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Found 24 results

  1. Bought a new 33 long and I was planning a pea puffer tank with the hope of breeding them. Wondering if I could keep sewellia with the puffers. I know puffers do well with kuhli loaches and I figured sewellia would be similar. I've read reports of hobbyists keeping sewellia in low or moderate flow from HOB filters as well as sewellia lineolata coming from rivers in vietnam that range from 75-79 F (24-26 C) I will probably keep the tank temps at 77-79. Also, puffers seem to tolerate some easy flowing water naturally, at least from the videos i've seen.
  2. I just recently upgraded my standard 10 gallon to a 20 wide, with a hillstream manifold. The hillstream manifold doesn't quite work how I'd like (I need to find a better way to spread out the output force, and I'm not entirely sure the entire input of the flow through the powerhead is coming through the intake sponges). I used a hand-drill on the area of the PVC pipe the sponges cover to get a greater intake across the whole body of the sponge, rather than just at the tip. There still is quite a bit of swirling action rather than full on directional flow, but it was still a fun project to build my own streamflow manifold. I'd definitely get a smaller powerhead than the aquaclear 50 I have running it now. I also have aquaclear 30 HoB for that extra touch of filtration (and for helping deal with fines better than the sponges) I have white cloud mountain minnows (and they have been sucessfully breeding, as you can see by the distincly blue striped jeuvenile) I also have 2 species of hillstream loach. I think the reticulated one is a pseudogastromyzon cheni (or myersi). I only have one of those, the other one I purchased at the same time didn't make it. It was a bad shipment from a LFS I go to in Houston, and the other dozen loaches didn't make it overnight. I got there the next day, and the one that is still alive is kind of the ruler of the tank. He definitely is dominant over the other loaches despite being slightly smaller. The other hillstream loaches I have, I have some of the Beaufortia kweichowensis I purchased from aquahuna. I suspect there might be multiple species, as one of them definitely prefers resting on the substrate, and the others prefer the vertical glass when they are hiding, but from what I can tell looking around the internet, the hillstream loaches aren't as well studied as we might like. The substrate is pea gravel from Lowes, and the larger rocks are either collected locally in East Texas (the orange sandstone), or I gathered them on a previous trip to Colorado (pretty much everything else). I'm currently treating the tank with seachem flourish to handle the staghorn/black beard algae, along with playing around a bit with my lighting. Still, the fish seem more active in the 20 gallon, so overall I'd call it a success. It is a pleasure to sit down and watch at the end of the day.
  3. How does one tell the difference between male and female Myer's Hillstream loaches?
  4. Hey everyone. I have 6 zebra danios, 6 corydoras, 8 dwarf chain loaches and 3 hillstream loaches in a 40 gallon. I recently added a third hillstream loach (a female) to the tank. I looked into the tank and saw blood on her fins! Something had been taking a bite out of her. Then, I kid you not, I saw a zebra danio bite her. She sticks on the glass and is very docile compared to the other two hillstream males (which are also a little bigger). I immediately took the zebra danios out (they're food hogs and have been a real problem for me). My question is this: should I put her in my 10 gallon with the celestial pearl danios to recover or just leave her in the main tank? I'm worried because I keep seeing the dwarf chain loaches going up to her. I don't think they're biting her, but I'm freaking out. I had no idea zebra danios would do this. They seem to leave the other hillstream loaches alone, but I really want to have a female in the tank. The males will fight sometimes, and they seem better with the female around? It's my favorite fish and I want to do whatever I can to protect them. Anyway... thanks in advance for your advice. Also, is she a goner!? 😢
  5. Not often I see rarer fish in my LFS that are compatible with my communities. Paid $21 for this guy/gal - which is a lot compared to my usual MO of buying schools of $5 fish. The only higher priced fish in my house is the betta. Once I put it in my 90-gallon, it disappeared for a week, but has since become more comfortable so I could get a photo. Anyone else keep these? I haven't even kept the more common hillstream loaches before.
  6. I'm trying my best to research the differences between these two species. But it seems like the main highlight when discussing care is their native origin. Would anyone be able to explain or point me to a more thorough source? Thanks!
  7. would a hillstream loach be okay in a 10g tank? I really want a hillstream loach but I'm not sure 10g is enough. It would live with some shrimp and 3 guppies.
  8. Hello, 75 gal community tank with: Danios and 15 Bettas at top/middle, neon tetras in the middle/bottom, panda corydoras at the bottom, hillstream loaches and a snail. Any recommendations for mealtime? I have a variety of foods - a fridge full of different kinds, including Rapashy Community. (The only thing none of them seem to want to try yet is the Rapashy.) I have never seen the loaches eat and I know they need more than just the tank algae. How do I know they’re getting enough? And the poor little tetras that are so tiny and slow! 😩 What are your tips for feeding a community tank?
  9. Hello, I am going to add a couple more Hillstream loaches to my tank. I have one now - a spotted borneo. Can I add any kind of hillstream? Didn’t realize I should have purchased at least three at the time I added the one.
  10. Hey, So I recently upgraded to a 30g high tank from my old 15g.. It was fully cycled and has been running with fish for about 2 moths now. I currently have 3 adult Mollies, 4 juveniles and one fry in a box. (I also have a seperate grow out tank for excess babies which I can then bring to the store.) I'm starting to get an algae build up because, due to living in a tiny apartment, the tank gets partial sunlight for an hour or two a day. I've been doing research and I'm thinking of adding a hillstream loach and some cherry shrimp to help. I'd probably add the shrimp first, then see how it goes before adding the loach. I currently have a hodgepodge of equipment on the tank. Two Whisper 10 filters and a Med. Aquarium Co-op sponge filter. I do a 5gal water change about once a week and add easy green twice a week for my plants. All this usually keeps my nitrates around 30ppm. Would more fish/shrimp be too much to add to the bio load of the tank? My Mollies are little poop machines and I don't want to have ammonia spikes that kill them all. Also, I've heard conflicting things about water hardness and hillstream loaches. Mollies and shrimp like it hard, so I run crushed coral in my tanks. Some people say hard water kills hillstream loaches, but others have said it encourages them to breed. What kind of water have you kept yours in? Thanks for your advise guys, appreciate the help!
  11. This is my 300 gallon community I'm going for a hill stream community much like rachel o'leary's 150 gallon. My goal is to have hill stream species like many US native species such as darters and minnows. I would also like gobies and loaches as well the biggest fish I'm looking to add are around 4-6 inches and the smallest being the white clouds or stiphodon. (96 long X 24 wide X 31 tall) the tank started up earlier this year Equipment Matten filter that hides intake and pumps 2 48 inch Fluval 3.0 planted plus lights 2 48inch Fluval Aquasky 2.0 lights Jebao DC return pump DCP-8000 FX 4 canister filter Hardscape 1/4 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 1/8 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs 2-3 inch black Mexican beach pebbles 80lbs Unknown hardwood 6 feet tall 20 inches wide unknown hardwood 4 foot long rocks from local landscaping yard Plants Bolbitis Crypt Wendtii Jungle val Hornwart Christmas Moss on matten filter Livestock current stock some fish have passed or been removed from when the pictures and videos were taken 20 Rainbow shiners 5 central stone roller 35 southern red belly dace 6 Johnny darters 6 red spotted gobies 3 white cheeked rhinogobius 3 neon blue dwarf goby 10 black khuli loaches 6 yo-yo loaches 6 gold white clouds 1 normal white cloud 10 pearl danios 3 emerald shiners 1 tadpole madtom 2 bamboo shrimp 2 Mexican dwarf crayfish 2 Amano shrimp 12 cull cherry shrimp 4 species of snail at least and hundreds of them live black worms I think that is all the life in the tank but their will be more to come and I plan on updating with new additions and changes to the tank on here. feel free to ask questions or suggestions.
  12. I was woulndering if it is commen for hillstream loach's tail fin to be clamped most the time?
  13. So I was curious on how rare females are in Hillstream loaches. Should I buy more than 6 if I’m searching for a a pair or should that be enough to atleast get one female with luck. Just curious on other people’s experiences with this fish!
  14. Is it safe to quarantine Reticulated Hillstream Loachs using salt. I know Cory recommends 1 table spoon for sensitive fish and 2 tablespoons for most fish and 3 table spoons for major problems. I was wondering if you can use salt and what the dosage would be.
  15. 29 gallon long with 3 Reticulated Hillstream Loaches and about 20 Neon Tetras. I am going to keep the water a little on the cooler side at 75-76 degrees. I want to get a centerpiece fish, single or pair that will not go after fry and that is also shrimp safe. Any ideas for me?
  16. Hoping someone can help. I purchased 3 reticulating hillstream loaches on Thursday 10/22. By Friday afternoon I found one barely hanging on the glass with white patches and red spots. He died before I could even get a clue on Google. I took him back to the LFS and they said he probably had a bacterial infection so I immediately started treating the tank with Maracyn. All looked good until today, I found one sitting on the substrate with the same white patches and he was gone within minutes. The third looks fine but whatever is killing them seems to be sudden and I’m afraid it’s just a matter of time. Am I treating with the right meds? Should I try something else? Water testing puts everything in normal range, temp at 74.5.
  17. Got this guy from a LFS. He's got some fairly serious discoloration on the top. Do you think it's some kind of disease or is it an injury. I don't think it's stress related. He is definitely pretty young but I don't think it's age that is causing the discoloration. Thoughts? I've got him in QT just wondering if I should treat and with which meds. I have QT trio or could get something else if needed. Thanks!
  18. Hi, I have some hillstream loaches and I don't think they are eating. I have tried cucumber to no avail. I have tried Hikari algae wafers but I don't see them eating. In the morning it is gone (I thought they were not nocturnal). I think that the wafers are just falling apart and I can't see the partials. Any ideas of how to get them to eat?
  19. Hi all, I just got 3 hillstream loaches. I have a feeling that they will be breeding but I am wondering what you think I could feed the fry? Also I don't think I will be able to get them out of my tank for breeding, so any ideas of how to keep the eggs and fry safe from my honey gourami and neon tetras? Thank you!
  20. Hey guys I recently purchased 2 hillstream loaches and they are absolutely amazing and doing great! I plan to buy a few more but I can’t seem to get a definite answer on what type these are. I feel like they are reticulated but the tail seems off and they don’t match anything else I can seem to find. I’ve posted this in a couple of places and gotten a few possibilities but I was hoping you guys could get it figured out since I can’t 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ultimately I would like to have around 5-6 of them and try to breed them but if they are different types I’m not sure if they would breed so I want to make sure I buy the right ones!
  21. I previously got a hillstream loach and it died in one day. I am interested in trying again but am somewhat deterred. They are pretty cheap in my area ($8) but I just feel really guilty killing an animal so quickly. Common information is high flow and low temperature, my tank is the opposite of that. As of recently I’ve read and seen people saying they do well in low flow and higher temperatures as well. Here is my current tank specifics. Tell me what you think. Also I have a substantial amount of algae growing. 29 gallon, temp between 77-80F. Moderately planted. Double sponge filter. Ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates 20-40 ppm Stocking: 2 Honey Gouramis 8 Glowlight Danios 8 Bronze Cory Doras 1 Oto 1 CPO Plants: 1 Anubius 3 Java Ferns 1 Bunch of anacharis 1 Bunch Bacopa Carolina Some Java moss 3 pothos stems on top 3 spider plants on top
  22. I just wanted to share some photos of my tiny reticulated hillstream loach fry. These fish are so cool and unique. I knew that i had a female and a male but i was not expecting to see fry so quickly! I am super excited that they’ve bred. I’ve counted three total so far and they seem happy and healthy.
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