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  1. Guppies of course. They are so happy end I would have billions of them over time 😁 plants…hard sell between Brazilian pennywort and anacharis…I’d have to flip a coin before I went there then try to smuggle a bit of the loser in with me 🤣
  2. While I think a video about all is helpful I put other. My township still has lead lines and occasionally without warning dumps who knows what in to keep the ph higher so lead does not leech is my understanding. They randomly told me xyz sciency type things that were of no help. It jumps to 8.4 from 7.6 overnight. How to correct this for water changes without using chemicals or tannins would be a blessing. So I guess non chemical alternatives section included not focused on is what I would find huge help from. If such a thing exists?
  3. I don’t watch tv but I read voraciously. My favorite sci fi is Vernon Vinge across real-time series. The peace war, Marooned in realtime, Across realtime my favorite sci-fi/fantasy read is Robert Silverbergs New springtime series and his Majipoor chronicles I have however watched all the alien movies (several times). Some things are just worth watching again and again 😉
  4. I have never removed my Cory eggs of any species from the tank but I know you need an anti fungal.ie….methelyne blue, malachite green, paragaurd, ich-x and you need a bubbler to keep the flow of water going. They sell easy bubbling Hatcher’s and those products on amazon and coop very cheap but I’m not sure if it will arrive to you in time. Google diy hatcheries they are not hard to throw together. Best of luck keep us posted and new fry pics.
  5. They work better than fine foam store bought because they are more porous and do not clog quickly. The fine sponges start clogging the tiny pores almost immediately restricting the flow of water. This is my personal experience with them. I hated every sponge filter though I used them until I found these. I have always made alterations to sponge filters using an airstone but it was a pain to cut out and add an airstone. Coop designed theirs to simply put an airstone on. The smaller bubbles give more lift therefore more circulation. The base of coop are also heavier and do not float. Again my own experience with them. I’m not the sciency type so if there is a sciency reason I have no clue. in my opinion better because store bought hanging you replace cartridges and throw away your beneficial bacteria. But if you add coop coarse sponge to hanging they work just as well. Filter type is preferred and how much current you are trying to create and which you hate cleaning the least 🤣 none are really better at doing the job as long as you are not just throwing out cartridges
  6. Ask this question and post your photos in the disease section. There are some super knowledgeable folks there that can help identify and give you a course of treatment recommendation. That is a beautiful betta. I hope she can recover.
  7. Amphipod /isopod /scud. Harmless most fish eat them however in a shrimp tank they will out compete shrimplettes for resources if they become too numerous may deplete resources too far for your shrimp colony. Since I believe you will be removing the substrate if I remember your start over thread it won’t be a problem. Most live in the substrate. Shake plants and decor in old tank water they fall off. Don’t sweat it. If you did not have shrimp they would actually be a helper. I’m excited to see pictures of your tank when your done! 😁
  8. It may also be an injury. They release I believe melanin? When it’s healing in albino and lemon it turns brown. I watched my lemon blue eye snag it’s tail in a new piece of wood I put in. Caused a tiny tear turned a bit brown for a month or so and faded. I watched close to be certain it was not turning to fin rot. I’m not an expert but wanted to share this.
  9. I’m not a ropefish xxxxx sorry pipefish. expert by any means but I think that one gets maybe 6-7 inches. I do not think 9 gallons remembering substrate decor and it’s very seldom filled to the tippy top would be great. I may be wrong I think they are cool. Hopefully I’m wrong as I often am 😁
  10. These are the two ivory ones she brought in the clutches that hatched in her tank. She found 2 more babies after she brought these and decided to raise those herself p. I’m secretly hoping she decides not to take these two back 🤫
  11. Keep us posted please. I’m very interested in what the issue is as my wisteria all do this in all my tanks as well as my ludwiga doing the curling thing like yours.
  12. Welcome welcome! Many eons ago when I was a preteen a neighbor kid moved up from Florida and gave me some beautiful sunnies he said he collected them himself. I’m currently looking to start another tank and acquire some more. Your tank is lovely I’m looking forward to hearing about and seeing your collected fish 😁
  13. Welcome welcome. Fish are so hardy and resilient. 😁
  14. A trio 1m/2f celestial pearl danio 5 years but egg hatching is easy so you could have them indefinitely and make some money on the side. Add shrimp and snails if you like to make it more interesting. I agree shrimp only is another option long lifespan if not there but they are prolific so you will always have plenty. Pygmy corydora are fantastic fun as well.
  15. When I first tried CPD I started with a breeding trio in a 10. Just my opinion but a trio would be fine in a 6. When they were the only thing in the tank other than shrimp they utilized all levels of the water column. When I moved them and added more they remain on the lower portion. They are micro predators and will do fine over the weekend. Mine are well fed but spend the time they are not clowning around searching the glass and substrate hunting micro fauna. You could also put a mystery snail and some shrimp in. Snails digestion is so poor that their waste becomes a sort of infusoria that feeds shrimp and my Cpd babies (smaller than an eyelash at hatch) that aren’t eaten at egg will make it a a week or so past the wiggles stage on the infusoria and micro fauna. I have to disagree on the guppy suggestion. I would not do guppies for a few reasons. They swim to much and usually girls are pregnant when you get them you will overcrowd in a month. Boys only pick at one another furiously you don’t want to deal with injuries to fins and medication in an office setting. And i believe they are way to social to be alone.
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