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Found 23 results

  1. Not entirely sure what this is - so wasn't too sure which thing to post this in, to be completely honest! These are pics from my best friends tank (her and I have grown together in this hobby - literally from the start of *my* obsession 4 years ago to now - and I'm at a total loss here) First pic was from 7 weeks ago - a green algae can clearly be seen beginning to grow on the substrate and rock (rock = bottom right front corner). Before the next pics - here is tank info & parameters and whatnot :: ~ 45 gallon tank ~ has been running and cycled over a year now ~ •temp 76°F •pH 7.6 •ammonia 0 •nitrite 0 •nitrate about 40 •phosphate btwn 0 - 0.25 •dGH 19° Tank inhabitants : •10 or 13 Neon Tetras •1 Molly •3 Guppies •1 Platy Tank is fed every other day (sometimes 2 days in btwn) 15 - 25% weekly water changes (more if necessary) Had started planting the tank before this mess, and had a few aponogeton plants, small piece of spider wood with java moss and anubias coffeefolia, and a bunch of small windelov java ferns, some small val plants and one or two other "root feeders" - so started to do less "deep" gravel vac'ing so the plants roots could expand and settle. Well..here's the mess! There was 2 weeks in the time between when the first pic was taken and now, when grav vac was not done at all but water changes still were done. And the sponge filters were both/all taken out and cleaned a week after the first pic. So, my fellow #nerms - what the HECK is going on!? Help! PLEASE!!?
  2. Sorry for another silly question. I have what appears to be brown algae growing in my filter. I assume this is just another level of filtration and I shouldn’t really be concerned but that I should double check. Do I need to clean this out of my filter? Do you even need to clean your filter? I know about rinsing out the filter media which I do but do you need to clean the actual filter housing?
  3. Ok, So I did my research and picked a Topfin tank from Petsmart which all youtube videos said had a filter that would be able of variable strength. Vids said oh yeah I turn it all the way down and my Betta does great. Guess what, not a feature any more. Frustratingly the housing outside of it is still the same but there is no mechanism to regulate the strength. So my Betta is getting pushed around. I contacted the store and they said yeah, we've got one it can be switched out for, but I A) would need to go into the store and thats not happening right now and B) it will be an over the edge kind and thats not the same as what i've got. So Im looking at getting a replacement off amazon and so I'd love advice from you all on this idea, brands that have worked, sizes I should get. How slow do I want it to go down to for a Betta Ill attach some pics of what Im trying to talk about (new to filtered tanks). As another idea, could I add one of the sponges to the output spout to diffuse the strength of the current? https://www.petsmart.com/fish/starter-kits/top-fin-retreat-aquarium-5230342.html?lsft=utm_source%3Agoogle%2Cutm_term%3A5230342%2Cutm_medium%3APLA%2Cutm_content%3AGSC - Medium - Specialty - Fish - LIA Only | *Catch All%2Cutm_campaign%3AGSC - Medium - Specialty - Fish - LIA Only&utm_id=432|pg1050590301|766749893206&utm_source=google&utm_medium=PLA&gclid=CjwKCAiAuoqABhAsEiwAdSkVVFr5-9H4JprR8X7RzUAZdDlaU_A1nG_oUqluyJrAO569Gov7w83l3RoC0ysQAvD_BwE https://www.amazon.com/PULACO-Submersible-Aquariums-Hydroponics-Fountains/dp/B07YLHVZ4Q/ref=sr_1_19?crid=3RGF34COSUYH3&dchild=1&keywords=5+gallon+water+filter+aquarium&qid=1610809248&sprefix=5+gallon+water+filter%2Caps%2C147&sr=8-19
  4. I’ve got my 10 gallon betta tank up and running added 3 live plants and my sponge filter with a betta conditioner going to let it cycle before adding my betta fish. Was wondering how often to clean the sponge filter I’m new to this system my other 10 gallon is a hang on filter. Ive seen where you rinse the sponge out with the tank water in a bag video was Cory lol anyways any suggestions or ideas can help.
  5. Hello I have 2-125s, 2 -75s, a 55 gallon aquariums. All with shubunkin goldfish. All the tanks are overstocked. The water temp is 70 degrees in all tanks. I have no heaters in them. I have multiple filtration on each tank. Combination of hob, canister and sponge filters. I need to get on a filter cleaning schedule. I try to do a filter cleaning on each tank once a month. That's one filter on each tank once a month. I have 15 filters that plug into outlets and 11 sponge filters total. I also have pre filters on my hob and canisters. I usually rinse the pre filters along with the sponge filters. It's a little overwhelming. I change 50 percent water at least once a week. I run seachem matrix, coarse sponges and fine pads in all filters. I also have all bare bottom tanks. Let me know what I can do for the maintenance schedule. Thank you. Rob S
  6. Hey all, I recently bought a paint scraper from the hardware store that has worked great for scraping algae, but it's already chipping after only a couple weeks. Does anyone have any recs for any of the magnet ones? Or is there any reason to stay away from them? I'm sure I'll still have to go in there with my hand to get some hard to reach areas, but it'd be nice to have the magnet do the bulk of the work. Any brand suggestions? thanks.
  7. One of my no clog air stones just clogged and I couldn’t even blow through the hose. After Looking closer It seems it unscrews and has two felt pads and on plastic. I always wondered what the extra tiny pads in the bag where for. Therefore no clog just went out the window correct? Do we need to clean these felt pads? Replace them every few months? If replace where do we get them? thoughts?
  8. So I have a planted 20 gal long tank with eco complete and I’m looking to get 6 sterbai corydoras... I’ve read multiple sources that say you’re not supposed to gravel vac a planted tank... yet I’ve also read multiple sources that say if cory’s don’t have very clean substrate their barbels could become damaged and infected... I’m not concerned about the eco complete being “too rough” as much as being “too dirty”. Thoughts? TIA
  9. I am new to plants in this tank. I included pictures so you can see the layout of my tank and the amount of rooted plants in my tank. my question is, do you gravel vac around the plants or stop gravel vacuuming once you have rooted plants in there so you don't disturb any runners or root growth? I've read that some people vacuum around plants or just the surface of the substrate. Some info: I just added cryptocoryne today in the left corner. And I have aponogeton and an Amazon sword on the right side. I also have some snails too.
  10. I am a new hobyyist. I setup my first tank two months ago. And added fish 3 weeks ago. First 3 days there were amonia fluctiations. After that, amonia(0ppm) nittrite (0ppm) nitrate(10-20 ppm) stabilized. I've been testing every day and so far so good. I have not done a single water change in two week. Is this wise? Should I still do a 20% water change every week? My tank is well planted.
  11. I made this for siphoning out my ten gallon tanks on my fish rack. I wanted something smaller to poke around the tank and clean with. I made it with: Brass fitting: 3/4 female garden hose x 3/4 female npt adapter, with a washer, very important. White fitting: 3/4 threaded x 3/4 slip pvc fitting I used a spare undergravel filter lift tube for a siphon tube. I cut a 45° angle at the end to better siphon off the bottom. I used a little Teflon tape on the threads. I siliconed the tube into the adapter because it's not a tight fit but it's water tight. If you don't have a spare tube a 3/4 pvc pipe would work. A little silicone in the slip connection would probably make it water tight without using pvc glue.
  12. How do you guys clean ur tanks the rims or under under lids when food gets wet or stuff like that to keep it from smelling?
  13. I've been watching my water parameters to try and do water changes when it's necessary not when I "feel" like I should. My question is, would cleaning the HOBs even when the water parameters look good, help keep the parameters stable longer?
  14. Any advice on how to gravel vac without sucking up fry? I have several different stages of rasbora fry scattered along the bottom of my 65 gallon. I'd like to vacuum the substrate to clean up any leftover frozen baby brine shrimp stuck in there, but the tank is too tall for me to simultaneously vacuum while watching for fry from the side. It is a planted tank, but I only started it up a month ago so my plants aren't very big. What's the best way to go about cleaning the substrate, or should I just leave it?
  15. What is that one task, job, or chore that you avoid, put off (sometimes until too late), or just don't like to do in your fishroom, or with your fish tank or tanks? For me the answer is pretty easy. I love breeding the fish, working on systems to make caring for them easier, feeding time, don't even mind separating the baby brine shrimp or cleaning the glass. But if there is one thing that is easier to put off or avoid it is cleaning the sponge or matten filters or gravel vacuuming if there happens to be gravel in the tanks. This chore I find the easiest to put off for another day or two or week or so. I would gladly have a filter cleaning person come by once a week, just like a housekeeper (I don't have one of them either), I'd trade for all the fish keeping/breeding experience. What is your one task???
  16. Serious question - to any/all with planted tanks........ It's starting to really bug me....... Gravel vac'ing!? I can see poo in more than one spot and it's driving me MAD! And OF COURSE, those particular spots, and SUUUUPER super close to some of my biggest plants root systems...I have absolutely sucked up more than one amazon sword in the last few months.. I try and do a "surface vac", and I have a pair of tongs I use to like, swish the water around a bit && bring some of the nasty up to surface.. But Now I'm also getting really bad with this --- but listen --- I have a 60 gallon tank, #1. Anyhow. I have this filter, right..it's a Danner 55 E-Z Clean, HoB filter (NO it is absolutely NOT my only source of filtration, but, stay with me here!) So, this filter, came with an attachment piece, that goes into an opening in the filter housing, and uses the filters 'motor' to siphon out the water (instead of it going out thru the outflow, it comes out thru the tubing like it would during a normal gravel vac/water change) Soooooo I have totally, sorta kinda just been using THAT to do my W.C.'s lately (I take out 25% of the tank water in less than 15 minutes most times!), but this has been my "water changing way", since after basically murdering the biggest of my swords and uprooting half my dwarf hair grass. SOLUTION(S)!? And thanks in advance!!! 😊😊😊
  17. I love these sponges. They work great and easily rinse clean. I make sure to add a few to every order. I found its easy using mandoline slicer to trim the sponge down into thin sheets. Perfect to use under a magnet cleaner. Depending on the strength of your magnet, slice the sponge thinner or thicker. When cutting apply even light pressure with the palm of your hand, go slow, and be careful . Most slicers come with an attachment to hold things while slicing, that may work too.
  18. Hello everyone, I've gotten some feedback for this topic over on Reddit, but I was wondering what you guys though about a few beneficial bacteria questions I had: - How long can beneficial bacteria can survive without oxygenation (like when you turn off a canister filter)? - How long can filter media be out of the water before BB starts to die off? - Are there good rules of thumb to consider when doing maintenance? (like how long can the canister be off or sponge be out of the water?) It's my first post here, so sorry if I'm not following the rules.
  19. So what’s the best way to pull out a sponge filter in a shrimp take without taking any with you when you clean it ?
  20. If you have a spare Aquaclear 70/110 intake tube it works great to slow down the water flow when refilling your tank so you don't kick up gravel, plants, detritus etc 👍
  21. What do you do to sterilize Aquarium Nets, Planting tools regularly?
  22. I'm having an issue with a Ziss filter that I'm having trouble solving. To paint the picture: I have two 29 gallon tanks, one above the other, and each has a Ziss filter running in it. The filters are run off of an Aquatop AP-100, this air pump sits on the ground. Both filters have a check valve and an air valve (not currently restricting flow) near the top of each tank. Both filters flowed fine for over a month, but recently the filter in the top tank has slowed to the point of occasionally hiccuping out air while the one in the bottom tank still has a steady flow of air. I have tried rinsing out the sponge, I have swapped which outlets on the air pump the filters are plugged into, I've tried a completely different air pump, I've tried a different check valve, and I have tried swapping the air lines between the two filters. None of that has fixed the low flow of the top filter. Is something plugged up on the inside? Is there anything else I can try before taking the whole filter apart and cleaning it? I've attached photos of my airline and of the problem tank, in the tank photo you can note the lack of a steady stream of air exiting the filter. Both of my 29s have the exact same filter and airline placement.
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