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  1. I know Richmond! I'm just on the other side of the river from west Louisville, so we're only a little over an hour apart
  2. So, I've been a betta mom for a whole 3 days. Meet Lawrence. Is little sir bubble nesting?
  3. Got water changed in both tanks and then watched the antics of the various residents. I could seriously watch shrimp swim all day long. Things seem to be going well in my baby guppy tank, and I'm now attempting to care for my first ever clutch of mystery snail eggs. Caring for my 70-some house plants took most of the day, but I always have time to sit down and watch my tanks.
  4. I walked downstairs this morning to find a surprise first clutch of mystery snail eggs! One bemused youtube search later and I've got them set up to incubate and we'll see what happens
  5. Learning about planted tanks is actually what got me deep diving into aquaria! My partner and I are both plant nuts with about 70 plants just in the house. Any new plant is a welcome addition and I'm already having a great time checking out all the options
  6. Hello thanks for following me 😊

  7. Indiana just across the river from Louisville, KY
  8. Oooo angels could look really cool in there with all their angles and lines. This could be a fantastically visually intense scape 😍
  9. I love this idea! I live in a 1922 Craftsman bungalow and now I have a fierce need for a historic aquarium to match! Edited to add: And my first 5 minutes of research has already turned up mention of Mr. Innes being invited to speak to the Pennsylvania Fish Culturists' Association in 1922!
  10. What kind of livestock (if any) are you planning to put in here? I love the kind of flowing tentacle look you've got going! It's charmingly ominous
  11. My "future fish" spreadsheet is getting heckin' full tonight 😂

  12. Yep! One of the benefits of owning the business. She and the two shop cats are great company, great stress relief, and have a whole fan club within the community She's a domestically bred African Pygmy Hedgehog. We recently built her a bioactive enclosure to up her enrichment and simulate what she would experience in nature
  13. Hello all! My name is Cisa and I'm in New Albany, Indiana (just across the river from Louisville, KY) and just recently joined the Aquarium Co-op community. I've had non-planted guppy tanks for the last few years after getting 3 guppies which then of course turned into 300 guppies 😅 I recently discovered the amazing world of aquarium Youtube and now can't find enough places in my house for all the aquascapes and cool fish I need to have in my life. I sold the majority of my guppies to my local fish store and kept back only a few for more intentional breeding. I've got my babies moved over to their own 10 gallon planted with some ghost shrimp and have attempted my first scaped 30 gallon which is home to the adult guppies, a few dalmation and balloon mollies, blue velvet shrimp, a handful of mystery snails, and my very first pleco. I don't know what I don't know and I want to learn everything about everything. Needless to say, I now spend a lot of time reading the forum and watching the whole catalog of Aquarium Co-op videos. The majority of my critter keeping life has been dogs, cats, and hedgehogs with a few adventures into chicken land. I recently got a great deal on a 48 gallon tank and spent most of my evening looking at all the fun fish at my favorite local store and dreaming up what I want for this new tank. I'm thrilled to have found this community and can't wait to meet fellow fish nerds 🐟
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