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About Me

  1. Not sure if this is OK but I wanted to share my new tattoo. The guy in the bowl looks like me, and the betta looks like my fish Fred.
  2. Please keep entries forum-friendly! — I wanna check out the betta rack at the Co-Ap, but I gotta get back before my fish rack needs a snack! Look at that! Give yourself a pat on the back if you got a thermal pack from the Co-Ap, or a reaction from @James Black! Look at that!
  3. I'm a veteran tropical fish aquariumist who's out of a job. I thought getting a job with the city would be quick and easy. The Water Treatment Dept said I was over qualified.
  4. Think this will make my fish nervous? I’m thinking right above my tanks.
  5. We need a utility thread to share templates, stream-capture photos, green-screen items, meme requests, and more. Paging @TheDukeAnumber1 and others!
  6. I have an idea. If you can do a geographically accurate biotope aquarium, why can't you do a historically accurate aquarium. Sort of a historotope if I'm allowed one neologism here. At an estate sale a while back, I acquired a 1930s era aquarium with a metal frame and a slate bottom. This is not one of those stainless steel MetaFrame aquariums everyone (including me) had back in the 1960s and the 1970s. It is clearly something much older. Everything about the aquarium was in good shape when I got it, and it was watertight. Last year when I was using it to grow mosquito larva outside I forgot to bring it in when it got cold. When ice formed in the tank the expanding ice blew out one of the glass sides. So, what might the rules be for a historotope? Rules: You are only allowed to use equipment available during your chosen time period. You are only allowed to keep fishes that were available during your chosen time period. You must use historically accurate foods. You must use historically accurate plants. You must use historically accurate substrate and decorations. You must use historically accurate maintenance methods. Since I have the aquarium (once I get it repaired), my chosen time period will be the mid-1930s in the United States. My first step is to get the tank water tight again. I will post more later as this experiment progresses and your thoughts and suggestions come in.
  7. Me and my wife were talking about past fish tanks and how many goods we have had along the way and she asked me probably one of the best questions ever.. "If you could tell your younger self one thing fish related what would it be?" My answer take it slow. New fish and tanks are exciting but giving your full attention to a special tank or fish is 100x more rewarding. So I ask you the same question what's one piece of advice you would tell your younger self?
  8. Maybe this has been done here already, but thought it would be enjoyable to invite folks to upload "funny fish photos" and laugh at captions suggested by others. Here's one I snapped tonight... what's your caption??
  9. what have you done? @Daniel did a great one that I believed until I remembered it was april 1st 😆. so what me, and my brother, and one of my friends did is we changed everything(everything usernames, chat and voice chat channels) on a discord server(messaging app) so it was arnold from magic school bus related Our other friends were very annoyed/surprised.
  10. When your fish are secretly an aquatic rock band, and are posing for a new album cover...
  11. Reading this book as we begin our gardening season here in FL. I came across this & thought, "Hey! that's what Nerms do at their aquariums! " So... what should Garden nerds be called? Because, I think I might be one of those too!
  12. So basically I had my friend over and they brought their dog and we were keeping an eye on them very good in my fish room and we just noticed this blue streak under his chin which I can only think that he found a old airline by the couch, he's acting fine just has a blue goatee and I don't use blue other than in one drop increments. I feel so bad what do I do
  13. I was browsing through the Petco website just now and went to look at substrate and saw this: Petco sells cereal now apparently. (Although honestly as long as you and your fish like your tank it's a good tank/aquascape)
  14. On the twitters, I follow a dude who tweets curated Iowa City police logs and today, I found someone who draws cartoons based on the tweets. These are actual calls to the police. 😁 This made me laugh out loud: "Calling to police to request help with fish tank … what now?" https://twitter.com/keithpille/status/1295801526695399425?s=20
  15. Check it out - Its my new ultra-nano tetra tank. How many can I safely keep? Just kidding - thanks for the free swag in my order Co-Op!
  16. Just thought it was funny.
  17. All though a fish keepers may be also called an "aquarist" or a "fish hobbyist", etc. What are some more "funny" names that could also mean the same terms from above. I have thought of one: -Bacteria Cultivator
  18. I just love my happy cories. Hope you enjoy a cory smile as much as I do.
  19. I was browsing the internet for rabbit snails and found this picture of a giant African land snail. Wow! I didnt know a snail could get that big. It is kinda cute how it is just sitting in her arm like a rabbit tho. Just thought id share.
  20. What is a funny/good name for a group of 4 Corydoras?
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