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Found 10 results

  1. I have an idea. If you can do a geographically accurate biotope aquarium, why can't you do a historically accurate aquarium. Sort of a historotope if I'm allowed one neologism here. At an estate sale a while back, I acquired a 1930s era aquarium with a metal frame and a slate bottom. This is not one of those stainless steel MetaFrame aquariums everyone (including me) had back in the 1960s and the 1970s. It is clearly something much older. Everything about the aquarium was in good shape when I got it, and it was watertight. Last year when I was using it to grow mosquito larva outside I forgot to bring it in when it got cold. When ice formed in the tank the expanding ice blew out one of the glass sides. So, what might the rules be for a historotope? Rules: You are only allowed to use equipment available during your chosen time period. You are only allowed to keep fishes that were available during your chosen time period. You must use historically accurate foods. You must use historically accurate plants. You must use historically accurate substrate and decorations. You must use historically accurate maintenance methods. Since I have the aquarium (once I get it repaired), my chosen time period will be the mid-1930s in the United States. My first step is to get the tank water tight again. I will post more later as this experiment progresses and your thoughts and suggestions come in.
  2. Made a nice little score on Craigslist today… Vintage, slate-bottom metaframe aquarium - 30 gallons - with original stand, for 20 bucks! Its a little rough, and is going to need a complete overhaul, but it’s pretty much a carbon copy of the first tank I ever owned as a kid (mine was only 10 gals. though). It actually holds water and doesn’t leak, but I’m going to replace all the glass anyway. It will be easier to clean up the frame this way. Planning on using it for a Betta Sorority based tank, with as much “period appropriate” stuff that I can find.
  3. When I was a kid you weren’t a cool fish keeper until you owned one of these. What equipment do you remember fondly?
  4. Hello, Does anyone have a good source or have any unique ideas for aquarium stands? I am usually not a fan of the ones at aquarium stores and unfortunately I am not handy! Thanks
  5. Over the years I have discovered that for some of us afflicted with MTA secondary disorders can arise. One of which I have been diagnosed with recently is VED or Vintage Equipment Disorder. I just can not help myself when I find myself in a thrift store staring at some old unique aquarium equipment from my past or even farther back in time than that, it has to come home with me. Sometimes I know exactly what I am getting, other times not so much, sometimes it is a true treasure, like the slate bottom Metaframe that has been loaded with plants and spawning Otocinclus in it for the last year or so. Other times it turns out to be just a box of old broken heaters and HOB filter parts. I currently have one tank I believe to be fairly old but I am at a complete loss as to what brand it may be. I have had it for several years and have had it set up on and off. Currently it is home to a Dwarf Gourami, and a small school of Harlequin Rasborras. It is a 20 gallon standard with a very unusual top rim that is extra wide, almost like a little shelf all the way around the top and even wider at each end, the other odd feature is the textured bottom, that looks just like the textured glass used in shower doors. I never recall having seen a tank bottom like this anywhere else. If you have ever seen a tank like this or happen to know of any aquarium manufacturers that made tanks like this, I would love to hear about them, aas it may provide me with a direction in which to search. Thank you all in advance, Rick
  6. Let's see those antique tanks or cool aquarium books from back when we all had to read magazines and books to learn about the hobby! I found these at a book store while on vacation in Daytona and had to pick them up!
  7. I dropped mom off after her dental appointment today and asked, 'Do you have any photos of my first aquarium?' I kept guppies in jars starting in 1969 so we looked through the photo albums but there no photos of that or my first 10 gallon with neon tetras. I started keeping white clouds in pools outdoors in 1973 and the earliest picture I could find of the pool was this one from 1974. By 1975 I had convict cichlids and archer fish in the pool complete with wild collected native plants. First native fish collecting trip to Okefenokee Swamp was 1977. And to prove it was 1977 check out the orange shirt! So what are your earliest photos of your fish keeping endeavors? Post them here (even if your first year was 2020).
  8. I remember watching this when I was in high school. I found it on the PBS website. Ah! Nostalgia.... Guppies to Groupers
  9. Another old remedy anyone ever seen or use this back in the day I’m here to tell you it’s Atleast 28yrs old expiration date is 1991 lol. I got it in a market buy box of aquarium stuff
  10. This showed up in our local FB market place. 30 gallon breeders with slate bottoms and steel frame. I'm not really interested... but I am curious. How old is this thing? When was the shiny steel tank siding popular? Would this've been a store thing, a breeder thing, both? Share your funky tanks and funky tank stories. Anyone got one of those headboard tanks? A DIY coffee table tank? Or just some crazy Craigslist posts.
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