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  1. I’m sorry for your qt loss. New fish are so hard anymore. It’s good that you found some joy in your frogs. They are adorable.
  2. I buy the spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide and the jar to pour. I’ve found on various items for different things. they work the same but if I pour or soak I rinse (not sure I’d have to though) because I’m afraid of introducing too much into the tank.
  3. Hmmm. I might just run a soft water tank then in a 10 instead of using the girl grow out and let all my guppies of both sexes grow out together for the lfs. My hatch tank is right beside my 10 boy guppy grow out. I can’t believe I’m this enchanted with these little fish.
  4. I wonder if I could pull the eggs and place into a my hatch tank with total soft water and slowly start adding harder water just before hatch then transition to my tank water as they grow out?
  5. That’s awesome! Thanks. I’m super hard from my outside hose I use on my tanks right now but can use my inside faucet which is run through a softner mixed in if they don’t have good hatch rates. I have no issues hatching my CPD so I hope I can make it work. Until today I didn’t think I had an insert in them. Seeing the pectoral fins in action on the furcatus today just did something for me.
  6. 1.5 inches average. Top-midwater. Adaptable to almost any parameter. And ADORABLE 😍. I rarely find a fish my heart goes putter patter for. This is one They only live 18 months but spawn daily so continuous colony
  7. I seen a Pseudomugil furcatus at my lfs today and fell real head over heals in a serious way. I came home and started researching them and fell even more in love with the Pseudomugil gertrudae. I have a 20L girl guppy grow out I can convert in the spring possibly. It would be better for me if they could cohabitate with guppy fry but if they eat them I can keep the community tank as the grow out. However I fear my community being overrun so weirdly would not be devastated if they did eat them as a fail safe to overpopulation (I have nothing else that eats them including other guppies rarely eat them or should I say enough of them. Would the guppies growing out stress them as the guppies get bigger? Any experience with these is appreciated before I really get my head set on slowly converting this tank. Thanks for your help.
  8. I slice my frozen blood worm cubes thin slices while frozen. They are to large for my Pygmy but sliced the make a mess but my kids devour them. I rinse in a micron Artemis sieve then add the floaty bits to the tank. Cheese grater also works on frozen cubes
  9. My water is 7.4-7.6. Very hard as in 15-19 drops api test. I loaded my Pygmy tank with almond leaves. Mine are thriving. They prefer live bbs and are most active when fed that plus high protein food. Hope you have better luck. I ordered three groups from 3 different places to establish my group. The group I lost none the seller had the closest (though not the same) water parameters to me. The group that had the most casualty was from the most different but were also delayed in the mail.
  10. I’m so happy you found more CPD. Mine are 🐷 and remind me ofkids on the playground always chasing and carrying on. My group has a hierarchy with an alpha and betta. The alpha once established turns dark red finnage. The betta gets a deep orange/red the rest lean toward more orange. The females establish their own hierarchy but it’s not as obvious. Very soap opera.
  11. I love my uv sterilizers. They just make it easy. Your tank is glorious. I wish I had a tenth of your dedication to plants and patients. Are you entering any competitions? If not you should.
  12. Welcome She is so pretty. Best of luck. Sounds like you are on the right track.
  13. I love the nano pumps. I just upgraded all 7 tanks and my ziss hatchery to them. The shear silence is blissful 😁. I hooked 2 to each cell phone battery pack and was also able to take out all my sab-11 d battery backup air supplies.
  14. I used the bbs today for the CPD fry because it looked like most could be ready and they were. What I did not expect is 15-20 more to come rushing out of the hornwort. So possibly 35-40. 😁. Most of those were too small for bbs or for the camera to pick up. The pleco babies are devouring the yummies in that tank much quicker than anticipated. The heater 1/4-1/3 clean the rocks and they started on the front of the floor. Good for them but I’m glad the cpd are getting big enough for bbs because all that yuck was the microfauna food. lefty not great pic Scooter is now tank BOSS. In typical CPD fashion she has been chasing guppy boys all day letting them know she is boss including being first to eat bbs from the pipette (I didn’t have enough hands or I soooo would have videoed that comedy. Went to get more crickets for my frog. They had one of these. I must have watched it for 10 minutes. I came home and looked them up and found my new dream fish. It used to be Elassoma gilberti but my live food culturing skills are just 😕. And I thought my mosquito dish kept drying out but hubby blew a gasket when he found out I was trying to get mosquitoes to lay and proceeded to show me each and every mosquito bite he had 😬. Collecting other food reliably is not something I can do anymore so I just had to say no. But here is my new dream….Pseudomugil gertrudae 😍 now to talk nicely to my pleco and guppies and ask them to stop having so many babies so I can free up a tank 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 HAPPY ADVENTURES.. TRY SOMETHING NEW
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