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About Me

  1. I love the world of the small, it's such a complex and beautiful part of nature happening all around us that we usually never see. So share your macro shots! Me feeding fry baby brine from a pipette.
  2. I liked the idea of having a space to just babble about my tanks. I do have an Instagram, but I always felt like I need to post glamour shots to that, and not more mundane things. So here it is, a place to talk about how duck weed is taking over my house (seriously I find it on our doorknobs). I guess I'll start off by introducing my favorite fish, and therefore my favorite tank. Pooka is a synodontis eupterus who has an incredibly sweet temperament. She's hand tame, and often follows my hand around while I work on the tank. She's currently in a 40 breeder, and I MAY put her in the 75 eventually, but honestly I'm worried to put her in with my bichirs; Dragon (who I will introduce in another post), once took a bite out of a catfish like it was an apple. She seems to have enough room for now, and really isn't that active - her swimming style is doing calm moseys around the tank between long upside down naps. I once drew her as a Pookamon Pokemon.
  3. I bought a group of 12 juvenile, unsexed, zebra plecos that were all ~1.5 inches. I got them on June 23rd 2020 and lost five within the first two days due to user error. An expensive error to say the least. The remaining 7 have all been doing well sense then. They are in a 40 breeder at 84 degrees. This is my attempt to raise them to adults. I plan to use this thread as a journal with sporadic updates on their growth and living conditions.
  4. I was scooping out duckweed from my greenwater/sparkling gourami aquarium this week and I noticed every scoop had multiple sparkling gourami fry in it. This one was hunting a cyclops.
  5. I figured I would share my 5 year work in progress. Got some new plants coming in this week from the co-op. The latest additions have been the Young Albino/Gold Dojo Loaches
  6. Between Aquabid and Aquahuna, I am curious to know what others are finding interesting and have almost added to cart? Right now I think these Calico Honduran Red Points look pretty sweet! AquaBid.com - Item # fwcichlidc1603291029 - 6 Calico Honduran Red Points - Ends: Wed Oct 21 2020 - 09:37:09 AM CDT WWW.AQUABID.COM AquaBid.com: Item # fwcichlidc1603291029 - 6 Calico Honduran Red Points.
  7. Hi everyone! Going to try out this journal thing. I currently have a Home Depot rack with 11 tanks on it. I drilled the tanks and ran a drain to a sump pump in another room, and I have a linear piston air pump powering them. I fill a 32g trash can with tap water and Prime for water changes. Here's what it looks like: The things I'd like to improve upon by building a fish room: I'm powering the entire rack (4 lights, 9 tank heaters, 1 AquaClear) with a single 15A non-GFCI outlet, and there isn't another outlet nearby. So I'm going to carefully plan outlet locations/breakers/GFCI/etc. In addition to the tank heaters, I have an electric oil heater warming the room to 75, but the room is pretty large, and includes a stairwell to the first floor. Ideally I'll be able to heat a smaller room to a consistent temp, and do away with most of the in-tank heaters. I'm going to plan an automatic water change system, so this is a good opportunity to incorporate that. I'd like to add a sink, so that I can do things like rinse test tubes or make brine shrimp without running up and down the steps. I have an idea to do 2 separate lighting circuits, so that I can have much lower brightness lights on for longer during the day without growing a lot of algae. I'd also like to make the room a lot brighter overall. More tanks! I'm already running out of room, so I'd like to plan for at least 40-50 tanks, but will likely start closer to 20-25. And probably wishful thinking, but I think I can keep the room more organized if I plan storage/etc better. This part of our basement is naturally split by a support column, I-beam, and soffit for HVAC ducts. These make the ceiling pretty low, but I think I can make it up with thin shelving and spreading out a bit more. Here are the dimensions I'm planning on: The bottom wall will be new, and that door will be the entry door. The right door goes to storage and our HVAC system. The top door is a thin room with our electrical panel, water heater, and oil tank. I'm hoping I can fit a ~75-100g water tote in there. Here's the space after draping some plastic: And the other side where the fish rack currently is: I spent last weekend framing it out and installing a door. Here's what it looks like now: This was my first time using steel studs. They're really great! You can carry 10 through a house under one arm, they cut easily with metal shears, and the room wasn't covered in sawdust when I was done. They were also about the same price as wood 2x4s. I chose them because the other basement walls were already steel studs, and some suggested that basements use metal instead of wood framing due to moisture. I had to get creative with keeping the existing drain and air PVC functional: Next up is electrical! Hoping to find some time this weekend to wire outlets and install new breakers.
  8. Hey, I'm a hobbyist for 3 years and webmaster of Louisville Tropical Fish Fanciers. (https://louisvilletropicalfish.org/) My daughter got me into the hobby and I'm over 25 tanks in so far. I mainly play with breeding and submit fish to the club's breeders awards program. It was great meeting Cory at AquaShella last year and I love what he's doing for the hobby. Enjoy a few photos while you're here.
  9. Hello folks. Been fish Keeping for just over a year and a half. Started with a 10 gallon tank for my 3 kiddos. It took about 3 days before I realized I was already addicted. YouTube was fuel to the fire and I started cramming all the information from every fish keeping video I could watch. After a few months of learning I made every mistake a new fish keeper can make everything seemed to get easy. That's when I decided to start my 2nd tank. Against all advice from my new best friends at the local fish store I set up another 10 gallon tank. I ordered all the plants and filters from Aquarium Co-op. After planning to make it a pea puffer tank I watch it cycle. Then when it was ready I couldn't find any pea puffers within 100 miles from me. I happened to go the fish store one time without my kids and I seen this little not even 1/2 inch fahaka puffer looking at me in the back section of a divied tank( I wouldn't have noticed him if my kids where there). I took him home without a 2nd thought. After watching Corey's videos on puffer fish before I even made a tank for pea puffers I had done alot of research on several fresh water puffers( all Corey's fault). I knew this was gonna be my buddy. I also got very lucky a few weeks prior to getting my Fahaka. A new friend gave me 180 gallon acrylic tank which was so scratched up you couldn't see into it. 3 weeks of elbow grease it was good as new. After getting my Fahaka me and my daughter named him Worshershier. Knowing that the wife hates it when me and the daughter go grocery shopping because of our love of annoying her by watching around the store saying "worshershier", it seemed like the perfect name. I had moved him from a 10 gallon to a 20 gallon. After a month. Then the fear of having to take him back to the fish store really fired up my attention to finishing the 180 gallon build. After a few months of saving, building and researching. I finally got my tank going. The move to the 180 has been amazing. I have watch him grow from 3 inch to 8 inch in about 2 months. I have added a few fish in with him recently and he hasn't eaten any YET. While I was building his 180 gallon tank I also started breeding mystery snails. I have a 39 tall tank that is actually one of my favorite tanks to look at even though in all reality it's a bait tank. My 20 gallon tank that I moved my Worshershier out of became the new home to my fish in my first 10 gallon tank. It was a must do to keep the peace in the house. So I went from 5 tanks down to 3 tanks. Happy wife happy life. There are future plans that the wife has given the ok to in the family room(fish room). But until then I am gonna enjoy what I have now. Thanks for readying if you have made it this far. And thank you Corey for what you have dont for the hobby and my own person slice of paradise.
  10. Got a lot of SWEET bettas in this week. Frogs, Inverts, and Snails African Dwarf Frog Amano Shrimp Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Yellow Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Red Spot) Mystery Snails (Black and Blue) Bettas (all betta splendens male unless noted) Halfmoon Halfmoon Dragon Scale Super Delta Dragon Scale Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Plakat Alien Green 👽 Plakat Alien Steel Blue 👽 Plakat Black Avatar Plakat Galaxy Candy Plakat Galaxy Koi Gouramis and other Labyrinth Fish Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami Female Sunset Honey Gourami Sparkling Gourami Cichlids Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash" Assorted Discus (Blue Diamond) Bolivian Ram Corydoras and other Catfish Bronze Cory Polka Dot Cory Pygmy Cory Orange Laser Cory False Julii Cory Panda Cory Dwarf Petricola Catfish (Locally Bred) Plecos L329 Peru Orange Longtail L444 Rubberlip Pleco Long Fin Green Dragon (Locally Bred) Orange Spot Pleco (Locally Bred) Common Colombian Otocinclus Loaches Black Kuhli Loach Kuhli Loach Yo-Yo Loach Tetras Cardinal Tetra (Wild) Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Lemon Tetra Neon Tetra Red & Blue Columbian Tetra Rummy Nose (Tank Raised) Marble Hatchet Fish (Wild) Rasboras Chili Rasbora aka Brigittae Rasbora Exclamation Point Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprinids Cherry Barb Panda Garra (Wild) Danios and other Minnows Celestial Pearl Danio Burmese Hikari Danio (Very Cool Species) Zebra Danio Ricefish Orange Japanese Meddaka Ricefish (Dean Bred) Livebearers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Cobra Red and Flamingo) Brazil Green Moscow Guppy Pairs (Locally Bred) Marigold Swordtail Gold Sailfin Molly Killifish P82 Gardneri Killifish Pair Oddballs Burmese Zebra Eel Blue Neon Goby Centipede Knife (Pretty Dang Cool Looking)
  11. Hello everyone! I am excited to have found this forum! My name is Jose and I live in Seattle. I started in the hobby about 10 years ago. Back then really got into it, but I had to move around for a while and had to put the hobby on stand-by until I got into a more settled down and found a bigger place. The biggest tank I've had until now was a 29 gallon, but I just got hold of a 40 gallon breeder, and I´m very excited with the project! It´s going to be planted community tank with South American fish. I´m thinking a pair of dwarf cichlids, small schools of corys and tetras, and one or two ancistrus. I've never had angelfish, so I'm thinking that maybe I could add them instead of the dwarf cichlids. Anyone here keeping angelfish in a 40 breeder? Anyhow, I´m just happy that I found the forum, and hope to be an active member; it really feels like a community here! Cheers PS Everybody loves pictures, so I´ll add some of my old aquariums. More to come when I get the 40 gallon up and running!
  12. the sun hits my tank for about an hour every morning when the sun rises and it’s my favorite time to watch the fish. they seem to glow in the sunlight. my snakeskin gourami pair was looking extra good this morning snacking on krill flakes. my goldfish look good too share your natural sunlit tanks, i think fish look best in sunlight.
  13. Hi guys- I'm relatively new to this forum and am just now finding the time to introduce myself. My family and I have recently moved away from keeping primarily African Cichlids to planted community tanks, in large part because of the community that Aquarium Co-Op has helped foster. With that being said, I am excited to learn from all of you, and hopefully be able to reciprocate in one way or another! Currently, we are keeping and breeding African Cichlids from Lake Malawai. One tank is of Peacocks and Haps and the other is of Mbuna. Additionally, we are keeping low tech planted tanks with community fish such as Rainbowfish, German Blue Rams, Angelfish, Peacock Gudgeons, Platies, Mollies, Guppies and Tetras, just to name a few. More recently, we set up three smaller breeding tanks, which we are just starting to plant up as well. I really enjoy taking pictures of our fish and plants, and I've attached a few of my favorites below!
  14. I have a heavily planted 80 gallon aquascaped tank. I have some rainbowfish in there now, but would like to move them and add a decent size school of small colorful tetra or rasbora. Ideally the fish would be 1.5" or less with good schooling, I'd like 30-40 of them. My ph is around 7 and the temp is stable at 74. There are also some shrimp in the tank, both amano and neocaradinia. Any recommendations?
  15. I’ve had a cherry shrimp tank going since Covid started. Added some Bloody Mary’s 6 weeks ago and they have done great. It’s fairly planted and I have chili rasboras and a pleco in there. I had the tank around 77° to encourage breeding but haven’t seen results so a few days ago I turned the heater down and it slowly dropped down to 75° over 2 days. Both of my highly colored females have died in the last 24 hours. I’m a little baffled. Has anyone heard of such a subtle temperature change being lethal?
  16. Some women have children. I have discus. 😉 Though I'd start a journal for my planted discus tank. It's been running a few years now, and these fish are my babies. The tank sits next to my desk, and I work full time from home. We all spend a lot of time together. Photo from Spring 2020 (and the best photo I've gotten of this tank!) Here's the tank in Dec 2019, a few weeks after planting The layout for the tank was inspired by an ADA tank I saw in a youtube video, this tank: (this photo is a screenshot from a youtube video of the ADA gallery in Japan. It is not my tank) Stocking in the tank is currently 10 discus, 5 Sterbai Cories, 4 oto cats, 10 Amano Shrimp, and some random guppies who snuck in on a net as fry and grew up in the tank. I had 12 discus, but decided to re-home two who were pairing off and picking fights a few months ago. I hear some people say discus are skittish. That is not my experience. They are nosy, always up in my business when I'm trying to do maintenance. I end up pushing them away so I can see what I'm doing.. lol! Thanks for reading! I'll keep updating as the tank evolves.
  17. Hi there! I'm relatively new to the hobby, starting with a 10 gallon tank last Summer. Now I have 2-10 gal, 2-20 long, a 55 community tank and an empty 30 breeder in the garage. I also have one 5 gal quarantine tank in the bathroom because ... why not? Aquarium Co-op's YouTube channel and community have been incredibly helpful in the journey! My current stock is: 55 gallon: panda corys, harlequin rasboras, pearl danios, bn pleco, clown pleco, amanos, assassin snails, one nerite, guppies, mollies 20 gallon long: galaxy rasboras, guppies, yoyo loaches, hillstream loach, cherry shrimp, amano shrimp 10 gallon: betta 10 gallon fish quarantine and 20 gallon plant quarantine I'm currently researching NW cichlids or shell dwellers (for the 30) and hope to setup a deck pond next summer. See you online! mo
  18. I was cleaning out the Eheim Pro 3 on the discus tank today. If you’re not familiar with this canister there are 4 trays in the stack with the top one having the coarse sponge. I’ve got all the trays in the slop sink to clean the pads so as I clean them the trays go back in the canister. I get to the top tray pull out the coarse sponge and clean it before I put it back into the tray I rinse the gunk out of it and what’s flapping around in the bottom of the sink a pair of Sterbai Cory fry. They must of got sucked in when I took the intake sponge off to clean it early last week.
  19. Pea Puffers Back In Stock! Frogs, Inverts, Snails African Dwarf Frog Amano Shrimp Bamboo Shrimp (Nice sized ones) Cherry Shrimp Orange Shrimp Yellow Shrimp Blue Velvet Shrimp Red Rili Shrimp Assassin Snails Nerite Snails (Zebra) Mystery Snails (Ivory) Bettas (all betta splendens are male unless noted) Veil-tail Crowntail Halfmoon Halfmoon Dragon Scale Halfmoon Dumbo Ear Nemo Koi Gouramis and other Labyrinth Fish Powder Blue Dwarf Female Gourami Sunset Honey Gourami Sparkling Gourami Blue Paradise Fish (Locally Bred) Cichlids Apistogramma Agassizii "Fire Red" Apsitogramma Borellii "Blue" Corydoras Panda Cory Similis Cory False Julii Cory Pygmy Cory Salt & Pepper Hi Fin Cory (Locally Bred) Plecos L183 Blue Seam Pleco (Good sizes) Imperial Ranger Pleco LDA33 Snowball Pleco Calico Longfin Bristlenose Pleco (Locally bred) Loaches Reticulated Hillstream Loach Kuhli Loach Tetras Rummy Nose Cardinal Tetra (Wild) Ember Tetra Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia) Neon Tetra Rasboras Neon Green Rasbora Brigittae Rasbora Strawberry Rasbora Pygmy Spotted Rasbora Barbs and other Cyprininds Reticulated Siamese Algae Eater Cherry Barbs Minnows Gold White Clouds Livebearers Assorted Male Endlers Assorted Fancy Female Guppies Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Cobra Red, Eclipse, Japanese Red Tail, Luminous Purple, Moscow Blue, and Neon Blue) Gold Sailfin Molly (Freshwater and AMAZING!) Flexipenis Vittata (Sold fast, really cool liverbearer) Blue Tuxedo Platy Killifish Gold Australe Killi Pair Norman's Lamp Eye Oddballs Pea Puffers (Back in stock!) Ornate Bichir Burmese Zebra Eel Australian Desert Goby (These guys are crazy looking!) Black Ghost Knife
  20. Please share what you consider a Heavily Planted Tank or Moderately Planted Tank or Lightly Planted Tank. Here are a few from my fishroom.
  21. Getting good pictures of an aquarium can be difficult for many reasons and not everyone has the budget or the know-how. Many are limited to using their cellphones. What problems have you faced and what tick(s) have you discovered to overcome those difficulties?
  22. Thoroughly enjoy reading the "meet the team" page on the coop site. Thank you! Meet the team - Aquarium Co-Op WWW.AQUARIUMCOOP.COM Who we are and why we do it Aquarium Co-Op’s strength is down to our community of staff and customers. We all share a passion for fish and other... Michelle
  23. So what breeding project are you juiced to start? I am really looking forward to breeding the orange rice fish I just got. They were pricey but if I am successful I will be able to recoup the price. Come on share your story.
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