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  1. Totally agree I try to instill this very method in my fb group firstly we don’t bash or insult! We educate and in order to educate you must provide facts to back them sources! And if it’s in your own personal experience explain that and why you think it worked people with vague answers or insulting someone who knows less are not trying to grow the hobby there just being know it all snobs that probably truly knows nothing at sll on the subject✌️🐟🐠🦀🦂🦎🍃🌱🌿
  2. Looks like I have no say lol 🤷‍♂️🤪 I don’t get on here snd post as much but I’m in the live streams on YouTube etc well fishy family it’s been fun time to watch new nerms pass me up just cause i don’t actively post 😞😒
  3. Also did have drift wood in it for the longest time only recently removed but it was boiled and soaked for like a month I have hard water like 7.4-8.6 ph keep temps 79-84dwgrees no plants though I have tried a few times big predator fish in tank
  4. It’s not like they are moving super fast almost like wigglers Aka baby fish first stage haven’t tried assume they would die out of water! They cling to glass but see them on substrate don’t see them free swimming or anything unles the water movement it’s self catches them
  5. Wow I never new like I know plants die off and re sprout in winter! Bud to live literarily 15 years that’s some plant too kewl
  6. Not that I’m aware there in a big predator tank so maybe too small to bother with plus I mean not to boast but I keep everyone well fed that could be part the problem perhaps . none of my community tanks have them though
  7. Monday’s as we all know are never happy lol but that is a very pretty flower so good day to you
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