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Found 13 results

  1. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays from the fish!
  2. I'm a huge supporter of people getting into the hobby. So, I'd like to start a discussion about a valid reason why it's difficult for new people interested to get into the hobby and/or stay in the hobby. I think this can be productive in future recommendations for people who come here. I honestly think it'll give food for thought before some people give advice....maybe? I've read some discussions in other forums. But, let's be real: other forums are nothing compared to this one full of Nerms. Seriously. I've never been in a forum as dedicated and real to the hobby as this one. I digress... I don't want to write a book for this post, because sometimes a lot can get lost in the shuffle. I prefer a bunch of shorter / quick posts by people, that's a long thread vs. each person's post is a book to read long thread, so I'll get right to my starting point. Person A wants to get into the hobby. Maybe they try on their own without research / forum(s). Fish die. They find a forum. They're told they have to cycle the tank first. This can be anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. So, this is kinda the first *oh boy* moment for them, right? It's going to be a month or two before I can even have fish? We also recommend medicating fish (another hoop to jump through), a quarantine tank another *oh boy* moment...more money (can be cheap, but still more money), more time before they can go into the display tank. I get it - fish aren't as easy as a dog or cat. But, I think there might be a better way (this is where I need some help from y'all) to help them get into / stay a little while instead of "well, you need this, this, and this.....and then you still need to do this, this, and this....wait for a while, and then you can have fish" mentality. Maybe I'm way off here, but there's got to be a better way of helping them. Everyone on this forum is super nice. The point of this, is, can't there be a better way of helping people instead of listing off all these things they need / should do, to be successful?
  3. Anyone have any clue what happened to this company. I loved deep Blue tanks. I have asked my local fish store who used to carry them and they are mum on the subject. Web Site is still up. When I contact customer service I never get reply. Looking to purchase a 120 gallon tank from them. If anyone knows it would be helpful. Thanks for looking and commenting on my post. I am new on this forum.
  4. Good morning. Recentlu my wife suggested we add a master bath onto our bedroom. I said can I put a fish tank in it? She said yes. So my plan is to add 2’ to the end wall and build either a 125 or a 180 gallon planted tank into the wall. My plan is to surround the tank with cabinetry which would work as both storage for linens as well as storage for tank components. Any thoughts? Any reasons why it’s a bad idea? Any ideas on what the tank and plants could cost? An I crazy for thinking I could do it for under $2000? Thanks jeff
  5. Recently Cory visited and commented on plants inside along the sides of the aquarium. It gives the fish more room in a small tank and makes them feel more comfortable and safe. I believe he used the words "mesh", but I don't know what kind of mesh? Likewise he didn't really mention what kind of plants to create the walls of your aquascape? What kind of mesh and what kind of plants could be used to frame your aquarium from the inside?
  6. I found a 50 gal bow front today that someone was throwing away, it was sitting on the side of the road for trash pick up🤩 It needs a good clean up but for a find I will take it. When I get time I will post pics
  7. I found the perfect size aquarium to fit on a half-wall in my home office, HCA-6G (6.5 GAL) Rimless Low-Iron Aquarium 6.7" x 23.6" x 9.5". I've been trying to get this order from Aqua Lab Aquaria shipped for over 2 months now. I'm about to dispute the charge for a second time and file a report with the FTC. I understand that there was a shortage because the demand went crazy during lockdown, but I was told weeks ago one was set aside pending the charge back being cancelled. Which it was and I sent them the documents from my bank then never heard back. They offered me a gift card which is worthless because I'll never shop there again. I'm just blown away by how terrible their customer service has been. Does anyone have a recommendation where I can get a similar tank from a reputable seller? Cory & Co. spoiled me for customer service.
  8. Apartment living has me down to one 55 gallon tank. At one time I had 4 going. How about you? Fish keeping is addictive!
  9. I saw an application to be a mod on a reddit aquarium forum and decided to give it a shot. I recently lost my job, so I figure I have some extra time on my hands! I probably went a liiittttle too far with my answers, but it really made me think about where I stand in the hobby and how passionate I actually am about the little water worlds I'm building in my room! I'd love to see how other would fill out this application! What is your experience in fish keeping? I have only been fish keeping for under 2 years now (excluding the bettas we kept when I was a kid) and I maintain 20 planted aquariums: 29 gallons down to 5 in my apartment! I breed wild type bettas (with the goal of getting more tank bred wilds into the hobby in order to decrease the practice of capturing bettas from the wild): imbellis, mahachai, smaragdina guitar, channoides and wild splendens super reds along with domestic betta splendens, African Cichlids: currently Neolamprogus multifaciatus, endlers, guppies and angelfish. Although I don’t count the guppies and endlers since they don’t need my help to multiply! I keep but am not actively breeding various nano fish, cichlids, plecos, puffers, Neocaridina shrimp and snails (ramshorn, mystery, Malaysian trumpet and the ever-popular pond snail!). On top of the fish I keep, I spend plenty of time researching species I am unable to keep or even not interested in keeping because I want to be a well-rounded aquarist. When I’m not researching fish, I am learning about aquatic plants and am a proponent of having live plants in your aquarium if you can. Why should you be a mod? I want to be able to help the new fish keepers and foster positivity in the aquarium community. When I started fish keeping I was part of a lot of groups on another platform and I saw a lot of individuals being attacked for how they were keeping a particular fish and many times the criticism and comments they received had nothing to do with their initial post. This behavior turned me away from those groups and it turns novice fish keepers away from the hobby. I try not to subscribe to any absolutes when it comes to my aquariums besides things like high ammonia can harm fish and a cycled tank is the key to a healthy inhabitants. Other than those kinds of basic ‘rules’ I believe there are endless possibilities on what can happen in any given aquarium because they are living ecosystems and just because one time somebody had a fish that did a thing, doesn’t mean that will be the case for everyone. Also, I’ve seen a lot of jumping to conclusions re: disease and treatment in the community, many times when there is actually a simple answer for what somebody is concerned about. For instance, I saw a comment on a FB Page a few days ago and the individual was asking if their betta fish had a lump on its side. All the comments were extreme; “it’s a tumor just give him the best life possible” and “Looks like a genetic defect like a bent spine or hunch back” when in actuality it was the betta’s swim bladder and he was new to fish keeping. I was able to pull multiple betta images and indicated with an arrow the swim bladder so he could see there was nothing wrong with his fish. I knew how he felt because I had the swim bladder panic attack the first time I noticed it on a fish! New fish keepers especially freak out about their fish possibly being ill and many forums and pages foster this culture of extreme diseases/treatments or the opposite: berating people for how they treat their fish instead of educating on the big picture, the disease is not key problem, getting to the root cause is in order to prevent continuously just treating the symptoms and not fixing the deficiently in tank that is causing the illness in the first place. I bring a ,possibly, unpopular approach to fish keeping. I try not to anthropomorphize my fish, they are not humans, yet many times they are treated through the human lens as opposed to individuals recognizing and honoring that they are fish (general term for all the aquarium fauna) and their needs/actions are based upon their physical needs to survive and breed. An example I see a lot is people saying their betta fish is “lonely.” This assumption is based on looking at a fish’s behavior as if they were human. Therefore, many solutions for the behavior in question (and many times it’s not even an abnormal behavior it’s just foreign to the owner) are based on what a human would want…like a snail “friend.” My fish are excited when they see me because I feed them and they like food, a lonely betta could be under stimulated based on its genetic predisposition to fight so let it flare for a while. These are my current working ideas based on the species I have personally kept and I reserve, as well as, welcome the chance to be proven wrong the longer I stay in this hobby. Most importantly, there is one way to do anything in this hobby. I love how aquarists come up with some amazing innovations while solving problems they face in their tanks and then sharing their solutions with others. We should be celebrating that! Ultimately, people should keep a tank (or 100!) that brings them joy, while also giving the tank inhabitants an environment that meets their individual needs. Above all else, you cannot be afraid to try things and fail…..failing is inevitable (I have proof in the form of many dead plants) and it is the key to growth in the aquarium hobby. Besides being a fun, educational, expensive and sometimes frustrating hobby, being a fish keeper is teaching me life skills like slow down, don't force things and let nature take its course (which is not my MO). I want to give back to this community that has been my savior during COVID and maybe stop just 1 new fish keeper from quitting before the magic happens.
  10. DIY Aquariums are potentially cheaper and allow for personalized measurements. I'm curious to know, however, 1) is it as easy to make as they show on line? 2) what are the pros and cons for making a DIY Aquarium?
  11. Everyday I look at my aquariums I'm reminded about how much I love them so much and I'm so fascinated by all the little things that pop up and this mini little eco system I have in my own home that I get to observe every day. I personally just love going up and sitting and watching for a half hour and just seeing the fish do their thing searching for food and chasing after one another, and I love whenever I see new fry or I'm like look! That val made a baby or that anubias has a new leaf or dangit the duckweed has taken over (btw #brotherhoodofduckweed) but its just all those smaller things that makes it for me and seeing how this ecosystem I have evolved, and it led me to want to see what others enjoy about this hobby, so now I extend the question to all of you. What do you enjoy most about this hobby?
  12. I recently bought a 40 breeder from Petco ($1 a gallon sale) along with the corresponding lid. When I set the tank up the lid doesn’t fit, it’s 1/2” too wide (front to back). I called the store I got everything from and they measured the rest of the 40 breeder lids and they were all the same size as the one I had. I called and emailed Aqueon about this and they tried to throw Petco under the bus saying that Petco was reboxing Tetra tanks as Aqueon. Then I read them the code on the bottom of the tank and then they admitted it was theirs. So it looks like with the added volume quality control has taken a back seat. I had to take the lid to a glass shop to have a 1/2” taken off one of the panels. Aqueon is sending me something for my trouble. So if you’re in the market for a similar setup I’d make sure everything fits before you leave the store. No need for surprise when you get home.
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