100g water tote in there. Here's the space after draping some plastic: And the other side where the fish rack currently is: I spent last weekend framing it out and installing a door. Here's what it looks like now: This was my first time using steel studs. They're really great! You can carry 10 through a house under one arm, they cut easily with metal shears, and the room wasn't covered in sawdust when I was done. They were also about the same price as wood 2x4s. I chose them because the other basement walls were already steel studs, and some suggested that basements use metal instead of wood framing due to moisture. I had to get creative with keeping the existing drain and air PVC functional: Next up is electrical! Hoping to find some time this weekend to wire outlets and install new breakers.
  21. Here's mine. I set it up to grow out a couple leaves of salvinia that came mixed into some frogbit I got from another hobbyist. Then I added a pot with a stem plant that didn't do well in my 29hex and I was down to 1 stem of so I needed to grow and propagate it. Then I added another that came as a clipping in a bag of shrimp. Then then my corys started spawning so I added substrate and built a rock formation so the babies would like it better. I decided to take all the hydrocotyle tripartita out of my hex and didn't want to get rid off all of it so some got added along with all the Christmas moss and extra windelov java fern I pulled out when I redid my hex. Then the cryptocoryne undulata red I replaced the hydrocotyle with took off like crazy and I had to remove some from my so that went in. Then I got a cryptocoryne flamingo tissue culture and half went in here while the other half went in my hex. But to make room for the flamingo in my hex I had to remove a piece of wood covered in Windelov Java Fern so that went in and more undulata red so I potted it and put that in. Then my wife went into the basement one day and asked when we got another tank. Oh and at some point I moved all the salvinia to my hex and put frogbit in this tank. This was never supposed to be a permanent tank but I really like it now.
  22. I am setting up my filtered fresh water system to my new multi-tank rack . Right now I am using a Senninger 25 PSI pressure reducer for 3/4" line pressure (about 50psi according to the gauge) to 1/4" irrigation lines running to the tank. At 25 PSI it is coming out way to fast unless I have multiple valves open. Only thing is I want the ability to fill just one tank at a time too. They also have 10 and 15 PSI reducers. I am interested if anyone has any experience or advice setting up these systems. Thanks in advance! My system (pressure reducers at bottom):
  23. Hello everyone, My name is Cruz and I am from the Metro-Detroit area. I am new to the coop forum and wanted to introduce myself and show off my fish room currently! A little bit about myself, I am currently a junior in college pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering some of my hobbies include the obvious fish keeping, sailing, flying rc planes, and working on my cars! I got into fish keeping a little over four years ago and as it happens to most of us is started with one tank and and is now up to 30+ throughout my house. My focus has mainly been breeding livebearers (guppies, swordtails, and limia) as well as shrimp (various different colors of Caridina and Neocaridina) but I have many other types of fish. I would just like to thank the Fishtube youtubers for some of the inspiration in my tanks and fish room and for what they do to promote the hobby itself including; Cory from Aquarium Co-op, Rob from Flip Aquatics, and Bob from Steenfott Aquatics. In addition to Fishtube there are many individuals from the Motor City Aquarium Society that have helped me. I look forward to enjoying the help I receive from others and the advice I can give to others on this forum!
  24. Sooooo many wires. How do you organize them? Any photos you would share? I'm being careful to include drip loops. How do you dress your mess? Currently my power supplies are on the lower shelves of the aquarium stands. All of my tanks are in my living areas. I could hang the strips from the wall behind the tanks and count on my tank backdrops to help hide them, I suppose. But they would be harder to reach when I want to turn off the filters and heaters for water changes. Is it safe to bundle up the wires and use twist ties or zip ties ? Is it safe to zig zag the wires into a bunch (like they come with a new item)? Any suggestions? Thanks
  25. With the cessation of regular fish club auctions, our tanks have really filled up with various fry raised for our club's Breeders Award Program. We sell some to our local fish stores, but there comes a limit to that. Shipping is tricky in the cold . . . and December is just insane with package deliveries. So for now, we're just enjoying watching our fish grow.
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