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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I ordered 12 pygmy corydoras from aquahuna and they arrived in 4 days with two dead on arrivals. I put the fish in a bare 10 gallon quarantine tank with a cycled sponge filter from an established tank and a heater(edit: the tank is 78 NOT 87) . I started off dosing Fritz Maracyn and within 24 hours, two more had died. Fast forward another 24 hours (now) and two more are dead. I got worried that I didn't start off dosing the right thing so I added one packet of general cure and 5 mL of Ich-X. The two dead from just now are the ones in the picture. Parameters are fine. I had the cycled sponge in the tank running for 9 days before the fish arrived so it was fairly stable at that point. Half my pygmy corydoras are dead and I'm pretty sad about it. I have considered reaching out to the company to see what they have to say but I wanted to ask on this forum first about what yall thought. The one cory on the left seems to have very red gills which was probably from shipping and ammonia burns but I can't be sure. These pygmy corys came in at about 1.3 cm so I have been feeding them cut up frozen bloodworms (2x day) during their med treatments because they are so small, I don't know if they could afford to wait a whole week. In summary, It's been 48 hours since I received the fish. 6 are dead and I don't know where to go from here. Please let me know what you think about the situation and the picture of the two dead fish. Do you see anything I am missing? I plan on emailing the company tomorrow morning but for now I am just going to hope the rest make it.
  2. Hi everyone, Last night I added 8 pygmy corydoras to my 20 gal long tank, which already had 3 apple snails and 5 ghost shrimp. I tested the water parameters before adding the fish and also just now and they haven't changed: pH: 6.5-7.0 Nitrates: 10 Hardness: 140 Nitrite: 0 Ammonia: <0.02 KH/Buffer: 20 Water Temperature: 78 I acclimated the corys for 50 min before adding them by pouring out some water and adding a bit of tank water in small bits. Anyways, even before I added the fish to the tank I noticed that one wasn't moving much and wasn't responding to his surroundings consistently. He swam around when I first added him but then he quickly went back to being lethargic, sitting on the bottom motionless but breathing quickly. This morning I couldn't find him. Tonight I still only counted 7 fish but then all of a sudden he swam out from a hiding place, but he seemed really uncoordinated and almost immediately swam back down and hasn't moved since. He's almost lying on his side now but he's still breathing. Everyone else is acting and looking healthy. I'm not sure what to do. Any ideas for what might be wrong with him? Any suggestions for what to do are really appreciated! I have a second tank that I only just set up, but it just has sand and nothing else in it, except a brand new sponge filter and a heater. I haven't cycled it yet but I have seachem stability and I could put the intake sponge from my established tank in the new tank. I can also take a plant or two to give him a hiding place. I honestly think he's not long for this world. I really don't want the sickness to spread to the others though. Should I move him to the other tank? I also stupidly just realized I don't even have a fish net. AHH Thank you so much for your help!
  3. I always end up with one healthy pygmy cory and all the other die or disappear. I have tried 2 groups from 2 different sources. could it be I'm not feeding enough(I mostly feed frozen daphnia, extreme krill flake)? I don't feed repashy or sinking food. since there is a lot wasted. I'm so confused, frustrated, and sad
  4. Im hoping someone with more experience can help here and diagnose whats going on. I purchased 8 pygmy corydoras a couple of weeks ago. They looked very healthy and energetic. They were in quarantine for a week and a half and treated with melafix, pimafix and one round general cure. Theyve now been in the community tank for a week and have looked very healthy the whole time. I did a 20% water change 2 days ago. Suddenly today i looked in to find 2 of them dead right at the front of the tank. One appeared as if it had just died and still had full color and i couldnt see any signs of infection or sickness. I accounted for all of the other fish at the time and they all appeared energetic and happy. This evening i looked in on them again and saw this poor little cory looking bloated and struggling to swim. I attached a video below. I dont see any red spots signs of infection or lethargic behavior. Whatever it is seems to be killing them quickly. I am currently treating the tank with erythromycin and general cure because i dont know what else to do. Id like to figure out whats going on so that i can prevent this happening in the future. Temp: 73*F PH: 7.8 GH: 100ppm KH: 70ppm Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrite: 0ppm Nitrate: 10ppm Sick Pygmy Cory Vid Other corys
  5. so i added some pea gravel to my 10G planted and i removed so much moss and I've notice my pygmy cories and neon tetras are significantly more active does anyone have ideas on what's going on? also i know it will raise hardness
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