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  1. Assuming you're in the US, this is the best deal I was able to find back when I needed some. They sent me quite a bit extra as well. Shipping was on the slow side iirc, but it all got here alive and green. https://www.ebay.com/itm/224517022930
  2. Thanks 😎 There seems to be a lot of different tapes like this out there, and I think they might have slightly different specs. I ended up going with a fairly cheap option on amazon for $5. It's basically duct tape made of pvc without the tear lines. It's a little thicker, enough that you can feel the difference, but it handles more or less the same. https://www.amazon.com/Rbenxia-Textured-Furniture-Beautification-Decoration/dp/B09713KZBP Some of the pics I was finding of similar products really had me nervous lol like this one. That looks like it would split if I tried to hit 90 degrees with it.
  3. Hmm yeah, I wouldn't know either obviously. Doesn't really make any sense to me on the face of it though ngl, but probably best to play it safe.
  4. Yup, that's what I was thinking also. I don't know what usually get used as a marine feeder, but I cant think of anything better than a livebearer that's just gonna keep cranking out more Tank's lookin nice btw
  5. Reseal is done, curing now. Got the tape on as well, I'm not crazy about the way it turned out tbh, but the repair tape wasn't as rigid as I was worried it might be. Some of the pics of it looks like it wouldn't do a 90 degree angle.
  6. Oh of course. I always do, even for the simplest things. I'd have to do a lot of research in this case especially since marine is a whole new medium for me. The mantis is the only thing that's ever tempted me to dabble in the salt world though. And yeah, they do sound extremely awesome. I really like the idea of the spearer ones, I think that's what they're called? The stabby boys. Smashers sound pretty awesome too though.
  7. Nice! Alright, yeah. That's back on the bucket list then.
  8. RIP Peacock. I've considered getting a mantis, but idk much of anything about salt water stuff. Someone put it in my head that you need an acrylic tank for even one of the little guys too, and pretty much ended it. Everything I tried to read about them was also very ambiguous about which species could or couldn't crack or break glass. Those wennerae dudes are fine for glass then? I assume so, but maybe you're just a man who lives on the edge. I might have to put mantis back on the menu if they can live in a tank like that relatively safely
  9. Oof, That's a really good point. I just hate the idea of covering up that faux wood trim. This is a rare moment for me where I was putting form ahead of function. I think it's too good of a suggestion to ignore though. I've been looking into a few options to retrim it for the past twenty minutes or so. Found this, looks like it would hold up well, but my only worry is it's possibly too sturdy, might be hard to work with. It's wood grain repair tape for furniture and paneling. It looks pretty thick, and if the claims hold up, it just might do it, but idk. "Free cutting: High-end simulation, repair and refurbishment, free cutting. You can also easily cut it into various shapes with scissors, and adapt to uneven surfaces" Then of course there's wood grained duct tape. I think I could make that look quite nice with the exception of a seam that I would have to hide somewhere. Pick a side, call that the back, and let the seams fall there. With both these options there's a problem with the top. Whatever I do to the bottom, I'd have to do up there so it matches. Could that be a problem? Granted it wont be in contact with water in the tank ever, with the possible exception of the occasional drop that fell off a net or something, hit the tape, then ran into the tank. I feel like it's not a big concern, but I could be convinced otherwise.
  10. lol Well, generally speaking, to the best of my understanding, vintage refers to anything between 20-99 years old. At 100+ we're getting into the realm of antiques. Anything less than 20 years old, but has fallen out of style or relies on antiquated technology falls into the retro category. Even stuff from the 90s is vintage at this point, which places me in the same boat. Some items have a shorter threshold they need to cross to become antiques though, like cars. If I was a car, I'd already be an antique. 😭 Not sure if fish tanks have similarly separate categories, given their fragile nature I wouldn't be surprised if they did. I don't know though, so safe to call it vintage.
  11. Oh yeah, it's great. My only minor complaint is the periodic genderbending of historical characters. I'm sitting here with a bunch of Artoria Pendragon figures, so I don't mind too much. It just trims off a bit of my willful suspension of disbelief with each new one. Pretty sure at the heart of it is they know that waifus sell. So as long as Type Moon is selling, we get more Type Moon stuff, so that's good.
  12. Weeb thread? Nice. I don't watch much modern anime, I mostly just rerun stuff from before my time. Sometimes I hunt for things I've never seen before from the 70s, and 80s. That gets harder all the time cause they arent making it anymore obviously lol. Outlanders, Dream Hunter Rem, and Project A-ko are some of my favorites, probably seen all those at least 20 times each. Bubblegum Crisis and it's spin-offs are up there too, except for that one AD Police reboot. As far as reasonably modern stuff, I do like the Fate series a lot, but I fell behind on that a while ago. Big fan of Goblin Slayer as well. First anime to force me to get into light novels.
  13. AYY, Apparently you're right! I didn't know that, but now the big gold fish mural in town makes a lot more sense. I've only lived here a few years, so thanks for tipping me off on that. Very cool to know. Their one other claim to fame that I'm aware of is the guy who wrote Jingle Bell Rock is from here. lol Ozark Fisheries is a 4th generation family owned and operated ornamental goldfish and koi farm founded in 1926. Our Martinsville, Indiana location was established in 1899 as Grassyfork Fisheries and is the oldest, continuously operated private fish farm in the United States. Grassyfork Fisheries earned Martinsville the moniker of “Goldfish Capital of the World.” It now serves as a goldfish and koi production and shipping facility for 6 varieties of goldfish and 2 varieties of koi. https://www.visitmorgancountyin.com/listing/ozark-fisheries/195/
  14. So it's not the Pat. B., world renowned aquariumsmith extraordinaire, making this worth a thousand dollars? Darn. Just kidding, that makes a lot of sense though. Forgot to post this old temp strip as well. I don't believe it works anymore lol but I like it so it's gonna stay
  15. $15. Mostly because I like the idea of a fish tank that, in accordance with natural law, allows me to shout "WOODCHUCK!" and bruise someone's shoulder. Seriously though, it's in pretty good shape. The glass was pretty stained, but I got that sorted out no problem, good enough for me anyway. Not sure if it's been resealed, but it held water overnight. I'm still gonna reseal it anyway, just in case though. There are two reasons I'm even bothering to post it though. The first is that it's signed, and I'm curious who Pat. B. is. Tried to google it and didn't turn up anything at all so I don't think it's some old company or anything like that, but I could be wrong. I'm assuming it's someone who decided to make a fish tank at some point and put their name on it. Figured I'd see if any of you NERMs had any idea. The other thing is the vinyl 'wood' paneling here is cracked, and other than super gluing it into place I don't really know what to do about that. What would be my best option?
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