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  1. Ive seen ammonia be present in the water when the water treatment plant of the area used chlorine and ammonia to make chloramine to treat the water. The way I was able to "correct" it was by tripping the dose on my conditioner. The bottle explicitly said to on the directions. With ammonium, its dependent on the ph levels of the water. I would say that your ammonium problem is a result of your CO2 dropping the ph relatively fast. The first thing I would do would to stop the CO2 and ferts and fully complete the cycle. Personally I like a "fish in" cycle because thats always how ive done it, but you could remove the tetra and kulfi loach because where I t stands right now, 3.0 ammonia is already pretty bad for the fish. If you choose to keep the fish in the tank, do some water changes to lower the ammonia levels temporarily (and or add some Prime), then add some beneficial bacteria to help the cycle finish out. Then add the fish back to slowly adjust the bio load. And if everything runs smoothly, start dosing ferts again, check everything is alright, then I would start doing CO2 again. Summary: Your CO2 probably caused your ph to crash pretty fast, causing the ammonia in the tank to convert to ammonium. Solution: Stop CO2 and ferts, remove fish, and complete the cycle before adding them back. Then start CO2 and ferts in the future.
  2. Definitely not frog eggs, they dont have a coating around them. And they are shaped like a grain of Japanese rice. I dont know if it counts as nearby. but I had a pond on the same property, around 200 feet away. Or if it helps, there was a rain storm before they showed up. They looks pretty similar except that these pods seem shiner and more black than the eggs on google images. Im still working on getting my hands on a microscope, in the meantime, I have a cluster of them in some tape and they seem to e holding really well.
  3. Sent by a friend.
  4. College dorm tank finally replanted. They definitely took a hit but I think with some easy green and light, it'll bounce back in no time. Also im afraid my dorm can't keep a stable environment so I might have to shell out on a heater at the co-op and a divider to add the betta. Oh well, I guess ill have to go back to the best place ever 😉. Other than this, everybody is settling in just fine. I can smell chorine in the tap water (im used to well so this was pretty obvious), so ive been dosing conditioner as if it were chloramine and heavy metals in the water to be safe.
  5. Ive seen chubby grow all round from a slight pink, to an off white, and to white dandelion yellow. It think it might have something to do with environmental factors. Because of this, I am going off of pollen stem shape and pedal shape, not exactly colors per say, but if it were purples I would change the answer.
  6. Oh geez, didnt realize it was illegal to keep and cultivate them. Thank you all for your help!
  7. Not too long ago, @Guppysnail mentioned zebra mussels as possible culprits to one of my current problems. That got me thinking that since they're so invasive, could they be a good source of hard shelled food for puffers. With being so adaptable, I feel like a farm of mussels would be much better than a messy snail farm. Any thoughts? Also lets say I got my hands on a few mussels and I find that they aren't great and are not attempting to take over my tank, would a copper medication take care of my problem. I know invertebrates are very susceptible to copper medication so rather than treating a disease, it would treat an outbreak.
  8. I saw the notification for this post, was expecting actual results, not disappointed either way.
  9. Looks like Nymphaea Chubby to me.
  10. I used to use them a bunch. And my father still uses them. They're basically a plastic sheet with a design on it that you stick onto the back of the aquarium using water and/ or tape. Depending if you want it attached right or not. When I planned my 40g tank, I was originally going to use a solid black background but decided against it because it caused reflections. They're really about personal preference in appearance, I personally feel like they're a bit over the top in design but then again I like my white wall being the background.
  11. Keeg

    Other Pets

    She was the alpha of her litter but ended up being the smallest one. Super cute when she's being loud and you can just grab her with one arm 😂
  12. I agree with @Jimfish98, pleco will out grow it fast. I personally like to keep guppies in tanks because they do a good job on algae for me.
  13. I believed I used the soilent green one. I dont know if its because I got them used to brine shrimp, algae, etc.
  14. I dont want to be that guy, but repashy is a little overrated 😐. At least for me, tried it with the guppies/ pleco and they didnt seem to care for it that much. They like shrimp and algae wafers tho😂
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