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  1. I think my java fern and anubias might be showing signs of a potassium deficiency. The java fern is turning black in some areas and the anubias has some tiny holes in both old and new growth. I'm not the best photographer but photos attached. It's a 5g tank and I dose one pump of Easy Green once a week. I read that java ferns can suck up nutrients pretty quickly. Should I start adding something like seachem potassium or dose more Easy Green?
  2. I swear it wasn't there yesterday and now it's here....wth....It's so pretty though. (full tank view it's the plant attached to wood front left corner). If any of my clever fish friends know which Anubias this is that'd be appreciated, it's the only one I've purchased that had no label.
  3. I think anubais is my favorite plant I've kept so far I have nana, coffeefolia, barteri, nangi, and currently waiting on golden and nana petite to arrive this week. The plant is just so easy to keep and it's exciting to see a new leaf starting or to see it flower. If I had to choose I think so far my favorite would be barteri.
  4. Anubias always seems to pick up algae in my tanks. It’s the slow growing green spot algae that I have trouble with. I can tolerate a certain amount but after a while the older leaves start to get pretty ugly. What methods have you folks developed to get this under control.
  5. Had this article sent to me by a fellow aquatic gardener, it is by an Indonesian Anubias grower and deals with the propagation of Anubias from seeds harvested from their flowers. I thought it might be of interest to some, although interest might vary by degrees of hardcore plant nerdness. 🤣 https://emersedanubiasblog.wordpress.com/
  6. Hi everyone, I glue this Anubis’s to my shrimp cave, the roots are growing and it seems they are going into the sand, my question is do I allow it to burry in the sand or do I move it higher so that doesn’t happen? Thank you
  7. Hi folks 👋🏻 I'm Julia, nice to join your CARE community! This will be a journal of my fish-keeping journey in Canada. Having a weak memory I need a place to keep track of my mistakes (and hopefully successes in future) and forum seems to be a nicer, safer place than Facebook group. Will start documenting my first *stressful* month into the hobby tomorrow and share my story 🐟
  8. what is the white thing growing on anubias. Got the plant about month ago from there. It's super healthy
  9. I got an anubias recently and unfortunately one of the leaves got creased in transport. Is it best to cut that leaf off or can I trim just the damaged part off? Or just leave it? It's an even more beautiful plant than I expected and I want to give it as much of a head start in my aquarium as possible.
  10. What is your favorite anubias? I am asking because I am getting Anubias nana pinto which my lfs has reserved for me tomorrow and I wondered what your favorite Anubias is
  11. So I have a 29 gal biocube that I've been growing some anubias in. When I first put it in there it was pretty small. Now it's grown so big that it's touching the cover. I know I need to cut it back, but I'm a little hesitant. Should I treat it like any other plant? Cut then let it callus before planting it? The tank lives in the garage and I only really see it on the weekends. Also, I removed the divider in the tank that separates the refugium from the main tank. So there is no partition.
  12. .....when you wake up and one of your anubias flowers open
  13. I've got a great big beautiful anubias that has been in the tank for several years but now is growing to tall for my 75 gallon tank. The rhizome of the plant has tripled or more in size since getting it, now 6 inches, with lots of large healthy leaves. Stems are growing more then 24 inches long and pushing against the lid of the tank and the leaves are very large, size of a large man's hand, and so they block a lot of light. If I didn't have a lid on the tank the newest leaves would be close to 6 inches above the water line and the length of the stem, leaf to the rhizome, would be close to 30 inches. I can't go with a open top so I'm thinking I either get rid of the the plant or I try chopping it back and see what happens. Before I did either I thought I'd see if the community has any suggestions? Thank you!
  14. Hey everyone! in my betta tank I have a wonderful peice of dirftwood. This wonerful pecie of driftwood also has lots of crevises to shimmy different rhizome species into. I have moved all my anubias from different tank and added them to the driftwood. Currently that makes it 4 anubias species on this driftwood. But I want more plants that are not anubias for this peice of wood. I was thinking some bucephalandra green wavy and godzilla, but there so expensive. I'm also planning on getting some java moss but that wont be for the next little while. So what are your suggestions for more plants? Ideally these plants would have some redish to them like the buce.
  15. It was waving that thin appendage around on my finger and in the air. I was. Creeped out by it to say the least.
  16. Hi guys, i have attached my water parameters to get a closer look at calcium etc etc. Living in the UK means i cannot get hold of easy green. I have been dosing TNC Lite and Flourish (Flourish for the Calcium, Magnesium and Iron) The only plants i stock are Java ferns and a few different anubias (oh and a tiger lotus which seems to be the only plants surviving) . Please bare in mind that the camera is making the plants look much healthier than what they look like in person. I do not use co2, my lights (LED) 8are on for 8 hours per day. Any help is greatly appreciated as i am slowly loosing interest in plants as a result of my many failed attempts.
  17. I've got a peice of drift wood that is standing straight up. Will golden anubias grow if I glue it to that vertical surface?
  18. First planted aquarium. I clearly didn't buy enough plants for the 60. Got some rocks I found along the road for decor. (tested safe) Hoping they all survive. Got some dwarf baby tears and water sprite coming soon. Anubias will be planted in an easy planter.
  19. HI I have some questions about propagating anubias(I'm not sure what type). . is there anything I can do to encourage it to grow faster? . will the roots grow back if I cut them? . is there anything I should do to prevent infections in the cut area?
  20. I have an anubias that seems to come uprooted by the smallest things. Just today I moved some driftwood and it floated up without even being touched. It is not in a pot. Is there any way to keep this from happening? I am setting up the tank to hold corydoras and am certain they will constantly dig the anubias up constantly if I can't change this.
  21. Hello everyone, I just stopped by a LFS for some more plants and came upon a plant they seem to think it’s in the Anubias family that looks like an Amazon sword? I ended up purchasing it because I was intrigued like I said it kinda looks like a sword but with thicker anubias feeling leaves. Anyone have an ideas on type/ name?? I’ll take a picture once I have a chance. Thank you in advance!!
  22. My fiancé has seen the light! I’m getting rid of the sofa to make room for a 75gal. I want to upgrade/expand my current cichlid setup and want to add live plants. I know I’m somewhat limited due to cichlid habits and pH, but understand it can be done. Inspire and educate me! I’m a visual person, so would love to see your photos.
  23. My anubias bloomed!! Looks great. It was a big surprise. Now I wonder, what should I do? Will it produce seeds? How to collect them and use them? What triggered the bloom? Is that a good sign? As you can see, I do have some black beard algae. I'm going to try some of the fish that Aquarium Co-op suggests to eat that off. Unfortunately most of those fish can't be found here in Clarksville, Tenn. I would post a picture, but I don't have an URL... it's on my harddrive.
  24. New tank. Zero ammonia, nitrite, nitrate. Just 2 fishes: oscar + pleco. Help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  25. I had a tank where hair algae took off. Using a timer and cutting back hours of light really helped. I manually removed the hair algae from the plants. But it wants to grow back, like it has roots attached to the plants. Stem plants I may have to snip off more to eradicate it but I hate to have to cut leaves off the Anubias. What can I do that won’t damage the leaves?
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