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  1. I am interested in adding 1-2 reticulated hillstream loaches to my 20g tank. I like the way they look and I need someone to help keep the algae under control. My 2 nerite snails aren’t doing it. I was told that the loaches need a high oxygen environment. My tank only has a hanging filter. Do I need to add a pump with air stone to provide enough oxygen or will my current set-up suffice? Thanks.
  2. This is my 300 gallon community I'm going for a hill stream community much like rachel o'leary's 150 gallon. My goal is to have hill stream species like many US native species such as darters and minnows. I would also like gobies and loaches as well the biggest fish I'm looking to add are around 4-6 inches and the smallest being the white clouds or stiphodon. (96 long X 24 wide X 31 tall) the tank started up earlier this year Equipment Matten filter that hides intake and pumps 2 48 inch Fluval 3.0 planted plus lights 2 48inch Fluval Aquasky 2.0 lights Jebao DC return pump DCP-8000 FX 4 canister filter Hardscape 1/4 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 1/8 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 2-3 inch black Mexican beach pebbles 80lbs Unknown hardwood 6 feet tall 20 inches wide unknown hardwood 4 foot long rocks from local landscaping yard Plants Bolbitis Crypt Wendtii Jungle val Hornwart Christmas Moss on matten filter Livestock current stock some fish have passed or been removed from when the pictures and videos were taken 20 Rainbow shiners 5 central stone roller 35 southern red belly dace 6 Johnny darters 6 red spotted gobies 3 white cheeked rhinogobius 3 neon blue dwarf goby 10 black khuli loaches 6 yo-yo loaches 6 gold white clouds 1 normal white cloud 10 pearl danios 3 emerald shiners 1 tadpole madtom 2 bamboo shrimp 2 Mexican dwarf crayfish 2 Amano shrimp 12 cull cherry shrimp 4 species of snail at least and hundreds of them live black worms I think that is all the life in the tank but their will be more to come and I plan on updating with new additions and changes to the tank on here. feel free to ask questions or suggestions.
  3. Just went to my LFS and they had Hillstream Loaches for $4 and White Clouds for $1. So of course I bought them all. 6 of the loaches and 20 white clouds. Does anyone have any pro tips for breeding the Hillstream Loaches? I’ve never kept them. They’ll be going in a heavily planted 55 with guppies and Corydoras after completing quarantine. Thanks so much!
  4. Hello everyone, I have an aggressive female Reticulated Hillstream Loach in a 20 gallon high with 2 Platies, 5 Albino Cory’s and 1 Bolivian Ram. I’ve had him for about 2 weeks. The first week he would constantly hide and keep to himself. Then I got a second female Hillstream Loach and the shyness went away. My concern is that at feeding time and only at feeding time he gets overly aggressive towards all the fish (and not just the other Hillstream Loach), especially the Albino Cory’s (but so far he leaves the Bolivian Ram alone). I put in extra sinking food, Repashy and Hikari sinking wafers, but he just swims around the bottom and barrels over the Cory’s and any fish that gets in his way. So far I’ve not noticed any injuries on any of the fish. I’ve read that people have had aggressive Hillstream Loaches before and it usually calms down. Should I wait or return him to my LFS??
  5. I just purchased 1 Hillstream Loach from my local LFS for a 20 gallon high Aquarium. I know it’s been just a few days but every time someone walks in the room she goes and hides. I know she comes out when no one is around and does her thing because I’ve sneaked up on her and watched. Has anyone had this experience and is buying 2 more the answer?? Is 3 Hillstream Loaches OK for a moderately planted 20 gallon high tank??Right now I have 1 Bolivian Ram, 2 Platies and 5 Albino Cory’s in the tank. She’s not bothered by the other fish, I’ve witnessed one of the Cory’s come right up to her. It’s a cycled tank with 0 Ammonia/Nitrites/Nitrates, 7.4 PH, 6 kh & 6 gh.
  6. Hi, so I was wondering if it would be dangerous, or hurt a hillstream loach if I were to put ohko/dragon stone into an aquarium since the edges are sharp and they might try getting algae from the rock? I've seen some people saying it's fine to put kuhli loaches with ohko stone, and the two species seem share the same behaviour of scavenging around on the bottom from what I've seen on YouTube? Thanks!
  7. Hi I am wondering what cave would work great for a hillstream loach, that live with my fancy goldfish? I am looking at the apisto cave and the pleco cave. I want to know which one would work great for my hillstream loach. As I am not sure which one has an adequate opening for my loach. I want to give him/her another place to hide in my planted tank. Thank you
  8. Good evening, I found a baby loach in my aquarium. First of all, how exciting! I didn't even know I had both male and females. My question is, how many eggs do they lay and how often? I purchased them to do general cleaning and because they are different looking. I don't know what to do with the babies. other than let them be and hope they don't have to many. They are in a 70 gallon but it is very heavily planted and not set up like one would for these guys so it may be just a one time thing?
  9. Finally got two fish I’ve been after for awhile. Longfin BN pleco and a hill stream loach. Love the BNs tummy full of algae 🥰
  10. What are some ways I can get my hill stream loaches to eat? They are being out competed for food by my corydoras. Here are the things I’ve tried: - Hikari Algae Wafers (Even when I tried sticking them to the side, my loaches just don’t go to them. Corydoras love them though.) - Blanched Cucumbers (Again, not interested at all.) - Sinking pellets (These get demolished not by my hill stream loaches but by the corydoras) Not sure what to do. My hill stream loaches do go around the tank eating algae but I don’t think that is a great idea long term. How should I deal with this?
  11. I just recently upgraded my standard 10 gallon to a 20 wide, with a hillstream manifold. The hillstream manifold doesn't quite work how I'd like (I need to find a better way to spread out the output force, and I'm not entirely sure the entire input of the flow through the powerhead is coming through the intake sponges). I used a hand-drill on the area of the PVC pipe the sponges cover to get a greater intake across the whole body of the sponge, rather than just at the tip. There still is quite a bit of swirling action rather than full on directional flow, but it was still a fun project to build my own streamflow manifold. I'd definitely get a smaller powerhead than the aquaclear 50 I have running it now. I also have aquaclear 30 HoB for that extra touch of filtration (and for helping deal with fines better than the sponges) I have white cloud mountain minnows (and they have been sucessfully breeding, as you can see by the distincly blue striped jeuvenile) I also have 2 species of hillstream loach. I think the reticulated one is a pseudogastromyzon cheni (or myersi). I only have one of those, the other one I purchased at the same time didn't make it. It was a bad shipment from a LFS I go to in Houston, and the other dozen loaches didn't make it overnight. I got there the next day, and the one that is still alive is kind of the ruler of the tank. He definitely is dominant over the other loaches despite being slightly smaller. The other hillstream loaches I have, I have some of the Beaufortia kweichowensis I purchased from aquahuna. I suspect there might be multiple species, as one of them definitely prefers resting on the substrate, and the others prefer the vertical glass when they are hiding, but from what I can tell looking around the internet, the hillstream loaches aren't as well studied as we might like. The substrate is pea gravel from Lowes, and the larger rocks are either collected locally in East Texas (the orange sandstone), or I gathered them on a previous trip to Colorado (pretty much everything else). I'm currently treating the tank with seachem flourish to handle the staghorn/black beard algae, along with playing around a bit with my lighting. Still, the fish seem more active in the 20 gallon, so overall I'd call it a success. It is a pleasure to sit down and watch at the end of the day.
  12. Hi there, I'm new to the forum but I've been following the YouTube for a while now. Recently I set up a Walstad style bowl with red cherry shrimp and they have recently bred. It's set me on a shrimp kick and made me want to turn my 29G into a shrimp tank. At the moment I have just a community with some 3 Vampire shrimp and 4 amanos, with ember tetras, cardinal tetras, platies, corys, stiphodon gobies and hillstream loaches. I've had my community tank set up for a few years now and would like to change it up a bit. However, I really would like to keep my hillstream loaches, stiphodon gobies and ember tetras. From what I've heard, hillstream loaches are pretty safe. I'm not worried about getting a 100% shrimplet survival rate at all, but shrimp are super expensive over here (like £6 a pop ≈ $8.32) and I would be really interested in seeing some babies make it. Believe it or not I used to have 6 dwarf chain loaches with adult cherries, and they never bothered them, then when I pulled out a huge clump of Pogostemon Stellatus Octopus, there were probably about 10 juvenile cherries that had made it! So, what's your opinion on Stiphodon Gobies, Hillstream Loaches, and Ember Tetras with dwarf shrimp? My tank is always full of plants and there will be loads of cover, my gobies and loaches stick to surfing on the back wall and scouring rocks for biofilm, I've never seen them actually venture into the masses of plants so I think they'd be plenty of cover for the baby shrimp. Right now they don't even acknowledge the amanos's existence so I'm sure they'd leave the adult cherries alone. Thanks in advance! Jake
  13. I have a 20g tall, and my LFS had one reticulated hill stream loach left and I wanted to get some workers to deal with algae that was starting to show up so I got the loach and 3 Amano shrimp, 3 Nerite snails and 2 Julii corys to help cleaning up the bottom. so the Hillstream Loach has been chasing the other creatures he sees feeding on the bottom, such as the corys or shrimp or a neon blue goby, I even seen it chase a tetra, is this normal behavior or is he acting this way because he's the only Loach or is he starving or is he a jerk or am I the jerk for putting him in a 20g tank?
  14. I bought three of these from the LFS about 6 weeks ago labeled "Hillstream Loach". They look like a some variety of Borneo Loach to me but I can't find any pictures with this pattern. Their color changes a lot and very quickly to match whatever they are sitting on or how they feel. They are super active and great fun to watch. Any ideas on specific type?
  15. Hey guys, I have a river tank with a lot of hillstream loach. I thinking about my setup. any of y’all tried a river tank with power heads and pvc? Or any other setup that’s effective? How is the maintenance? I have a 75 with a circular flow. I don’t know if that’s bad or not. Just wanna hear about other people’s experiences.
  16. Hello! For months I’ve been watching youtube videos on Hillstream Loaches in relation to Nano fish tanks. So I have a ten gallon tank and thought that would be great for one or two with Betta and CPDs. I’ve been reading now that a 20 gallon is the smallest tank for these loaches. Does anyone have experience with them in 10 gallon or even 5 gallon tanks? Thanks!! Rosie
  17. Hi, all I am curious if Hillstream loaches re known to eat their own fry? I would also be curious if anyone has experienced them bothering other fish fry like plecos. I appreciate any information on this topic!!
  18. Just wanted to double check that this is a juvenile Hillstream loach? Any specifics from those who have worked with different variations are appreciated.
  19. I have found an interesting issue in my tank late yesterday after doing a water change, specifically a cooler water change. One of my hillstream loaches (Beaufortia kweichowensis) suddenly appeared to have a fairly large wound on top of their head (was still red with blood when I first observed it a few hours after the water change), along with a moderate amount of fin damage. I have gotten the individual moved into a hospital tank (2.5 gallon kit from walmart, with small power filter and an air stone) with aquarium salt. However, I am kind of baffled as to what could have happened. My tank is populated by white cloud mountain minnows, a single otocinclus, 4 total hillstream loaches (one is now in the hospital tank), a fairly large number of red cherry shrimp, malaysian trumpet snails, bladder snails, and a small assemblage of things like detritus worms, planaria, and hydra. I am not entirely sure what could have caused the wounds (I haven't gotten a good chance with good lighting to get a good picture of the wounded individual). Nothing in particular is known to be super aggressive and mean. I'm not sure if it was a territorial spat between loaches or one of the whiteclouds getting nibbly. From what I've read, the loaches supposedly don't have the right kind of mouth to nibble on each other, and fights are normally just 'topping' where they scoot around and determine their pecking order. The white clouds have been a bit more rambunctious in their mating displays as of late, but that is almost entirely done in the middle of the water column, and it's usually just the males flaring their fins and looking intimidatingly at one another (though a few of the males do have nibble marks in their fins, but it's not always the easiest thing to spot). The otocinclus is usually super friendly, and i think has basically zero possibility of harming anything but algae and biofilm. The snails and shrimp I think are in a similar situation as the otocinclus; harmless to any of the major denizens of my tank. I wonder if the cooler water change (~65 F water into a ~72 F tank) just set off some slightly more aggressive tendencies related to spawning among my fish, and the one poor individual was in the wrong place at the wrong time, or if I should be more worried about returning them from the hospital tank to the main tank. Any thoughts?
  20. Hi all, I know that loaches tend to eat eggs, but has anyone had an experience with these loaches eating other fry whether it be their own or any other fry. I am in the process of moving tanks around and I may have to put a small group in with my BN pleco fry and I assume it should be fine, but will they go after pleco fry?
  21. So I have a 33 gal with plants and driftwood that I'm slowly stocking. Currently I have 6 pepper corydoras, 2 guppies and a male betta (temporary). The corys are amazing for clean-up but I'm noticing some algae (not out of control) that I'd like an algae eater to feed on. I've been flip-flopping between a group of otos and a "super red" bristlenose pleco available from a local hobbyist. Oto Pros small size would be able to temporarily help out in 5 gal if algae if necessary without bothering shrimp won't uproot plants (+++) Cons not colourful more delicate need group? Bristlenose Pros Colourful Only need 1 Hardier Cons Plant disturber (---) Heavier bioload? What are your thoughts? Have you had issues with the BN uprooting plants? That con carries a lot of weight! Would LOVE Hillstream loaches but most places say they need 55+ gallons. Some pics for added benefit
  22. I got a couple of what the store called "Hong-Kong Loaches". They look similar to what I know as a Hillstream Loach. They are in QT right now, and I'm considering pre-med with the "med-trio". One had a light patch on it that appeared to be some sort of fungal/bacterial infection and was not as active as the others. He died within 24hrs of coming from the store, so I imagine he was passed the point that meds would've made a difference. However, the other 2 appear healthy and active and I'd hate to cause them stress if not necessary as I was told they can be sensitive. What are your thoughts?
  23. Hello, I have been getting ready for a L018 gold nugget pleco for months and while shopping today, could not resist picking up a juvenile. It’s not til tonight that I paused to think about whether this will work long term with my hillstream loaches. This may be a rare combo 🤷🏽‍♀️ Does anyone have experience in this area? I can move one or the other if I need to, but would love to keep them together in my 75g. Thoughts?
  24. Hello, I received a shipment of loaches on Monday that had been in the mail several days. I've been trying to offer very high-quality foods--live bbs, frozen bbs, frozen daphnia, Repashy Community Plus and Soilent Green. These are the first loaches I've had and the dwarf chains are pretty high-energy and just move in a mass around the tank. I've seen them eat. I have not yet seen any of the 4 hillstream loaches eat. They're pretty much always suctioned to the glass--they zoom around now and then and like hanging behind the filter (it's a qt tank so has some fake plants, rocks but not as many hides as my regular tanks). Anyone have tips on getting them to eat and/or knowing if they're eating? I can't really picture them catching BBS while they're suctioned to the wall, but I don't know. I thought they'd go for Repashy, but I haven't SEEN them take an interest in it (I've spent a few hours watching). I appreciate any suggestions/advice!
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