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Found 24 results

  1. I purchased 2 Dwarf Gourami recently. I thought the flame was a female and the powder blue was a male. I bought a new one today that I was told was a female, but I'm not sure. Could anyone help me determine the gender of these 3 please!!
  2. After cycling my tank for two weeks, and the cycle becoming stable, I purchased a male dwarf gourami yesterday, he was lively and healthy in the store, he acclimated well and was lively last night. This morning, and all day he's been quite lethargic, with clamped fins, and spending all his time in one side fo the tank near the surface. I not sure whats going on. I gave him a pinch of new life spectrum probiotic food tonight, and he ate a few gulps, but was otherwise diinterested unless it was right in front of him. To add to this, there are ghost shrimp and a few snails in his tank that are doing perfectly fine. along with a random molly fry that got into the bag with the gourami. He is the only one having issues in the tank. PH - 7.2 Nitrates - 5ppm Nitrite - 0ppm Ammonia - 0ppm Water Temperature - 75F Filtration - nicrew internal 5-10 gall filter, with coarse sponge, filter floss and marine pure gems biomedia. 50GPH I have also included a video so you can see just how bad his inactivity is.
  3. Hey, I’ve had some dwarf gourmis for a while and have never seen any breeding action, also as far as breeding I’m a total novice. Does this look like a nest to you guys? Photo isn’t great quality, so try your best haha
  4. I have this dwarf gourami that was behaving lethargic. It was just hovering around some plants when I noticed a male swordtail nipping on it’s body numerous times. I was concerned that the gourami May get killed so I placed it in a breeder box in hopes that it would get better over time. Is this a sign it’s dying?
  5. Hello! I have a quick question about fish transportation. I'm currently moving and I will be staying with family for a few weeks. I was able to figure out temporary setups for all my fish except my 17 powder blue dwarf gouramis and 1 female betta. How long could these guys live in a 5 gallon bucket? I could divide them into different buckets but the less the better. I'd be using a sponge filter temporarily that is set for 75 gallons. Thank you!
  6. For at least a week now my two Dwarf Gouramis (1m/1f) are showing some alarming signs, eating and moving less, losing some scales, one of them has damage to his eye that's not healing. I have purchased them a month ago. They're sharing a tank with 4 Corydoras (bought from the same shop) and 3 snails. Is there any way I could help them? Is it possible that it's Iridovirus and I won't be able to do anything to help them heal? If its the Iridovirus, what do I do about the tank inhabitants and environment/ decor (live plants, rocks, substrate/ gravel)? The water parameters are as follows: pH is 7.4, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are all 0. Lights are on from 4 to 9pm on a timer. Fish were fed once every two days like suggested by our fish shop until the cycle is stable, Stability was added daily, Prime every other day.
  7. Several months ago, we asked our LFS to order 4x female dwarf Gourami. Some fish keepers have never seen females, since most all that sells seem to be the brightly colored males. We’ve been giving them the royal treatment... lots of live food and frozen entree’s. They’re in a very wild, well-seasoned tank. Lots of duckweed, wisteria, pothos roots, etc. Then just a week or two ago, we popped in a divider, and brought home a colorful male. He’s now gearing up, getting used to our water, eating lots of healthy foods. The plan is to remove 3x females, and then move the male across the divider. Short video below.
  8. Hi friends! You were so helpful with my last issue, maybe we can solve this one. I bought a female and male neon blue dwarf gourami yesterday evening, and have them in quarantine. I had a bad experience with DGs five or six years ago when I first tried to keep them, and had about three die immediately in a very specific way. I thought maybe this time, with meds and quarantine would be different- but alas. What’s happening now, just like before, is that the female started out hanging out at the top- then started going vertical. It happened pretty quickly, about 30 mins ago; the QT is in my office and I’ve been watching them all day. After that, she started absolutely spazzing out. Then, she sinks and breathes very heavily. Then, she’ll get the strength to float up, hang there still for a while, spaz out, arch, swim in tight circles, fall, repeat. The male seems fine for now but I’m worried this might affect him, too. Is there a way to overcome this, whatever it is? About 24 hours ago I bought them, put them in a 10 gallon with api gen cure, api antibiotic, and ich guard (a combo I’ve used before). I tested the water just now and it came back at 0/.25/0, so I did a 50% water change and put in 5 tablespoons of salt since I’m not sure what this is?? Any thoughts? People are out there keeping gouramis so surely not every single one dies in this very specific way??
  9. I currently have 10 mollies/platies/variatus in my 125 with a dwarf gourami. Do you think it's a big enough tank to get away with adding one or two more gouramis?
  10. Hello, I have one dwarf flame gourami and was wondering if I got a pair of dwarf cichlids would they get along? Also I’ve heard they like sand but my substrate is gravel. Would that be a problem? Appreciate any feedback, Annie
  11. Hi All, I have a Dwarf Gourami (DG) that is swollen in the mid section (see photos). I haven't had many fish problems so I am asking for help. Is my DG gravid or have Iridovirids? The males have recently matured and have been building nest at the top of tank and being territorial so I suppose her being gravid is possible? Thanks in Advance.. pH = 7.0 Ammonia = 0 Nitrite = 0 Nitrate = 20 Temp = 80 degrees
  12. My dwarf gourami has a few little nicks in his scales plus he's getting fat eating before my other fish so I put him in quarentine. When I added the salt it was not all dissolved and it looks like he ate a small piece as it was falling through the water. Anything to be concerned about with him eating it? Im at 4 tbs per 10 gallons right now to try to heal him. Haven't fed for 2 days. Was thinking about feeding a pea tomorrow. Haven't seen any poo in the 3 days hes been in quarentine.
  13. Males? Females? One of each? Of the many persons I have asked online, some are certain they are both females, and the others are certain that they are both males. I have researched this EXHAUSTIVELY and remain uncertain. I am hoping to find an expert that can tell me their sexes with absolute certainty.
  14. I have a 10g QT tank with mollies, platies, variatus and one dwarf gourami. I noticed after about a week of the gourami being in there that a few of the other fish where picking at his head on both sides and then he developed white patches that looked basically like sores starting to develop but was red like an open sore. I placed the gourami in a breeder box to isolate him from the nipping and stress. He is now healed up. Do you think this could be because of only being in a 10g tank with not much cover and this will subside after they all get moved to the 125g with a decent amount of cover/plants?
  15. I'm terrible at taking pics and I was discussing that with my friend today. He bet me he could get amazing pics if I let him, so I did. He wasn't wrong! I'd like to introduce you to Pastrami, Salami and Tsunami the Dwarf Gouramis! They were the first three fish I obtained since getting back into the hobby, in the order I've listed them. Blu the Angelfish was feeling like showing off so my friend got a pic of her too! Pastrami Salami Tsunami Blu Here's a pic of them investigating the snail-pile I put in there for the assassin snails. Thanks for reading! I've never had crisp pictures such as these.
  16. Hello, The last time I posted I was having issues with fish dying and y’all let me know my PH. Is very low so I’ll have to stock accordingly. Water levels are PH-6 ammonia- 0, nitrites-0, nitrates 15-20 temp is 80ish I got 1 dwarf gourami and I was hoping to get a school of tiger barbs also. They were together in the same tank at the fish store but I read somewhere not to keep him with barbs due to there zippy nature they will get most of the food. What do y’all think? I really like the look of tiger barbs but I don’t want to upset my gourami 🤞🏽🙏 Annie oh and the other creatures in there are 2 ghost fish and 1 pleco 2” in a 20 gallon long
  17. Starting down the rabbit hole on a new breeding project - Dwarf Gouramis (Trichogaster lalius). We special-ordered 4x females, and fed them very well. Selected one male, and partitioned a 20 gal long. In this video, we remove 3x females, and move over the male. We shall see what happens . . .
  18. My dwarf gourami has been acting strange for the past two days and today he has stopped reacting to me outside his tank. All he does is float now, even lets the (not too strong) filter output push him around. He has a very slight spine curve when he moves but not as severe as some pictures I've seen. His fins look fine but he looks a little paler than usual. Stomach is definitely bloated and he is just floating around. He is not upside down although sometimes I see him lean sideways. It is just him in a 10g cycled tank with some mystery snails and shrimp. Ammonia 0, Nitrite 0, Nitrate 10. All other parameters good and what he is always used to, so no changes. In the time I was typing this I watched him sink down to the bottom but quickly fight is way to the top again to float. I have done some research and tried to feed him a boiled frozen pea a few times, but he did not eat it even if I held it right in front of him. I have not fed him for two days at this point. I love this fish, can anyone help!?
  19. I'm curious why you cant find female dwarf Gourami's? I have searched in vain. There must be some or I would not have a male.
  20. No ammonia nor Nitrite nitrates less than 10 i noticed my Dwarf Gourami chasing around my neon tetras which it never does. Looking close at it there appears to be a small cut or bulge on its chin. No idea what happened or really what to do.
  21. Thinking of adding a Dwarf Gourami(or two) to my 60 gal as centerpiece fish. Haven't pulled the trigger yet because I am hearing so many different opinions. Any more opinions you all would like to throw in to my research? 😀 Current stocking: 6 zebra danio(mix of glofish and a zebra); 8 tetra(white skirt, black skirt, glofish, and a Serpae); 7 Platy(mix of wags, mickey mouse, and 3 of my new faves - Green Lanterns). On the bottom we have 2 emerald and 2 albino corys and a Bristlenose Pleco. Someone suggested 3 Dwarf Gourami, but I feel 2 would be the max - and I am not even sure about a second one. What y'all think? Is my 60 big enough for 2? I am looking at a Powder Blue(for sure) and maybe another color for the second one(Flame or Neon). Thanks for any input and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  22. Hello from Southern Maryland. My name is Jesse I recently decided to get back into the hobby when a friend of mine was offloading his 55 gallon aquarium. So I setup that aquarium in my basement with the fish he had, since then I have made a new home for a pleco that was outgrowing a 20 gallon tank from someone I know. The pleco can be seen in the 55 gal aquarium in his jacuzzi. Now i have taken control over 2 other aquariums a 5 gal that my wife had, which houses a platinum beta. A 20 gallon aquarium that I have started that is a planted tank (I have a plant in the front of that tank that was a bulb that i cannot identify. Hopefully someone can identify for me.) The 20 gal has a few fish in it mainly a powder blue dwarf gourami. Looking forward to learning and sharing with everyone here. I have included a few tank pictures.
  23. Anyone know if dwarf gouramis are peaceful when living together? I have one opaline female in my 29gal and was thinking about adding maybe a honey gourami. Any thoughts?
  24. I am planning to have two powder blue dwarf gourami with two german blues, i will put the ram first so that he can grow before i put the gourami in. I have a lot of plants and a little supply of hiding
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