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  1. Hi Fam, The main tank (20L) is going well so far, except for a few thing. I added a carbon filter pad to help bring the water clarity up. I've noticed that several plants have the fluval stratum dust on their leaves... have people tried brushing the material away? The tank is currently stocked with 6 panda cory's, 5 endlers, 3 amano shrimp and 1 oto. We plan to add a betta but everything Ive read tells me to add it last. How do i know if my tank is overstocked? I know the single oto is sad, but we have been very unlucky keeping otos alive and I am afraid to try again. Thanks
  2. Hi Fam, My myrio green is turning brown.... I looks like only the tops are green. The nutrient deficiency guide isnt clear on what to do with brown leaves/needles. Does anyone have any advice on what to do with this issue? I use an aqua soil, should I add root tabs? I dose easy green twice a week. Should I be trimming these? Any advice is welcomed. pH (7) NH3/NO2 (0 ppm) NO3 (0 ppm) KH/GH (2d) T (73.4 F) PS This is mostly a shrimp tank... is my KH/GH too low?
  3. I have one of those oops fishkeeping stories that starts with well-intentioned kids gifts, zero knowledge & quickly dead fish. Feel bad, learn stuff, meet cool people, start again, "accidentally" buy three tanks while learning. You know, that old chestnut. Anyway the 15 gallon attempt number two (with enough knowledge to keep the fish alive for a month and spending a small fortune), has gone really well and the family and I are ready to do something with the other tanks. Here is a list I am keeping and adjusting as I build the built in fish area for the 32 gallon in the living room, and finish remodeling my office to house the 15 and the 2.6. Interested in feedback on the stocking ideas: Fluval Spec 2.6 Gallon Amount Species Common Name Notes 6 Cherry Shrimp Color and interest 1 Olive Nerite Snail Algae 1 Water Sprite In Substrate 2 Java Moss 1 substrate, 1 floating Substrate Spectrastone Fast River Gravel w/ small amounts of Fluval Stratum underneath Hardscape Driftwood, small river rocks Heater Fluval P10 Filtration Spec OE with AqCoop Nano sponge & Ziss water stone Lighting Spec OE light Fertilizer Easy Green Fluval Flex 15 Gallon Amount Species Common Name Notes 1 Honey Gourami Centerpiece 6 Harlequin Rasbosas Small shoaling group 2 to 3 Red Racer Nerite Snails Algae control 3 Albino Cory's Clean up crew 1 Water Sprite Corraled Floater 2 Aponogenton Crispus Background 3 to 6 Anubias Nana Petite Planted in Drifwood 3 Java Moss Foreground Substrate Small amounts of Fluval Stratum strategically burried under Spectrastone Fast River Gravel Hardscape Dark driftwood (Seasoned) & Grey Slate rocks stacked and glued into a cave for quiet time Heater Fluval P50 Filtration Flex OE with biomass in both slots and standard split head, filter floss at intake grills, & Aq Co-op small sponge filter w/Ziss stone Lighitng Flex OE light bar Fertilizer Easy Green Fluval Flex 32.5 Gallon Amount Species Common Name Notes 4 Salt & Pepper (hasbrosas) Cory's 1 large 3 small for ID on Jack's original fish 2 Blue Moon Platy's m&f (maybe we get some frye) 1 Large Mystery Snail Lynde's original snail (big fella) 2 Gold Racer Nerite Snails Amp up algae control with the big fella 6 Zebra Danios hope to school with the Glofish Danios 3 Glofish Danios 1 Purple (Lillie's fish), 2 Blue...just in case shoal splits from Zebras. 1 Water Sprite Corraled floater to propogate other tanks 2 Amazon Sword Background 2 Java Fern Background 4 Java Moss Attach to Driftwood/rocks in Midground 2 Cryptocoryne Lucens Foreground Substrate Spectrastone Special Black with strategically placed Fluval Stratum underneath Hardscape Driftwood, Sponge Bob's House, Large & smooth river stones from yard Heater Fluval M200 Filtration Flex OE with biomass in all slots, filter floss at intake grills, Aq Coop Medium sponge filter w/ziss water stone Lighting Flex OE Aquasky with App Fertilizer Easy Green
  4. I ended up redoing the first tank do to the newbie issue I created for myself. I took everything out and used some fluval stratum (which I regret) and moved all my plants over. The swords behind the rock look to be in bad shape... I might place some root tabs next to them to help them out. The water is still not clear due to the stratum substrate, it has improved significantly since day 1 (looked like black tea). Im glad its settled out. I took the sponge filter out and replaced it with a seachem tidal 35. So far I am very happy with it. Ill need to start looking at some foreground plants soon, but this tank (or any of my tanks) has no co2. Current residents include 1x oto and 6x endlers. I don't want to get more otos since I have a really hard time keeping them alive. I thinking of little corys(5) and some amanos (4) might be a better choice for the bottom dwellers... any thoughts? The plan is to have a betta as our center fish once the bottom dwellers are in. Thanks again for your support and advice!
  5. Hi Fam, I have a 10 gal shrimp tank and the glass on the back and sides is getting a build up of algae. No heater, but the temp is generally room temp. Could I get a ret.hillstream loach to help keep the glass clean? Does anyone have experience with this or recommend a more suitable alternative? Thanks
  6. Hi everyone! We finally got the go ahead from the LFS to add some fish. Unfortunately, they were out of two of the three we wanted (and the shrimp). SO, we decided to go slow and be patient. From another post I made, we were hoping for Honey Gourami and Cardinal Tetras but the honeys seem to be quite scarce right now. So we added some corys! Introducing, our five Peppered Corydoras! And man, these bottom dwellers are pretty fun. You can see three out of the five we added paying VERY close attention to the spider wood. They also seem to love hanging out around the Amazon Sword plants in the back. I have conflicting info from Google on the temp that peppered's like so I took in a bunch of suggestions and put it somewhere in the middle. I do have a few questions though. Other than algae and the left over food of whatever I feed the eventual other fish, what do cory's really like to eat? I would like to give them a decent selection from time to time. So here is the big one: I've read that new aquariums, like this one, will have a spike in Nitrites and Nitrates and that is just the cycle being tested for real for the first time. Do these parameters look okay for 24 post cory introduction? pH ~7.3, NH3 0 - 0.1, Nitrite ~ 3.0, Nitrate ~30, GH&KH 7 Should I be worried about the Nitrites? Is there something I can do to help remove it if that is too high for the corys? I have a quarantine tank that I can put them in if need be. Thanks!
  7. So I decided to dive into the world of planted tanks for my latest tank. I'm fairly good at resarrching, i thought. I knew I would need a stronger light than what is provided with the tank but what I've found as suggested are for over the top of the tank and for the fish I will have in the tank eventually, I'll definitely need a lid. I'm worried it's getting to where I can't afford levels. I can manage a light but I don't think I can afford a whole new hood as well. I used fluval stratum and I don't remember what the sand mixture I added sort of on top was called but was suggested by the lady at Petsmart who was very helpful and informative and even showed me pictures of her own planted tanks. I grabbed all low level light plants but I think I need some more plants and possibly a cholla wood log like I have in my 5.5 gal Betta tank if I can, not sure what else. Really wanna keep it natural, other than ya know baby Groot. I mean he is technically a tree. I'm feeling a bit down and worried that my plants might not grow if I can't get a new light and lid though so suggestions are welcome, and how did I do for a first timer? Oh its a 29 gallon tank 18"H by 30"L
  8. Hi! When I was a kid my dad had an angelfish tank he loved and hooked me into the hobby. I had a guppy tank in my bedroom that I now know was horribly stocked (1 albino Cory and 1 pleco of some sort or another 😬). In high school I had my guppy population well maintained but when I went off to college my dad started feeding them much more and I came back to 3x as many fish at Christmas! I do not recall the ultimate demise of the tank but I’m going to assume moving away from home played a roll. Since then I’ve always wanted another tank but just haven’t ever done it. Recently a coworker decided we needed a shop “dog” and brought in a betta. I was rather horrified to see the tiny betta cube that was his new home. I never had bettas but I couldn’t understand how such big flow you fins could be comfortable in less than a 1/2 gallon of water. So I started doing research. And more research. And more research. Now our shop “dog” has a 3 gallon filtered and heated condo instead of a New York studio apartment! Does he need a bigger tank? Yes, but I have to also keep the bosses happy since he is technically unauthorized! Since Dawg’s arrival in my life I have also started cycling a 15 gallon planted tank, added a 5 gallon quarantine tank that is also the home to my own betta Phinneas, because I’m impatient and couldn’t wait to get a tank cycled before buying a betta. And because I mistakenly thought bottled bacteria would speed up the process and not be cruel to my poor fish. Hey, we’re all beginners, right?
  9. I’m so glad I found AC! I’ve been planning to add goldfish to my small pond for several months. Started getting pump, heater, thermometer, filtration, etc. and realized because the water volume is only 70 gal., the temperature swings are going to need to be controlled before my fish will be happy there. So I bought a 40 gallon breeder, cycled it, and 2 baby Orandas and 2 baby Ranchus arrived today! (I know the tank is too small for all four fish and will be transitioning them outdoors when the temperature issue is sorted.) Meantime, I wanted to share my gratitude for the hours of videos, blog posts and knowledge I’ve gained from lurking on the forum and the site. I’m really excited about getting back into the hobby after many years. The fish all seem healthy and settling in really well. Fingers crossed it stays that way! Any advice is appreciated and welcomed. Here are pictures of the little cuties!
  10. Would appreciate some advice from experienced keepers. I have a new 40 gal. breeder set up that I used a combination of Fritz 7, Fritz Fishless Fuel (Ammonia) and eventually some active sponge filters from Angelsplus.com to cycle. My goldfish arrived yesterday from King Koi and they appear to be doing great (2 baby Ranchus & 2 baby Orandas). I have some moss, a water sprite and a small crinum calamistratum in the tank as well. The substrate is sand. The water parameters before the fish arrived 24 hours ago: Ph 8.2, Ammonia 0 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate 10 ppm, 70 degrees f The water parameters this morning: Ph 8.2, Ammonia 0-.25 ppm (can't really tell but it looks like maybe a tinge of greenish), Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate 10-12 ppm, 70 degrees f It's hard for me to discern if there's a green twinge, but it seems it could be heading in that direction. Is this to be expected with the increased bio load? Does an increase portend an Ammonia spike? How much Ammonia constitutes a spike? I know it is very important to keep Ammonia & Nitrite at zero, and I have also read a bit this morning about calculating unionized Ammonia versus the raw Ammonia result produced by the test kit. I test the tank daily because I really don't want my fish to suffer any ill effects. Thanks in advance! --Juli
  11. Hello! Recently, my sister mentioned getting a betta fish for her little girls, and that sparked a desire to return to the hobby for the first time since college. I am still assembling equipment, but this is my overall plan: 29 gallon planted tank Filtration: Lee’s Triple Flow Corner Filter (Small) x1, double-stacked Med. Aquarium Co-Op sponge filters Lighting: Aqueon Optibright+ 30 in Heating: Fluval M100 x2 Substrate: Black sand? Plants: TBD Stocking: Zebra Danios, Cory cats, Nerite snails, shrimp(?), centerpiece fish TBD As I mentioned, I’m still waiting on some equipment. I accidentally purchased the wrong size of Aqueon Quietflow air pump (I thought the 40 had two outlets), so I’m waiting for the lager one. I also plan on getting a controller for the heaters as a safety measure. Not sure what plants I’m going to choose, but I’ll need something hardy that likes very hard water. Also not sure what substrate to get, but the guy at Petco recommended Imagiterrium black sand. I also don’t know exactly what I want to put into the box filter, so recommendations would be appreciated. I think I’d like to “hot rod” it with an upload tube, but I’m not sure what size I need. Assembly of the stand will likely begin this weekend, with more setup over the coming weeks.
  12. I was out for the weekend and came back to my Java Fern in distress.... I regularly dose with easy green and iron twice a week, lights on for 8 hours a day on a timer. The only recent change I made was add a few ottos and few more plants but that was over 1.5 weeks ago. There is still brown diatoms presents, but I did see green hair algae appear. I plan to reduce the easy iron to once a week to reduce the green algae. No CO2. Can I save my java fern? This Java Fern is 7 weeks old... I had been doing great up until i got home today. Also, there is a little clipping from the main plant that is doing well.... I am very puzzled.
  13. Hi Folks, My daughter and I have started this tank and have been watching it carefully. We began by adding otos to help with the brown diatoms but that was a mistake. They all got ich and most of them died. We were pretty heartbroken about it. We waited a while and decided to add more fish. Endlers livebearers were recommended. we bought 6 this past Friday, 2 died Saturday night, and another one died this morning. We've been watching them closely... making sure they are eating and swimming ok, however fish are still dying. The common denominator is us. What are we doing wrong? I don't want this to continue. I doesn't look like the fish are sick. I purchased a quarantine tank and I am going to start using the co-op's recommended quarantine methods and chemicals for all new fish but I can't help but think, there is something I am doing incorrectly. Tank 20 gal ( ~10 weeks old) Stock ( 2 oto's, 3 endlers, 5-? blue shrimps) pH (7.6 - 7.8) NH3/NH4+ (0 ppm) NO2- (0 ppm) NO3 (10-20 ppm)
  14. Hello, Thank you for taking a peek at this. I'm a little confused as to how long new fish need to be in quarantine. I'm pretty sure I've heard Cory say he has them in quarantine at the store for one week and if they look healthy, he puts them in display tanks. I think I've also heard other videos say they should be there for a month. Can someone please clarify? I appreciate your time!
  15. Hi Folks, My java ferns' outlook is looking bleak (I hope it makes a comeback). I spoke to the staff at my local aquarium shop about the java fern and they suggested my lights might be burning the fern... This is our first tank and we bought a starter set from petsmart that came with stock led lights... could these be causing the issue? I currently have the timer set to 4 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness, cycled twice a day. This is a 20 gal tank and gets feed 2 pumps of easy green everweek, with 2 pumps of iron every other week. Should I look at a co2 bubbler... are there any other options I can do to help the fern out? Also, what can I do to help my plants grow? Thanks
  16. Hi Folks, My daughters and I recently started a new planted tank. The tank was cycled and ready for life, and we decided to add some oto's (3) to help with the brown diatoms. Shortly after, one of the oto's looked like someone sprinkled salt on it (ich). We turned up the temp to 81 and treated the tank, however we still lost 2 of the 3 oto's. We both want to avoid this from reoccurring and are looking into getting a quarantine tank for new fish. What is a good quarantine tank size? Should I set up a second planted tank with shrimp as a quarantine tank? What is an appropriate quarantine time before adding fish to the main tank? Thanks in advance.
  17. Hi Folks, I have a new aquarium that is 2 weeks old, with live plants and no fish. I've been watching the water parameters and feeding the plants twice a week (easy green + easy iron). I noticed algae (brown diatoms I think) growth in the tank the other day and did a water test.... 0 ppm ammonia, 2-5 ppm nitrite and 5 ppm nitrates. Also, the plants have started to brown... and look like they are dying back ... Is this something I should be concerned about? Do I need to put in more root tabs? Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  18. Hey I'm pretty new to the aquarium hobby and I recently added 2 honey gourami to a 20 gallon long tank 2 days ago but they aren't interested in the flake food I have(tetracolor tropical flakes). I have seen them eat a few bloodworms but not too much. I was wonder what sort of other food brands are good for them or if they just need to get settled into the tank to be more comfortable eating? I've tried google but it wasn't really helpful and all the reviews for products were always mixed, was wondering if veteran honey gourami owners have any recommended food brands and some tips for newly added gouramis. Thank you guys in advanced!
  19. Can upload images if helpful. LMK if this would be helpful! My 10 gallon was set up using media and substrate from my older tank. It was cycled before the inhabitants and plants were introduced. Levels were good, everything was stable. It did really well for about 6-8 months, but my mistake was introducing some new cherry shrimp from petsmart to "add genetic diversity". I think they introduced a pathogen that killed off all the shrimp in both tanks. The older tank did poorly for a bit with all the waste, but several month on, it's fine again. However my betta tank isn't doing so well. First, my male veil tail has always had fin issues. They have been stringy for lack of a better word for a couple years now. He seems to get on just fine, there didn't seem to be decay or anything for the longest time. LFS didn't seem concerned when I asked them for help with this originally. I've tried getting advice off the internet before, overall consensus is that despite his less than attractive fins, he's okay. However, lately I've noticed what's likely to be fin rot. For 3 days, I have been doing daily 20% water changes, adding tap water with conditioner. I have also purchased and boiled mini almond leaves to add to the water. Still possibly noticing some black tissue on the edges. He was also very lethargic the last few weeks. I did a very big water change 3 days ago, and removed his floating log because it has discoloured and might be leaching toxins (??? unconfirmed), and he's sort of perked up. He is active at times, likes to eat whenever I visit him, but he still rests a lot. Maybe he's just old? My other concern is that the plants are not doing well at all. I think I have an algae that's taking over their leaves and affecting their growth. Moreover, their growth is inconsistent. Some plants have died, others look like they will die soon. I'm sorry, I don't remember the names of the plants, but I can upload pictures. I need to know how to fix this because I don't want to be slowly torturing my betta. I am trying to do everything right but I must be doing something (or multiple things) wrong. Current water parameters: pH is stable but high, 8.0-8.2 (my tap water is high, too) GH 0-30 (mg/L) KH 80-120 (mg/L) NO2- 0 ppm NO3- 0.5-10 ppm Ammonia around 0.25-0.50 ppm (I know this is higher than it should be, this is why I'm trying to be diligent with water changes). Temp 78F Any thoughts on what to do next ? Please and thank you! EDITED TO ADD: Also, I changed filters a while ago from your standard HOB to Tetra Whisper 10-30 gallon. I do not like it. It's not adjustable, and at first the flow was much too strong. Over only a few months it reduced to hardly any flow at all. Ended up getting a lot of biofilm on the surface of the water due to lack of agitation. I have removed it and put the original HOB back up.
  20. Hello from North Dakota! I'm new to the hobby, but there aren't any clubs near me so I've been looking online for a fish community. Looks like I found it! I'm currently setting up my first community 20g long, but I can't decide what to put in it. What is your favorite (preferably colorful) community fish that would work for that tank size? Thanks for looking!
  21. Hi, Sorry I don't have a photo, but I noticed a small tiny worm inching along my betta tonight. It was maybe a milimeter or 2mm in length, very small. Didn't look to me like an anchor worm. It also did not look like a flathead worm, but it was very tiny. It was moving around my betta's body, on top of his scales, near his head and gills. My fish has been showing some signs of distress lately, including lethargy and tears in the fins. He is also approx. 2.5 years old. Can someone help me identify if this should be a cause for concern? Additionally, I have API Fungus Cure, Tetra Fungus Guard, and Tetra Lifeguard all-in-one treatment. Please advise if any of these chemicals might be helpful to use. Thank you!
  22. Hello, Recently my sister told me that she wanted to get a small aquarium for her young daughters. Helping her do research got me thinking about getting an aquarium of my own for the first time since I was in college. This time around I'm trying to avoid the mistakes I made last time, like spending too much money on filter cartridges and not including an air stone. I'd also like to give live plants a try. I was hoping for any advice, and it would be awesome if anyone could answer any questions I had. Here is the build I'm looking at: I'm probably going to go with a 20 gallon high tank. The area I've chosen could technically fit a 29, but it wouldn't leave a ton of room for maintenance. For filtration I was looking at a Lee's Triple Flow Corner Filter as the primary filter, with an Aquarium Co-op Sponge Filter either paired with it or just cycled for if/when I need to quarantine. Air supply is up in the air, as it were. Would two of the Co-op USB pumps be enough for that filter setup, or would I need something more powerful? Noise is a consideration, as the tank will be in my room. I'd like to have live plants that are forgiving and relatively low maintenance. For stocking, I'm leaning towards Zebra Danios and Cory Cats, possibly with one or more Nerite Snails as clean up crew. Is there a special kind of food for the snails? Would Corys work if I had foreground groundcover plants? Is there a "centerpiece" fish that would work with those tankmates? Any thoughts or advice would be most welcome.
  23. Hello all! My name is Cisa and I'm in New Albany, Indiana (just across the river from Louisville, KY) and just recently joined the Aquarium Co-op community. I've had non-planted guppy tanks for the last few years after getting 3 guppies which then of course turned into 300 guppies 😅 I recently discovered the amazing world of aquarium Youtube and now can't find enough places in my house for all the aquascapes and cool fish I need to have in my life. I sold the majority of my guppies to my local fish store and kept back only a few for more intentional breeding. I've got my babies moved over to their own 10 gallon planted with some ghost shrimp and have attempted my first scaped 30 gallon which is home to the adult guppies, a few dalmation and balloon mollies, blue velvet shrimp, a handful of mystery snails, and my very first pleco. I don't know what I don't know and I want to learn everything about everything. Needless to say, I now spend a lot of time reading the forum and watching the whole catalog of Aquarium Co-op videos. The majority of my critter keeping life has been dogs, cats, and hedgehogs with a few adventures into chicken land. I recently got a great deal on a 48 gallon tank and spent most of my evening looking at all the fun fish at my favorite local store and dreaming up what I want for this new tank. I'm thrilled to have found this community and can't wait to meet fellow fish nerds 🐟
  24. I thought I would do a little journal of my journey with my very first 55 gallon tank. Even when I was big into fish tanks as a kid in the early 70s, I never had a tank larger than 20 gallons, so this is pretty exciting for me. I just came back to the hobby a couple of months ago and dove in headfirst. I have two 20 gallons, two 45 talls, a ten and the 55 gallon tank. Only one of them currently have fish; I have some guppies and cherry shrimp in one of the 20s. Although one of the 45s has finished cycling and will probably have more guppies next week. I'll focus on the 55 gallon though since I have not done anything with it yet, other than make a few decisions. Here is the tank currently: //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/20200918_103659.jpg.2f661240beba402d3c31a8e47e5841a2.jpg Cables and such will be hidden. I have some material coming today to cover the top 2x4s with, then I'll make it a little prettier. I decided to do the plasti-dip for a black background and I am doing the twin wall polycarbonate for the lid. Most of my supplies for the tank are coming via UPS today, I bet our UPS guy is going to be surprised when I hug him... Filtration: I am going a little overboard with filtration for now, with the two large spongefilters from the Co-Op and a marineland 350 HoB. For air flow, I just grabbed one of the Aquatop Breza 100s from the Co-op and a battery backed up one from KG Topicals. Heater: I bought two of the 300 watt Eheim Jager's heaters and the JBJ true temp controller @Daniel recommended on another thread. I'm only going to put one of them in the tank for now, I just want one for back up. Substrate: Going with just Eco-complete. Plants: I already have a bunch of plants waiting in one of the other tanks. So far I have: Vallisneria Christmas moss Java Fern and Water Sprite. I want to also get some type of carpeting plant too, but haven't quite decided what yet. Hardscape: I'm going to walk down to the bay tomorrow morning and look for some interesting hardscape stuff. If I can't find anything I like over the next few weeks, I'll grab some of the usual suspects online. Fish: Probably will change, but I'm currently looking at 6-8 Boesemans Rainbowfish, 6-8 Rasboras, but haven't decided on which one, and 5-6 dwarf corys as well as some type of shrimp. {EDIT} For some reason it won't put the pic where I want it, instead it just displays the path and puts the image at the bottom of the post... //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/20200918_103659.jpg.2f661240beba402d3c31a8e47e5841a2.jpg
  25. Not sure where else to get help on this. Today I noticed these little egg type looking spheres throughout my tank. Yesterday they were not there. And today there are at least 12 (that I can see) spread randomly on the bottom of my 5.5 gallon tank. Does anyone know what these are? I have 1 mystery snail, 1 ghost shrimp, and 1 molly fish (currently being treated for ich). I have noticed some tiny new, possibly nerite, snails that must have come with some new plants I got over 2 weeks ago. The "eggs" look slightly yellow fluid filled with some air bubbles(?) in them?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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