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  1. pH - 7.6 Nitrates - 20-40 Hardness - 350ppm Nitrite - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH/Buffer - 260ppm Water Temperature - 79F Hi guys, my angelfish has developed this very nasty, painful looking open wound on its right "cheek". Does anyone ahve any idea what is this? I thought bacterial infection but doesn't look like it? It started as a white, fuzzy patch, then in 2 days has progressed into this. I've been treating with malachite green from the moment I saw it, but seems it hasn't been useful. Any suggestions are welcome. He shares the 100g tank with other 3 angelfish, a big oscar and a baby jack dempsey. I thought the jack dempsey might have attacked him or something, but seems unlikely, this tank is very very peaceful.
  2. A friend just sent me this link to a video of these awesome looking Rio Nanay Angelfish and I thought I'd share it here.The colors and patterns on those Angelfish are awesome! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g9aX131lKM4&t=15s
  3. I’m wanting to add some shrimp to the 37g but am hesitant because of my Angelfish. Just have one that’s about 2.5” now with some coreys, platies, tetras, sae, and hill stream loach. He leaves all the other fish completely alone. Any thoughts on shrimp? Any tips?
  4. I'm terrible at taking pics and I was discussing that with my friend today. He bet me he could get amazing pics if I let him, so I did. He wasn't wrong! I'd like to introduce you to Pastrami, Salami and Tsunami the Dwarf Gouramis! They were the first three fish I obtained since getting back into the hobby, in the order I've listed them. Blu the Angelfish was feeling like showing off so my friend got a pic of her too! Pastrami Salami Tsunami Blu Here's a pic of them investigating the snail-pile I put in there for the assassin snails. Thanks for reading! I've never had crisp pictures such as these.
  5. My 40 gallon community tank was in desparte need of a re-scape. It was discusting! All the plants died because of a green water issue that wouldn't go away. But now that the green water issue has been resolved, its time for plants! I asked you guys, what should I do for plants? (see the thread below:) and you guys gave me so MANY suggestions. I decided that I wanted to go with... -Cryptacrone Wendetii in front of the wood -Amazon Swords to perimeter the inside of the tank -And then some rotala indica by the sponge filter ITS GOING TO LOOK GREAT!!! Since my lfs is more of a saltwater store they have a very limiting stock of plants. So I will have to get these plants overtime. But today I was able to pick up some cryptacorne wendetii red (see below) Now what is this community tank stocked with? -Angelfish x3 -Zebra Danios x6 (more coming soon) -Cardinal Tetras x5 (more coming soon) -Upside down catfish x2 -Bristlenose Pleco Heres the cryptacorne wendetii planted:
  6. which Repashy is good to feed Angelfish ?
  7. My female angelfish has a bad swim bladder problem. She is basically completely upside down if she doesn't swim to right her self. I have her in an epsom salt bath now before I put her back in QT. Anything else I should try?
  8. Hey guys! I thought it would be neat to have a little log of my first time trying to hatch out and raise up angelfish fry! This was this pairs 3rd spawn, but the first that I pulled from the community tank. Laid on 2/5, removed the eggs and put in a jar with MB. Last night 2/8 I saw my first wrigglers, and today 2/9 most are at the wriggler stage! I plan to wait until tomorrow to move them into the 10 gal from the jar, unless others have some advice for me! I will include some pics of parents. Male is a big gold angel, and the female is a petite German blue blushing angel. According to the genetics calculators, all offspring should be Silver Ghost.
  9. I have 3 angelfish in a 40 gallon. The pecking order goes largest to smallest. The smallest is bullied lots, and its fins are very jegged due to nipping. The smallest one is usually up in the corner and isn't so much swimming around, so now I'm worried. What would fix this? Getting a new angel to mess up the pecking order? Add some dither fish? (I already have 6 cardinal tetras and 6 zebra danios) Get some more plants to add some cover? Get rid of one (only if I have to, I really, really don't want to)
  10. First time pulling the eggs should be free swimming soon 🤗
  11. Hello, I just wanted to share my 72 bow front angelfish tank. I wanted to have high coverage Koi angelfish in it for along time so I decided to get 6 juv fish, grown them up and breed them and pick from that first pairs spawn for this display tank. Here are the results. It’s kinda a jungle mess right now but I didn’t wanna trim it today. I may add a group of rainbows but I’m not sure just yet.
  12. Hello all I rescued and angel fish from one of my buddys This is the angel he/she was kept him in a 10 gallon that he touched the top and substrate he/she has a broken top fin I think is there a way I can fix this or is this natural I’ve never seen this in any of my angels Apperently he was kept with chiclids in his 10 gallon at one point? Could this have been from this and him getting attacked
  13. So I have a breeding pair of angels but I did not realize they were a breeding pair until just 2 hours ago when the female started laying eggs and the male was fertilizing them. They were in a 55g community tank and I let them finish their process before moving them and the eggs to a 29g (Didn't want them murdering all my other fish) Well, shortly after moving them, the male decided he didn't like the female anymore and started viciously attacking her. I have since removed her but I'm wondering why this happened? Was it from me moving them? I really had no choice there but it would be good to know Does this mean she can never be a part of the fry rearing? Thanks! Here's some videos before the aggression https://youtu.be/unmyDVzXUSk https://youtu.be/pV5wRJ3wT7w
  14. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE angelfish. I came across this article explaing the recessive and dominant genes of an angelfish. Keep in mind that when breeding angelfish this isn't a must have information all though it can be very helpful when trying to breed a desired trait for an angelfish. This a very interesting read and I reccemend it to any nerm that likes sience or biology. https://pethelpful.com/fish-aquariums/How-to-keep-Angelfish-Tropical-Tank-Set-Up Here are the recessive and dominant genes in a angelfish: Common Phenotype Genetic Symbol Domestic Silver + Dark D Marble M Gold Marbled Gm Gold g Zebra Z Sripeless S Smokey Sm Veiled V Streaked St Pearlscale P Albino a a Capitol letter being a dominot gene and lowercase being a recessive gene.
  15. Does anyone know of a good tank cleaner to live with a very aggressive convict chiclid
  16. I shot a short video of my Leopoldi angelfish chowing down on some live blackworms and frozen bloodworms. Also making an appearance in the video are some Apistogramma baenschi, siamese algae eaters, ember and green neon tetras, red beckford pencilfish. Leopoldi angelfish enjoying worms - YouTube
  17. I have a large Angelfish and she keeps eating my plants! Is mine broken? How do people keep plants in a tank with these fish? Should I feed her more?
  18. Hi guys, I've always wanted a dedicated angelfish tank and I think it's time I get one! The 55g seems ok for them, I'm planning to put 6-8 golden marbled angelfish. I want them to stand out really good so I will be painting the background black, and adding a black substrate. Do you guys have any dedicated angelfish tanks? I would love to get ideas from you, if you could post a photo that would be great!. I cannot decide which substrate to get, I'm looking at CaribSea Ecocomplete and Fluval Stratum. It seems stratum might be a bit better and more nutritious, but I am not a big fan of the spherical shaped grain, I like the more natural, rough, rocky look of the ecocomplete. Any commentary? Thanks! Happy new year!
  19. Hello, I have been breeding angelfish for awhile now. But I have kind of an advanced question. I have two pairs in a 29 gal tank with a foam divider In the middle. And the pair on the left side with the sponge filter have a awful fertilization rate probably under 10% make it to wrigglers. I pull the eggs and put them in a two gal jar with meth blue. The side on the right with the blue pair has had a very high rate of success with fertilization, and that side has no sponge filter. So the question is could the water movement off the sponge filter be effecting the fertilization rate of the koi pair on the left side
  20. I have a pair of koi angelfish that have produced numerous spawns for me. Over the past few months the male hasn’t been getting the eggs fertilized and I noticed yesterday the pair is starting to show aggression towards one another. Has anyone experienced behavior like this and if so any suggestions on what I might be able to do to help them out.
  21. Do any sellers that ship angelfish source through Dean? I'd love to get some of his blue angelfish but the drive is a little too far (by about, oh, 2,500 miles).
  22. So I was at the pet store and saw a beautiful large angel and well she came home with me. Everything was great till I put live plants in now she lays eggs. It's kinda annoying. Do I try to get a male and give them a chance or do I just keep removing them?
  23. I've had two angelfish in a 40 breeder for a little over a year, purchased as juveniles. They've been inseparable all this time, and even now they are always together. However, I am guessing I have two males, as I've never seen any breeding tubes, and in the past several months they've started sparring quite a bit. I captured a little skirmish on video back in July and converted it to gif (see below). The fighting isn't constant, but does occur multiple times a day, and even still, they are rarely apart. There had not been any injuries either, until I recently discovered a small lesion at the base of a pectoral fin on the black angelfish. He's still acting normal, eating, sparring with the other angel, and still hanging out together. Am I seeing normal (or rather, unconcerning) behavior here, or should I separate them? I can move one to my 90-gallon no problem, so the only reason I ask first is because they hang out all the time -- don't want to cause fish depression and such.
  24. Noticed the fins of 2 of our angels showing signs of what I would call "fin separation. Is this a form of fin rot? We have a 65 gallon planted community tank. There is recent stress in the tank as we had 4 angels in the tank that 2 paired off and laid eggs, which did not hatch before being eaten. Three of the angles were beating up on 4th presumably male angel - we removed him. Things seemed peaceful for a few days with the 3 in the tank until 2 days ago and we noticed 2 of the angels sparing a lot. Its about impossible to tell which exactly is the breeding pair so we did not remove the 3rd angel. This morning we noticed the above pictured fin issue. Question: Do we need to treat the fin issue or will removing the angel to another tank heal the fin issue naturally in time? (Once we figure out which angle to remove :-)
  25. I am lucky enough to have Philippine Blue angelfish available in a local store. The ones in the store vary in their number of stripes, from 2 up to 4 or 5. My question is, are "zebra" angelfish just the ones that happen to have 4 or more stripes? If I breed two angelfish with 4 or more stripes together, will their offspring be more likely to have 4 or more stripes? I like the look of more stripes, and I was surprised by how much variance there was at the store.
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