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  1. So proud to hit that year mark who else has there 1 year member badge 


  2. What part I'm about 40 mins from Dayton across the border in Indiana
  3. For sure I have posted a pic on here I believe on myvprofile plenty vids on my channel etc but most definitely will share the new start journey on here when I close on the house! Thanks for your interest and comments on this post friend
  4. Well I'm not sure that it's considered old to me that's old lol. 1800`s that's crazy 🤪 and yea it's not a light tank probably 2k pounds full of water the tank weight rocks etc definitely alot of weight to consider. Why don't you have big tanks there? Doesn't anyone build them? I also have a 300 gal above ground pond I'm considering having inside if it doesn't fit in basement 🤔 could put in yard with other one but I want yo keep cichlids in it not cold water fish 😉 and moving the tank can be done by two decently strong men bet the tank empty is 100-300lbs. And thank you very much I'm very excited and nervous will be my first home I bought!
  5. I know this might sound absurd. Firstly like someone mentioned above if you had a way of transportation lol Indiana is know for its liquid rock haha. But where I was going with this is. What source would you be getting the fish from? Ask for a bag of extra water then put tge fish in a bucket with that water then setup a drip acclimation process slowly dripping your water into the bucket . And go through a gill osmosis process! If and when those fish breed I'd like to think they naturally would be OK in that water if they lived from birth. I'm not no expert or scientist anything like that. You asked for an idea I thought of one. But I'm one of those people that don't chase ph.
  6. I too am heartened by this change as Sundays are usually my only days off. But I reckon he must go with what works well with the overall population. Cory's a busy man and it be selfish to say well you need to do one on Sundays still. Guess will catch replays attempt to pop in on a break at work. But I still feel there's plenty of benefits to being a member regardless the coop is something I'm proud to be part of 😃
  7. It's hard to answer this question with in the rules of the forum. No promoting other sites outside of the coop and aqua huna however I know of plenty good sights for this kind of thing 😬 so what I would say is do your research bargain hunt but 8inch solid peace I could see anywhere from 30-80$ where I'm from
  8. Sorry about picture quality finally starting to get some size I see the hump but it's not very predominant. Makes me wonder if it's a female (FH) I have had it about 6months got it at 2inches roughly 4x3 now
  9. The basement is 10% complete I'm still gonna have too lay concrete the reasons I want the tanks on the first floor is cause I plan to build my 2k in the basement which will take up the space yes plumbing and electricity down in the basement Atwell also seems sturdy built inspector only sited a few minor things. On the property also thanks for your reply
  10. Hello everyone firstly if your taking the time out of your day or night to read this then thank you. I am on a journey in my life right now! we are buying a big beautiful house built in the 1920,s! it comes with already built into the yard a 100-200 gal koi pond! exciting yes I know that's what made us want it. however the yard isn't that big its pretty got a above ground garden trough built in the yard which my brain is racking ideas could I turn that into a pond/tank too or do I keep it a garden grow food or just some pretty flowers a lot of decisions to be made. however like I mentioned above the house its self is nice size I'm actually gonna get to build my fish room. like sure right now I have 8 tanks spread through a duplex but that's not a real fish room obviously! plan on turning my 135 into a community tank as a center piece moving the Large cichlids to the three hundred gallon pond for now tell I can afford and build my 2kpond in the basement the dinning room is gonna become the fish room do to its size and shape! cant wait to set it up and do some videos at any rate! for the real stuff in truth though I been in the hobby for a few years or more but I'm still a NOOB! when it comes to advanced stuff in the hobby. I run all my tanks in the basic ways most I have is canister filters I have tried to build my own using Cory's video but that's as advanced as it gets. I'm curious to know how one sets up an auto water changing system. do all your tanks have to be drilled to do so? secondly to that what system do I purchase and where do you recommend getting it from. if you know of a great video for the product your suggestion that would be nice too. I have used Cory's Wi-Fi plug so I assume that would be necessary as well to function the system its self. next subject would be floor testing as mentioned above the house was built in the 20's it has all wood floors from what I seen when i toured the house the floor's are made from 2x6 in most spots. however I question how sturdy they are as mentioned I want to load the dinning room with a bunch of tanks done some research your average 2x4 can hold 700lbs so do I just go down in the basement and put 2x4,s under all of the beams. with a house that old should i just get a bunch of actual floor jacks. the concern there is cost I'm not rich moneys tight and tied up in the house its self. and last but defiantly not least SOLAR POWER! for those of you that have a fish room large tanks or ponds etc. its no secret that when you start running that many big tanks in your home store or whatever you have. your electricity bill is gonna start rising along with other bills and I'm just wondering if anyone has converted to solar power if its possible if it would even be worth it. or if you have used any solar powered items in the hobby that you actually stand by. I only have used a solar powered fountain for my pond but it don't have a storage feature so only works when sun is hitting it but at any rate been seeing a lot of solar power adds getting emails etc. so truly has me curious if anyone has any experience with any of the above feel free to leave your input thank you in advance.
  11. Hello looking at houses to buy this week was wondering how you determined how much weight your floors can hold, also do,s and donts for inside ponds in basement or even in rooms I know a dehumidifier will be necessary etc thanks in advance
  12. Will have to get more pics when home but I have access drift wood a dirtied soil mix s with sand almond leaves occasionally added. I also think yellow and red lighting help give that hue color other than that I have some hornwort floaters and some Amazon swords in the tank also do more topping off then water change to keep the tannin just my opinion but u see far more educated people in chat so I’m sure you’ll get what your looking for !
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