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  1. I would say no. Once one of the fish seem to have it, assume all the fish have it. Without the fish, I believe the parasite can linger far longer than most if not die at all. That is because its larval stage feeds on crustaceans until it can reach a host. I would medicate the tank, wait 2-3 days, vacuum the substrate vigorously, and repeat. There are more specific details on other forums and from other people.
  2. That's a bummer, Scarlets never ate the packaged food for me so lucky you! If you go with the 5 ish fish, I wouldn't be surprised at a blood shed, but also make it heavily planted/ scaped to break the line of sight for them.
  3. Well I'm going to start off and suggest not ordering these fish online if possible. In my area, they are pretty common with shipments every week. My experience with Scarlets were pretty easy going, I kept it in a nano aquarium with a couple endless guppies. It was not aggressive and added a ton of color to the tank. I never fed it live food because 1: that's a ton of work for a single tiny fish, and 2: the natural microorganisms throughout the tank were plentiful for it to thrive. If you do want to keep more than one, expect some sparing between them but with 10gs I wouldn't expect much. As for breeding, good luck! Finding a female has been impossible!!!!
  4. Thank you so much for the advice, the funny thing is that I have a kit for my main tanks and never even thought about it for this one. I do the basic heater, api meds, filter, and air pump. I find it is wayyyy easier to prevent an illness than cure it, so the kit just sits there until a friend needs it lol. Thanks again, I will be ordering a month before I leave.
  5. I have a very very young female powder blue gourami going solo with tons of stem plants and caves made of wood. 🙂
  6. Hello everybody, In the upcoming months, I will be moving off to college with my 5.5 gallon tank. I do not know if the dorms have a stable temperature environment and I can say the ambient temperature will NOT be enough to keep it warm. In a perfect scenario, the heater would be fully submersible, small, and safe. Please let me know of any recommendations, I've tried the 5w and 25w heaters from aqueon= absolutely trash. I don't know if I should go out and purchase the 50w submersible (aqueon) due to the high wattage. A lot of the smaller heaters seem to have some consistent issues of under heating and over heating, that is why I have come to here 🙂 Thank you!
  7. Hey everybody! Over the years, I have found some fish act abnormally to their common descriptions. For me, I have had friendly bettas to devil guppies. I wanted to make this post to show my puffer's latest hobby and hear other people's experiences/ stories. Bob the schoutedeni puffer is a semi aggressive fish. When he first came home with me, he did not bother the plants nor the other fish. Now days he's a pair of scissors in the water, cutting plants like a gardener with an over grown shrub. The weird thing is, he only snips plants that are either crypts or vals, he leaves all other plants alone. You can see him being proud of his leaf mess. I know the red plant isn't a crypt or val, the pleco managed to uproot it. Please share your stories of funny behavior from your fish, I would love to hear them!
  8. Summary: Spotted Congo Puffers should not be housed with fish you're willing to lose I've had my puffer for awhile now. Absolutely wonderful fish except when he goes on frequent rampages. Tons of sites and videos say that these fish are friendly compared to most other species of puffers. I wanted to believe that this was true. While at first he was a good tank mate, over the years he has become more aggressive even with more space and eye breaking points. Listen when I tell you, puffers are like dogs that you cannot train. So far my puffer has nipped countless fish and caused way too many gruesome deaths. I have lost too many fish that had sentimental value, I wanted to believe they were just dying of old age and consumed by the other fish. But today was the last straw, he snuck up on one of the fish with his eyes locked on, devoured her stomach almost in an instant, leaving the rest to die. I will not be posting photos of the damage as it is not valuable to the education part of this post. I will include a picture of the serial killer. If you have/ had similar experiences with this fish or if you have any funny stories , please let me know 🙂
  9. Hello there, so far it sounds like you have taken strong action against the parasites which is great. As far as I know, Anubias and java ferns can tolerate no light for around 4 days. I think the raised temp and meds would be sufficient, but maybe tone down/ turn off the lights for awhile. When I had an outbreak awhile ago, I took out the few plants and treated them separately, I did this so that when I didn't have the lights on, sunlight didn't reach the plants either (plus the parasites can't live that long without a host, 7-10 days with high temps and low light, I did 14 to be safe). As for things you can help the fish, do not add salt, people will say salt can help fish with velvet, while that is true, plecos and barbs will not cope well with that treatment. Make sure you have removed any carbon from your filtration as that will remove the meds, and to finish the treatment fully. Just because it isn't on the fish, doesn't mean it isn't in the substrate. When all is done, do a deep substrate cleaning to remove the dead parasites from the water. If you go with a total blackout, 4 days should be the max in my opinion, Anubias and java fern are basically bomb proof though so you can probably get away with longer. Good luck!
  10. I am also fairly new to tetras, but I've had a pretty good experience with them so far. If you're worried, you could put it in a different tank where you can control it's food, it might be constipated so you could give it a smashed unshelled pea and fast for a couple days. To me though, your fish looks a little chunky but not really concerning, my guess that it's a little piggie or it's egg bound. Do note that neon tetras can have some defects and this may be a symptom of one. If it gets worse, make sure to start a new post. Hope this helps
  11. It is pretty known that the co-op has grown in scale over the years. Mr. Cory is probably busy with expanding the company and improving it. From what I can gather, you were not given the option for a replacement, you should probably contact them (the shipping team) about getting a replacement and them charging you again for what they refunded you for. Which is basically just getting a new order. Nobody is perfect, just reach out and they'll try to make things right.
  12. For the 29g you have a top dweller (gourami) and a couple bottom dwellers (cory cats), I would suggest some middle dwelling fish. The amount of fish in this area is way too much to list and is really dependable on personal preference. In my opinion, I would get some more Buenos Aires tetras as you already have the one and they like groups. I know you said you want to keep it in the 10g but they can get a pretty hefty size (like 3 inches :0), so it would do better in the 29g. Guppies are also available practically everywhere and they add a nice addition to all over the tank. In my personal opinion, move all your current fish into the 29g except the betta. Then take the betta and relocate it to the 10g as that is a much more habitable place for a betta. If you want to go into more depth, please don't hesitate to reach out 🙂
  13. If your aquarium is having a decent bacterial bloom then I don't see why you would even need to add the Fritz Zyme 7. If your tank is just starting off or you've just finished medicating your tank and it took a toll on the bacterial cultures, then yeah it would be beneficial. So overall, I don't think there would be any positives or negatives really, maybe you'll get an unneeded temporary boost of bacteria but seems like that would be it. Better to save it for when/ if you need it in the future.
  14. Her death was instant, her children will live on with me.
  15. Update, decided to euthanize. After 30 long minutes and no responses, I feel like I should've done this to begin with.
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